The Last Stand

By Jen

A/N: Ok I know this will make three stories running at the same time but this one is a story for those who love Buffy and Angel but also love Buffy the Vampire Slayer and The Angel Series. So if you want a complete alternate universe with vampires and such I have that story going. If you love Buffy and Angel romance and fluff but no vampires got another story going as well. This isn't an alternate universe this happens in the future after the fall of LA and the closing of the Hell Mouth. I will do my best to update each story like one week it'll be this one, another one of the other two.

Summary: Years after the fall of Los Angeles and the Hell Mouth of Sunnydale closed a new war has been declared. The slayers that walk among the earth fighting are brought together but there is an elite group a group that has stood up to evil. This small group is called back into the war but it's nothing like whatever they've faced in the past.

Rated M for language, fight scenes and sexual content.

All belongs to Joss Whedon this is merely for entertainment purposes.

Chapter 1 The Past, the Present, the Future

North America 2004

"Giles you know more than I do what's happening?" Buffy asked and Giles sighed as they got back into the car after filling up the tank.

"There's another war coming," He stated as they got in and he started to drive away. War when will it stop?

"Ok explaining," Buffy wanted him to continue.

"There was an unknown prophecy found. It was found by Wesley,"

"Wait our Wesley?" Buffy asked and Giles nodded.

"It talks about an apocalyptic battle." And Buffy nodded but there's been many of those it was sort of becoming like a routine these days.

"Giles we've fought tons of those," Buffy added.

"Yes but this one is different it states that a vampire with a soul will play a pivotal role." Giles went on there were two vampires with souls at the moment so which one. Her heart told her it was Angel. "This battle was described but at some point that part of the Shanshu was cut off and probably had a date."

"But what about LA?" Buffy asked.

"Not the battle the Shanshu talked about and because we have no date or at least an idea of when it could very well happen to tomorrow." Giles said earlier that week a package was delivered to him and it contained the Shanshu and a note from Wes. "The problem is Angel signed his prophecy away," Buffy felt her heart drop to the ground and she wanted to cry. "He signed it away in order to defeat the evil in Los Angeles according to the note."

"Jesus," Buffy closed her eyes Angel was still out there in Los Angeles it was in ruins now. Most of the people got out but knowing Angel if he was alive was saving those who needed it. Buffy was in England at the time and after finding out what had happened she was furious she wanted to help Angel but that was just like him to refuse the help. Los Angeles was a barren waste land now and evil's minions were taking over. At first the plan was for Buffy to get to LA and save Angel but to risk the leader of the slayers was too great. These two were driving to LA because Buffy needed to see it. "What's happened to Angel now?" She asked.

This battle started about a month ago when Wolfram and Hart crumbled to the ground and the Senior Partners the opposite to the Powers that be sent their army to kill Angel. Spike managed to get out with Illyria and informed everyone that Wes was killed too, Gunn was killed in battle and Angel's where abouts became unknown. The problem is now LA was a no go zone you couldn't go there. If he died Buffy would know some part in her would tell her. Connor Angel's son made it to Cleveland to help with Faith and he confirmed he did see his dad alive before Wolfram and Hart fell. It was Connor who called Buffy on the matter.

To talk to Connor was something that made Buffy sick and yet joyous. She only wished Connor was her son, her and Angel's son not Angel's and Darla's. She met Connor and he looked like Angel it was rather wonderful. Giles told Buffy that LA was gone but she had to see it.

"So what happens now?" Buffy asked and turned to Giles as he drove. She defeated the First a year ago and Angel was taking on the powerhouse of evil in physical form. These two battles could have ended the world so why not have Angel turn human and it be over. But Angel signed away his prophecy and it was his. Yes Spike has a soul too but Angel was first.

"I'm not sure Buffy but if the Shanshu is right then this next battle is what will kill us all unless we come up with something." Giles answered. After another three hours on the road Giles stopped the car and the two got out and over the horizon they saw the city. It was in ruins and Buffy's heart sank Angel was in there somewhere and a part of her told her to find him.'

Fourteen Years Later 2020

Desert it's the barren waste lands of earth yet home to so many creatures. During the day it can burn you and at night freeze you. Some say man has lived in the desert before cities as long as water was nearby man could survive just about anything. The desert is vast, wide, open your voice can echo but no one will hear it. But what if this was what the entire world would like? There were many times it could have the world could have been a barren desert. In 1997 a young girl stopped an evil power from rising, 1998 she stopped an ancient power from swallowing the world whole but paid a huge price with it. In 1999 she stopped yet another power from rising and feeding in 2001 a god tried to wipe out the world and she wiped out the god. In 2002 she stopped her own best friend from taking out the world and best friend was put against best friend. And in 2003 she stood up and won against the very thing that created evil, the First.

