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Summary: The future Harry and Hermione, along with some friends, observe the four readers as they read the books.

This fic is a sort of companion to the characters reading the books series that's being written - I'm on the third book of it right now. This basically gives you a little history about what happened after the seventh book - Epilogue not included - as well as how they came up with the plan, as well as the activation of said plan. At least, that's what this chapter is. The rest of the chapters will correspond with each of the books read. I plan on having it be one chapter for each book read, so updates for this fic will be, once I post the chapters for the first two books, dependant on when I finish posting the others up. After all the book chapters are up, there will be at least one more chapter to this fic before it ends. So, in grand total, there will be nine chapters.

Also, for how they originally met Tristelianna is answered in this chapter. I realized that I have to have two different ways of them meeting, one for the characters reading the books final story, which is going to be what happens after the books are read; and then how they originally met her for them to send the books back to begin with. However, I was only thinking about the former over the latter, at first, until I started this fic. So, how they originally meet Tristelianna is told in this chapter.

The Send Back

July 16th, 2005

"What do you want? I was in the middle of a good dream," Twenty-four year old Harry Potter grumbled, glaring at the woman who'd disturbed him through the screen door of his house.

"And here I thought you'd want to know that it's finally ready, but if you'd rather sleep..." the woman said, trailing off at the end as a look of reluctant excitement crossed Harry's face.

"You mean it's actually ready, and not a fluke this time?" Harry asked. He knew that his words would cause a scowl to appear on the woman's face, but he wanted to make sure. They'd been trying to do this for almost three years, and in those three years, they'd had quite a few flukes.

"I'm sure," the woman said, growling out her words. "So come on and lets go. Andromeda and Hermione are waiting for us."

"Okay," Harry said, turning to head back inside. Then, a thought occurred to him, and he turned back, asking, "What about Teddy?"

"Bring him with. We don't have time to find a baby sitter, and besides, Andromeda want's to se him, anyway," the woman said, turning and heading back to said truck. Harry nodded, though she didn't see it, and closed the door behind him, heading up to his room, and taking a quick shower, getting dressed, making some toast, and then getting Teddy ready to go.

"About time," the woman grumbled as Harry strapped a frowning and still slightly sleeping Teddy – who hadn't been quite ready to get up, rationalizing that it was a Saturday, and therefore a day to sleep in – and then got into the car himself.

"Tristelianna, it's not even sun up yet. Of course I'm going to take a while to get ready, particularly since I was still asleep when you came and banged on the door. We also had to eat," Harry explained.

"Plus, I didn't want to get up," Teddy said, still looking a bit sleepy eyed as he pushed back his blue and black shaggy hair from his eyes.

"What's with the hair?" Tristelianna asked him, taking a quick glance at him while waiting for a stoplight to turn green.

"I couldn't decide on a color, What about you? What's up with your hair?" Teddy shot back. Harry rolled his eyes, knowing that this was a common game between them. Like his mother, Teddy was a metamorphmangus, able to change his appearance at will, though, other than his hair, he was expressly forbidden to chance out of his 'normal' form, at least until he hit twenty-one. Harry and Andromeda had been in complete agreement about that fact, not wanting something bad to happen to him. They had only given in about the hair deal because he couldn't quite control it when the deal was made, and he hadn't wanted to change it once he could control it – in fact, other than school, his hair tended to go for the unusual colors, or even two colors at once, like it was now.

And, just like Teddy, Tristelianna was also a metamorphmangus – the one who mostly taught him his control, which was probably where Teddy got his perchance for the unusual colors. Right now, Tristelianna was sporting a vivid silvery purple color with dark purple ends.

"I felt like being all purple today," she answered, shrugging. The two males looked at her, seeing that it was true, for everything, right down to sandles and toenails, were some shade of purple. Even her normally blue-gray eyes were purple today.

"The only think you need to do is change your skin color, and you'd get your wish," Harry said.

"I didn't think that would go too well with the mundanes," she said as she turned onto the freeway. There was silence for a moment, and Tristelianna fiddled with the radio, find nothing on, and deciding to throw in a mixed CD that she'd new Teddy would like. As the theme song for the original Power Rangers began, Teddy finally looked more awake, excitedly bouncing in his seat as the song played.

Harry groaned.

