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Chapter 16: Final Chapter: You Are The Wind Beneath My Wings

The lake house in Maine was a rich sanctuary for the underprivileged patients that currently resided in it. The cabin had three floors and was set in front of the lake, built up on stone rafters. There was a dock with a boat tied to it, but it hadn't been used since they arrived. The land was vast and privately owned so other houses were a few miles away. Even though a few armed guards patrolled the ground regularly, they did not take away the fun and enjoyment of the beautiful cabin.

Except when Gilbert, Francis, and Antonio would skinny dip off the dock. It was one of the first sights Ludwig was greeted with the first morning in the cabin. He had woke up to notice Gilbert was not in bed with him. The man had been weaning himself off of the I.V. meds and hospital bed, but it did not mean the albino was free to pop out the needle whenever. So when Ludwig went to look for him, he discovered the trio jumping off the dock. While he wanted to go out and scold them, Ludwig thought it better to let the three enjoy themselves after so much hardship. Instead, he poured himself some hot coffee from the automated pot and watched them from the large window.

As far as he could tell, all the others were sleeping. There were not enough rooms for everyone to have their own so they had to double up. Ludwig was with Gilbert, of course. Roderich had his own special room in the finished basement where he had stayed as a child. Arthur had to share with Kiku while the boys slept on an air mattress at the foot of the bed. Francis and Antonio took the second bedroom with Ivan and Yao in the attic one. Originally, Ludwig had wanted Ivan in the attic because it could lock from the outside (and for safety reasons). However, it wouldn't be fair to Yao to be locked up as well. Instead, Ludwig had started mixing Ivan's pudding with a low dose of sleeping pills. All in all, their first couple of days staying here were pleasant.

Everyone was in high spirits even though the court results were not what they wanted. The most important part of the final judgment would be Carty loses all of his titles and licenses. At least there was a peace of mind for all the survivors that new management was on its way. The group was much more relaxed in this safe confinement of luxuries.

The hot tub out on the patio with a mini bar leading to it was where half of them lived during the evening. It could fit up to four people, so there was always a bit of arguing over whom would get in first. Occasionally, the Jacuzzi tub in the upstairs bathroom would cause a ruckus, but Alfred and Matthew would somehow dominate it. They entertained themselves with the television set, stereo system, Internet, and board games. Outside there was a small patio with two grills and dining area, a hammock, and a few supply sheds. Sometimes they would see herds of deer out back in the field and grow very excited.

Ludwig had never seen them this happy or content before, not even when they were in his apartment. He had thought everything was going well until one morning when everyone was outside having breakfast a dreaded phone call came. It was a call from his father's secretary with sickening news. The woman had told him that the government was issuing for all of the VOX patients in his care to be deported back to their countries. Despite being kidnapped and brought into the country, they were still considered illegal and had to be deported. Ludwig had almost dropped the phone when he first heard. These men had nothing to begin with in their countries and would be going back to the same thing. Half of them would end up in the same place they had started.

He hung up the phone, barely even saying 'goodbye'. Ludwig walked over to the patio door and looked at the group of men having the time of their lives. How could he even tell them the news? Ludwig decided a second later that he would keep the news hidden from them until his father found out more. There was no way Gilbert would go back to Germany for Ludwig would not allow it, and neither would his parents. But at least they have family ties to the country; the others had no one waiting for them. All these new emotions and feelings were something he would never get used to.

There was a sudden honking of a horn and Antonio shot up from the bench, shouting 'They're here! They're here!' Ludwig went out on the patio and followed behind the others as they ran along the wrap-around porch to the front. Out from the car stepped Sadiq and Heracles.

"We're here! And we've brought the friends we promised!" Sadiq said happily while Antonio jumped up and down eagerly. Heracles took out a wheelchair from the trunk and lifted Feliciano into it from the backseat. Sadiq helped guide Lovino out of the back and stand him up.

"LOVINOOOOOO!" Antonio shouted loudly, hurrying down the patio staircase.

"This was my surprise?" Lovino responded flatly as Antonio pulled him into a hug.

"I was so worried about you! But now you're okay and we can be friends again! Just like before!"

Everyone else hurried down to welcome them to the lake house. Ludwig and Roderich had yet to meet the Vargas twins while they were awake. The others had all known them previously before the cancer turned nearly fatal.

Alfred clung to Lovino's leg. "Are you guys pirates now?" He pointed to the bandana on their heads.

"Something like that." Feliciano said with a laugh and Lovino just rolled his eyes.

"We're glad to have you both back with us." Francis said with a smile.

"Yeah, we were worried about you guys!" Gilbert ruffled Lovino's bandana, which earned him a growl from the other man.

"Come, we'll show you inside." Kiku said politely and no one made a joke about the man being unable to see.

While the patient group were busying themselves with the new arrivals, Ludwig remained with Roderich, Sadiq, and Heracles. Roderich looked at him curiously and asked, "What is on your mind?"

"Nothing." Ludwig answered softly. "Just thinking."

"Will you tell us when you're ready?" Sadiq asked and Ludwig responded with a nod.

"I will. For now…let them be happy."


