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Chapter 1

The Golden Trio walked out of their potions lesson with Ron and Harry throwing insults at the sinister Professor Snape and Hermione secretly thinking that their professor had an incredibly sexy voice. Only being in their third year at Hogwarts such feelings had only just kicked in and she was hoping very much that this silly crush was just a phase as she was becoming very distracted during her potions lessons and getting her worst marks she had ever received from the snarky potions master.

"You alright 'Mione?" Ron asked.

Realising she had stopped stock still in the middle of the corridor whilst dreamily thinking about Snape's arse she bolted forwards and said

"Yep, sorry, I'll see you in Transfiguration, I just have to go to the loo."

She heard the boys laughing as she turned a corner into a rarely used corridor and took out the time turner from around her neck and turned it just the right amount of times to go back one lesson, this way she could be in two places at one time, it was perfect.

Hermione closed her eyes after the last turn and felt the brief headache that meant she was travelling through time; although the headache was quite a bit stronger (something that increases the more time travelled) than usual she noted but left that down to not having eaten any breakfast today due to "checking over" the boy's potions essays.

Opening her eyes Hermione found herself in the very same corridor , rounding the corner to walk to Arithmancy she walked straight into a boy she assumed was a few years above her, as she mumbled her apologies and scurried of her mind came to the conclusion that she had never seen that boy before, which was odd as usually all the students recognize one another. Putting it down to and odd coincidence she continued scurrying to Arithmancy so as not to be late for Professor Vector. After seeing several more students she had never encountered before (including one woman who looked rather like Hannah Abbot) she knew something was wrong. She immediately back tracked and changed her course to Professor Dumbledore's office. Once she reached the stone gargoyle that guarded the stairs thee the headmasters lair she realised she didn't know the password, Harry had however told her that the headmaster always chose the name of a sweet to guard his office. After a surprisingly short time guessing passwords she struck gold with "sugar quills" and hurried up the door to knock on the wood. After an all to familiar call of


She did just that. The puzzled expression on Dumbledore's face quickly turned to grave.

"As you look rather worried and I don't recollect ever seeing you before I suspect something must be wrong, come here my dear."

As she ran forward Dumbledore caught a glint of gold from the time turner around her neck. On seeing this he inquired

"What is that on your neck…., oh I'm sorry I never even asked your name."

"Hermione, Hermione Granger and it's a time turner sir, Professor Mcgonagall gave it to me to…"

She trailed of realising that she babbling at a completely inappropriate time and decided it would be best if she just stood still with her mouth shut and listened to what Professor Dumbledore had to say.

"Did you use the time turner recently Miss Granger?"

"Yes, I just…."

She trailed of for a second time her mouth forming mouth forming a large O shape, realising what must have happened. Her words came back to her, all be it a little to quickly when she rushed

"I had just left Professor Snape's lesson and I was…"

Again she had to stop mid-sentence but this time on Dumbledore's order when he held up a hand and said

"Professor Snape? I thought he might." This last bit more to himself than to Hermione. "You see Hermione Severus Snape is currently in his third year and by the look of it you are too. Tell me dear what house are you?" he asked.

"Gryffindor sir."

"Ah yes, I should have guessed. I have gathered that you are from the future and you recent time travel has gone wrong, unfortunately that leaves me with some grave news to tell you; there is no way back, you will have to stay in this life. I suggest that we introduce you to the school as a new student, possibly someone who has been home schooled until now, I shall call on another Gryffindor girl of your age to escort you to your dormitory and settle you in."

This being rather a lot of information to take in, in one go, Hermione just nodded and tried to stay upright. Her eyes registered Dumbledore casting a Phoenix patronus and sitting back down, the message however never quite reached her brain and so she was shocked when five minutes later a red headed girl poked her head through the door. Her immediate thought was of Ginny but when the girl raised her head and looked at Hermione with emerald green eyes Hermione knew this must be Lily Potter.

Hermione registered Dumbledore explaining her situation to Lily (as he thought she should have at least one person to talk to) but also explaining that Lily must ask no questions about the future no matter what. Lily then approached Hermione and greeted her with a "hello" and a barely registered "its going to be okay."

She then led Hermione out of Dumbledore's office and to the very dormitory she had slept in only a few hours ago, well a few hours ago in her context. Lily allocated Hermione a bed, the one next to her own, and informed her that sleep would be very helpful at a time like this. A mumbled "okay" came from Hermione's lips as she lay down and drifted of to sleep.

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