Finally! My 200th story here on fanfiction net. I hope you enjoy this. I thought it only fitting that I write a Frasier story for this occasion, as Niles and Daphne were the first couple I truly shipped. Thank you to Jessie, Andrea, Kristen, Leigh Ann and Laurie for your continued support of my stories! Jessie, your support has kept me going throughout the times I felt like giving up. I can't thank you enough!

Martin couldn't believe it- there, in front of his eyes, was a new chair. It was no ordinary chair. It was an exact replica of his old one, the one that had been "tossed over a balcony and caught on fire." This was unbelievable. Frasier had gone to so much trouble..and for him?

He knew he didn't deserve this honor. He had put his boys, especially Frasier, through so much, and he had never asked for anything in return. Well, maybe a little respect, and who could blame him? Even though he would never admit it, his boys' opinions meant everything to him, and he would never want to let them down in their eyes.

"Dad…dad, are you okay? You look like…"

"It's those damn onions, okay?"

Frasier and Niles looked at each other. "Are you sure?"

"I told you it was the onions, and that's what I mean! Now leave me alone, okay? Daphne, put away those onions before we head out to the steakhouse."

"You know what, Dad? I think Daphne and I are going to stick around for a little music lesson. I hope you don't mind," Niles looked over at Daphne, his eyes glistening with anticipation.

"Very well, have it your way! See ya…"

After they were both sure that Frasier and Martin had left, Daphne turned to Niles. "So, what's this about a music lesson?""

"I can't help it Daphne. You bring out the boy in me."

"No, no, you're the teacher, and I'm a naughty schoolgirl, remember?"

"How could I forget," Niles started to giggle nervously, as he usually did when having such a forward conversation.

"Now, where were we?"

Niles kissed Daphne, letting her know that he was indeed ready for their lesson to begin.

After a few minutes, she took his hand and led him to her bedroom. "I should think that I would be punished for distracting me teacher!"

"Oh, Daphne, I could never punish you… oh, that's right. Someone has been very naughty and deserves a good lesson."

And so the punishment began. Niles started out by teasing Daphne with his kisses, first soft and slow and then increasing with frequency and desire. She responded eagerly to his every advance, happy just for the night to be someone else. There were a few teachers that she had had a crush on back in her school days, but this was taking that to a whole different level.

With roaming hands, Niles gently massaged her shoulders and back, feeling her relax almost immediately. Sighing softly, Daphne responded by removing his jacket.

"Oh, Daphne… "

"Oh, Niles, I don't want you to ever stop," she murmured as she responded to his kisses.

It was obvious that they couldn't wait for much more. Niles gently tried to guide her back to the bed, but his lack of strength just got them tangled in each other's every move.

She laughed. "Let me."

She pulled down the covers and welcomed her into her bed. The next steps were only those in which nature took its course. Satisfied and exhausted, Niles looked at Daphne tearfully.

"Have I told you lately how much you mean to me? I would give the stars and the sun and the moon if I could just lay here with you forever."

Daphne smiled knowing, happy that she had finally found the happiness which had evaded her for so long. Settling into his embrace greedily, she knew that Niles was the perfect teacher to her student. And for that, it looked promising that she would get her happy ever after, after all.

The end