After a delicious dinner cooked by Francis and Yao, everyone had split up to do their own thing. Francis, Ivan, and Antonio took the hot tub. Arthur took the boys upstairs to play with the toys they had bought from the donations. Feliciano and Lovino, still suffering from the aftermath of cancer, had to go to bed very early. In the kitchen sat the doctor students with Gilbert and Kiku. Each one sharing in a hot beverage of some kind. Roderich was preparing some dessert while the other five sat the table. Ludwig was still silent while the others spoke to one another.

"So, Mr. Sadiq, what kind of doctor are you training to be?" Kiku asked softly. "I don't believe I've ever asked you before?"

"Well, I'm studying to be a radiologist. Basically, I use a lot of high tech medical machines to diagnose and treat diseases. Lots of x-ray type things. If I were to go in to full detail we could be here all night." He sipped his vanilla chai tea.

"Oh, very interesting." Kiku said with a smile. "How about you, Mr. Hercales."

"Gynecologist." Heracles answered easily.

"What the hell is that?" Gilbert looked over at him.

Roderich answered politely. "It is a 'lady' doctor, Gilbert." Gilbert looked confused.

"In very basic terms, it means I get to feel boobs and look at vaginas all day." Heracles stated plainly.

"And…you need a degree for that because…?" The radiology made more sense to him.

Roderich was already huffing in annoyance as he placed the berry pie on the table in front of them. "Both of you should stop speaking so vulgarly! Gynecology is a specific study of a woman's anatomy and reproductive organs to ensure the safety and prevention of illness."

"Good!" Gilbert grinned. "We should save the women! To hell with the men! Am I right, fellas?" He laughed.

Ludwig was rubbing the bridge of his nose and Kiku could sense the tension from the blonde man sitting beside him. He reached his hand out and rests it softly on Ludwig's wrist.

"That was a field I intended to go in as well, but I changed majors early to become a microbiologist instead." Roderich prepared himself to leave the kitchen, untying his apron.

Sadiq smirked over the rim of his teacup. "That's because you know no woman wants you looking at their va-j-j in a medical or sexual sense." He could barely get the joke out without snickering. Gilbert burst out laughing, slamming his fist onto the table multiple times. Ludwig sputtered a bit over the rim of his cocoa, spitting some onto the table as he let out a rare laugh. Both Kiku and Heracles were trying to hold in their laugher by being very discreet.

"There's a line you don't hear every day." Heracles stated.

Gilbert snorted a bit. "It's coming out of my nose! That was great!" He said through his laughing.

Roderich was ready to retaliate, but thought better of it. Instead, he straightened his back and shoulders, holding his head high as he exited the laughing kitchen. He was a very talented musician and a highly skilled doctor who had a world-renowned knowledge of anything and everything. He was well mannered and highly cultured. To calm his inner rage, Roderich sat himself at the grand piano in the study and played some Chopin, separating himself from the rabble.

Back in the kitchen…

"Was that too mean?" Sadiq asked the others.

"I thought it was gold!" Gilbert said with a laugh. "It brought a fucking tear to my eye! We have to ask that guy to play "I Never" sometime." He clapped his hands. "Oh my God! Let's trade in these hot drinks for some alcohol and play it!"

Very sweetly and softly, Kiku responded with, "So Ludwig can get drunk the fastest?"

Ludwig frowned deeply and slumped his shoulders. Gilbert let out a loud and baritone 'yeaaaah'.

"Word up, bro!" Gilbert held out his fist to Kiku for a 'fist bump'. Kiku made no movement until Sadiq leaned over and made the smaller man's hand into a fist. He helped guide Kiku's fist to tap against Gilbert's. "Sorry man." Gilbert had forgotten briefly about Kiku's disability.

"It's alright, Gilbert." Kiku was used to these sorts of things.

"Hey, later on tonight, Francis, Antonio, and I are going to try that 'Zumba' disk thingy! Wanna join?" Gilbert offered the others, whom all responded with a quick 'no'. "Fine then! Don't dance your way into shape!"

"I would, but I can't." Heracles stated flatly. "Even with these long dancer legs."

Sadiq smirked. "Or maybe it's because you have no rhythm and are always one move behind in every line dance."

Heracles narrowed his eyes. "So? You do a bad rendition of 'the Pony' each time like the old man you are. Oh wait, I guess they call it 'the Camel' in your parts. And you wonder why women never ask you to dance. I think Chubby Checker just called. He wants his dance back."

"Hey, there's a train leaving in a few minutes. Be under it." Sadiq countered and soon both men were nearly head to head in angry tension.

"This isn't 'On Golden Pond' and you're not Jane Fonda." Heracles countered right back.

"That hardly makes sense for a logical argumentative insult!" Sadiq hissed.

"Hey!" Ludwig broke them up verbally and Gilbert threw a sugar packet at them. "Knock it off. Both of you. Go cool off for I am in no mood for nonsense."

Heracles didn't wait and stood up, but did 'the Pony' as he left the kitchen. Sadiq slammed his teacup down in frustration.

"Damn Grecian turd!" He muttered under his breath and followed after the other.

Kiku stood up from the table. "Perhaps I should follow them before something gets broken."

Ludwig watched as Kiku felt his way out of the room, calling the names of the other two. He then felt Gilbert's hand holding his and he turned blue eyes to pink.

"The guys are talkin' about going into town for a carnival. What do you say we let EVERYONE go, and you and me can stay here." He purred and slid his chair closer to Ludwig. "We could use some alone time away from the children."

