I turned and ran towards the sound of Clove's scream. "Cato! Cato!" she had yelled. I ran for what seemed like hours when I finally made it to the clearing in the center of the Arena. There lay Clove, as still as a statue. "Clove!" my voice cracks as the tears begin to pour down my face. "Clove..." I say as I kneel next to her, still clutching my spear. It's when she places her cold hand on my face that I know she is trying to tell me that she can't be saved. I just can't accept this, I won't. I lift up her dying body and hold her close to me. Her head rolls back and her eyes close. She's still breathing, but barely. Then I see it. I see the huge dent in her skull and I now see how fatal the blow was. She's going to be dead any second and there's nothing I can do to stop it. "Clove." I choke out and the tears begin to flow harder and I pull her close to me. "We were supposed to win." She says. Her voice is filled with pain and she winces when she starts to cry. "I'm sorry, Clove. I am so sorry. I love you so much. I'm sorry." I lay her back on the ground and I stroke her once shiny and life-filled black hair. "I love you too, Cato." She says and her cannon booms. "Clove." I say, Unable to accept her death. "Clove! No!" I yell as I sob into my hands. I don't give a damn if the entire world is watching me cry. I just lost the only person I've ever loved. I don't care if people think lesser of me. I loved her! Once I regain my composure, I grab one of Clove's knives from the ground and strap it to my belt. Then I pick up my spear and begin to walk towards the wheat fields District 11 ran to. Halfway I stop and look back at Clove. "I'm sorry I broke my promise. I will avenge you. I will win for you. I turn back and continue towards the fields. The sky grows extremely cloudy and before I know it, it's pouring down rain. I put on my hood and I try to stay as dry as I can, but eventually I end up soaked. I walk through the tall grasses until I spot a large pile of boulders and a small camp built underneath them with a tarp. There lays District 11, huddled up by the fire. I clutch Clove's knife tightly and an evil grin plasters onto my face. It's all over, Eleven. I'm going to kill you.

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