She never asked for this honor she never asked to be what she was. She walked out of her high school one day and that very night it changed for worst or maybe for the better. She was unique there was nothing like her. She died twice and still remains standing, she loves, she cries, she laughs and yet this world doesn't know who she is. No one knew the world was ending six times but the next day came. But for her it was a life of hardship she's seen death, death's taken those she's loved, death is everywhere. The world can take you and turn you into something monstrous or something pure it just depends if you can fight. Buffy Anne Summers the vampire slayer, the strongest, the fastest, the oldest of the slayers has conquered death, conquered evil, saved the world.

He was a man once a drunk lay about but a man nonetheless. He was offered a chance to see the world but the price was death. He killed, he tortured and he was known so well that evil bowed to him. Evil saw him as a god. But then the god fell into disappear and his reign ended. It wasn't until he saw the light and fought the very thing he was. With the slayer he fought too. He's fought his own battles both within him and the world. He brought down evil, made it come to a grinding halt. But he's lost others trying to atone for something, for his humanity and maybe one day be saved. It wasn't easy and he's lost some of himself on the way. This is Angel the vampire with a soul, the strongest, the fastest, the oldest vampire on earth.

But Angel and Buffy when they fought side by side evil feared them but alone they were just a person. While they may not have fought side by side physically they still fought for the same thing. They fought to save this sorry world and sacrifice themselves hoping the world would still turn. They were lovers once a passionate love but the fear of loss torn them apart. They stopped loving each other and fought separately. But in the darkest shadows in the hours before the sun rises, the twilight hours they feel it in their hearts a feeling that has never gone away.

The year is now 2020 nearly twenty years since the last battle was fought has passed by. Of course you still had evil around if there was evil if you had good you'd always have evil they married together. But with the birth of the slayer line there was an army around the world. Girls everywhere fighting and it kept evil at bay. But for Buffy she was gone from the war, retired. About ten years ago she stopped fighting she had every right to do so. Now she lives a quiet life alone surrounded by the trees and lake whispers to her. She's in her forties now but when looking in the mirror she hasn't age much not since the downfall of the Hell Mouth. She still looks young and while she wanted to understand why she looked this way she never asked.

The days here in this little place were peaceful. After so much war she forgot just how the wind spoke in the night, she forgot what the birds sung. She finally had peace well as peaceful as she could get to. There was a peace missing in heart. There was always an empty space in her heart but she buried it. Buffy gathered some things and headed out. The town was a small place more of a famers' home. These people owned large plots of land and farmed. They traded with one another and traded with the outside world too. Buffy collected her items she need for the day. The place she lived was South America. It was a small place but she was left alone for the most part. At first she stood out a blonde white girl stands out easily here. But as time passed she blends now and has even picked up on the language.

After the day at the market she was home in her little house. Her house was equipped with weapons that from traditional broad swords, crossbows and axes to more modern weapons like guns. She set down her goods and took out a small gun, a stake and a knife she carried with her at all times. She knew there was nothing to be afraid of. She was retired and she should just live her life but she lives off the grid of any kind. She lives to hide where nothing can find her anymore she doesn't want to be found again. Before leaving driving with her former Watcher she was told a future. It was Angel's Shanshu prophecy but the battle that was to come. LA wasn't the battle nor was the Hell Mouth it something else.

This battle hasn't come yet. The world woke up to another day. She never saw Angel not since he left the night before the battle of the Hell Mouth back in Sunnydale. She should feel safe there were hundreds of slayers out there fighting but as hard as she tries she can't erase the nightmares.

Angel was long gone from LA; the city itself however was still in ruins. Some believed a nuclear explosion happened maybe some secret government funding thing. So it never opened thinking the radiation was still there. Angel now traveled across the country still atoning. He knew his son traveled with the slayers and maybe they would run into one another. There was one person he was really looking for and that was Buffy. One day she left not leaving a clue to where to find her. The comfort he had now was that Dawn found him and they were partners in crime. Dawn was a slayer too so to degree Angel made a full circle he was fighting with a Summers girl again. Dawn saw Angel as a big brother and he protected her like a little sister even though she was far from little anymore or at least what the fake memories told him.

Of course Dawn wasn't that innocent little girl anymore she was grown up and she's changed completely. Not only does she look older but she looked like a warrior, war changes people. They two were out on the highway at night heading to a bar that offered a little something extra. The two got out of the car and walked in causally seeing the place. Angel already picked up that half this place was cover with vampires and Dawn did too. If they didn't hurry they would be sensed as well. And these two have been in the game long enough to know that they had just a few more seconds. Angel jumped up onto the bar table and walked across it and stood there.

Angel was legendary to the entire underground world. Once he caught everyone's attention he quickly took out the crossbow and started to fire. The humans of the bar ran while the non-humans went to fight. But to fight a two hundred and sixty seven year old vampire well that was slim chance of winning. These two worked well together but when it was Angel and Buffy that was an unstoppable force.