"Did you have to put this in?" he asked.

"Teddy likes it, and it annoys you, so yes, I did," she answered, giving him an innocent smile. Harry groaned again, falling back into his seat as the two started to sing to the song. He really hoped that she wouldn't have it repeat over and over again, knowing that there was a good chance she just might do that, simply to annoy him.

More often then not, he wondered why he was friends with her. They'd met when he'd decided to get away from England, a move that turned more permanent, after his second try at a relationship with Ginny failed. Of course, it's fall could have been because the sudden feelings he had for her disappeared after a thorough exam Andromeda had given, one that had ended in a potion that would flush out other potions in him. Either way, the end was quite damaging, leaving him wanting to get out of England.

Hermione – with her parents – had gone with them after breaking up with Ron. Apparently, like with Harry, she'd also been potioned up on something, since she'd broken up with Ron rather quickly after her own appointment with Andromeda. That break up wasn't quite as bad as Harry's with Ginny had been, but Ron hadn't quite gotten over it yet.

So, the two of them had gone on a vacation, where they ended up running into a classmate of theirs that they knew by name and sight, though neither of them had ever talked to the girl. Azure Monroe had been a Ravenclaw in there year, but that was all they knew about her, as she didn't really socialize with anyone else. So they were surprised to discover her at the bar they'd gone to, with a friend of hers who she apparently knew for years, and her boyfriend Theodore Nott, who had been a Slytherin in their year.

Harry and Hermione were moderately surprised to discover Theodore and Azure were dating, since Azure was a half-blood, while Theodore was the son of a pure-blood fanatic who'd been a death eater, though Theodore hadn't joined Voldemort at all, and had even helped out during the Battle of Hogwarts.

Azure had been the one to introduce Harry to Tristelianna and, well...he's gotten over Ginny rather quickly with her. They didn't start dating or anything, but had a rather casual, no strings attached, friends with benefits deal, which only helped him, mostly in exploring in the bedroom.

They didn't agree on many things, though they both had a grudging respect for each other. One of the things that had made Harry mad at first was of her dislike of his old headmaster, something that only increased with Harry's zealous defense of him. It took a while for Harry to actually listen to what she was saying, even longer for him to realize just how right she was about him; and it wasn't just him, either.

Hermione had also had trouble, until faced with quite a few facts that she could dispute, one of them being psychology book written by an expert of the field, as well as learning that there had been no reason for Harry to have died in the final battle, something that, had Dumbledore looked deeper into, of even wished otherwise, would have known.

Of course, Harry knew that their friendship was because of the fact that, when they weren't annoying each other – though that was what they mostly did – they were really good friends...outside of the bedroom, not just within it. She'd gotten along well with his other friends, as well as with his remaining family – for, though it had gone over his head when Sirius had mentioned it, he was related to the Blacks, something of a cousin to Sirius, Andromeda, and, much to his surprise, Hermione, whose grandfather was a Black. In fact, if he thought about it, he was more closely related to Hermione than he was to Andromeda and Sirius, mostly based on the fact that Hermione's grandfather was Harry's grandmother's older brother.

Harry was startled out of his thoughts by the music shutting off. Looking around, he realized that they were close to the building where they housed the project. The project being a way to successfully send back information to the past so that different decisions could be made, ones that would, hopefully, save lives.

It was this project that they'd been working on for years, this project that had started when Hermione had read about Tristelianna in some book after the move, and learned that Tristelianna was quite well known for her work on the matter of Time and whether or not it was possible to completely destroy your own time through the actions done when one would go back into time. At least, that was just one of the things she was known to have studied.

Learning about that, Hermione had grilled Tristelianna for some answers to questions that Harry hadn't been privy to hear. Harry hadn't known it at the time, but within weeks of that talk, Hermione had begun to come up with a plan to help change the outcome of what had happened in the war. She, of course, mostly kept it to herself for a while there, only talking about it with Tristelianna in order to fine tune some things.

It was only when Hermione figured that it would be possible that she opened up and let it be known what she was thinking. Harry had been slightly astounded to learn that she wanted to figure out a way to successfully send information back into the past. Tristelianna had mention that it could be possible, though they themselves wouldn't actually know since 'this time line already exists, so sending information back into the past would do nothing more than create a new one, parallel to this line. We wouldn't really benefit from it, but that doesn't mean that those who would get this information wouldn't benefit either.'

