Title: ArtStuck Chapter 1: F***ing Magnets

Description: When the Skaia County High School is burned down, the students of said high school are subsequently forced to attend the Andrew Hussie Memorial High School on the other side of the county. Art is immediately shown to be the favorite subject of many of the new and old students of the school. We will be focusing on these odd teens.

Pairings: GamTav, Dave/John, Aradia/Equius, Terezi/someone probably, possibly some one-sided FefEridan, Vriska/forever alone, and Karkat/Nepeta/Sollux/whoever-the-f**k-I-want because I can't decide which one I want with Karkat oh sob/despair. I like slashes/. :33 SHIP ALL THE SHIPS.

POV: 2nd , all the lower-blooded trolls this chapter. Starts with Karkat, because I was going to go in zodiac order but I CAN NOT write for Aradia for some untold reason. It makes me SAAAD. I will just be doing Karkles' twice because he is just SO DANG FUN TO WRITE FOR. I have no clue what order I'm writing the humans in, haha, too lazy to figure out now.

Disclaimer: If I did the comic, it would be SOOOOOOOOOO much different. And no one would read it. But nej, this glorious webcomic belongs to Andrew Hussie's amazingly voluptuous lips.

Note from Author: Ugh… Karkat… Karkles… why do you curse so much? I never curse, that's why I bleep out stuff that I say, but YOU. Oh well. I will not stop loving you, you angry little bag of Napoleon Complex. U SO CUTE KARKLES URG WHY ARE YOU SO MUCH FUN TO WRITE FOR UGH. I was going to wait to post this, but I HAVE NO SELF CONTROL. IT WAS SO HARD WAITING 'TIL NOW TO POST IT.

You are KARKAT VANTAS, and you are currently PISSED THE HELL OFF.

"Everyone has this… this magnet inside of them. You know, metaphorically. And this fucking school is like this big-ass annoying magnet that is attracting us all.

Magnets are full of these atoms, see? And those atoms are either positively or negatively charged. At least that's what that colossal ass sitting next to you said. I think. I wasn't really paying attention.

Anyway, opposites attract while like charges repel. So, while the school has both poles of a magnet like any regular fucking magnet would, we seem to have only have the one nook-sucking pole, so if you are the one charge, you can be attracted to one pole. BUT since we are all either one charge or the other, we tend to repel some people while we attract others.

For some reason, I pretty much ONLY attract the assholes. "

Your head falls to the table and you wrap your arms around it, desperate to keep the annoying droning of everyday chatter of the lesser-minded fools that you are forced to refer to as "classmates". That stoned-as-hell looking fucker that you have the good grace and generosity to call your "best friend" pats you on the back of your head.

"Awww, come on now, motherfucker, we haven't up and seen all these new classmates and shit, we don't know if some are bitchtits motherfuckers." He drawls on in that stupidly slow voice of his, ceasing his annoying head-pats.

You raise your head slightly, eyes just above your arms, to scowl up at the much taller teenager. You rest your chin on your arms to be a bit more at level with the spacey boy's weird purple eyes and give him the most exasperated and irritated frown you can muster up this early in the morning. "… Do you ever think before you speak or do your words just fall out of your fucking mouth like a bunch of drunken fuckers falling out of a New York City cab after a hard day of drinking booze and losing their wallets, turning random civilians' day into shit just by being in their presence? What in the ever-loving fuck did you even mean by that stupid ear-raping assault on those with an actual vocabulary?"

Your "best motherfucking friend" as he calls you blinks for a moment, his lips pursing slightly in what was obvious some pretty intense thought. He shrugs it off, chuckling at you from across the cafeteria table. "Fuck, man, that's was some deep shit right there. Don't really understand it all, but I get that." He leans forward on his lunch table stool even more and placing his head on his palms, his eyes drooping severely. It's a wonder how that boy doesn't have scoliosis or something of the like. You swear he looks like he's fallen asleep with his eyes open, that boy's so lethargic. You roll your eyes, hitting your head against the desk again.

You wake up to rough shaking and an unbearably familiar lispy voice. "KK! Wake up, thtupid! The printhipal'th talking!" You raise your head, fully prepared to sock that heterochromatic asshole right in the mouth, but you notice the principal staring pointedly at you. He is already suspicious of you and you are not ready to get detention this early in the year. That would probably be a record; it was seven thirty-three on orientation day. School didn't even fucking start until Monday. You would probably become some fucking role model for the stupid delinquents and troublemakers. Not that you don't enjoy fucking shit up every once in a while, but you hate those stupid fuckers more than you enjoy raising cane.

