Prepare for the WORST STORY I HAVE EVER WRITTEN. For the fans that have been there since Four Elements High, you should remember when I uploaded it (around late 2011) and quickly deleted it with all the negative response. I decided to upload this because it literally is a Epic Fail Story of mine. I even left it UNEDITED, just so you can understand why I locked this story away for a reason. I must repeat, this is my WORST STORY EVER, full of random responses to situations, over reactions, mispellings and dumb ideas. Don't judge too hard...

Zuko kissed his fiancé, "Honey, keep pushing, you're almost there." Katara squeeze her hand, trying to hold back her cry of pain as she pushed the baby out of her. The midwife helped pull the baby the rest of the way out, Katara falling back against the pad. It was dead silent as they waited for any sound. As if music to their ears, a baby's cry finally filled the room. Katara tiredly smiled, after 5 hours of labor, her child had finally come into the world. But even through the happiness, a small voice bothered her in the back of her mind. "Tara, I'm so proud of you." Zuko wiped the sweat off her forehead.

"Let me see the baby," She rasped, her voice was lost from the constant yelling. The midwife wrapped the baby up in a red blanket after wiping all the blood and excess fluid. She put the baby in Katara's arms, making her smile. "He's so beautiful," Katara whispered.

"What would you like to name him?" Zuko asked, but froze when he saw the baby open its eyes. Before Katara knew it, Zuko stormed out of the room. She didn't even need to ask or check what Zuko saw in the baby, she already knew. The baby she held in her arms, the new bundle of joy in the Fire Nation, the first born child of the Master Water Bender of the Southern Water Tribe…had glacier grey eyes.

Katara cradled her son in her arms as she walked down the halls of the Palace. She hadn't seen Zuko since he had left the birthing room 3 days ago. Katara knew he wasn't as angry as she thought before because he sent many servants to check on her, to make sure she was comfortable and had everything she needed. Though what she needed was to talk to him. The baby started to groan a little, but she quietly shushed him, stroking his head softly. She made it to Zuko's chambers and burst in. He was right where she thought he would be: At his desk, going through his papers. "Zuko," She said calmly. "Why did you storm out of there? You knew that there was a good chance that my baby wouldn't be yours."

Zuko sighed, letting his hands run down his face, "I know…I know. But, when we got together and…consummated our new relationship…I thought maybe, just maybe, there would be a chance I would have an heir. But it's his."

"Don't talk about him that way Zuko," Katara told him, "He's your best student and saved the world."

"And was your first love and put his seed in you." Zuko said bitterly.

She frowned, "Zuko…I thought you loved me."

"I do…I did. But…I can't love you anymore Katara." He stood up from his table.

"Because I had the Avatar's child?" She questioned bitterly.

Zuko shook his head, seeing his demeanor soften, "Because you don't love me Katara. I know that you still care of Aang."

Katara looked down at her child, his grey eyes looked back at her with the big smile of his father. "You're right…"

"I will always care for you Katara and you are welcome back to the Palace at anytime…but you need to go tell Aang about his child." Zuko told her. "From what I've heard, he made a new island near the new Republic City. If I'm not mistaken, he named it Air Temple Island." Katara silently nodded. "Do you think they will accept you back?"

She shrugged, "I know Sokka will, but I haven't talked to him since I left Aang. But I did send a message to someone that will be able to help you."

"I have many servants and royals, I think I can survive by myself Tara," Zuko said.

She smiled softly, "Zuko, I know you. One of the only people that will still talk to me that isn't in Aang's immediate group is coming here to be here for you…" Katara moved her son to one arm and kissed Zuko on the cheek, "Hopefully I'll see you before all the leaders move to Republic City." With that, Katara left, leaving the Fire Lord with his thoughts, that was, until a knock rapped on his door.

"Come in," He called, the door opened and a familiar face cart wheeled in a green kimono, only stopping as she came inches from his face.

"Hi Zuko!" She cheerfully said. Ty Lee fell back from her tip toes, planting her feet with a big smile. "I haven't seen you in the longest time, you've gotten cuuute."

