A/n. This is an idea that I've been meaning to get down for a while. If people like it, this will be a series of song based moments from the lives of Gene and Alex. Sometimes them together, sometimes alone. Some will also probably be from Alex's time when she went back to 2008 at the end of s2. Anyway. As always, thoughts are super appreciated and do please let me know if you'd be interested in reading anymore of these little ficlets.

I also know this song wasn't actally released unti 1989, but I love it so much and really wanted to use it!



I had to escape, the city was sticky and cruel.

Maybe I should have called you first, but I was dying to get to you.

I was dreaming as I drove the long straight road ahead.

Could taste your sweet kisses, you arms open wide.

This fever for you is just burning be up inside.

Finally, a nice evening in without anyone to interrupt her and weigh her down with the problems of the world. A night where she could just sit in with a nice bottle of red wine that she had spent a small fortune on, a tub of ice cream fresh from the freezer and clothes so comfy that it didn't matter if they weren't that attractive because they felt like being wrapped in pure heaven. Nights like this happened so rarely that they really where something to look forward to. As she had sat at her desk in CID with her feet clad in high heeled boots, she had been thinking about Friday night when she would be able to replace the boots with big fluffy socks and curl them under her, watching whatever was on TV. As she had thought back to every other night she'd flicked the TV on to find nothing but pure crap, she realized that her best bet was actually to rent out a video, at least that way she'd definitely have something to watch. She'd collected a video, brought her wine and ice cream and now she was dressed in her comfy leggings and big jumper. Perfect.

The week had gone according to plan and she was now alone, safe in the knowledge that she wouldn't be interrupted. Shaz and Chris where away on a romantic weekend that Chris had planned (with a ridiculously large amount of help from Alex), Ray was on a date with a 'nice bird' he 'picked up sometime last week. Her name's Jasmine... or Yasmine. Whatever, she has a killer rack', and Gene was on an assignment down in Plymouth where he was investigating a series of killings where the main suspect had been pulled in by one of the smaller stations down there.

A sigh of contentment fell from her lips as she eased herself on to the striped sofa in her living room as she pressed 'play' on 'Nine to Five'. She had always harbored a secret love for Dolly Parton and seeing the big hair and the three women working together to overthrow their boss was a guarantee giggle. The opening titles came up and the familiar bars of the song filled the room. God, life in the 80s really was life in the fast lane. If she wasn't in a show down with Gene, standing nose to nose with him and shouting the odds about whatever disagreement they'd had at the time, then she was battling with herself. Her thoughts, her mind, her heart. Despite now wanting to, she had put down the foundations of a life here and even if she did manage to get back to 2008, it would be hard to rip those foundations up and leave everything behind as if it had never happened. As she emptied her glass and reached for the bottle, she realized that she was paying very little attention to the film that was playing and had fallen deep into her thoughts. After trying to get back into the swing of what was happening, she gave deep sigh and resigned herself to the fact that she just couldn't focus. The film was turned off, and she found herself leaning against the counter of the kitchen, one arm wrapped around her waist and the other holding her now full glass to her lips. Jesus, even when she was having an evening to herself - her first in such a long long time - she couldn't drag her mind from others. She wondered how Ray was getting along with Yasmine/Jasmine. Had she realised that he was a misogynistic piece of work with very low opinions of women? Or had she looked past that and seen the caring man inside who had such a big heart that would do so well if he had the right woman by his side? Was she the right woman? And what about Chris and Shaz? She hoped to god that he hadn't said something stupid and ruined the romantic atmosphere that was guaranteed to exist if everything had gone to plan. And the Guv. How was he getting on with all the yokels down in Devon? Surely they where doing his head in, and he was throwing his weight around, demanding the entire stations attention, a cup of tea and a garibaldi. A smile formed on her lips at the thought of the striken faces of the officers as they realised what they had let themselves in for.

Pressing play on her tape player that sat on the shelf, music filled the room and Alex curled up on the sofa again her eyelids began to feel heavy. It was only 10ish, but all the running around really took it out of her sometimes. A knock on her door startled her and the wine she held in her hand splashed slightly as her glass jolted in her surprise. Cursing, Alex grabbed the nearest thing to her - a black scarf draped over the side of the sofa - and tried to soak up as much of the wine as she could. Another knock, this time louder, and she hurried over to the door, now in a bit of a flap - it wasn't fun to be drifting off to sleep and then having wine to clean up a mysterious guest hammering at your door.

'All right, bloody hell!' she called, jogging over to the door and pulling it open. 'Gene!' The sight of the imposing man standing in her doorway was the last thing she was expecting to see. 'What the hell are you doing here?' it was out of her mouth before she even had time to process what she was actually saying.

'Charmed to see you too, Bolls. A pleasure as always' he said flatly as he nudged her out the way with his shoulder and entered her flat. 'Oh excellent. Cheap plonk. Where's the glasses?'