Despite the stress and worry from the phone call, Ludwig found himself growing excited at the thought of them being alone together. He responded with a dumb look and a nod, making the other man smile.

"We'll make it super romantic too! I can show you all the wonderful ways I can seduce and tease. The awesome me gives an awesome performance." Ludwig was just staring at him. "We'll bust open some of the wine here, do a little strip tease, have a sensuous bath, and fuck on each piece of furniture here. Starting with Roderich's piano."

"You're naughty." Ludwig responded.

"Hey! You talked like me! That's those…um..wait, I know this one! Roderich taught me. Contractions! That's it!" Ludwig frowned. "Roderich says you speak like Data from 'The Next Generation', or whatever. Like a robot!"

"I am a highly intelligent individual and I normally do not speak in contractions. It makes one sound too causal. I speak plainly. I have been speaking this way for so long that I have forgotten how to speak plainly."

Gilbert pouted his bottom lip. "You speak like a robot!" He grinned. "If you wanna have sex with me tomorrow, then I want you to say, "I'm gonna fuck your brains out"! And it has to be said just like that!"

"This is ridiculous." Ludwig closed his eyes, his lip twitching in a sneer. "I'm…gonna…fuck your brains out."

Gilbert almost squealed and kissed Ludwig's cheek. "That was awesome! I'll turn you into a cool dude yet!"

"I don't do 'cool'." Ludwig found the corner of his mouth hiking into a little smirk. The light laughter he had just expressed made him feel a bit at ease.


Come the morning, Ludwig and Gilbert watched from the living room bay window as the others piled into a chartered party bus. Two of the armed guards would accompany them to the carnival for protection. Now the German brothers had the entire house to themselves. Ludwig went around and made sure all the doors were locked and Gilbert closed every shudder or curtain. With most of the sunlight blocked out, the house was a gentle hue of shade. It was just enough that when Ludwig used the remote to turn on the fireplace, the living room was lit up with a faint glow.

"Aren't we being romantic today?" Gilbert said with a coy, teasing voice.

"I saw this on the television once, so I thought-"

"Don't explain anything. Please." Gilbert cut him off with a roll of his eyes.

"Then do not ask questions."

"I didn't ask-" Gilbert sighed. "Nevermind." He pushed Ludwig down onto the sectional. "You just sit there for now."

Ludwig watched with intense interest while Gilbert went over to the large, built-in entertainment center. The albino had taught himself how to work an mp3 player and he was searching for a song. Ludwig could only assume this would be a 'strip-tease' or 'lap dance'. He had been around men who talk about going to strip clubs and there is enough of it on television, so Ludwig knew what to expect. He had never seen a man do it, but the fundamentals had to be the same. But once that sultry beat began…

It should be ridiculous. The whole thing should be ridiculous. But when Gilbert began moving his body in ways Ludwig thought a man could never do, he was instantly turned on. With the narrow swaying, dipping, twirling, and some other movements he had no words for, Ludwig's eyes were glued to the man before him. Matching the beat of the music, Gilbert danced closer to him all the while keeping eye contact. Gilbert's face was one of pure seduction in which Ludwig had never seen before. It was odd that he was able to recognize it, but he began to think his 'other' head was doing all the thinking for him. Then, suddenly, Gilbert was in front of him.

"Someone's happy to see me." Gilbert purred out with a few hip gyrations before straddling Ludwig's lap. He toyed with Ludwig's tie, something the man seemed to wear even when lounging about. Gilbert liked his lips while slowly starting to pull the tie knot loose. "I can feel him."

Ludwig tilted his eyed to look up at the man straddling him. "I did not think men could sway like that. The body structure between man and woman is- ERK!" Ludwig's tongue poked out from between his lips when Gilbert slid the tie knot back up, tightly, to strangle him.

"Listen here, egg-head! I don't fucking want 'textbook Ludwig'! This is sex! Not college! What I want from you is simple, age-old, 'Ludwig like to fuck'! Got it?" Ludwig nodded. "Don't make me have to call you, Ludwig BUZZKILL Beilschmidt!"

"Y-yes!" Ludwig gasped out and Gilbert let him go.

"Good boy. Now, just relax yourself. Don't think about ANYTHING other than my awesome body and your thick dick, okay?"

Ludwig looked up at him. "I think I can do that."

Gilbert smirked and ran his fingers through Ludwig's hair. "Just imagine that we are two…cavemen…and it's mating season." He started to gently rock his hips onto Ludwig, letting the man's clothed erection rub against him with a heavy moan.

"That does not-" Ludwig stopped when Gilbert glared pink eyes at him "-sound like a bad idea."

With a smile, Gilbert continued to dance upon Ludwig's lap, slowly removing his over shirt first. As more of Gilbert's pale skin appeared, he could see the change in Ludwig's face. Gilbert hoped to bring out basic animalistic instincts in his little brother. The man needed to loosen up and Gilbert knew he was the one right for the job. Once he had removed his undershirt completely, Ludwig's erection threatened to break through the pants as it grew. Gilbert had to blink in slight surprise before resting his arms around the blonde's broad shoulders. "I bet you want that freed, hm?" Gilbert leaned in and nipped Ludwig's earlobe.

"Yes." Was Ludwig's grunted reply as the man continued the sensual lap dance.