Hermione and Tristelianna had then gone on into a tirade of a plan that Hermione had come up with, where they would send something holding information to the past, where a new time line would be created thanks to said information. It had sounded like an extremely easy plan, in Harry's mind, and he had expected it to be just like that, taking only a few days at most.

He had been severely wrong about that.

It had taken them a few months to figure out the way that the information was going to be going to the past. Hermione had originally wanted to go herself, something that Tristelianna had immediately vetoed, saying that, just because it wasn't dangerous to inform people of the past of things that were needed to be changed, it was dangerous to send a person back to the past, partially because said person would be stuck, and partially because said person would most likely want things to go a certain way, and try to control the situation. And that was without the addition of the fact that a person wouldn't survive the journey to the point of the past that they wanted to go to. A person could safely travel as far back as a month, but beyond that, it was too dangerous. And, no, you couldn't go back and do it in a month by month until you got to where you were. It was a month regardless, no more.

They had a few more suggestions, all of them being problematic in one way, or another, until Trista figured that it would probably be best to send the information back in a book form, since there was less chance of it being lost or damaged, and would give the people the information they needed.

And that was just one of the problems. Another one was figuring out where to send this information to – it was decided to do so before Harry started school – as well as trying to figure out a way to make sure that said information was read. This had been the biggest problem. Sending the information back to before Harry started school had been easy to do – they had already done it, after all. However, what they wanted most of all was a way of knowing that the information was read, and that changes were being made.

Tristelianna had eventually decided to do some kind of new magic, one that would unconsciously 'call' certain people together so that they could read the information together in a secure area where time would also stand still a bit to allow them to read all the books – they'd ended up with seven, one for each of Harry's years at Hogwarts, along with a final one that was of the Horcrux hunt that happened in what should have been his seventh year.

It was two years before they had the idea of where these people would go, while also figuring out all of who would be involved in the reading. During those two years, the group working on the project grew. First to join was Azure and Theodore – whom they had become good friends with – quickly followed by Neville and Luna, both of whom had also moved to America, along with Neville's wife, Hannah. Finally, Andromeda, who had moved as well in an effort to be close to Harry, Hermione – just two of the only family, other than Teddy, she really had left – and Azure – who, they eventually learned, was Regulus Black's daughter – had joined.

In fact, the only people who knew about the project, but didn't have a thing to do about it were Hannah and Teddy. And they only knew about it because of the fact that they lived with two people who were in on said project.

The group they decided would be reading was going to be rather small, though not because of personal preference. Originally, they had wanted all the members working on the project to be able to read. That idea was scrapped when Neville, Theodore, Azure, Tristelianna, and Andromeda had said that they wouldn't be able to do it, for various reasons. So, it became decided that Harry, Hermione, and Luna would be the ones to do the reading. Then, Luna dropped a bombshell on them: she'd be able to do it, but they would have to allow one other person with her, for the time they decided this would be happening meant that Luna's god-brother would be with her.

Harry had to admit that he was surprised to learn that Cedric Diggory was her god-brother, mostly because of the fact that there had never been any indication that they'd known each other before Cedric had died. The fact that the information hadn't been told to him before also hurt him a bit, since he and Luna had started dating a few months ago, but he knew that he couldn't expect her to tell him everything straight away, especially when Luna began to explain.

She admitted that her father had been slightly comatose after her mother had died, so much so that her godmother, Abigail Diggory, was usually over every day after it had happened, and, once Cedric's second year of school had ended, he'd been with her. It was only after her father had 'woken up' – which happened about halfway through that summer – that she had stopped seeing Cedric so much. And, during school, she hadn't wanted to bother him a whole lot, though it had the unintended side effect of causing them to drift apart. She didn't even seen him during the summers much, any more, and then, before anything could be done to fix that problem, he'd been killed.

So, knowing this, they'd added Cedric's name to the list, though Harry was slightly afraid to know what his reaction would be when they got to the fourth book, when they'd read about his death.