'Oi, that is not 'cheap plonk', in the cupboard above your head as you very well know, and what are you doing here?' she closed the door, crossed her arms and leant against the wall next to the front door, keeping her eyes firmly fixed on Gene Hunt who was now pouring himself a large glass of red. He didn't reply instantly. Instead, he took a large gulp of wine and took his time to swallow it before saying;

'Didn't have any garibaldis' he said simply. Alex laughed and rolled her eyes. Bloody typical. There was no point in trying to push him on the matter of why he had come back. If he says he was here because there where no garibaldis in Plymouth, he'll damn well convince himself it was because there was no garibaldis in Plymouth.

'I hate to break it to you Gene, but I don't have any here either' she smiled, curling up on her sofa once more. Gene made his way over to her and slumped down next to her, his arm across the back of the stripy couch.

'No matter, Bolly. I'll just drink ya booze' they sat in silence listening to the music that was still playing in the background. Cyndi Lauper. Very nice. The distinctive 80s base came on as a new song started playing and she began to sing about the desperation of seeing the one you love. Alex had always loved this song and remembered belting it out as she got ready for school or for a night out when she was a teen. It didn't bother her that she was considered 'weird' by her friends for listening to the older songs when they were all listening to the songs that had been on top of the pops. She liked them, and she had always loved the beats and of the 80s tunes.

Taste your sweet kisses, you arms open wide.

This fever for you is just burning be up inside.

Once Gene's glass was drained, he placed his glass down on the little coffee table that sat in front of him and glanced over to where Alex had been sat in silence for a while. He saw that she was in much the same state she had been in as he knocked the door; drifting off to sleep. How could a woman who always looked so feisty and in control look so adorable whilst asleep? It was strange how people looked different when their face was completely relaxed and their mind in a different place. He never would have thought that his DI Mouth Almighty would be able to appear so peaceful with her legs curled under her and her hair falling into her eyes slightly. Allowing himself a small smile, he kept his eyes on her for a second and then took a deep breath, leant over, wrapped his arm around her and then pulled her head so it rested on his chest as he relaxed into the stripes of the sofa once more. Alex's eyes opened slightly to see what was going on - why was she being moved? She was met with the blurred sight of Gene giving her a rare smile and felt a warm arm around her shoulder to keep out the slight chill. With his chest making for a more comfortable pillow than the palm of her hand that she had been resting her had on previously, she decided not to protest. Instead, she slipped her arms around his waist - adjusted herself so that she wasn't causing him any discomfort by poking an elbow into him or something - and snuggled deeper into his arms. The evening was turning out to be more relaxing than she had first anticipated. Neither of them spoke and broke the silence and Alex soon began to slip back into sleep. It wasn't the first time they had ended up with his warm arm protecting her from the night, her soft breathing chasing away his nightmares and each time that it happened, it came as an almost welcome surprise to both of them. Their late night meetings where never pre-planned and there where no intentions to end them curled up together, but somehow… they did. In the morning, they both knew that they would stick to their non-verbal agreement; she would make him a cup of coffee, he would drink it whilst she showered and got dressed, she would wait until she heard the click of the door before she emerged from the bedroom and then they would be back to being DCI Hunt and DI Guv and Bollyknickers. They never really spoke about their evenings together. They didn't really need to and besides, she would frustrate him by talking to much and over-analysising, he would frustrate her by talking over her or being snarky and they would end up in another fierce stand off, nose-to-nose and breathing fire. They didn't have to talk about not talking about it. They just knew and neither of them would mention that for a while they had been able to put the pressures of their job in a box and stop being DCI Hunt and DI Drake. The Guv and Bolly. And for a while – one night - they had just been Gene and Alex.

But as Cyndi Lauper faded out and Alex drifted off into comfortable dreams, Gene thought over the almost frantic drive from Plymouth to Luigi's that he had undergone that night. The feeling that his chest was growing tighter and tighter had been suffocating him and every time he called out for Drake to get her pathetic excuse of an arse to 'get here now, as in yesterday', it took a second to realise that she was all the way in London and wouldn't come to him with a sigh and roll of her eyes. He tried to convince himself he didn't like Plymouth because of the weird air and the even weirder people, but as he had hurtled down the motorway to get back to London, he hadn't even considered going home. He had gone straight to Alex. He wondered what psychiatry-bollocks she'd have to say about that if she knew. Hm. Maybe it was best to say that he just didn't appreciate the lack of garibaldis and leave it that.

I drove all night to get to you. Is that alright?

'Shut up, Lauper' he muttered under his breath. Bloody woman. Nutty as an Almond Slice. His words caused Alex to mumble gently in protest and shift a little in her sleep and twist into Gene's shirt slightly more. And as he found himself absent mindedly twisting a curl around his finger, he muttered a quiet 'sorry' before he realised what he was doing and quickly dropped the curl that was wrapped around him. 'Poofter' he thought to himself before he finally gave in to sleep.

I drove all night... to hold you tight.