I highly doubt that anyone has stuck with this from the beginning because it's been like three bloody years since I started this, but If you have; thank you, please drop me a comment with your views and how you feel about how it turned out etc.. If you'e a newcomer, that's great too! Really anyone who has read this, I can't thank you enough and I hope it has turned out how you wanted it to. And now for the end of an era...Farewell 'Back in time...'

"Do you still miss them?" Severus asked, glancing over the worn pages of his favourite book.


"Do you still miss them?" He repeated, dog earing the page he was reading and placing the closed copy of Moby Dick on the wooden end table.

"I-" Hermione started, pulling her eyes up from her notebook to meet her husband's, "-not as much, it's not as- but I still- I wish I could-" She flustered, struggling to find the right words to express how she felt.

"Shh, it's okay." She was silenced as Severus opened his arms and pulled her into them, Forcing her to join him in his favourite spot on their living room sofa. Comforted by the warmth of a crackling fire and the feel of Severus resting his head upon hers, she spoke softly;

"I wish you could've met my parents" Hermione breathed "they would have loved you." Severus chuckled heartily, seemingly unconvinced. "They would. I know it. And the children... they would have made wonderful grandparents...Dad would have spoilt Lottie rotten." Hermione uttered, losing herself in her thoughts.

"I'm sure darling" Severus assured her, planting a kiss on her head. "Would you like some tea?"

"No" she replied twisting her head up to face him, "just you," Hermione breathed placing her lips against his and kissing her love just as she had the first time.

"For you Severus, I'd go back in time all over again"

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