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Chapter 3

Tori's POV

"Am I still alive?" I asked André in a monotone voice. He poked me in the stomach repeatedly, causing a slight giggle to escape my mouth. André smiled and leaned against the lockers, "Yea, you're alive, Tor. You don't look the best, but you're alive. What happened with you last night?" he asked while looking at me. My face lit up at first, and then it started to dim. "Something I've wanted for the longest time." I bit my lip and thought. I had been thinking about the kiss since Jade had left, and didn't get a chance to go back to sleep. "Earth to Tori." I heard as I snapped back to reality. I smiled sheepishly and apologised, "Sorry, I zoned out for a second."

I looked up at André, but as I did Jade entered the building with Beck attached to her side. She looked over at me, and my insides melted. My heart started pounding as our eyes locked, but it quickly sank once I noticed Jade's face was stone cold. Her eyes were filled with hatred and anger. I begged her to talk to me with my eyes, but her expression stayed the same. I looked away and back at André as she began to roughly kiss Beck. "So, are you going to do it?" André asked. I looked at him confusedly, "Doing what?" He chuckled slightly and shook his head. André tousled my hair and smiled at my pout while talking, "You gotta get some sleep, Tor. Remember last night? I asked you if you would be in a play I wrote for class."

"Duh", I thought to myself while shaking my head shamefully. "You were too busy thinking about that kiss with Jade to even notice." I smiled sheepishly, "I'm sorry, André, I'm just so tired." He nodded understandingly as I hugged him tightly, "Of course I'm still doing it. It's always been my dream to star in an André Harris Production." I laughed softly and teased him. "So, who's my husband and ex-fiancé?" I asked. André's play was about a woman getting married. She sent an invitation to her childhood best friend whom she hadn't seen in awhile. At the wedding, he confesses how in love with her he is, and they get married. Tori was hoping that André and Beck would be the two roles. She was the most comfortable acting with them. "I'll be the ex, and Jade will be your wife." André said with a sheepish smile on his face

"WHAT?" I yelled loudly, causing everyone in the hallway to look at us, including Jade herself. She smirked, and I guessed she knew what the reason for my outburst. I pulled André into Sikowitz's empty classroom. "Start talking, Harris." I said while blocking the door. "Tor, I didn't want to. I was going to make it Beck or Robbie, but everyone thought you and Jade were perfect portraying husband and wife in the last play. Plus, Lane and Sikowitz think it'll ease some of the tension between you two." I sighed and looked him in the eyes. He shoved his hands in his pockets and looked at me nervously. I moved from in front of the door, "When's our first rehearsal?" I asked. André relaxed and looked up at me with a smile, "I can't today, but Jade said she was going over your house after school anyway so you guys could rehearse then. She has your script." he said before looking at the clock, "We should go. We're already really late."

I nodded slowly and followed him to class, not really paying attention. 'Jade's coming over tonight. She was already going to but now she definitely is. Why? She's my husband. We're going to have to kiss...multiple times. Ugh!' I accidentally groaned aloud after slamming my pencil on the desk. I blushed shyly and apologised. For the rest of the day, my thoughts were all over the place, ranging from Jade to the play. Once school was finally over, I practically ran out of class to find Jade. I found Beck instead, and he told me she left hours ago. He wore his usual smile as he talked; however, his eyes were filled with pain, worry, and sorrow. I decided not to pry, thanked him, and quickly drove home, thinking about Jade the entire time.

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