"Well, you can't. Not yet. I won't let you." Gilbert rests their foreheads together and smirked. "You can't take it out until I say so."

"No. I will not allow it." Ludwig gripped Gilbert's firm ass in his hands. "If you want basic mating instincts, then you are not in control here. I am obviously the alpha male, to not just you, but all the others as well."

Gilbert gave him an 'oh really' look. "Hey, alpha or not, I'm your only mate! I'll fight the others off, and I mean it! I'm a wolf, you know! I didn't survive for three years on the streets without knowing how to kick some ass!" He roughly grinds his hips into Ludwig, making the larger man twitch slightly.

"Too bad. I can have each one of them lined up waiting for me, because I am the alpha. This is my den!"

"If you touch any of the others in 'that' way, I will personally kick your-" Gilbert's words were cut off by Ludwig's lips on his own.

"Now it is time for you to stop talking." He stood up from the sectional and kept his arms firmly under Gilbert's rump, holding him. Ludwig carried the man in this position out onto the back patio where the hot tub sat, covered. The deck was wet from the previous rainstorm and Ludwig did not mind that his socks were getting wet. Carefully, he placed Gilbert onto a patio chair while he removed the heavy covering. Luckily, the others had left the hot tub. "Strip."

Gilbert smirked and crossed his legs. "Aren't you the least bit shy about the guards around here? One may pass by under us doing the 'dirty'."

"They are paid government employees. Who cares. Now strip."

"You first." Gilbert watched Ludwig with a little smile as the man did as he was told, but did it casually. Gilbert had to wonder what Ludwig would be like if the blonde were to be a seductive sex kitten. Perhaps he should slip his little brother some ecstasy one night and enjoy the outcome. His thought process stopped when he took in Ludwig's naked body. "Just stand right there. Don't move."

"But it is cold and I want to get in the hot water."

"Sucks to be you." He smirked. "Your nipples are hard!"

Ludwig flushed a bit and ignoring Gilbert's command, climbed into the tub to sink low. Gilbert gave a little chuckle and finished removing the rest of his clothes to join Ludwig in the tub. Then, he frowned.

"Motherfucker. I forgot the liquor."

"Gilbert…it is only ten-something in the morning."

The other scoffed. "Yeah? It's five o'clock somewhere! Just wait right here while I go and get the poison! And it's not gonna be beer."

"Why not?"

"We're German! It takes ages for use to get drunk off beer! We need the good shit! You like wine, right?"

"Of course."

Gilbert winked and leapt out of the tub, disappearing inside. Ludwig lifted his arms from the hot water and lay then along the edges, sighing in content. He watched as the heat vapors came off of his skin in the cold air, and he thought to himself, 'I could get used to this'. The ache between his legs had subsided, but once Gilbert returned to the tub that would all change. Wine had always made him a bit…loopy. As long as it was only Gilbert around then he could let himself go.

"The world's greatest lover is baaaaaack!" Gilbert posed in the doorway, waving a bottle of merlot and two wine glasses. "Let's get this party started the Gilbert way!"

Ludwig kept his eyes glued to the other's body while the albino climbed in and poured their glasses. He held one out to Ludwig, and then held up his own. "To our freedom and new life together." Gilbert said with true sincerity.

"To us." Ludwig let his glass clink with Gilbert's and they both took a sip. Or rather, Gilbert took a heavy gulp while Ludwig sipped. Blue eyes widened at the sweet taste of the wine. "This is better than most of the wine I have had."

"That's because it's a '89, baby! We'll drink this shit up!" Gilbert took another heavy gulp. "Keep drinkin', little bro." He bats his white lashes in Ludwig's direction. "It'll help make you feel REALLY good."

Gilbert had been right, for the more gulps Ludwig took, the better he felt. His body started to feel a bit loose and limp, but he still had control. Alcohol numbed the senses and altered the brain cells, but Ludwig did not have an exam or a report to focus on. All he had to focus his mind on was making his body feel good with Gilbert's. He did not need heavy concentration for sex. "Pour me another glass. Now."

Pink eyes blinked, and then were matched with a smile. "Yes sir!" Gilbert lifted the bottle and filled Ludwig's glass. "Now that you are bit loosened up, no pun intended, what would you like me to do first?" He asked and took a sip of his wine. "Name it, and I'll do it."

Ludwig put the glass down on the edge and lifted himself from the water, sitting on the corner of the tub. "Figure it out."

With one last sip, Gilbert put his glass down to glide along the water to sit between Ludwig's knees. He used the tub seats to balance himself and anchored his hands on Ludwig's thighs. Gilbert glanced up at his lover before leaning forward to kiss the wet tip. A few sensual licks with the tip of his tongue sent shivers through the other's body. Gilbert could feel the massive organ twitching with the sensations beneath his lips. Opening his mouth wide, he guided Ludwig's dick into his mouth, letting the length gently glide down his throat. He heard Ludwig let out a breathy moan and let one of his own out as well. Ludwig's hand cupped the back of his head to hold him in place. Gilbert pulled back slightly and sucked the length back in, letting the tip hit the back of his throat.

