Title: playwright

Pairing: Harry/Draco.

Notes: Simply because there just aren't enough Drarry free verses. To take a stand against this... review?

[curtains open]

If ~life~ is a stage -
curtains ( open );
curtain |call| -
then he's the h-e-r-o,
that's a given.
And the hero never rescues the villain.

[act one]

You're enemies -
he insults you,
belittles you,
and there is no one you HATE more.
This burning feeling
isn't right,
but ignore it, little one,
and sneer like it says
in your script.

[act two]

You enter from the right wing -
centre stage -
and the spotlight is *blinding*,
and the music is ~deafening~.
Heart stop, pound.
Don't look d^o^w^n,
or into the crowd.
Follow your lines to the l-e-t-t-e-r.

[act three]

Enter main characters -
here's your c-u-e -
play your part,
don't forget the lines you practised
in the
after the last fierce confrontation.
You're back on in

[act four]

This year, he's no main player -
but a side character,
a way to fill the g - a - p.
You play on.
You've got your eyes on the prize
and for once,
it isn't him,
because you are scripted,
and you don't do improvisation.

[act five]

And what would you have done?
Would you have strayed from
your written script,
to wonder,
to be FREE;
would it be worth it?
You decide, no.
It wouldn't.
And recite your w-o-r-d-s
like they are yours.

[act six]

And here -
here you take a STAND,
become your own playwright.
It doesn't last long.
You g-i-v-e in.
But for a second -
you direct you own scene,
become your own character,
and get to watch
rather than

[act seven]

Exit to the left -
take a bow,
accept the round of applause,
for lines that were never
"Encore, encore!"
Do as you're told 'til the last minute -


- when you look at him,
the villain,
who spent the whole play
trying to STOP you.
You edge closer -
closer still -
'til you're nose to nose,
like in act six, but

[curtain call]

The h-e-r-o and the villain;
unwritten in the scripts
of their lives.
But it happens; it's not
But l-i-f-e isn't
supposed to be.
The lights dim
and gasps sound as you meet in the
the spotlight going
as the
curtains /close\.
But the music plays on.

[the end]