The pompous bastard steps up on the big stage placed inexplicably in the corner of the cafeteria, megaphone in hand. He turned it on in a screech of head-splitting static, causing the lispy fucker sitting to the left of the high-as-fuck-looking teenager to cover his ears and hiss. It's like that kid always has headache or something, and you're positive that that particular cacophony did nothing to help. Anyway, the principal raises the megaphone; he really doesn't need it, though, he's practically screaming. He starts droning on about how "wonderful" this new school year will be and how you as juniors have to prove as positive role models for the desperate underlings. Why do the juniors have to be talked to first? It would make much more sense to talk to the seniors, then juniors, then the sophomores. But no, the JUNIORS had to be out in the cafeteria in the wee hours of the morning. You growl, you had been waiting for this idiot to talk for a fucking HOUR! And for this stupid lecture you got the same time (a bit later in the day, mind you) LAST YEAR? RIDICULOUS! Angry clouds of red pool behind your eyes as you seethe at your misfortune, while your stoner-looking friend, Gamzee, looks just as content as a clam to be there at such an early hour. Wait… "content as a clam"? The fuck does that even mean?

After about an hour of the idiot's babbling about the Code of Conduct (that you've added to your list of "I Don't Give a Fuck About This Shit"), just as he arrives on the section about the treatment of fellow students, he motions to three tables to the right of him. There's a potpourri of various juniors that you had never seen before, all presumably the new forced inhabitants of this gog-forsaken high school. The pompous idiot grabs the inside of his suit-jacket like he personally just did something fucking amazing and everyone should praise him, letting all these poor saps join in on the abundance of fucking merrymaking at Andrew Hussie Memorial High (as to who this Andrew Hussie guy is, you have no fucking clue). You growl to yourself as the man's yelling begins to give you a headache, taking the same pained stance as your bee-loving friend/acquaintance/enemy/you-really-have-no-fucking-idea in an effort to relieve the complete and utter pain emanating from your temples.

"Students! These will be our other new arrivals to our wonderful school! What with the Skaia County High School facility's recent fire, we have graciously invited their fine students to coincide with us!" He stands back, as if he did such a wonderful favor to these kids. Run now, fuckasses.

All of the kids (minus you, Gamzee, Sollux, and a few others) let out begrudging and delayed applause, sounding like no one even half-assed this forced happiness. More like quarter-assed; NAY, one twenty-sixth-assed, if possible. You turn to Gamzee to make this opinion known, but you find he is staring at something.

Not really something, though.

Rather, it's someone.

Karkat: Be the timid and fairly freaked out paraplegic.

You are now one freaked out little Spaniard. Not only did your school recently BURN DOWN, meaning that since it did end up burning down it could have actually burned down WHILE you were in it (oh gog, it really could have and what if while it did you were in an upstairs class and since you can not use the elevators in the event of a fire- no, stop that, you'll just make yourself even more scared.), but now you are stuck in a new school with even more people (meaning even more possible assailants) and you don't really know anyone other than the few juniors that came with you from your abnormally small high school. Wow, you just noticed how much rambling you do in your head. Seems like you are very reluctant about this school change.

Not that you particularly enjoyed your previous school.

At all.

That is to say, you didn't dislike it for the learning aspects, but you disliked it in every other department.

You shift awkwardly in your wheelchair, staring down helplessly at your useless lower appendages. You feel simply horrible about yourself. You were put in this situation through no fault of your own (the only way that could be true is if you blamed past self of your terrible choice in friendship), yet you continually put yourself down for being like this. Oh well, such is the mind of Tavros Nitram.

Self-confidence level of negative five and all.

You look up at the principal of your (reluctantly) new school as you notice him move out of the corner of your eye. Oh gog, now he's gesturing in your direction.

Right. At. You.

You know that he's not really gesturing at JUST you, but the way he's pointing, it really looks like he is. You feel dozens of eyes on you and you push yourself further into your wheelchair. A few hush whispers reach your ears, those mostly consisting of "What happened to that kid?" and you hunch down even more, giving the allusion of being rather short (although you are really of average height.) You notice that the principal has finished talking and everyone claps rather tiredly. You do not.

You are too distracted by the strange boy in clown makeup staring right at you.

You are pretty used to stares by now, but those are usually of sympathy or sometimes fear. This boy just looks… interested. Like he's seen you before or something. The weird thing is, it feels like you know this boy back. Why is that?

