True to her word, Jewel visited Amber's grave site as often as possible. Bringing a bunch of wildflowers with her, she appropriately placed them upon the grass and smiled as she seated herself. She dusted the grave stone with her wing and began to speak.

"Hello, sister." She said trying to hide any sort of sadness in her voice. "I hope you're morning has been good."

No reply came from the stone. Jewel knew she would never be able to hold a proper conversation with her sister again. She shook her head and continued onward.

"The kids are growing nice. Buster and Kinski are little trouble makers like you were as a kid. Rose has taken up studying the jungle with her father. She's almost as intelligent as I am. But she has a ways to go before she matches Blu in intellect. You would be proud of them... and they would love to meet you someday."

Jewel wiped the growing tears in her eyes. She couldn't hold them back and soon they ran down her cheek leaving damp impressions across her cerulean feathers.

"The boys want to draw you a picture. Blu taught them how to do such a thing. I hope you don't mind."

Again no sound came from the grave stone. She continued onwards.

"The Blue Bird Sanctuary has been set up, so today we're moving to the grotto where you died. We don't speak about death to the children. They think you live here, and just are too busy to visit."


The female macaw jumped with fright. She had been so engrossed in her conversation that she failed to hear Blu sneaking up behind her.

"I thought you'd want to know, we're preparing to say our goodbyes to Linda and Tulio."

Jewel nodded her head.

"Ok, I'm coming."

# # #

The sun began to set upon the horizon, painting the sky a fabulous scarlet. Blu and Jewel stood on the upper balcony of the Blue Bird Sanctuary headquarters.

Tulio stroked Jewel's feathers with a single finger before tossing her into the air. Jewel immediately took flight through the sky and hovered in the air, waiting for Blu to follow her.

Blu and Linda shared their secret handshake for the very last time, and watched Blu fly off through the sky.

"That's my big brave boy." She smiled.

Blu and Jewel peered back only once, waving their wings as their final goodbye to the humans who had taken care of them.
"Are you ready to go, Blu?" Jewel asked him, smiling reassuringly at him.

"Yeah," Blu nodded his head. "Let's go home."