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I'll Hold Him Off

James knew that his breaths were numbered.

But he didn't care. Not if there was a chance - the smallest possibility that Lily and Harry could get away.

"Lily, take Harry and go! It's him! Go! Run! I'll hold him off!"

Those were his last words to Lily. Somehow he felt as if they should have been more meaningful. He should have told her he loved her, that he hated that this had happened to them, that he would do anything to ensure her safety.

But surely she knew that already.

James heard his wife's voice for the last time - a heartbreaking call of his name. He didn't pause.

It was amazing how many thoughts ran through his mind as James ran down the familiar staircase - jumping the last stair as he always did, and hearing the creak as he landed. Lily had always told him not to do it - she said one day he'd break the floorboard with his 'massive feet'.

James smiled - his last.

He had no wand, and there was a figure at the end of the hall, raising his wand.

In his last few seconds, James thought only of Lily and Harry. He could smell the flowery scent of Lily's hair, fresh out of the shower. The feel of her hair against his bare chest. The sound of her laugh, and the way her eyes crinkled at the edges when she glared at him. And Harry - tiny little Harry, barely one. His hair always messed up at the back the way James's did. He was going to be a natural Quidditch player - the way he'd been flying around on that toy broom of his.

James's last thought was a clear picture of a pair of emerald eyes. Lily's eyes, which she'd in turn passed on to Harry. They were always so shining, so passionate. So alive.

James didn't hear the fatal curse uttered, and he didn't see the flash.

James Potter dropped like a rock, and the light slowly left his wide hazel eyes.

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