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I can't take it any longer. These dreams I have of Korra, I want them to be real. There is no doubt now, I love her. Love, something I've never given to a girl is my true and honest love. The only person I really loved was my mom, and I haven't seen her in forever and loving your mom doesn't really seem to count. Korra is just so amazing. She's beautiful, funny, strong, just all around a great person. I wish Tenzin hadn't split us up the other night; there was so much I wanted to say to her. That might have been the only time I could to tell her how I feel. No, come on that's not the last time I will see her. I can go see her now if I want to, I do. So I get out of bed and ready myself for the day with my daily routine. I exit my room and hope no one catches me knocking on her door, they don't.

"Come in." I hear from inside her chambers. I slowly open the door and take a few steps inside. She walks out of her washroom with her hands working at putting up her hair. "Hey." She greets with a beautiful smile.


"What's up?" she says pulling her hair through the blue spool.

"Nothing much." Why do I always say the exact opposite of what I want to say?

"Oh, well Thanks for the other night I had so much fun! I really needed to get out and have fun." She continues smiling.

"Yeah, I had fun too. But I wanted to tell you…" I can't put into words what I really want to say, I think I should just say it. Come on Tahno its just three little words. Suddenly a boom is heard outside. Not just a little boom like someone banging on the wall, this was like a bomb boom.

"What was that!" Korra runs over to her window and gasps. I quickly run to follow her and I'm shocked when I look out her window. "They're attacking!" Chi-blockers are streaming down to the island coming from an airship above. "We got to tell the others! Hurry go get Tenzin! I'll go get Mako and Bolin." I nod and run as fast as I can. I reach Tenzin's room and bust down his door. He is kneeling next to Pema who is in a rocking chair with Meelo.

"Tahno!" Tenzin scolds.

"Chi-blockers are here, they're attacking the island!" I spit out.

"What!" Tenzin looks back at Pema and Meelo. "Pema, go into the chamber below the temple, take the children too!" With that he runs out the room following me.

"They're outside right now." I yell as we run through the halls and we run into Mako, Bolin, Asami and Korra. We all group up and burst through the front door. They have surrounded the temple. We all stand on the top step in our battle stances staring out at the chi blockers. Some of the other nomads that live on the island come outside in different areas to face the chi blockers. But it's not only chi-blockers, they have these huge metal suits that sit on military wheels. I have never seen these before, but they have pinching claws and I can see people sitting inside them. Suddenly there is a roar from one of the machines.

"Attack!" Were in battle, the battle suits head for the walls of the temple and start to destroy it. Chi blockers run up the steps holding out their lightning devises on their hands. Being uphill gives us the advantage and all the benders shoot their element at the intruders. I am the only one who can't do anything. Even Asami has the chi-blocker weapon on her hand, but I have nothing. I decide that I won't just stand here and do nothing so I start to run down the steps.

"Tahno!" I think that was Korra's voice but I don't turn around I just run and take out any chi-blockers I run into. Seeing their masked faces bring back bad memories, my mind goes back to the arena. When chi-blockers roped me up and held me down for Amon. Hatred suddenly burns though me. A chi-blocker runs to attack me but I duck under him and throw him off his feet. I feel unbelievable power flow through me, like I could kill someone. I throw and punch and knock down any chi-blocker that comes near me. Finally I reach the bottom of the steps and I'm fighting side by side with the other inhabitants of Air Temple Island. All the nomads who I thought were peaceful now fight for their home. I glance back on the steps and see Korra slinging water, Mako shooting fire, Bolin shoving rocks, Tenzin whipping air, and Asami spitting electricity. They look like such a great team; I wish I could be up there bending at the intruders too. But now I just fight, hand to hand combat like a school boy causing trouble in the school yard I fight like I've never fought before. I hear the crashing of a wall crumbling down and I turn to see exactly what I heard. I find a sharp metal piece that must have fallen off a machine and I run to a machine and climb on its back. I start slicing through various tubes and steam puffs from them. Then I jab the metal into the back of the machine with many mechanical noises roaring from the now destroyed battle suit. The machine shutters to a stop and the man who operated it jumps out of the glass.