Zuko rolled his eyes, "It's great to see you too Ty Lee." He looked at her older body, with the training she had received on Kyoshi Island, Ty Lee had become fit and her breast and backside had grown. 'Maybe this wouldn't be so bad…'

Katara made her way down to harbor where Suki waited for her. She stood in front of a long boat with a Kyoshi Green sail. The boat looked like Bato's boat they had found during the war. The water bender smiled at her old friend, "Suki!"

"Hey Kat," Suki grinned, "How have you been?" She side arm hugged her best friend and saw her son. "Oh Spirits, he's so cute! Can I hold him?" Katara nodded and handed her child over, Suki cradling the grey eyed baby. "Who's a cute little bundle of joy? Huh?" Suki cooed. The Kyoshi Warrior looked back to Katara, "He looks just like him…" Katara nodded, "Does he know anything?"

Katara shook her head, "No…I found out I was pregnant after Zuko and I got together, I haven't talked to him since…"

Suki knew to end the conversation there, "Well, you're lucky we were sailing around here. I would have dropped off one of the other Warriors, but we know Ty Lee's special ways. But, we're headed back to Republic City so we can drop you off at Air Temple Island to see the rest of the gang."

"Are you sure they will except me Suki? I broke Aang's heart…left my brother, Toph…just for Zuko."

"Do you still love Aang?"

"I will always love Aang…I just wasn't ready to settle…but 9 months away from him have been torture. I thought I was missing something when I went to Zuko, but the emptiness only grew." Katara said. "The thing I was missing…was having Aang's child…something I should have figured out sooner."

Suki nodded, "Well, let's set sail. I'm sure you would like to let him know about his child." Katara followed Suki onto the ship, figuring out what exactly she should tell Aang.

The boat docked at the island, Katara stood in amazement as she looked at the island. The small dock let up to a long zig zagging path up to the main part of the isle. A large tower stood over the island, reminding her of the tower at Roku's island. To the left were some buildings where she assumed were where Aang stayed, but it still seemed under construction. Katara repositioned her son in her arms, her right arm getting a little tired. Some of the Kyoshi Warriors let down the walkway. Suki came up beside her. "Will you at least come with me? I think it might be a little awkward…plus it wouldn't seem like I'm crawling back to him."

Suki frowned, "I'm sorry Kat, we have to go check in across the bay. But I'll make sure to come back and visit, hopefully everything goes alright."

Katara took a deep breath, "Okay…well, it's been great seeing you again." The friends hugged again, her son trapped in the middle. "If things don't work out…could I possible join you on Kyoshi Island?"

"Of course Katara, you're always welcome to Kyoshi." Suki told her. She gave her friend a smile before walking off the boat. Katara waved good bye as the boat left and went across the bay.

She turned back to look at the island and then looked down at her son, his big eyes looking back at her, "Well Hun, it's time to meet your father." It took her awhile, but Katara made it up the long path. The place was deserted, but sunrise was only a little bit ago, so if there was anyone else here, they must have been asleep. Assuming Aang would be staying in the only fully built house, she knocked on the front door. She heard some people inside then the soft patter of feet across the floor until the door opened. Katara was met with the misty mint eyes of the blind earth bender. Toph had changed a lot in the last 9 months. What she remembered was that Toph was pregnant with her first child, but she hadn't told anyone the actual father. Now Toph had a bump in her robes now. She wore familiar orange and yellow robes, similar to the ones Aang wore.

Toph exited the house and shut the door, "Sugar Queen, what are you doing here?" She whispered, "You need to get out of here."

"I can't Toph, I need to talk to Aang." Katara said.

The blind girl's brow furrowed, "With Sparky's baby? I'm sure it's going to go over well with Aang."

Katara was taken by surprise, "Did you just call him Aang? And you're wear Air Bender robes? What's going on?"

The door opened and her brother came out, unlike Toph, he was dressed in his classic Water Tribe Tunic and pants. "Toph, I told you that you need to stay off your-" He saw his sister, "Katara…" He hugged his sister, "I'm so glad your back, I missed you." Toph elbowed him, "What? She's my sister, I can miss her."