His rather irritated looking friend glances at him curiously (you think, anyway. He just looks a bit more irritated) before looking over the clown's shoulder at you. The boy talks to the clown for a moment and, seeing that the taller boy isn't even listening, bares his teeth and looks back at the principal.

Well, this is getting awkward.

Tavros: Be the lispy fucker.

This has to be the most boring thing you could possibly be doing at any moment ever.

Seriously, you would rather be teaching that weird Egbert kid how to program than this. (really, why does he even try?)

KK looks just as bored as you are (although quite a bit more angry at the moment) while GZ is staring intently at someone. You really don't care who. You are itching to get out your phone or notebook and jot down some programming ideas, but you know that the principal would call you out for not paying attention (even though by now you can pretty much recite the whole song-and-dance of orientation. Seriously, you guys are juniors, why would you even need orientation?) You are sure of it. That jerk has made it apparent that he doesn't really like and/or approve of your little group (if you can call it that) on numerous occasions. You don't know why, although the three of you have never really given him a reason to actually like your group. Whatever.

Wow, you sound really… what was that stupid anime term? Tsundere? You don't even pretend to care. You deem that term stupid. Anime is stupid. Everything is stupid. Except for you, of course. You are a genius. Except when you're stupid. Like that time when you tried to ask AA out for the first time. THAT was stupid. You erase that memory from your mind.

What memory?

"What memory" indeed.

You glance over at GZ; the clown-boy is still staring at a kid in a wheelchair with an intense thinking face. The paraplegic is staring back, and he looks really confused and scared. You chuckle; that poor kid. It WOULD be rather unsettling if you had just been forced into a new school and had to endure a weird clown-boy with crazy hair staring at you.

You sigh, leaning your head on your palm. This guy could really B-S his way through two hours. TWO HOURS. That's how long you have been sitting on that gog-forsaken lunch stool. KK, who was already quite tired apparently, had fallen asleep again. You get bored and for some reason you decide to put your 3-D color glasses on him. Oh well, at least now the principal won't get on his (and subsequently, your) case about not paying attention, as his closed eyes were being hidden by the glasses. You're going to be cursed at by the angry half-German, but at it will be worth it to not get in trouble so early on. Plus, you notice KK looks adorable in the glasses, especially paired with his somewhat innocent looking sleep face. How can someone so rage-filled look so sweet?

You shake your head. That's preposterous, no one would describe KK as sweet-looking. One just DOES NOT do that. If anything, he can be described as less angry than normal.

Jegus you are bored.

Maybe you should look for AA? You could look at her.

In a totally non-stalkerish way, of course.

No, just a friendly way.

You have to see how friends are doing, right?

Because that's what friends do.

They look out for each other.


That's a totally valid excuse.

You finally find that familiar head of wavy, very messy dark red hair after blindly searching. (Seriously, why did you even put your glasses on KK? You really need those things.) Man, she is so pretty. In a really creepy, rather doom-y way. But still pretty. Currently, she is looking at her phone (at least you think she is, you can't see very far without your glasses), without a doubt texting rapidly in that calculating, emotionless manner. You notice how she's gotten a bit more emotional over the past year, but now she seems as patient and resigned as ever, if not more patient. You start to remember that time you first asked you out and she dashed your hopes before you remember that you had banished that memory from your mind.

Forget that, you're feeling angsty now, you have to think about it.

Could it be because you wrecked her house? She never said she blamed you, but what if she really did? She wasn't very good at showing emotions, so what if she hated you now? It wasn't your fault, it was that bitch VS… Somehow. You just know that she's somehow the cause of it. But, you can't remember why you think so, because you have now officially locked that memory from your mind. At least until you're feeling angsty again.

You sigh again. Wow, you sure do sigh a lot, huh? Anyway, you look back at the wheelchair kid, who is still looking back at GZ but is now alternating between him and his phone. Jegus, is the principal still talking?

You look sideways at him; yep. Still talking. You groan, glancing back at KK. Your glasses are askew on his face as his head had fallen sideways from his palm onto his arm. You smirk (not in an unfriendly way, though) and fix them on his face.

Welp. Now you can't see and you're positive that the principal has already noticed KK's snoozing. You go to take your glasses back, but you can't bring yourself to take them from the sleeping boy.



Sollux: be the sleeping boy again.

You wake up and the world is in 3-D.

Well, more than it normally is.

That is to say, 3-D colors.

You growl, taking the blue and red glasses off of your face. You go to throw them back at the lispy fucker, but you find that he's asleep.

Once again, it is far too early in the morning for this shit.