He continued with the motions, sucking long and hard all the while engulfing the other each time. Once Ludwig's fingers fisted in the short white hair, Gilbert braced himself for rough oral ahead. Not that he minded the roughness, quite the opposite. Gilbert let Ludwig set the motions and speed. This was what he hand wanted from Ludwig. Gilbert wanted the man to become more dominant and open with sex. He made sure to use his tongue as often as he could and groaned around the length. Ludwig's hips started to arch forward and Gilbert knew the other was close. When he felt the other still and let out a deep cry of release, Gilbert relaxed his throat. He swallowed all of Ludwig's cum and kept the length in his mouth to fully suck it dry. The taste of spunk was always something he hated, but when it was Ludwig's it tasted sweet, not bitter. He eventually pulled away and looked up at his lover with flushed cheeks from both the heat and pleasure.

"That was good." Ludwig said with a heavy breath before taking a deep gulp of the wine. "I want more." He poured himself the wine and Gilbert laughed.

"Ease up on that stuff, Luddy. I don't want you blacking out and forgetting everything we've done." Ludwig did not answer him, but drank down half of the glass. "Wow…I just found your stress relief medicine."

"Get out of the tub. We are going upstairs to our room now."

Gilbert felt a bit playful from the wine and was also curious to see just what Ludwig was capable of with a wine buzz. "No, I don't want to. I'm staying right here because I'm the alpha and I do what I want."

"Like hell you are." Ludwig climbed out of the tub and yanked Gilbert from the warm waters a second after.

Gilbert let out a 'whoa' at the sudden movement and the chill in the air, covering his body with goosebumps. He was going to say how cold he was, but there was no time as he was lifted again. This time, Ludwig slung him fireman style over his shoulders. Strong hands gripped one of Gilbert's leg and arm to hold him steady. Gilbert couldn't help the ear to ear grin that stretched across his face. This was just the type of foreplay he was looking forward to. 'Don't fail me now!'

Ludwig carried him inside, through the living room, up the stairs, and into their bedroom. Without a care, Gilbert was dumped on the bed with a little bounce. He watched while Ludwig stormed into the bathroom and came out with a bottle of lotion. Maybe Ludwig had been reading too many of the porno mags in the bathroom. Whatever the reason, Ludwig was ready to be rough and Gilbert would welcome it. The moment the blonde came back to stand at the foot of the bed, Gilbert lay back on the pillows and spread his legs invitingly. While he was waiting for his lover to crawl on the bed, he was unprepared for the words that came out of Ludwig's mouth.

"Flip over onto your belly and lift your hips high so I can see you. I saved and healed this body, now I want to see it in full."

Gilbert felt his own cock swell to its fullest at the surprising choice of words from Ludwig. He knew there was no malice behind them so he did just as he was told. Rolling onto his belly, he raised his hips and folded his arm to cradle his head. When Gilbert felt the bed sink in with Ludwig's weight his excitement rose, making his body quiver with anticipation. His breathing hitched when the pop of the lotion cap could be heard from behind. Gilbert was not expecting anything sweet or slow, nor did he even want that. He wanted Ludwig to take him fast and hard with nothing but raw animalistic passion.

Ludwig spread the lotion onto his fingers, not bothering to warm it as fingertips touched the puckered entrance. Gilbert let out a little gasp and the hole twitched against his finger. Silently, and without warning, Ludwig pressed two fingers deep inside. His lover let out a cry of pleasure and pressed back against him. Ludwig let his fingers press and stretch the welcoming muscles gently massaging. He pressed in a third finger and Gilbert almost shuddered with release. It was strange how strongly he felt about having sex with Gilbert this day. His mind knew it was the wine but his body didn't care. All he wanted was to press himself inside that tight heat and thrust until his orgasm took over.

"You want me to be dominant during sex, so I will be. Do nothing but lie still and let me pleasure myself with your body."

"Yes sir!" Gilbert purged his lips together while his fists tightened in white sheets. Any moment Ludwig's cock would come tearing into him, and he could nearly bear the wait. When the pressure against his entrance was felt, Gilbert closed his eyelids and held his breath. "A-AH! LUDWIG!" Gilbert's eyes flew open and he gasped out the words when Ludwig's cock slammed fully into him. It had been a while since he experienced such quick penetration and it made his muscles ache. They were quickly adjusting to Ludwig's size and the blonde held still while the muscles were contracting. "Lu-Ludwig…gods above…!"

"I have held still long enough. I am going to move whether you are ready for it or not."

Ludwig did not lie, for the moment those words were said he pulled out and thrust back in. Gilbert let out a shrieking cry, clenching his eyes shut as another thrust was given. Muscles quickly gave way to the onslaught of rough thrusts until Gilbert was moaning deeply in delight. Ludwig's hand gripped the curve of the skin where hips meet thighs, pulling Gilbert onto his length. The same rhythm was kept, making the blonde grunt heavily like an animal and the albino cry out like a wanton whore.

Gilbert felt both pleasure and pain, which was more uncomfortable than anything. The uncomfortable pain came from the forced entry and the width of Ludwig's cock. Not that Gilbert was complaining for despite the pain, Ludwig's length was hitting all the right spots. With each thrust in, tiny ripples of pleasure would tickle through his body. Each time that cock was drawn out, Gilbert would feel cold and empty. He was even beginning to lose his balance due to the rough thrusts. His knees kept slipping on the sheets, forcing his legs wider for Ludwig. The blonde already held his hips steady; so all Gilbert felt was the stretching of his inner thighs. Ludwig's cock continued to fill him to the brink, pressing in as far as his belly or so it would seem. Gilbert could feel the pressure in his lower belly and even in his lower back. Though he felt his orgasm coming on quickly, he did not expect for Ludwig to pull out. His eyes widened in shock with tears gathering in the corner.

