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Chapter 1:

Nothing. I have nothing. Left to be just a shell of my former self. Living the constant horror, that is my life. Everything brings back haunting memories. The fountains, the wash house, even a glass of water brings me pain. It all seemed like just a bad dream, until I realized it still hadn't gone away, even after a week. My life had become a living nightmare. I didn't want to accept that my bending was gone. I wanted so desperately to wake up and look in the mirror to see myself again. But I know the truth, it's gone forever.

I'm lucky enough, though, that Korra has taken me in to live on Air Temple Island with her and her friends. I just lie in my room staring at the ceiling, barely keeping up with my hygiene and health. It doesn't matter; I have nothing to live for anymore. Amon might as well have killed me, I might have been better off that way. I'm glad no one tries to take care of me, no one bothers me. Someone might check on me, but they must see that I want to be alone because they leave quickly. I like being alone now. I don't like being surrounded by "Adoring fans"; which in reality, if they so adored me, they wouldn't have ditched me. Even my teammates, who I thought I had grown so close to, left me. I had hoped I would have friends to support me, but it turns out I never really had any friends. But I don't need them, I don't need anyone.

So I lie on my bed, as usual, staring at the ceiling. I hear footsteps down the hall but I pay no attention to them. No one really comes in my room. But strangely I hear a knock on the door, and I hear it creak open. I only reposition my head to see who has entered my darkened chamber. It's Korra.

"Hey Tahno." I try to smile, but I fail miserably. I can't seem to smile anymore either. Korra cautiously enters the room, only taking two steps in.

"Hey Korra." I say weakly. She smiles a little, trying to be friendly.

"What are you doing?" I pick my head up only to plop it down in its original position. I stare at the ceiling once more.

"Nothing." I say flatly.

"Great! That means you have time to take a walk with me." Korra says in a obviously forced excited tone. I furrow my eyebrows.

"Outside?" I'm sure she can hear the depression in my voice, who couldn't?

"Yes outside! You wanna come?" I say nothing for a few moments. Since Amon took my bending I haven't dared to venture outside. Especially not here on an island surrounded by water. I have a hard enough time just thinking about water, I don't know what I would do if I had to face a huge sea of what I lost.

"Not really…" I finally answer.

"Aw, come on Tahno." I hear her walk closer, and then suddenly I feel the weight of her body as she sits on the edge of my bed. "You can't just stay inside for the rest of your life."

"Why not? Sounds like a good plan to me."

"Tahno…I know you're hurting right now a-and I can understand why your closing up like this, but please…I want to help you." I am shocked by how caring she suddenly sounds. As if she has been through the same thing before. I turn my head to look at her. Her blue eyes are pleading for me to go.

"I…just for a little walk…I guess…" I say hesitantly. She smiles and stands up.

"Good, you really could use some fresh air." I slowly get up and scootch to the edge of my bed. I start to put on my slippers, but Korra takes them away from my feet. "No, no, go put on your boots." My gaze slowly turns to the corner where I threw my boots when I first came here.


"Just because." Korra goes to the corner grabs my boots and sets them down at me feet. I sigh then begin to slip on the boots. Once they're on I stand and see Korra smiling. "Now at least your clothes looks like you." What? Is she trying to put me through some therapy crap? God I really don't need this. I think to myself. "Come on." Korra grabs my wrist and starts to lead me through the halls, which I've never tried to walk through before.

Finally after weaving through the place we come to an exit. I'm praying that I will not see what I'm scared I'll see. She releases her grip on my wrist and pushes the door open. I shut my eyes, to scared of what I'll see. I hear the door open, but I'm to scared to open my eyes.

"It's okay you can open your eyes." Korra says after a few moments. Timidly, as if looking out into the world for the first time, I open my eyes. I'm relieved to see that I'm surrounded by a garden, not water. I walk out like a cautious animal and stand by Korra. "Isn't it beautiful?" Her question catches me off guard.

"Yeah, I guess." She continues walking down a path and I follow. I suddenly feel like she's leading me to the water. "You know I'd rather not-"

"I know." She says, knowing my thoughts. She comes to a bench surrounded by roses. She knows that I used to give my little fan girls roses. She sits and pats the spot next to her. I stop in my tracks and take in the sight of the roses. I try to hold back the emotions that all those cursed flowers bring back to me. I walk over to Korra's bench and sit. We sit in an awkward silence for awhile, but she finally breaks it.

"Do you want to talk about it?" I can sense the caution in her voice. I haven't talked to anyone about what happened before, no one ever asked. I was glad they didn't, but now that someone has brought it up I can feel all the emotions raging through me. Anger, hate, sadness, grieve, betrayal, humility. But still I can't bring myself to talk about it. All I can do is let out a little snarl.

"I don't want your damn pity, or help, or whatever the hell you want to call it. And no I don't want to talk about it. All I want is to be left alone to sit in my room and maybe one day I will die so everyone can forget about me." I get up and stalk away furious at the world, and furious at Amon. I don't know why I snapped so suddenly on Korra, but I'm such a wreak right now that I don't even care.

"Wait! Tahno! Come back!" I can hear Korra behind me, but my anger is raging and I think that if I turned around I might punch her. Not because I'm mad at her, I just need to release all this anger inside of me. I yank the door of the air temple open and see a vase sitting on a little table in the hall. I swat at it and it shatters to the floor in pieces. I punch the walls and scream at the top of my lungs. Somehow I end up back in my room sitting on the floor with my legs stretched out, back against the wall. Tears fill my eyes and I look at my hands that are covered in blood, with shards of the vase protruding. I squeeze my hands tighter into a fist and bring them to my forehead. I hear Amons words coming back to me as I close my eyes tight. His voice echoes in my head. I can hear myself begging to him, pleading for him not to take my bending. But he puts his hand on my face and I feel the pain. Its rushing through me again, and I can't make it stop. I scream again trying to make this terrible dream stop. I open my eyes again and I can feel the blood from my hands running down my face. Suddenly I hear Korra's voice.