Unfortunately, again, even knowing this, it took them quite a while to get everything right. Those 'flukes' he's been thinking of when he heard that the problem was ready. Which was also why he was still slightly skeptical of this actually going to work this time around. He, Neville, Theodore, and Azure – though the last one was mostly because of her own choice – had been 'kicked out' of the lab – which was actually more of a three floor mansion with partially above ground basement – so that the other four girls could work on it without the 'interference' of the guys. That had happened two weeks ago, and he only really saw Andromeda during those two weeks, as she always came home to spend some time with Teddy, though Andromeda hadn't come home last night.

"Are you listening?" Those words penetrated his mind, and Harry realized that Tristelianna had been talking to him. He looked at her sheepishly, though she didn't really see it as she kept her eyes on the road.

"Sorry," he said. From the backseat, he could hear Teddy tsk.

"I was explaining that we finally figured out what was wrong," Tristelianna said. "We had everything right about sending things back and all, but we ended up forgetting about one rather major equation."

"Which was..." Harry said.

"Ourselves," Tristelianna said.

"Huh?" Harry said. "What does ourselves have to do with it?"

"That question right there explains why, one, you guys were kicked out for a while, and two, why it took us much longer than it should have to get this project ready to go," Tristelianna said.

"Your not going to explain it now, are you?" Harry asked.

"Nope, not right now," she answered. "Your not the only one who needs to know, and I'd rather just have to go through it once."

"Then why did you bring it up?" he asked.

"Because she could tell that you were doubting that it would work this time," Teddy answered from the back.

"Yeah, what he said," she said. Harry sighed as they pulled up to the mansion. He could see two other cars there.

"I take it that we're waiting for Neville and Hannah to get here," Harry said. Tristelianna nodded.

"Azure went to get them," she said, shutting the engine off and hopping out. Harry and Teddy did the same. Heading towards the door, it opened before they arrived, and Andromeda stepped out. Though it had taken him a while to not tense every time he saw her, Harry was always glad to see her. After the Battle of Hogwarts, when they'd buried Remus and Tonks, he'd invited her to live with him for a while at Grimmauld, along with Teddy. Harry – much to Hermione's unhappiness at the time – employed a house elf after learning of Kreature's death during the Battle of Hogwarts, something he only learned after Kreature had failed to come to him after being called.

Tibby, his new elf, had managed to remove the picture of Walburga Black, making the house more livable with just that action. Andromeda, still saddened by the deaths of her husband and daughter, had agreed to come live with him. During the year she stayed with him, when he wasn't with Ginny, Harry learned about his father's side of the family, including of his relationship with her, and Hermione. He'd become close to her, regarding her as the Aunt that Petunia should have been.

"About time you got here," Andromeda said.

"Teddy didn't really want to get up," Harry said, while Tibby skipped out the door after Andromeda. While Tibby was an English elf – and, therefore, originally programmed to think like the English elves did, in that everything the masters did was right – she had, strangely enough, taken Tristelianna's elf Karitha as a roll model, quickly adjusting her attitude and way of acting to the way Karitha was like. Harry had thought this was a bit weird at first, but then he realized why Tibby looked up to Karitha; any elf who could get Hermione off of her S.P.E.W. kick was well worth looking up to. Even Harry looked up to the little elf for managing to do something no other person or elf had been able to do.

"Master, Little Master," Tibby said happily in her high voice. "Miss Trist."

Tristelianna smiled at the little elf, not minding the shortening of her name, as she was used to it.

The group headed inside, and down to the basement – or, rather, Harry and Tristelianna headed down to the basement, as Andromeda took Teddy with her to his 'room' in the manor, Tibby going with them on Harry's instructions. As they entered the basement, they ran into Karitha.

"Mistress, Mistress's old boy toy," Karitha said, bobbing her head once and then moving past the pair, having things to do. As always, Tristelianna giggled while Harry sighed at the greeting. Since Karitha had known him, she never called him by his name or Mr. Potter. Instead he was known as the Mistress's boy toy, or, after they stopped, the old boy toy. A part of him knew that it shouldn't surprise him that the elf would have a personality like that; after all, this was the elf who felt it was okay to pretty much kick Hermione until she got her to actually listen to what she was trying to tell her. No one could say that Karitha was just any old elf.

"Hello, Harry," Luna said dreamily as she walked up to him, giving him a light kiss on the lips.

"Harry," Hermione said, from the other end of the room, standing at a table looking at the papers on it.