"If you want more, you will have to come for it." Ludwig said the words in a deep husky voice before sliding off of the bed.

Gilbert was not going to let him play this game nor let the blonde get away. With a growl of his own, Gilbert got off the bed and ran to the blonde. With a leap, he managed to knock Ludwig over onto the floor. The man rolled onto his back but Gilbert planted himself on the muscled belly. "You're not getting away from me, Ludwig Beilschmidt!" Gilbert smirked and started to lower himself onto Ludwig's erection, arching his neck and back. He let out a moan as his bowels and belly were heavily filled once again.

"Get to work." Ludwig said firmly, giving Gilbert's hip a sharp slap.

"Dirty boy!" Gilbert lifted himself up and slammed back down. He had to place his hands on Ludwig's chest as he rocked his body. Looking down at Ludwig through his bouncing, Gilbert noticed the smug smile on the man's face.

"Move faster. I'm not impressed."

"Oh, you ass." Gilbert had no choice but to speed up his movements, each one bringing another ringing cry from his throat. "Oh…stop growing bigger!"

"Tough shit."

Did Ludwig just curse? Gilbert peeked his good eye open to see the same smug smile. That smile had to go. He may want to have Ludwig lusting after him like an animal, but he sure as hell was not going to let the man completely dominant. With a smirk of his own, he lifted himself off of the other's cock and stood. "I think I'm through with you!"

Ludwig's eyes flashed him a cold blue stare. "Get back here." His voice was firm.

"Tough shit!" Gilbert grinned and hurried away, laughing while he did. "Catch me if you can!"

He ran out of the room and heard Ludwig's footsteps following after him. Gilbert hurried down the steps and used the railing to quicken his pace by sliding down. With a quick glance behind him, he saw Ludwig tearing down the steps. The excitement continued to rise in him as he ran from his lover. He would put up a short chance, but then would slow down so Ludwig could catch him. Once caught, Ludwig would properly ravish him raw and make them both cum. Gilbert turned again to look behind as he entered the living room, but saw no sign of Ludwig. He froze, listening carefully to the silence of the house. Where did the man go? Was he hiding?

Gilbert narrowed his eyes and with clumsy stealth, began sneaking along the room. He checked behind the furniture but saw no signs of his lover. Peeking out of the room, the man stepped out quickly and rushed down the hall. When he glanced behind once again, he did not see what was in front of him so they collided. Gilbert gasped when he slammed into Ludwig's chest, but was unable to get away before the blonde roughly grabbed his arm. Ludwig forced him onto his back on the floor and settled between the long legs.

"Caught you. Don't you dare try to run from me again!" Gilbert had little time to say anything as his thighs were spread wide and lifted, his lower back leaving the floor.

The angle was just enough for Ludwig to press his way back inside. Due to the lack of lotion, Ludwig thrust in slowly until the still present slickness lubed his length. Once properly slicked, Ludwig started the same pounding rhythm as before. Gilbert's cries and gasps of pleasure spurred him on, forcing his hips to move faster. The tight heat surrounding his cock only grew hotter the faster he moved. His brother's inner muscles were swallowing him up with each thrust. Pale fingers clawed at the carpet and at Ludwig's skin. Pink eyes rolled back into the other's skull at the extreme pleasure he must be feeling; and Ludwig was delivering it. Hearing Gilbert's cries and seeing the man's passionate reactions to his lovemaking filled Ludwig with a complete sense of emotion. It was love, lust, and trust he was beginning to feel and it sent him over the edge. His body shuddered with release as he came deeply inside the other, his body trembling with the intense orgasm. Gilbert's essence decorating his belly was barely felt over his own gratification.


"Yeah?" Came a breathily reply.

"With all I have done for you…it…it opened my eyes to many things." He lay his body on top of Gilbert's, burying his face into white hair. "I know for a fact that I love you as a brother and as a lover. I know I do not have to ask it…but I want you to be mine and only mine. Will you?" Ludwig held him tight.

"Luddy…what a stupid question for such a smart person." Gilbert said with a smile and wrapped his arms around the other. "Of course I am yours! I may not act it sometimes, but I am. You're the only one I want in my life, Ludwig."

"I will never let you go. Never."

"And I will never leave. If you die, then I will die."

"Do not say such things…for who can know what they would do in such a situation?"

"I have never gone back on my promises or my vows." Gilbert kissed the blonde head. "I'm in this for the long haul, Luddy, and so are you. You have saved me. Not just me, ALL of us. You have guided and protected us, giving us a second chance at life. And yet…I am the one who owns your heart. That means a lot to me…it's a high honor."

"Everyone?" Ludwig frowned against Gilbert's head, remembering the phone conversation. "Yes…I saved…everyone."

Somehow, the after sex moment which should fill him with content was erased at the thought of everyone getting deported. Everyone would have to leave and Gilbert would remain, living a safe and content life. The others would have to fend for themselves and likely end up in a similar situation they had just escaped from. His mind was at ease for a short while during sex, but now the pain and depression had return. The wine would be to 'blame' for his sadness.