Anyway, you lower your hand. You can't throw things at someone who's asleep after he had the good grace to not wake you up; that just wouldn't be satisfactory. He still deserves to get things thrown at him, so you decide to wait until he wakes up to throw it at him.

Or not.

Because when he wakes up if you have his glasses he will be without glasses. Which means you will see his eyes. And those just freak you right the fuck out.

You quickly put the glasses back on the boy.

There, now you won't be freaked out. Besides, you can find something else to throw at him.

You look up at Gamzee, mildly irritated that this stupid orientation was not over with yet. Your irritation grows when you see that that fucker was still busy creeping out some random sap who was forced to attend this shit-bag of a school. "Gamzee. Stop being a creepy nook-sucker and stop staring at that pathetic fucker."

Gamzee turned around, finally leaving the poor asshole alone. "Sorry Karbro, just up an' thought that rad-lookin' motherfucker seemed all kinds of familiar."

You growl, too groggy to argue with that bulge-muncher. "Well, stop it, you look creepy as hell." You rest your chin on your arms, looking up at the principal. He has just finished reciting the Code of Conduct word for word in excruciating detail. Now, he's moved onto schedules.

After another half-hour of explaining the scheduling for the new students and for those who somehow forgot over the summer, he starts to hand out schedules in alphabetical order.

You're going to have to wait a while.

Dammit, you hate waiting.

You watch, completely uninterested, as your fellow classmates go up to retrieve their schedules. One name you know that is quick to show up is Eridan Ampora's. Oh gog, you hope the gigantic rich douche bag's schedule is nowhere near yours.

He prattles off names; making it up to the C's. He nears one certain name. Namely, Sollux Captor.

That ass hat is still asleep.

You're just about to rudely shove him from his seat in time for him to get his schedule before you realize that he seems like his headache has really been taking a toll on him. Even in his sleep, he is grimacing.

In a sudden act of unexpected kindness, you go and accept the lispy fucker's schedule for him.

He better be glad you just want to get this over with quickly.

Karkat: be the girl.

You're going to have to be more specific, ass-licker. There are more than 100 girls in this fucking cafeteria.

Karkat: be the energetic relationship-and-cat fanatic.

You are now one excited kitty-girl.

You are in a brand new school. This not only means there is a chance at new friendships (or, as you would most likely say, furiendships) but this also means that you can most certainly add new relationships to your rapidly growing shipping wall! (which is technically just a chart, but it will be a wall whenever you convince your father to let you paint on your walls.) Your friends will be joining you at your new school, which is even better. You smile up at your BSFE (best sweaty friend ever), who replies with what you think is supposed to be a smile but it doesn't come off as very pleasant. He doesn't seem to be as excited as you are about the move.

You turn your head forward, rubbing the slight crick in your neck. You really had to strain to be able to look at your friend's face, as he is much taller than you. You laugh, thinking about how everyone almost automatically assumes that he is much older than you due to the drastic height differences, when really you are close to five months older than him.

You turn to look at one of your best- what the heck, furiends, Tavros Nitram, sitting at the end of the table for better wheelchair access. He seems to be intensely freaked out, and by the looks of it, he has been for a while. He is alternating between looking down at his phone and the back of a rather unruly head of coal-black hair. You frown, leaning forward to get a closer look at the head. This head of hair isn't particularly familiar, but it seems like you've seen it befur- ahem, before. Like you've seen it coming to and from your neighbor's house. That neighbor being Karkat Van-… tas…

You look over the tall shoulder of the crazy-haired boy and find none other than Karkat Vantas (or as he told you when you first met at age thirteen, "Karkat Fucking Vantas". His curses just make you laugh, but your horse-obsessed friend just frowns at it. When you imitate his vocabulary, the taller boy scolds you and says he doesn't approve of "all the cavorting with the children of the lower flanks- er, ranks- of the public hierarchy" that you do.)


He can't afford to go to a private school, can he?

Your school mates (a limited number of them, anyway) got in for free due to the fire (otherwise you are sure that you, Tavros, and several others would not be able to afford the tuition), but he did not go to your school, he went here in the first place. You definitely had to pounce-attack him later and get him to tell you why.

In the meantime, you can just fan-girl about how you will be going to the same school as your long-time crush.

You vaguely remember Karkitty saying that he went to some school or another, but you had no idea that it was THIS school! Oh, just imagine all the fun things you could do with your Karkitty now that you attended the same school! Oh, you DEFINITELY had to make sure that he had an art period with you.

You just notice how time has flown by; this slow-speaking principal guy must have picked up the pace. Your friends John Egbert, Jade Harley, and Rose Lalonde have already gotten their schedules and your name was fast approaching. You make a mental note to pester them later about what classes they have.

