It's been a while since I was up this early, thought Robin as he walked along the coastline.
To say it was early was a huge understatement. An early bird waking up at this time would be disappointed to find that the worm hadn't even woken up yet. But that wasn't Robin's biggest concern right now. Starfire, she was the main focus of his mind. The two kids had been leaving their footprints in the sand for two miles now. Not a word was spoken yet.

Her skin is really scarred up, he thought.
Contrary to what others might say, Robin's attraction to Starfire expanded far beyond simple looks. Still, Robin could not help but be concerned since he knew that Starfire should be in a hospital. Instead, the girl was looking for seashells at the beach. If she was in any pain, it did not show on her face.

Robin smiled, Even after all she has been through, she's still the same joyous person on the inside. That's why she's so different.
Robin, observant even while deep in thought, saw a bit of shuffling on the sand. He squinted through the darkness and identified a small crab, no larger than three inches wide, sidestepping across the water's edge. He thought about pointing it out to Starfire, but decided against it.
She'll only be disgusted by knowing that she probably ate its mother for dinner a few days ago.
Robin ran past the crab. Much to his delight, Starfire followed.
Why hasn't she said anything yet? he wondered.
Not that Robin cared. He was content to simply walk by her side. And there was no way he was going to double the list of things that could ruin the moment by opening his mouth first. So they just kept walking, letting the ocean be the only sound.

Robin stopped abruptly. There was a huge wall in front of them. It belonged to one of those private companies that loved going out of its way to be a blemish on a beautiful landscape.
"This marks the end of our little stroll."
Robin raised an eyebrow at Starfire's comment. There was always something on her mind when she was this blunt.
"Oh well, I was getting tired anyways. Let's rest a bit here then head back."
"I don't need any of the rest. I am capable of continuing the walk."
Robin dropped onto the sand and pulled Starfire down next to him.
"Fine, I want some rest then. We don't have to be invincible all the time you know."
He chuckled as Starfire fiddled with her fingers and turned away.

"Whatever you want, but I know that something's on your mind. Feel free to tell me as soon as you want to."
Starfire didn't budge. Something must have really been bothering her, but Robin respected her feelings. If she didn't want to talk about, he wouldn't press the issue. He stared out to the ocean. The waves roared loudly in his ears.

It's going to be a pretty sunrise.

There were fluffy white clouds hanging above the ocean. Not the clouds which made days depressing, but the kind that became a bright display of pink and orange when the sun hits them. Robin flinched as something thing slammed against his shoulder. He nearly jumped into a fighter's position, but relaxed when she saw that it was just Starfire. She was crying on his shoulder. Since now wasn't the time to complain about how she didn't know her own strength, he bit his tongue and put a comforting arm over her. He looked back to the ocean and saw a surfer riding a wave. Or trying to ride a wave, at least. The 'surfer' seemed to be making a sport of seeing how many waves he could miss.
What, is waiting for some huge twenty foot wave? Robin snorted, He won't even be able ride it if it ever comes.

Robin turned to tell Starfire about the fish out of water, but saw that she was already speaking.
"So that's what I've been wanting to ask you. Will you Robin?"
Robin's eyes bulged behind his mask. Crap, has she been speaking all this time? He fidgeted around.
"Um... Yes, of course."
Robin nearly fell over when he heard her response. Mostly because she tackled him with a 'hug'.
"Ooh! Thank you! Thank you! I knew that Raven was right! It was a good idea to ask you."
Robin pulled away, but not that quickly. What the heck is she talking about? I better just play it cool.
"Your welcome?"
Starfire got up and ran across the sand, dragging Robin's arm behind her. Meanwhile, Robin struggled to get his feet up to Starfire's pace.
"Yay! Yay! Come, it is traditional to celebrate a new puerem amicus with the eating of garlic pie and the slurping of oyster smoothies."
Thunder crackled in the distance and the two froze.

"A storm is blowing in," noted Robin. "We better get indoors."
"Why?" asked Starfire. "We must go prepare the puerem amicus celebration! How important is it to get into doors? Does earth's precipitation hurt humans?"
Robin scanned around for a building they could take shelter in.
"No, not yet. It just isn't smart to be outside during a storm. Especially during a thunderstorm. Let's take cover in that restaurant over there."
Robin weakly added. "We could probably convince them to make some of that food you wanted while we're there."
"Very well. We shall hold the celebration there. Let's go."
"Good, there's no reason to take more risks than necessary."
Starfire scoffed. "After the injuries I've been through, a little lightning doesn't scare me."

/ / The End