USS Enterprise

In Orbit of Earth

Docked at the massive space station orbiting above Earth, the USS Enterprise, the flagship of Federation fleet, was preparing for her first five year mission from Starfleet. She was to explore the deepest parts of Federation space to look for planets with harvestable resources, and, if encountered, negotiate with alien civilizations for the betterment of both sides. She had been built with the most advanced Federation technology, along with some reverse engineered 24th century technology taken from the Narada by the scans of the surviving crew of the USS Kelvin, making it more advanced than any known starship at the time.

James "Tiberius" Kirk, the ship's captain, was sitting in his command chair reviewing some final orders from Starfleet.

This bored him out of his mind.

"Mr. Sulu, while we're sitting here, lets see how far Enterprise's scanners can reach."

"Captain?" Spock questioned from his science station. "I can tell you range of the scanners if you like. It's…"

"No, Spock." Kirk holding up a hand. "Let us be amazed by myself." Pulling out an apple and taking a bite, he turned to Sulu.

"So how far Sulu?"

"From where we are now sir I can pick up Neptune well within our range. And also… hold on, I'm picking up some strange readings around one of Neptune's moons, Triton from what I can tell."

"What kind of readings?" Spock asked.

"From what I can pick up, spatial distortions forming then disappearing a split second later."

Kirk thought for a moment. "Chekov, are all the crew onboard?"

"Yes sir." Chekov responded.

"Good. Uhura, inform Admiral Pike what we've detected and tell him that I'm requesting that we investigate."

"Aye sir."

Moments later, Admiral Christopher Pike appeared on screen.

"I read you report and I'm authorizing your request. Go investigate the area and take the Yorktown with you in case this is a hostile force of unknown."

"Understood Admiral. Kirk out." Turning to Uhura, he asked, "Is the Yorktown ready for departure?"

"Yes Captain, the last crewmembers are boarding and Yorktown is ready for departure."

"Good." Pressing a button on his chair, Kirk turned on the speaker system

"All decks this Captain Kirk. Prepare for immediate departure." Turning off the system, he look at Sulu and said "Helm, thrusters."

Sulu reported as things necessary for departure we're done "Moorings retracted, Dock Control reports ready. Thrusters firing, separating from spacedock."

There was a slight vibration as the docking clamps on the station released their grip on the Enterprise and then the ship positioned itself next to the Yorktown.

"All ships are ready for warp" said Sulu.

"Set course for Neptune" ordered Kirk "Punch it."

Looking out the window, the stars stretched as the engines powered up and the Enterprise entered Warp Space.