"Nepeta Le-… Leh-… Lay-John?"

You sigh; this type of reaction to your last name was not uncommon. You plaster another smile on your face, one of the cat-like ones you are quite sure only you can do without surgery, and stand to retrieve your schedule. Once you reach the stage and get it, you whisper to the principal, "It's pronounced 'Lay-on'." He just shrugs and hurries you off in time to announce the other names. Oh, you will NOT like this guy, and that is- ahem, purrfectly clear.

You traipse over to Karkitty's table, getting a slightly annoyed glace from Equius that you reply to simply with a stuck out tongue. You place yourself in the seat right beside your Karkitty, making sure you are not seen beforehand, and you are barely able to contain your elated purr. "KARKITTY!"

The Karkitty in question visibly tensed up as soon as the words left your somehow feline mouth. He began to turn towards you ever-so-slowly. As his line of sight hit your face, his shoulders slumped and his face fell drastically. He let out an exasperated sigh. "… Nepeta. Who let you into this hell-hole?"

"Silly Karkitty, I used to go to the county school befur it burned down! I thought you knew that!"


"Okay, I purromise!" You giggle; you had crossed your fingers behind your back.

He rubs his temples. "Ugh, I didn't even know you were in the group that was sentenced to incarceration here."

"Haha, but Karkles, the principal JUST said my name!"

"I said don't call me that stupid fucking nickname!"

"Nooo, you said not to call you Karkitty!" You purr in laughter as he begins to hit his head repeatedly on the table. Questioning his admittance here would have to come later; you were having way too much fun.

Loud, honk-like laughs and quiet snorts joined in with your purring. You turn to investigate.

"Oh, hello Sollux!" You had met him one time during a role-playing escapade and have kept in contact ever since. It was exciting to know that you already have two fur-sure friends in the new school. He waved back, struggling to contain his snorts.

The other laugher turned out to be a rather intimidating and freaky-looking clown-boy. Your eyes widen; this is the one that Tavros kept on looking at. His face looked even more familiar up close and in his face. He must have noticed the slight change in mood, because he quickly put on a lax smile.

"Hey, sister. Fucking legit headgear you got there." He was obviously referring to your blue cat hat, the one that inexplicably had horn-like appendages instead of ears. You smile; this guy doesn't seem all that intimidating now that his smile isn't distorting the clown-makeup smile like it had when he was laughing.

"Thanks! I'm afuraid that I will have to take it off when school starts, though."

He shrugs, sticking out a long-fingered hand. "Gamzee Makara, motherfucker."

You eagerly accept his hand, shaking it vigorously. "Nepeta Leijon, in the fur!" You let another feline smile slip onto your face as he laughs again; it wasn't as scary when you expected it. Wow, his laugh REALLY sounded like honking. "Oh, but I really have to go, Equius is waiting fur me!" You see a hint of recognition flash over his drooping eyes at the mention of your best furiend, before his face settled back into that same wide grin.

"See ya later, cat-sister."

You hop up, heading back towards Equius. First, though, you take one last glance back. Karkitty is still banging his head on the table (you think he is so cute X33!) , Sollux is laughing harder, and Gamzee is heading off to get his schedule with a relaxed smile. You think the two of you will be great furiends. As you head off towards your and Equius' table, you surmise that you really MUST include Gamzee in your shipping wall. Who should you pair with him, though? Hmm…

Nepeta: Be the chainsaw loving fashionista.

You are now the black-and-green-clad fashionista.

You are busy sketching up outfit ideas when you hear, "Kanaya Maryam." On your way to retrieve your schedule, you pass a certain Mr. Gamzee Makara. He gives you a friendly smile and a "Hey, fashion-sister," in greeting. You reciprocate with a pleasant nod. You are not quite sure if you can trust that boy as of now, as he had a tendency to become quite violent at times in the past. Though, now you know from quite the reliable source, that he has been sedated for several months now, and has been deemed reasonably safe. As you head back to your seat beside Vriska Serket, who was most likely tearing through your sketchpad in a barbaric manner, you sashay by Karkat Vantas, one of your better friends. He is currently banging his head repeatedly against the lunch table he is sitting at.

Now that simply can not be good for his health.

Author: Abruptly end chapter because you have no clue how to write for KANAYA.

You know it's time to end the chapter when it's over 4700 words and my brain is about to dribble out of my ears. Also as I am writing this it is currently two in the morning.

I am not very happy with Tavbro's section. I will have to change that feeling next time I write for him.



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