"Hermione," he said, walking over there with Tristelianna, and taking a seat next to her, with Luna on his other side. Tristelianna took a seat as well, just as Andromeda came down with Theodore, Azure, Neville, and Hannah following minutes later. Hannah looked around at the lab, having never been down there before. It was a surprising mix – a potions lab on one side, a Muggle – or mundane, as the American witches and wizards called them – chemistry lab, a dining area where they were all sitting right now, and, probably the most curious object in the room of all, a large stone well-like bowl with quite a few chairs set around it. Hannah, if asked, would admit that she was surprised that she was invited to sit in this meeting, particularly after since she had originally decided not to be a part of this project.

"Come on, come on," Hermione said, gesturing for them to take a seat. Once everyone was seated, though she was still standing, she finally started to talk.

"Okay, as we said when we went and got you all, we've finally figured out how what our problem was in getting this project to work," Hermione said, jumping right into what needed to be said. "Now, everyone here other than Hannah knows what we were trying to do, so, if you'll just let me explain it to her for a moment, I'll get back on track."

With that, Hermione told Hannah what was going on – the project was secreted enough that simply being married to a member of it did not mean that she got all the details beforehand, which also meant that this was the first time for her to actually hear what was going on. She was slightly amazed to learn of what they were attempting to do, even more so when she realized that they had successful conclusions already.

"Alright. Now, as our last test before we kicked out the males showed, we were having trouble getting the time to stand still outside of our chosen...area and still allow ourselves to watch what was going on, correct?" Tristelianna said. There were various nods from those on the project. "Well, once it was just us girls brainstorming and trying to figure out what was wrong, we finally realized what our problem was, which, in truth, is why everyone is here. Tristelianna."

Hermione sat down, while Tristelianna stood up.

"As Hermione said, we finally figured out the problem," she said. "While we had everything correct for the past, including the fact that we had gotten time to successfully to stop, we forgot about ourselves. We can't watch and council with those reading the information we're sending if we ourselves are not in the same way that they are – meaning, of course, that we need to be in the same condition that they are in, mainly, we need to be frozen in time as well.

"Something that I forgot about was the fact that, by sending this information back to the past and thus creating a new time line, it will become parallel to this line, and the conditions need to be relatively the same in order to be able to know what's going on. Freezing one line was...disrupted to the process of watching, so, within the last week, we've been creating the same circumstances that we created for the past, and tested it out. Last night, we tested it, and not once was our...signal interrupted, as it usually became the last few times we did this."

"Which, of course, has brought home a new problem," Andromeda said.

"Exactly," Hermione said.

"See, all of us who were a part of the project planned on observing what was going on when we could, with Harry, Hermione, and me being the ones to do the most observing – in fact, my part in this would be even bigger in that I would be the only one to have any interaction with the people reading the books," Tristelianna said.

"However, with this new problem, that's not possible anymore," Hermione said. "At least, not the first part of being about to observe when we could. Because of what we have to do, if a person wants to observe, they have to be here the entire time this is happening. Basically, just like the readers, we'd basically be trapped."

"Which is why everyone's here," Andromeda said. "To basically give everyone a choice on whether or not they want to be trapped here with us or not. Now, for those who chose not to be, you'll simply believe that this 'meeting' took place five minutes before everyone else would leave. However, for those of us who stay, we'd be trapped here for however long it takes for those reading the books to do so, whether it takes days, weeks, or even a full month, though I doubt it'll take that long."

"However, we really need you all to decide, because we plan on having this ready to be put into motion by noon today," Hermione said.

"And we need to make sure that we have plenty of food, clothes, entertainment, things like that," Tristelianna said. "So, knowing this, who wants to stay?"

Everyone in the room raised their hands.

"So, that's ten people," Hermione said, automatically counting Teddy in with the group, knowing that neither Harry nor Andromeda would want him somewhere else, since, though Teddy would only believe it to be around five minutes, Harry and Andromeda would end up not seeing him for who knows how long. "Now, we plan on having elves here with us as well. How many of you, other than Tristelianna and Harry, will be bringing your elves?"

Neville and Theodore were the only ones who raised their hands.

"How many do you two plan on bringing?" Hermione asked.

"I plan on having Jori and Jobi," Neville said.

"And I thought to Lore and Myth with me," Theodore said.