"I missed you too Sokka, but please tell me what's going on."

She saw his face grow a little darker, "I don't think it's really up to me to tell you Katara…I think you need to talk to Aang."

"He doesn't want to see her Snoozles!" She said in a hushed tone.

"Yes he does, you know that. Even if she…brought someone's kid with her," Sokka said. "You know you missed her too…"

Toph 'looked' at Katara and sighed, "I'm tired of you always being right…come on Sweetness." They went back inside the Air Bender's home. It was just like she would expect Aang's home to be, nothing too fancy, but lavish enough to show that he lived there. She was led to a courtyard where she saw him. Aang was still as childish as ever, chasing around a younger girl, both of them laughing and smiling. He now had a small amount of hair growing on his chin, it made him look more older than the 16 year old boy seemed to be. Her jaw nearly dropped as a blast of air was shot as his face by the smaller girl.

"Hey! I said no bending!" Aang laughed. He used his bending to pull her back to him, catching her in his arms.

"No fair," She huffed.

He smiled, "Oh relax, now go get something to eat before we start Air Bending practice."

Aang let the girl down and she bowed respectfully, "Yes Sifu Aang." The girl skipped along and Aang turned to the group, his smile faded slightly as he saw Katara standing before him.


"Maybe we should give them some time alone," Sokka grabbed Toph's arm and pulled her towards the kitchen as Katara slowly made her way in to the open courtyard.

The tension between the two was so thick they probably could have cut it with a knife, literally. "Um…I like your new chin hair," She offered.

"Why are you here Katara? I thought you wanted to be with Zuko…" Aang didn't want to beat around the bush.

"I missed you Aang." She finally told him. "On the way here, I went over and over again in my head, thinking of what I would tell you to hopefully make you understand the stupid mistake I made. I thought about begging your forgiveness, telling you how much I love you, or anything to find your forgiveness…but I decided all three would have to work." Katara got closer to him, she bent the water from a near-by fountain, creating a ice baby bed and placing her son within. He was taken by surprise when she dropped to her knees, her hands clasped together. "Aang…please take me back. I love you so much and I should have never left you, it was the dumbest mistake of my life. At first I was scared to love you because of the War, then I thought I only loved you as a friend instead of a lover…but I was wrong. Please, if there is anything I can do…"

Aang pulled her up, "Never beg like that again." He gently stroked her cheek and kissed her lips, the feeling of his lips on hers once again breathed new life into the water bender. When he pulled away, Katara tried to hold on to the moment. "Katara…I love you too. I always have. You don't ever have to beg for my forgiveness Katara."

Her cheeks became wet with tears, but this time, tears of joy, "You can really forgive me?"

He nodded, "Of course Katara. I love you. Like I told you, you're my forever girl."

"Then…what about that girl…who was Air Bending? I thought that was your and…"

"Mine and Toph's?" Katara nodded, causing Aang to laugh. He wiped the tear from his eye, "No way. Your brother and Toph are actually together."

She was, for lack of a better word, shocked, "Really?!"

"Yeah, remember how we were staying at the Southern Air Temple before…well…you know?" Katara nodded. "Well, I guess being around the Air Temple and the culture, Kya became an Air Bender."


Aang smiled, "Yes, your brother chose the name. He knew you would appreciate it. She has your eyes and apparently your mother's. But I'm trying to get more people to move here, hopefully the culture and Air Nomad spirits will bring more Air Benders. Do you want to meet your niece Katara?"

"Yes…but I need to tell you the real reason I'm here Aang…" Katara picked up the baby out of the ice bed.

"Is that Zuko's child?" Aang asked, feeling a bit of jealousy come up.

"I thought it was…but someone impregnated me before Zuko…" She uncovered her son's face. "Aang…meet your son." Aang's jaw slacked as he saw the little boy's grey eyes.