"You're going to regret that!" The man yells and runs at me. I simply kick him to the side and he falls off the huge hunk of metal.

"I regret nothing." I say with a smirk. I jump off the machine and grab the hand gadget off the man's hand and put it on my own. I test it out and shoot it at some other chi-blockers and it causes a wicked smile to cross my lips. It feels good to feel the power of bending again even if it isn't my element.

I notice two small yellow figures, Jinora and Ikki! I push past a chi-blocker and run to the two girls. Wasn't Pema going to take the children underground? Finally I reach them but they seem to be holding their own, standing back to back airbending at anyone who comes near. But I help anyway; I launch electricity at the intruders as hard as I can. Suddenly a scream comes from Jinora and I turn. Jinora is facing a chi-blocker that has come too close but I quickly grab the guy and throw him into the crowd of his friends. Jinora smiles at me then begins to fight again. Another scream is heard, but it's not the airbending kids, its Korra. I turn my gaze back up to the steps she's halfway down the stairs but a chi-blocker has electrocuted her. A swarm of chi-blockers are keeping the rest of the gang away from her. I run to her grabbing another glove devise and putting it on my available hand.

"We have the avatar!" I can hear the intruders screaming. "Knock down the temple, go, go, go!" I reach the crowd around Korra and zap everyone in my path. A man throws a punch at me but I grab his fist and throw him down the stairs, knocking over many other chi-blockers. Finally I clear everyone away from the stairs. I stand over Korra's limp body protecting her with all my might. I shoot lightning and kick and punch and do everything in my power to protect her. The rest of the gang have fought off the swarm around them and are making their way down the steps. Mako shoots lightning at the machines and they start to crash one by one. Bolin pushes the chi-blockers away with a wall of rock. They're retreating. The airship is letting down ropes to pull up the remaining men. Mako and Asami shoot fire and electricity up the ropes, they have no escape. The intruders, not knowing where to go, start jumping off the island and into the water. Stupid, because they have the gloves on their hands, most of them electrocute themselves with the water. All the chi-blockers that were attacking me have turned to flee. It's over, we won. I look down to see Korra opening her eyes. I kneel down on the steps in front of her. She seems lost and confused.

"Korra, I'm here it's me." I sooth trying to let her know that reality is back. She looks into my eyes and recognizes me.

"Tahno! Your okay!"

"Yeah I'm okay. Are you okay?" I ask. She props herself up on her elbows.

"Yes, I'm fine." She answers. I help her get up and she hugs me. "I thought I might lose you." She confesses.

"No, you will never lose me." I comfort. She is on the step above me which brings her to my height. She looks at me and wipes away her tears.

"What were you going to say the other night?" She asks as the tears start to disappear.


" Before Tenzin pulled us apart. What did you want to tell me?" This is my chance. I have to say it, now or never. But how do I say it? I never really thought of how I would say it. Damn it I'm so stupid.

"Well I just wanted to tell you that…" Come on where's that Tahno confidence? Show it to her. "Oh what the hell, Korra, I love you." I pull her in and we kiss. Finally what I've been dreaming of is reality. Her soft lips against mine, it feels so good, better that I had ever imagined. She pulls away and looks into my eyes and whispers:

"I love you too."

When I think about everything that has happened to me recently, it's seems like a dream. I had blamed Korra for not saving me from Amon. I hated my whole life and just wanted it to end. I thought Amon was a threat but he wasn't as big of a threat to me as I was to myself. Korra didn't save me from Amon but she did save me. She saved me from myself, all my nightmares, she turned them into daydreams. She out of everyone didn't give up on me. She stayed by my side and helped me through the times when I felt lost and unwanted. She is the hope, the only hope for the world, and she will save us, everyone. For saving me there is only one thing I can think of to do: give her all my love. Forever.

The End

Hope everyone enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it! I was planning on making either a prequel or a sequel to this story, but I'm kind of torn. So I want you guys to help me out.

Option A- Prequel about Tahno's childhood and growing up.

Option B- years later when Korra and Tahno start a family.

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