So, all together, we need things for at least twenty-two beings," Hermione said.

"Well, I already planned on having Karitha and Narisa go to the store for food," Tristelianna said. "I guess I'll just have them get more than they are originally going to. If your allergic to anything, or want something specific, make a list to give to one of them. Meanwhile, Neville, you can have Jori and Jobi get your and Hannah's things ready, while Theodore can have Lore and Myth do the same for him and Azure. Harry, you need to have Tibby go to your house and get your, Teddy's, and Andromeda's things. I'll have Mari go with her as well.

"Meanwhile, while they're doing that, Aine, Derotha, and Jera can go hit the bookstores and electronics stores, to stock up on books, movies, TV shows, music, stores that would hold things of entertainment. We won't be able to actually watch regular TV or go onto the internet, but we can do other things. Plus, there will be some allowances to go outside."

"But I thought..." Hannah began to say, sound uncertain.

"We've made it so that the surrounding area, all the way to the gate, is in the warding, as it's roughly the same size as the area that the readers will be in, which makes it ideal. It's better to have the areas roughly the same size. Of course, I wouldn't suggest going outside a lot, since, like it will be for the readers, the outside won't be all that pleasant," Tristelianna said.

"How so?" Neville asked.

"We will be having a full on rainstorm," Hermione said. "Originally, it would be complete with thunder and lightning, but we figured that would be a bit too much, and some of us would probably feel the need to get out of the house if we were never allowed to do so.

"All right, so we know what we need to do, so if everyone could head upstairs, and pick out a room, and get the elves ready to do their jobs, we should be ready," Tristelianna said. "I suggest, if you want to make sure you've soaked up enough sun for a while, you do so now, because the activation will be starting once the elves are finished."

True to Tristelianna's word, the elves, who had been going back and forth between where ever they'd been sent to, bringing everything they were told to, were finally back, and the gates were shut and locked, Tristelianna let everyone know that it was about time for them to come in, and that the process was about to start.

While everyone came in, only Tristelianna went downstairs, to being the activation. There were no fancy lights or anything that would suggest that she was doing something. In fact, all she did was pick up her wand, point it at stone well, and mutter a long incantation.

"Chan anrhega at heibio i, anfon a fferra, alw a aeddfeda, chrea a 'n grai Amsera Anrhegwn hon gwybodaeth atat," she said. A bluish purple light left her wand, striking the well, and she nodded to herself as she looked inside it, and noticed that the silvery blue swirling liquid changed to a darker color, before disappearing.

"It's done," she muttered to herself, noticing that the new image in the well was split into three parts, each showing a different scene: Harry was running away from a group of boys, Hermione was walking out of the library with her nose in a book, and Luna and her god-brother were walking through the woods near her house, exploring. She waited until she saw the Harry and Hermione run into each other while Luna and Cedric headed in their direction before heading up the stairs to let the others know that it had worked.

Okay, there you go. Hope you enjoyed it. As you can see, the way Harry and Tristelianna met couldn't be used as the way they will meet in the other series, since they pretty much entertained each other in the bedroom, and, as I've said that Harry and Luna will get together in the fic after they read the book, I couldn't have this meeting be the same. Also, as you can tell, Harry and Luna have begun to date in this fic, and Neville and Hannah are married.

I hope you also liked Tristelianna's elf Karitha, and her rather unconventional way of acting. I wanted an elf with attitude that would fit with Tristelianna. And yes, all of her elves are like that, Karitha is just the only one with the most interaction with people. And,sadly, as much as I like Hermione, I kind of do see her needing to be kick working better than anything about getting her to actually listen. I mean, think about it, in the fourth book, it shows that, even after the elves say otherwise, she doesn't bother listening to what they want. So, there was something unconventional needed to get her to listen. Also, if the elf has enough attitude to do that, I can see her having enough attitude to be unconventional in other ways as well. Hope you got a laugh out of not only what she did to get Hermione to listen to her, but also on what she refers to Harry as.

The language that Tristelianna is speaking is Welsh, if your wondering. I wanted Gaelic, but couldn't find a translator. I will admit, it's kind of stupid sounding in English, but I wanted the incantation she used shown, so I just came up with something that had to do with Time, freezing, and information, and that's the first thing that popped off the top of my head.

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