"I-I have a son?" He squeaked out. Katara nodded. "C-could I hold him?" She offered him to Aang. He took the child in his arms. The child started to become restless and Aang rocked a little. "It's okay little buddy." He used his finger to gently tickle his son's stomach, making the child giggle. "Do you know who I am? I'm your Daddy." Aang knew the child couldn't understand him, but he was so excited. He looked up to Katara, "This is our child. You and me, made this baby." She smiled, feeling overjoyed that he quickly accepted his child. "How did Zuko take this?"

She frowned slightly, "He knew once the child was born that he wouldn't be able to raise your child and he knew that I still cared for you. I couldn't lie to myself anymore, if I looked at my child every day, it would remind me of you and how much I love you."

"I'm glad you came back Kat," The nickname he started for her made her heart flutter. "I've missed you so much over these last 9 months."

Katara came over to him, looking over his shoulder at the baby, "I've missed you too Aang." She kissed his cheek, "I promise I will never leave you ever again."

"Don't promise…just never leave." He told her before kissing her again.

"You're a father?!" Sokka asked, "No way!"

Aang proudly nodded, "He has my eyes and everything, he's my pride and joy."


He smiled, "Kya, you're my first and favorite pupil, I'm proud of you too." The small girl grinned.

"I guess now it a better time than any," Sokka said, he pulled his daughter up and held her against his side. "Kya honey, do you remember the stories Mommy, Daddy and Uncle Aang told you about us fighting the War?" The small girl nodded. "Remember how I told you about my sister? The one who taught Uncle Aang how to Water Bend?" She nodded again. "Well, this my sister and your Aunt Katara."

Her eyes went wide as her jaw dropped, "She's Master Katara?!" Sokka nodded. She squirmed out of her father's grasped and clung onto Katara's leg. "Oh my Spirits! You're Master Katara! I'm your biggest fan! I can't believe I actually get to meet you! Daddy told me the story of how you defeated Fire Lord Azula! You went BOOSH!" She did a fake punch, accidently air bending a small current, "Then she was like AAAAH!" Kya waved her arms around in the air.

Katara smiled, "I'm glad to meet a fan. I can see where you get your personality from."

Kya turned towards Sokka, "Daddy? Is Aunt Katara going to stay with us?"

"I don't know honey," He looked at his sister and Aang, "Are you staying sis?"

Aang and Katara smiled at each other, "Yes, she's going to stay…for a long time."

Kya jumped up in the air, getting at least 5 feet up, "YES!" She landed on the ground like a feather. "Aunt Katara, I want to show you my room! I still have Grandma's betrothal necklace Daddy saved from when you left! And Mommy's wanted poster that makes her look like a scary monster."

Toph turned towards her husband, "You still have that?"

He smiled awkwardly and shrugged, "Well…it's not like you could see it." She punched him in the shoulder and he groaned in pain. Katara smiled, it was like old times, the gang was back together.

"Please Katara," Aang stuck out his bottom lip, "Just wear it."

She sighed, "Aang that only worked when you were younger, that isn't going to work on me anymore."

"Am I not cute enough anymore?" Aang playfully frowned.

Katara rolled her eyes at her husband, "You're plenty cute and you still know how to push my buttons, but that's why I have another cloud baby in my stomach right now." She rubbed her stomach. Though she wasn't showing much, Katara was yet again pregnant with Aang's child. They had married only a couple weeks ago, even though she had come back 4 years ago. Aang had wanted to get to know Katara again before they got married…even though Aang had already had a betrothal necklace for her.

"All I'm asking is you were the robes, Toph wears them and look how good she looks," He offered.

"I'm already technically an Air Nomad now, I don't need the robes honey," Katara said. She kissed him on the cheek. "You're late."

Aang used his air bending to get off the bed. "Fine, do you want to come with me? I heard you-know-who is coming today."

"Do you really think that's a good idea? I mean, after what happened between me and him?"

