1.) The unexpected visitor

Bella pov:

My name is Isabella Jackson. I am the daughter of Poseidon, god of the sea, and twin sister to Percy Jackson. Everyone in the town of Forks knows me as Bella Swan, the daughter of the police cheif, Charlie.

I was walking through the halls of the high school with my boyfriend, Edward Cullen. We were headed to our next class when Alice, Edward's evil pixie sister, came up to me. " Can I talk to you for a mineut, Bella? It is really important." She asked, Jasper at her side.

I nodded and she pushed Jasper next to Edward and motioned for them to stay put. Then she started to walk to the parking lot. I could tell this was bad because she didn't even look at me and she was actualy quiet for once in her hundered pluse years.

" Bella, I had a vision." She said.

" Don't you have those all the time?" I asked with sarcasm.

" Yes, but this one was about you. It was a bad vision."

" Tell me about it."

" We are in the living room of our house and then a boy walks in. He is very fuzzy. Anyway, you tell use to get some salt water. We do and when we come back you and the boy are gone. Their will be a note in the place of the boy. I didn't get a good look at it though."

" Can you discide this boy to me, please?" i asked, getting a little worried.

" Really black hair that is about as long as Emmett's, madye a little longer. His eyes are sea green." She dicrides him to me.

I go still and she waves her hand infrount of my face. Then Edwrad comes running out of the school at top human speed. He came over to me and shook me. is face was full of worry. He turned to Alice. " What did yo do to her!" He yelled.

Over the sound of his yelling , witch was really something, I heard a high pitched squeeling. It was the same type of squeekling that you hear when my Uncle Zeus, brother to my dad, was about to shoot a lightning bolt at your head. I dropped down and curled up into a ball, the way my father had taught me. Once i dropped, Edward stopped yelling at Alice in suprise.

A huge lightning bolt shot out of the sky and hit a passing student. The student was my friend, Mike. Edward and Alice ran to him and I just stood there. Look closer, Bella. A voice inside my head. I got up and started to walk to were Mike lay. Looking at him, I saw that he started to get big, black wings and a bald head. I grabed Edward and Alice by the collar and braged them back at least ten feet.

They looked at me in shock. I knew what the thing was in front of use was a Fury. "You can't hide from us forever, daughter of te sea. The lord kronos will find you soon enough." It said in a high screeching voice.

" Yaeh, that will happen when you catch me and my father doesn't kill you when you touch me, Fury. I am going to you-know-where soon and once their, you won't be able to catch me." I shot back at it.

" Then I will kill your friends. " It told me, just to get me to surrender.

" I am takeing them with me. They are one of my kind. If you touch them, I swaer to my father, I will rip you to peices." I told it wth a very dangerous look.

Alice was tugging at my arm, trying to pull me back. I had almost forgot that they were there. Edward was tyring to get me to calm down by rapping his arms around me. The Fury turned and started to fly away. I looked at the sky and a bolt of lightning shot at the Fury and turned it into golden dust, that is the way monsters die.

" Thank you!" I yelled at the sky, and at my uncle.

Edward took my hand and noticed that I had a choker on. It was sea green with a single bue string in the middle and a charm hanging off of it. A triton, the symbol of Poseidon. He reached up to touch it. I noticed and stepped back. He looked at me in suprise. I shook my head and looked at my feet. Looking through my lashes, I could see that Alice and Edwrad both went stiff.

then i felt a hand on my sholder and I turned around. Their, in front of me, stood a man with midnight black hair, sea green eyes, and was dressed in fip-flops, shorts, as well as a hawaiian shirt. " Hi, dad." I said in a small voice.