Meanwhile back in South America Buffy was sitting out by the lake. She left everything behind feeling the urge not to fight anymore. She's done that before run away. When she killed Angel she ran and tried to hide. She was doing it again running but a part of her knew she wouldn't be able to keep running anymore. This war that was in the Shanshu would come and she knew she'd be a part of it no matter how much she wanted to stay out of it. Maybe the world was supposed to end. Maybe they weren't supposed to fight it but to hide and let it happen. It felt like every time she won a battle another that was worse was coming. Was this the one that even if she fought it would end everything? She didn't want the world to end but maybe for it to begin it needed to end. All things end at some point nothing truly lasts but it was that fear.

Buffy let the water was on her feet as she sat in the sand and looked up to the sky. She hoped where ever Angel was he was looking at the same night sky. She missed everyone but how could she go back after leaving them. It wasn't like there was a huge battle to fight she just left. She just left one day it felt like she was done with it.

'Buffy watched the sun it would soon be setting again. Xander, Willow, Dawn, Giles, Andrew, Faith, Connor and a few other slayers were outside. It was a nice warm night too. Buffy put her head on the table and for a moment closed her eyes. But it's when she woke she felt like dying. She looked around and everyone was still talking and walking around. She looked around the place and it felt like it was time to leave. She's done her part as the slayer. There were plenty of slayers now why should she have to fight she was tired of fighting, tired of these visions. She went heaven once and then she was ripped from it she just wanted to rest now.

Dawn was walking with Connor as they talked. Connor grew a huge attachment to Buffy after they finally met. He hadn't known her for that long but he felt a sense of security and trust with her. Maybe that's why his father loved her. He saw Buffy walking to car with some bags and started to get in.

"She says she'll be back tomorrow," Xander assured Connor and Dawn. Dawn believed it Buffy would go off on her own all the time but Connor didn't something told him she wasn't coming back. She couldn't leave he didn't know if his father was alive so Buffy was his last attachment to Angel. Buffy put the car in drive and started to drive away and Connor chased after her.

"Buffy!" He called out to her. Buffy could hear him and it ate away at her. They didn't know one another well but in the time they've spent together they grew close and Connor felt it was close enough like a mother son relationship. He looked so much like Angel and that gave her some comfort because no one knew if he was alive anymore. "Buffy come back!" Connor kept chasing her he didn't want her to leave but the car was faster than him and Connor stopped and watched the car leave. Buffy felt a tear roll down her cheek she was leaving again. She was leaving Angel's son and to a degree leaving him but she had too she couldn't take war anymore she needed out of this. She's been doing this for so long she can't remember anything else.'

At times she thought about going back but were they all even together anymore? She would know if one of them dies she would feel it. But to go back now after being gone for so long she didn't know if her little group was still a group. That was fifteen years ago, fifteen years and yet it seems longer. She got up and headed back inside her little house. Living alone was good and bad the bad part was the loneness. At night in her sleep she would dream only two dreams. The first dreams were the best they were of Angel and they were living a life together that they never had. She loved those dreams and maybe that's what kept her going knowing Angel was alive out there somewhere. The second was of this war that could end it all. Buffy sat in her bed awake she would shut off her light soon but she held something.

In her hands she held a ring and a cross. These two trinkets were very old now. The cross was given to her by Angel as protection and how ironic that a vampire gave a slayer a cross. The ring held more value than the cross. He gave her this ring as a sign of devotion with its hands holding the heart and the crown sat on the heart. She wore it with the heart facing her for a long time even when Angelus was around because she belonged to Angel even during those dark times. She lost the ring for a while but found it and kept it. She even wore sometimes when she was with Riley, Spike and the Immortal. She always belonged to Angel.

Angel sat alone hiding from the day's light that was to come soon. He reached for something a picture. Buffy gave him a picture and every night he would look at it just so he wouldn't forget what she looked liked. She had a smile in the picture the smile he fell in love with. The picture was worn and torn after so many years of fighting. He was always looking for Buffy and hoping to find her. Angel tucked the picture away and closed his eyes.

Buffy sat there waiting and looked up and he was there. Only in dreams could they be happy and together. Angel stood before her and he looked so perfect. He was the perfect blend of a man and yet he wasn't a man he was something more than that but more importantly he was her vampire. Buffy stood up as he walked to her and she walked to him and now they were face to face inches from one another. Angel placed a hand on her cheek and she nuzzled into it and looked back up at him looking into his deep brown eyes that saw so much. Then their lips came crashing into one another's. Angel pulled her as close as possible and she held him as tight as possible never wanting to wake up from this dream.

Morning came like always and Buffy looked around and to the empty space. A tear fell because that empty space next to her reflected the empty space within her. Angel also woke and looked around he hated waking up because when he did Buffy wasn't there. There wasn't anything really worth waking up too. Why was he still fighting? He signed away his chances of ever becoming human a life with Buffy so why bother?

So Buffy has been away for a long time and Angel's been literally traveling across the country still fighting. So what's going to happen to bring everyone together? There has to be a trigger but who's going to be the first one to realize something is happening? Should I go on? Comments and reviews are welcomed thanks for reading.