"We're married now Katara, so is he, it will be fine." He said. A smile came across his face and used his bending to bring her towards him. Aang gave her a passionate kiss, leaving her breathless. "Come on." They walked hand in hand out of the house and out to the open area of the island. In the four years they had been together, more people moved to the island as Republic City became more popular. More and more Air Benders were born on the island and there were now 20 Air Benders, including Aang and his family. His pupils were standing in line outside of the multi-roomed home, shared by Aang, Katara, Toph, Sokka, their kids, and some other personal friends. He smiled as he saw Kya and his son standing on the left. Since Katara never named their child, she let Aang name him Tenzin, a classic Air Nomad name. His son looked exactly like him when he was a child, instead of shaving his head, Tenzin had a small amount of hair, pointed in the front. Aang stood in front of the children, "Good Morning Pupils."

"Good Morning Sifu Aang!" They all replied.

He would never get use to that, "Now I trust you all meditated this morning, correct?" They all nodded. Aang walked up to one of his pupils, "Amy? Did you really meditate? Or did you sleep in again?" The little girl sighed, knowing he always caught everything. He smiled, "Okay, everyone go practice in the Air Bending gates. Kya, make sure you watch over everyone." Kya bowed and they all ran to the gates, "Amy, go meditate."

"But Sifu Aang…" She moaned.

"Practice makes perfect," He reminded her. Amy sighed and went off to the pavilion. Aang went over back towards his wife, when the ground below him sank and was up to his knees in earth. He pulled at his legs until his face went red, making Katara giggle.

He heard the familiar laugh, "Good job Lin, you captured the Avatar." Toph patted her daughter on the head.

"Thanks Mommy," Lin smiled. She lifted Aang back out of the ground, but shooting him up and landing him on his face.

Toph shrugged, "You could work on the landing, but I'm not complaining. Let's take a break." They walked past the Avatar as he rushed the dirt off his robes.

He looked at his wife who was wiping the tears from her eyes, "Oh, you're going to get it." She smiled and ran away, he ran after her as she went towards the docks. Katara stopped when she almost crashed into the Fire Lord. Aang used his Air Bending to stop himself, seeing that if he didn't, he would have knocked them all down. "Oh Zuko, hey buddy, how've you been?"

Zuko smiled a little, "Good, since the move. I thought it would be a good idea to stop in since I haven't seen either of you since the wedding." He gave Katara a hug, "It's good to see you again Katara."

"It's good to see you too Zuko."

He gave Aang a 'warrior's handshake', grasping each other's forearm's. "I'm glad to see everything is working out with you two."

"And where's the Fire Lady?" Aang asked, nudging his friend in the ribs.

"Right here!" She happily exclaimed. Ty Lee walked up behind Zuko, with two nannies carrying twin 2 year olds behind her. "It's good to see you Aang and Katara!" She hugged them both, nearly choking them. "Now," She turned towards the nannies, "You two can give me little Zach and Ursa, I can take it from here."

Zuko smiled, "Honey, I hired them to help you for a reason. If they didn't want to help, they wouldn't have offered." She sighed and kissed her children on the forehead.

"Twins huh?" Aang smiled, "Nice one Zuko." Zuko and Ty Lee blushed.

"Well, it's great to see that the Air Nomads are thriving, this is exactly what we need. And it seems you and Katara have been pretty busy," Zuko referenced the bump Katara was sporting.

"Yeah, it will be our second child…well…you know."

"You can say it Aang, we're both happy where we are in life. Katara and I weren't meant to be together," He said, "You two were destined to be together, just as Ty Lee and I are…now we have two wonderful kids." Ty Lee cleared her throat. "Oh yes, and we're pregnant with another."

"Wow." Katara said stunned, "Congratulations you two."

"We must have a celebration, come on, I'll show you two to your room, I'm sure you want to get settled." Aang said. He led the way as Katara and Zuko stayed behind.

She smiled, "Thank you Zuko."

"For what?"

"For reminding me that I love Aang. I know it took a lot for you to tell your fiancé that…" Katara said.

He gave her a hug, "You're welcome Katara."

"Hey you two," They looked to see Aang smiling at them, "Let's go." Katara and Zuko broke their embrace, going back to their respective lovers, never thinking twice about the decision he made.

Cringe worthy, right? Anyways, I'm almost done with Royal Affairs and will be out soon.