Summaries: I should have known better than to be walking around late at night down the streets Max use to own. These streets were under new order nowadays with my sister's old friend as second in command. But even with her high status in the Wolves not even Sonya couldn't get me out now. I was jumped in by the head perro himself, Chuy. Deep inside I knew the only reason Chuy even looked my way was because my sister held quite a rep in these streets long ago. Guess he's hoping i got that in my blood too.

(P.S. This is from Iggy's Point of view)

Chapter 1:

11:43 P.M. Just my luck. The day my car decides to break down is the day my boss finally gives me the over time i've been begging for. I leave my old red toyota truck in the parking lot and make my way through the dark empty streets of east LA. No one was stupid enough to be out at this time especialy with the new managment in The Wolves.

Growing up I had my suspicious of my sisters envolvment in the streets but it wasn't until she left for college that I finally saw she pretty much use to own these streets. She did everything from drinking to being leader of The Wolves, a major gang in LA. But I had no need to follow in her foot steps, i don't need the pump it gave her.

Max and I are very diffrent the only thing we have the same is we're not emotinal. See Max has a temper too but she could control it but me I let it flare and glow like a forest fire. I like being angry mostly because it's one of the few emotions I allow myself to potray. Besides it's not a complicated feeling and trust me I have enough complicated things in my life.

As I walk through the vaccent streets i feel a pair of eyes burning holes into the back of my head. I don't need to turn to know that someone is behind me and following me. I quicken my pace slowly until I'm full out running. That one pair of feet turns into a mob of more and more feet as i quicken my speed.

My only hope of escape is that I knew these streets better than they do. I turn onto Macomber street hoping to lose them. This street was completely pitch black. I keep running until i hit a flat sufface. It feels like fence. I quickly jump over it my only thought, to get away. This was Wolves territory and getting caught in here either gets you killed or jumped in.

Sonya, Max's old friend, was high in The Wolves today. She'd gotten my ass out of the gang twice before when the old leader tried to get me in but I had this gut feeling if this was The Wolves or worse their rival I wasn't gonna make it out of this.

As I make it over the eight feet fence i reliase I've just landed my self on what we call on my street 'jump ally'. Shit. My blood spikes cause now I know they're trying to get me in and if they succsied may god help the poor soul who'll have to face Max and may he help me too!

I run my fingers through my hair in desperation. I make a run to the left but its blocked by three pretty big gangeros. I run to my right in hope but theres four on that side. I'm stuck right in the middle. I look up at my last hope but all my faith is lost it's a fifteen foot climb they'd catch me before I was even half way up.

I stand in the middle of the mob of Gangsters. I notice one of the big guys has the six dots gang tattoo. That means there Wolves. A small relife hits me for some reason from this knowlege. One of the Gangsters move forward and by the way he moves I can tell he's the head of at least this mob of goons.

"The names Chuy" the guy says to me with a dark smile and I know he's holding something back.

Joy he's gonna beat the crap out me? Nah it looks more like a plan or a secret. Or maybe both or all three. Damn i am in deep shit.

"Not gonna say anything are you? All good with me. Words aren't needed every much when your jumping a guy in anyways." Chuy says to me.

"Why don't you get the fuck outta my face and go home." I shout my anger over taking me.

Fake surprise overcomes Chuy's face and he says "Well aren't you a feisty one"

I feel that same old spike of anger fire inside of me. Everything in me wants to throw this guy to the floor just to show him who's boss but against my better judgement I restrain myself.

"Pretty fast too and from what I've heard smart too. Maybe you will be useful to us." He continues deep in thought.

I open my mouth to speak but the snap of his fingers stops me cause the next second all six goons jump on top of me. I'm pushing and shoving and throwing various kicks and punches everywhere. I start off strong but I'm already tired from the run and I'm out numbered. I keep trying until two guys grab my hands holding me against the walls while the other four continue to thorw sloppy punches my way.

I'm restrainted and trying my hardest to repeat Max's old montra Pain is but a message but the punches get stronger with every blow and after a while i cant take it anymore. I feel myself start to go uncountious and thats when Chuy whisles and the goons holding me let go, droping me to the floor on my knees. The punches stop too and all the dumbass Wolves step back letting Chuy back into my view.

Chuy leans over me and whispers "Welcome to The Wolves certicy of the new leader"

And with that they leave me in a small pool of my own blood. I use my remaining strength to pull my self off the floor. I need to get home. I'll worry about everything else tomorrow. I wince with pain as I feel my ribs ace. I slowly limp the two remaing blocks to my house not able to go any faster.

I open the door to my house thankful Gazzy is alseep and that my mother is working. I make my way into my bathroom holding back my moans from the pain and trying not to leave a blood trail on the floor. I turn on the shower hoping to get all this dry blood off me, see the damage, and maybe clean some wounds.

I peel of my blood stainded clothes and place it in the trash. That wasn't going to be worn anytime soon. I head over to the mirror to see the damage as the shower heats up. Theres a couple bruises on my face none too visable. My legs are almost perfectly fine besides a few cuts. One of the cuts on my left leg looks pretty deep thou. Most of the damage is on my chest where the dumbasses sent repeated blows.

I move away from the mirror not being able to look at myself anymore. I step into the shower and immidetly find relief in the soothing warm water. As i wash off all the dried blood my mind wounders to what just happend.

So the new leader in town was Chuy. The look on his face as he asseded my worth glowed with future plans. A lot of guys and even girls from my high school have been recently jumped into The Wolves which makes me curious. He's got to have something huge up his sleeve with all the new recruits he's getting. But why me? I'm not connected to the streets in any way...exept through my sister.

I face plam myself. Thats why he made such a big deal into jumping me in personally. He knows my sister use to run things and now he's hoping I got it in my blood. As I step out of the shower I search my phone for a number I haven't used senice I was 13.