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Location: Corrupted Radient Garden

Riku felt dead. For the very first time, he had to lose someone very important to him. They have lost the war. He looked at what was left of Radient Garden as multiple Heartless and Nobodies roamed around the town. If he did not decide on his own, this tragic event should never happen. He watched Leon and Arieth tended their friends' wounds after the end of Keyblade War. Many people would come to Riku and comfort him, but what good will it do if his heart feels empty? How would Riku handle the lost of a best friend once he returns to Destiny Island? Suddenly, he turns around to see Donald, Goofy, and even King Mickey exiting out of Merlin's home.

Now, it was his turn to say his final farewell.

Taking a deep breath, Riku entered inside of Merlin's home to find his 'sleeping' friend. Flowers with all sorts of color were all around him. Riku found his friend's keyblade even Kairi's good luck charm already placed on his friend's hands.

He looks so peaceful. Riku thought, fighting the tears from flowing.

"I guess this is the last time I see you in this condition … Sora," Riku said. "We had quite an adventure for many years. I am glad you, Kairi, and the rest of our friends found me before we defeated Xemnas. I was happy to see you people smile and supported me through dark times. Still, when I look at you now… "

Riku grabbed his friend's cold hand and held on to it for dear life while his emotions took control of him.

"Why does it have to be you?" Riku said letting countless of tears flow freely. "We could've prevented her from controlling time. But instead, I let my fear and darkness take over and change time myself."

He cried constantly, hoping that Sora could wake up anytime soon, but not even tears could bring him back to life. Not even Phoenix Down could save him. Nothing would change after Riku's terrifying choice. Now, every world they visit, the friends they made, will face the consequences.

"Riku," Kairi said while entering the room. "Mickey had set up another Gummi Ship for us before he and his friends left. We need to go."

He wanted to leave with Kairi. However, his body had refused to leave Sora behind. Placing Sora's hand back to his keyblade, Riku stood up and looked at his fallen friend one more time. Then, he placed a rose beside Sora.

"So long my friend."

I was watching Hetaoni and said to myself, "If Italy and England could change time, then this Kingdom Hearts fanfic will have a time changing event " ^.^

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To clearly explain what happened ...

since this fanfic will involve changing time, this event happened several time loops ahead after the Keyblade War. More of it will be clear in the next future chapters. And No! Sora's not dead ... yet

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