"You're not going anywhere, Gilbert."

That evening

Ludwig gazed out at the lake at the approaching storm, following the white cap waves with his eyes. An unlit cigarette hung lazily between his lips and a half empty beer bottle in his hand. After his sensual night with Gilbert, Ludwig had never gotten to sleep. His mind was preoccupied with the phone call. What was he to do? Telling the others would only make them all upset and chaos would be unleashed. To see their bright and hopeful eyes turn to ones of dread and sorrow broke his heart. He could imagine each of their faces in his head, all looking at him and silently asking 'why'. It was the worse feeling in the world.

"Need a light?"

Ludwig turned his head to the direction of Sadiq's voice and let the other man light up his cigarette. "Thank you."

"Are you ready to tell us what is bothering you?" Roderich came out with Heracles behind him. "They are all outside on the patio having some drinks, so feel free to talk."

"The other day…right before you two arrived, I had received a phone call."

"What kind?" Heracles asked.

"Not a good one." He looked back out at the approaching storm clouds. "I was told by my father's secretary that the government wants to deport everyone back to their countries because they are here illegally. Even though it is by force that they are here, they are considered illegal immigrants. My father has not called me back yet, so I have been a bit on edge. But can you blame me?"

"Not at all. That is terrible news." Roderich restated. "I suppose my father has already done everything that he could to help. I can still call him for you?"

"I would appreciate it." Ludwig responded. "Gilbert is staying with me. I refuse to let him go. I feel horrible about wanting to keep him and have the others go…I do not want them to go but if I had to choose…"

"You don't have to explain. We understand." Sadiq said and lit up his own cigarette.

"Well, wait. Wait a minute." Heracles held his finger up. "I'm pretty sure we can foster them here. It would be the same as an exchange student studying abroad with a different family. The abroad family takes care of you and is held responsible for your well-being. I'm sure we can do the same."

"That is a marvelous idea!" Roderich actually smiled.

"But they would have to be split up." Sadiq pointed out. "The government won't allow just Ludwig himself to take care of ten people with medical problems. Just the financial burden is more than any of us could afford alone."

"Naturally we will split them up." Roderich offered. "Between the four of us, we could sponsor them. Also, we can work on getting them a proper education and training them for the work force. Once they are able to stand on their own two feet and are used to the country, they can move out on their own. It is foolproof."

Ludwig blinked in shock. "That is…a perfect idea. Why did I not think of that?"

"You were too worried about it." Sadiq slapped Ludwig on the back a few times.

"So…who gets who?" Heracles piped up.

"I will sponsor Gilbert and I should take Ivan as well." Ludwig said. "I know of a very respectable facility for his mental issues. Of course, I will look further in to it."

"I have the most money out of any of you. So my father and I will sponsor the Vargas brothers, Arthur, and the boys."

"Allow me to take Kiku and Antonio." Sadiq offered but both Ludwig and Heracles shook their head.

"Francis and Antonio would not want to split up. It will be hard for them to break away from Gilbert, and the same for him." Ludwig pointed out. "You should take Francis and Antonio, since they are more dynamic and fun as you are. Let Kiku and Yao go with Heracles."

"I'm down with that." Heracles second the notion.

"But…" Sadiq started "Kiku is my buddy. He likes being around me so I should take him."

"Hardly." Heracles scoffed. "He is my friend and enjoys MY company, not yours. He's better off with me."

"Like Hell!" Sadiq hissed at his rival.

"Stop it." Ludwig said firmly. "We will let a few of the others decide who they want to go with."

"Then let me make a phone call to my father so we can get everything squared away."

Ludwig felt himself smile softly at Roderich's retreating figure. "I want to see the others."

He left the front porch to make his way to the patio where he could hear the others talking. Gazing through the glass doors, Ludwig watched them happily interacting. All these men were free because of him, and their new lives were just beginning. Gilbert saw him from the table and smiled, waving him out to join. Everyone turned to look as Ludwig slid the patio door open.

At the sight of everyone's smiling faces as they looked upon him in welcome, Ludwig felt a familiar emotion that only arose when in their company. Ludwig considered them not just patients or friends, but as family. Together they have toiled and together they would remain, no matter what the future would hold.

The End


7 Years Later…

The lives of the VOX patients had changed drastically.

Francis had moved on to become a popular pastry chef. He had started working at a supermarket in the bakery section, decorating cookies, and then moving to cakes and pies. With being a VOX survivor, there was always money coming their way, so Francis used some of his to open his own bakery. It was a tiny little pastry shop on the main drag of the city next to a flower shop. 'A Taste of France' was the store's name. The bakery was still kicking even to this day.

Antonio, Lovino, and Feliciano had, like Francis, opened their own establishment with VOX compensation money. Theirs was a small pizza parlor serving basic foods based with tomatoes. Their restaurant was three blocks down from Francis's bakery and doing well. Feliciano did the cooking, Antonio did the entertainment, and Lovino would host. Between the three of them, they always alternated their jobs.

