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"Remember sweetheart, your brother is due back from the hospital today. Pick up something for him if you can! I stuck $20 in your purse for that and for you to get me gas later. Love you! –Mom"

Sent at 9:25 A.M


Thanks mom. I was gonna come home and collapse. And really? Give me money to buy YOU gas? Yeah, like I'll be able to buy brother dearest some nice flowers to greet him with.

Sorry! I'm complaining and I haven't even introduced myself. Or why I'm in such a bad mood. Hi. I'm Cat. Well, my full name is Caterina Valentine, but I don't go by Caterina. I do go by Cat. Only my Grandma goes by Cat.

The reason I'm in such a bad mood is…well, there's two reasons. First, I have had a bad day at school. Sikowitz didn't like my baby lamb impression today and made me sit in the corner and be quiet after I tried to fix it. And the other thing is, I don't like my mom.

I know…I'm supposed to get along with my parents. I do get along…with my dad. Daddy's always asked me how I was, and hugged me, and actually worried about me. Mom, she comes and goes. And I don't mean that like she leaves the house mysteriously. That's my brother. He sometimes leaves without telling anyone for like three days and then finally texts me or mom. It's very scary.

Sorry, I got off topic. My mom. Mom has her moments that she cares about me, but then there are times she doesn't cook dinner or goes drinking with friends and comes back drunk and tries to hit me, and basically doesn't care about me.

Daddy said that I'll understand one day, and that I take after her in a lot of ways. Like my personality. My mom's kinda mellowed out, but I have never just stopped caring about somebody. In fact, I can't NOT care about people! I love people! It hurts so much when people act like they don't know you or treat you like a child. And I always get my responsibilities done. My mom's a mess. Maybe I'm biased since we don't get along, but that's the truth. When we argue, usually I hang with Tori and have a sleepover.

Speaking of Tori, I wonder how she and Beck are doing. She texted me the other day, saying that they almost kissed, but didn't. Which is confusing because she said she didn't kiss him because of Jade. Her and Jade don't get along at all. Jade hates Tori, and for no reason other that Tori and Beck stage kissed on Tori's first day here at Hollywood Arts.

Jade really shouldn't care, since she and Beck broke up. Well…maybe I shouldn't say she shouldn't care. I know why she does. I'm kind of a sounding board for Tori and for Jade. I know Jade actually likes some girlish stuff, and that her favorite nickname from Beck was Jadelynn, and that he murmured it after they had sex a lot. And Tori does like Beck. She likes him a lot. She's told me about dreams she's had…and I shouldn't talk about those. They're inappropriate.


Well, I'm here at the flower shop now. I'm just going to buy the best flowers I can for $20. Screw my mom and her gas. She can get off her lazy butt and get it herself. Or let me drive down and get it. I'm just not going to appease her.


OOH! Look at the beautiful daisies! They are perfect! But…brother doesn't like girly flowers. Except for lilies.

Guess I'll take those.

Phoo. They don't look as nice as the daisies do.

"Is this it?" The lady at the register asked.

"Yep." I smiled back, feeling very fake. The last thing I want to do right now is smile.

"Ok, that'll be $13.66."

I handed her the twenty and she changed it back.

"Have a good day!" She smiled.

"Thank you! You too!" I smiled back.

It isn't that much farther home. I usually don't walk, but I have been wanting to listen to my pearPod and mom sent me that text…and I just started walking after school. All my other friends have cars. They waved at me as they emerged out of the horror story that is Hollywood Arts' parking lot. The street next to it is really busy, and it takes forever to pull out. Jade and I timed it once. It took us 47 minutes to get from class after the bell, to Jade's car, to start driving home. 47 minutes!

Yay! I can see my house!

I'm so ready to be home. I just wanna put these flowers in the vase, and take a nap. I'm so tired. I barely slept at all last night. I haven't been able to sleep much because of…


I know…the guy with the hair, and the puppet…and the awkward conversations sometimes.

But still, despite all that, I love him. He's amazing. Incredible. He still manages to be happy despite all the people that tease him. I can't handle being teased. That's why I try to be nice and happy with everyone. I just can't take it.

Sorry. Back to Robbie. He's—


Oh great.

"Yeah mom?" I holler back, walking upstairs to my room.

"Did you get the flowers for your brother?"

"Yes mom! I did. They look great. Let me put my backpack down and I'll—"

"NO! Bring them down NOW! I wanna see them! You hear me Caterina Valentine?"

Shut up mom. Seriously. You're annoying me.

"Coming mom!" I turn on a dime, one step away from my room and walk all the way back down stairs, where the second my mom sees the flowers, she steps forward and yanks them out of my hands.

"Do you like them?" I asked, nervous. She usually doesn't like my flower choices. Which makes it weird that she had me go buy them today.

"Why the lilies? Daisies are in season. I saw some the other day that looked great at the grocery store."

"But brother doesn't like any flowers other that lilies." I explained.

Figures. Stupid mom. Makes it seem like I can't do anything right.

"I'll go get some daisies later."

"Fine. When's daddy coming home today mom?" I asked.

"Your father isn't coming home."


"What do you mean? He has to. He lives here!"

"He left this morning. Moved. I don't know where to." She said, emotionless while turning back to the celery she was chopping.

"Is he coming back?" I almost shriek.


"I doubt it."

On that note, I run away. Right past my forgotten lilies and past my brother, who was wearing what looked like a women's race horse hat and straight to my room.

I cry for what feels like forever.

What are we going to do? My dad was the reason we have most of what we have! Mom has never been able to keep a job for longer than six months, and doesn't seem to care. He was the only reason I don't hate this place! My brother's…himself and my mom's crazy and hates me!

The only reason I don't cry myself to sleep is the knock on my door.

"Come in!" I croak out.

It's my brother. "Hey Cat."

"Hey brother. You feeling ok?"

"Yeah. Mom said Dad would send us money to get by on. It'll be ok."

"Are you sure?" I ask, feeling more tears coming on.

"No. I've got to go try to put a car in a microwave." He smiled, racing out of the room.

What are we going to do?