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Is It Such A Crime?

By WonderlandIsAnIllusion

Is it such a crime that I want to kiss my leader on the lips while he is sleeping? It's not like I'm shoving anything up his cute bottom although I have dreamed about doing so a couple of times. Oh, I just want to kiss my dear Sergeant on the lips and then...

"Any questions?" Keroro asked calmly and I almost forgot we were in a meeting. I wasn't paying attention to the Sergeant's plan. I was too busy staring at those lips and wishing that I could kiss them.

"Sergeant, You dropped your marker." I said cheerfully. Keroro blinked his eyes and then bent over. I couldn't keep myself from giggling, his bottom was in clear view, and I put my hands infront of my mouth to keep myself from giggling louder.

"I don't want to know what you are even thinking about Private second class." Giroro told me and I did my best to play innocent.

"Wait..I wasn't even using a marker. I was using a pen." Keroro stated and he crossed his arms. "Anyway, Any questions about my brillant plan?"

"It is doom to fail like all of your other plans." Giroro said to my Sergeant.

"Well, Corporal Giroro. Do you have any plans?" Keroro asked firmly and there was no reply. "Anyone have any idea's for a plan?"

"Ku ku ku. I do, but I'm not in the mood to share." Kururu commented calmly.

"Sergeant can you tell us about the plan again? I wasn't paying attention." I commented cheerfully, Keroro stared at me, and he sighed loudly.

"Alright, I will go over this one more time. Please pay attention to me." Keroro told me and I nodded my head.

"Of course, Sir! I always pay attention to you." I said loudly. "It's not like I'm only staring at your body and paying no mind to your words!"

"Sexual harassment can get you a court marshall, Private Second Class Tamama." Giroro told me in a low voice.

"Whatever, Corporal. It's not like I felt his bottom up or kissed him on the lips. You have nothing on me!" I informed him in a low voice expect for the last part of 'You have nothing on me'.

"Hello! I'm going over the Invasion plan again!" Keroro shouted, his cheeks were red, and he looked upset. "Does no one respect me?"

"I don't think anyone respects your words at the moment. Ku ku ku." Kururu said calmly.

"I respect you, Sergeant." I commented cheerfully. "I respect your words and your body."

"Huh? Body?" Keroro sounded confused and I nodded my head.

"So, Sir..What is your Invasion plan?" I asked while titling my head to the side.

"Just forget it. Meeting is over. I'm going to put my Gundam models together now. Good bye!" Keroro stated firmly and he raced away.

"Oh too bad Keroro's plan had a high chance of actually working. Ku ku ku." Kururu commented before leaving.

"Is it such a crime want to kiss, Sergeant?" I asked out loud and my cheeks puffed out. "I want to kiss him whether he likes it or not. Whether he is asleep or awake."

"It is a crime." Giroro told me, I glared at him, and he looked at me. "You really should give up on Keroro."

"No way! How would you feel if I told you that you should give up on your feelings toward Natsumi!" I yelled and Giroro's eyes went wide. "I have a better chance with Sergeant than you have with Natsumi. Bye, Corporal. I wonder if Keroro's is sleeping? Oh and you should try kissing Natsumi in her sleep. Maybe you will have better luck then I had with trying to kiss Sergeant. I'm not going to give up on kissing him in his sleep!"

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