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There it was.

He overlooked the village of Konohagakure. Same buildings, same landmarks. Even that stupid Hokage monument at the far rear. Why did they still keep that? It would all be going down after he's finished with this pathetic excuse of a village.

He smirked to himself. Did he really once become part of this? Sasuke Uchiha is stronger than this. He deserves it.

He shouldn't even be wasting his time on this village!

His mind snapped him back to reality. What these shinobi have done to his family, his life...was unforgivable. And he will make them pay.

His mouthed opened, letting only a few words escape into the open blackness.

"Konoha, I'm coming for you."

Naruto slurped down another bowl of miso ramen.

"Naruto, slow down. There's plenty more ramen." Sakura said, grabbing a few soba noodles with her chopsticks. They had just come back from an A-rank mission. It turned out as a success, much to Kakashi's please.

"Yeah, but Sakura," Naruto stated, between gulps, "I'm hungry, and the only way to feel better is to eat." Sakura rolled her eyes, gazing back down at her half-eaten dish. She remembered what it was like when a certain Uchiha prodigy was here with her so many years ago. She recalled all the laughs, all the heartaches, the cuts and bruises, but overall, it was fun!

'If only-he was here now.' Sakura thought, heaving a depressed sigh. Her eyelids fluttered open again, looking at Naruto with his mouth full of ramen. He caught her gaze.

"Sakura," he said between gulps, "Are you feeling okay?" She could tell that it concern was genuine, even with miso ramen still hanging from his lips. Same old Naruto-clueless as always.

"Yeah, Naruto, I'm fine." She lied, fixing her gaze to eat her ramen again.

"Well, I'm almost done, so we can go wherever you want to after!" He stated, flashing a toothy grin her way.

"Thanks Naruto." Sakura greeted. She couldn't help but smile at his offer. He always found a way to make her smile-even in her bad moods. Well, when she's in one of her moods, who wouldn't want to help her calm down?

Naruto changed his facial expression.

"On one condition," he said, pointing a finger at her, "you're paying for the ramen."

"Sogu: Tensasai!"
"Hakkesho Kaiten!"

It was Weapon versus Kekkei Genkai. Her throws were precise, aimed right for him. His chakra was evenly spread out, covering his body perfectly. It was a very close battle, but Neji ended up having no scratches at all-typical.

"You win again." Tenten breathed, more like sighed, out. She immediately went to pack up her weapons, knowing that their sparring session was over.

Neji smirked, walking up to her like he would anyone.

Some people in Konoha thought that they had something together, he and Tenten. And Neji found that ridiculous. I mean, Tenten is a great friend and all, but he knew that they could never be more than that. His clan would never allow it. He'd admit, she certainly had matured over the years, both physically and emotionally, but he hadn't grown attached to her. Did he? The young Hyuuga just shook those thoughts out of his head. 'Tenten will only be a teammate,' he reminded himself, 'nothing more.'

The kunoichi who was on his mind turned to him, also striding to meet the prodigy.

"Well, I'll best be going."

"Where?" He asked plainly.

"To get something to eat." Tenten answered, heading in the other direction now. She paused, "Would you like to join me?"

His eyes widened, not enough to let her notice, but still, widened. She had never asked him to join her to eat since they were Genin! Even then he rejected! He quickly regained his composture.

"Of course."

Her heart leaped. That was the very first time he'd actually accepted! And yes, she'd been counting.

They walked off together, each not daring to say a word.

"Shikamaru, hold on!" Ino called out, leaving her family's flower shop in the process. She had just finished her shift and needed to talk to him about the next mission.

"What is it Ino?" He asked exasperatedly. Lazy-ass.

"I have to talk to you about the next mission we're getting!"

Ever since Asuma died, missions were scarce. They were usually assigned a C-rank, maybe a B-rank then and there. But that was usually it.

Shikamaru's face seemed to light up. "Really?"

"Yeah, we're going with Tenten's team to go on an A-rank."

"Okay." He said, continuing to walk ahead.

"Hey," Ino whined, "I'm starving! Can we get a bite to eat or something?"

"Troublesome..." Shikamaru muttered, turning the other way to follow her.

Hinata was walking around Konoha, enjoying the silence-while it lasted.

"Hey, Hinata-chan!" she heard Naruto call out, as she was walking past Ichiraku Ramen. She smiled; Naruto could always be found eating here. She adored eating at this place as well; reminding her of all the memories she once lived.

"Why don't you eat with us?" He called out again, before being smacked in the head by Sakura.

"You just ate five bowls of ramen! How many more can you eat?"

"Actually, Sakura, five and a half if I include yours." Naruto stated, as Sakura's eye twitched. He seemed to have completely forgotten about his 'deal' with her. Well, she loved spending time with Hinata.

"Come on Sakura, you really shouldn't be whining. He usually will eat up to seven before he's half full." Tenten pointed out, entering the store with Neji.

"Neji Nii-san." Hinata addressed.

"Hinata-sama." Said Hyuuga bowed, slightly.

Naruto looked confused as ever, and Sakura elbowed him, making him choke on his ramen. Tenten laughed, Hinata giggled, and Neji smirked. Smooth, Uzumaki, real smooth. Sakura, in the meanwhile, was trying to make him cough the noodles back up. She was failing, until Ino showed up. With one big swing of her fist, the noodles came right back up into the bowl. Everyone looked in disgust.

"Yay, ramen!" Naruto cheered.

Everyone stared.


"Can we just eat?" Ino asked, taking her seat. Soon enough, Shikamaru, Hinata, Neji, and Tenten took their seats as well. Once their orders were taken (they ordered anything except for miso ramen after what they had just witnessed), they started a conversation. Not with each other, but in two separate groups. If it wasn't obvious enough, Neji, Tenten, Ino, and Shikamaru began talking about their assigned mission.

"So, when and where is it going to be held?"

"We are getting the details later on today."


"Lee better not hug me when I see him at the front gates..."

Hinata and Sakura were talking about the medicinal herbs that they were newly given by Tsunade.

"We have a plant that was imported all the way from the Village Hidden in the Rain!"

"R-Really? That's really rare. K-Konoha isn't allies with that village..."

While they were talking, Naruto just continued chewing his noodles.

A messenger came in, panting loudly. He seemed to have been in a rush to get to the ramen shop.

"Tsunade-sama," he sent, between breaths, "needs to see you right away!" And with that, he left in a flash.

"But my ramen!" Naruto whined, after being dragged by Ino out the door. Ino had trouble keeping him quiet along the way, so Neji took over after being annoyed way too many times, and after Tenten, Ino, and Sakura begged him to. Hinata just giggled quietly to herself.

They entered the Hokage Tower, thankfully, in silence.

Hinata knocked onto the door gently, before hearing a 'get in' coming from the other side.

"Tsunade-sama, what is the problem?" Tenten asked the question all the other shinobi were itching to put out.

"Sasuke Uchiha has been spotted around Konoha."

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