In the morning, I wake up to the smell of fresh air and the bright light of dawn bursting through the Arena. I sit up and I think of a plan for the day. I decide that I'm going to hunt the girl from Five and save District 12 for last. I eat as much as I can hold because I'll need my strength for hunting and I -won't- be staying in this Arena any longer. Today -will- be my last day in this hell hole. I roll up the sleeping bag and leave it by the rocks, not bothering to take it with me. I grab my backpack and sling it over my left shoulder and I clutch my sword in my right hand. I head towards the forest and I go inside the woods as deep as possible. I've been walking for hours and it's starting to get hot. I realize it was a stupid idea to put on the armor suit, but I wanted to be safe other than sorry and a Career is always prepared. I decide to ignore the heat and walk deeper into the woods. It's almost sunset when the sound of a cannon booms through the Arena. Who could that be? Did Loverboy finally die? Did the girl from Five die? I know Katniss isn't dead, so I assume it might be District 5. I stop walking and I sit on a hollow log, thinking about what I should do next. I wonder if I should go hunting Katniss, but then I know that I can't wear myself out anymore today. I decide to lie down on the log and rest for a while and it soon becomes dark in the Arena. I sit up in the darkness, only slightly illuminated by a full moon. I think about the times I went camping back home in District 2, when a sudden rustle in the bushes behind me causes me to jump to my feet and grab my sword. I hear a low growling and a pack of 5 dogs- no "dogs" wouldn't describe these creatures. They are mutations of the Capitol. They all start to growl together and start to surround me. I notice a particularly small one with dark, black fur and deep green eyes. Those eyes. No animal would have just any eyes like that. Then I see in the moonlight that it wears a stone collar with the number 2 engraved on it. Clove. My whole mind goes numb. This is what they did to her? Those can't be her real eyes, can they? I know I have to find a way to escape the pack of mutts, but Clove, they did this to her. Then one of the mutts lunges itself at me, pulling me from my daze. I slash my sword right through its heart and I turn and run. I run towards the clearing where the Cornucopia stands. I see the lake as I get closer and I see two figures, District 12. Katniss raises her bow, ready to shoot, but her arms fall to her sides as I run right past her and Peeta. I finally reach the clearing and I hoist myself onto the metal Cornucopia. I see Katniss and Peeta start to run once they see the mutts and Katniss is shooting arrows at them. I think of how I'm going to attack District 12, but my blood is pounding in my ears, my lungs ache and my feet burn. I can't think and my head feels fuzzy. I see Katniss and Peeta trying to climb up and a mutt rips at Peeta's leg, pulling off a chunk of flesh. Once I have a chance to attack, I go for Katniss and I try to throw her over the edge of the Cornucopia. Peeta grabs me from behind, but I grab him from the neck and soon enough I have him in a headlock. Katniss raises her bow and gives me a stern look, telling me that she -will- shoot. Then I know what's going to happen next and I don't hesitate when I start to speak. "Go on. Shoot. Then we both go down and you win. Go on! I'm dead anyway. I always was, right? I didn't know that 'till now." Then I try to change my mind and so I put my hands on Peeta's neck so that if Katniss tries something, I'll break his neck. I look into the sky and shout "Is that what they want?" Katniss raises her bow. "Ah, nope. I can still do this." I grip my hands on Peeta's neck tighter. "I can still do this. Just one more kill. It's the only thing I know how to do, to bring pride to my District." I feel Peeta draw something on my hand and then before I know it, Katniss fires her arrow and it lodges into my hand. I cry out in pain and Peeta knees me in the stomach, knocking the wind out of me and causing me to fall off of the Cornucopia. My back hits the ground hard and I see spots all around me. Then I can hear the sound of the mutts ripping off my body armor and then ripping my flesh. I scream out in pain and I just want the misery to end. I think about Clove and how the mutt with her eyes is ripping me to shreds, along with the others. I can see her death start to play in my mind and I think, will I finally be with her? My body is now numb all over and I can't feel anything. I know I'm dying because I'm still being eaten alive. I groan and then I see Katniss and Peeta. "P-please." I croak. Katniss knows what I mean and I brace myself as she loads her bow once more and trains the arrow at my head. I try to think of what death will be like. I think of everything that I've ever done and I say softly, like a whisper, "I'm sorry." I hear the bowstring draw back and everything goes blank. I see a bright light and a small figure dressed in white. I get closer to it and it's Clove. She smiles at me and holds out her hand, leading me into the light. She's leading me to Heaven. I've been forgiven of my inhumanly nature and I can finally be where I belong. I'm going home.