Kiku had decided to peruse his education and go on to become a teacher for the blind. Not only was he a teacher, but also a motivational speaker to many sharing in his handicap. Kiku would always share his horror stories about his time at VOX, but use it as means to show others how far he had come. If he were able to conquer so much with so little, then others with his problem would be able to do the same, if not more. Kiku still shared a house with Sadiq and Heracles, whom could never agree on who would keep Kiku. Instead, Kiku had insisted they all move in together, which the two men roughly agreed to. Kiku was proud to live with both a successful gynecologist and radiologist.

Arthur found work at a custom tailoring company where he helped sew and design special order clothing. He dreamt of opening his own place, but with his maimed tongue it would be hard. To do so, he would need someone to co-own it with him. Much to his regret, Francis had offered to do so and Arthur found it hard to say no. Together with the compensation money, Arthur had rented the apartment above Francis' bakery to make into his own store. It was a specialty consignment and tailoring shop. Alfred and Matthew had been enrolled in school and were doing well…(at least Matthew was).

Ivan had been sent off to a mental treatment facility where he remained for five years until being released. With multiple brain surgeries, the metal plate was removed to help him function properly. However, his crimes from Russia had traveled over to America and he was forced to answer for them. The moment he was released from the mental facility, he was transferred to a prison where he was to remain for life. There was a short time where he was on death row and wanted Ludwig to carry it out by lethal injection. Ludwig, of course, refused to do it and had to pull a lot of strings to get Ivan off of death row. Eventually, the man was free of the death sentence and remains in prison. Once a week, at the least, Ludwig would go and visit him. Sometimes the others would stop by as well to check up on him.

Yao had opened up a multipurpose shop in Chinatown, which, like the others' establishments, was doing well. He sold everything from food to toys, and half of the money he made went to charitable donations of any kind. Usually, he would give the money to orphanages and group homes. Yao took very little for himself, feeling that he had more than he could ever need. Most of what he had now was nothing short of dream. It was something he thought he would never have. Now that he had become successful, he wanted to share with others less fortunate.

Which brings everyone up to the present day in Ludwig's backyard. Ludwig's four-story manor house outside of New York City was the gathering place for everyone involved in the great VOX escape. After graduating with the highest honors, Ludwig went on to become a VOX company doctor. Shortly after, he was promoted to a C.E.O. position of the governments medical supply company. Ludwig had been the youngest person in the last ten years to achieve such a high position and perform it properly.

The group was having a picnic to celebrate the production of Gilbert's new book, which had recently been accepted by a publishing company. Ivan was the only one who had to come via police van with a few armed guards to attend the picnic. Everyone had brought something, but it was Francis who was busy frying all the meat and/or veggies on the propane grill. Antonio was playfully feeding Lovino some Trail mix pieces, which the Italian started to yell and bat the Spanish man's hand away. Feliciano and Kiku were having a pleasant conversation about the food. Alfred and Matthew were playing a 'friendly' game of catch in which Matthew's soft cries of pain went on ignored by the others. Arthur had brought over a pie he had made the night before, revealing the burnt pile of ash proudly to the others. Ivan, now much more functional, happily watching while Sadiq and Heracles battered back and forth. Soon, Gilbert's voice filled the air.

"Hey, hey, hey! Listen up, losers!" He grinned. "The spectacular me is ready to make his speech and accept his toasts! So gather around!" Gilbert took his seat at the head of the long picnic table, waiting for everyone to be present. "As you all know, my book, 'Staying Awesome Through Nothing', has just been accepted for publishing an will be out in stores within a few months!" Everyone cheered and clapped. "It's an autobiography of my life, from the orphanage to VOX. Each one of you is mentioned in it, but don't think you're getting a dime from my profits! My lawyers beat yours!"

"Only because Ludwig is your brother!" Shouted Francis. "Without him, you're powerless to stop us!" The Frenchman said with a laugh.

"No autographed copy for you!" Gilbert said and stuck his tongue out at the blonde.

"I have a few things to say." Ludwig stood beside Gilbert and held up his glass of beer. "We have all come a long way from what we were. I just want to say how thrilled and happy I am to have all of you still here with us, as one large group. No matter what happens, we are still a family. It does not matter if one of us becomes more successful or less productive as long as we are there for one another. That is what I have learned over these past seven years."

"WE LOVE YOU, LUDWIG!" Antonio shouted happily.

Arthur held up his glass and whispered something to Francis, who smiled. "Arthur says that you are the wind beneath our wings!"

"Awwww!" Everyone said in unison and then laughed.

"Group picture time." Heracles offered. "It is not often we are all able to get together like this."

"Yeah! Everyone gather in front of the house!" Gilbert commanded and they made their way over to Ludwig's front porch.

Ludwig was forced to sit on the middle step while everyone else stood around him. Alfred and Matthew were seating on the ground beside his legs. Gilbert had to take over the photo by lifting one leg behind Ludwig and resting his own arm casually along it. Everyone else stood in an arch around Ludwig, with tallest in the back and smallest in the front. Heracles set up his tripod for the camera and set a timer for ten seconds. After he joined the others, Gilbert called out,

"Everybody smile! We have lived another day!"

The End.

***Wow, it has come to end. I hope the ending made you feel all warm and cozy inside! Thanks again to everyone that has stuck with this story from beginning to end! I can't thank you enough for all the kind reviews and continuous support! I am honored that so many of you have enjoyed my very first germancest fic! Thanks again for reading! I love you all! Story commentary to follow shortly on my tumblr!***