Me: Now Cathy's turn to shine...the dishes!XD now you guys are wondering 'why Cathy, Wolfgirl? She's not really much of a deal...she does nothing!', but Cathy actually does more then clean the police department. She has been there for Storm and she does save the day once a while. I actually consider her as one of the main female characters of this universe (next to Crystal and yes, Topaz, though she appeared like once. She will play later on cause...well, can't say) and that goes the same for Crystal. Crystal is a main (sidekick) and in the first part of the final story, she is very important...more then we expected. Now, I own OCs and let's get this story started!

Cathy's story ch.1: Ladies first!

It was another boring and casual day at the Hearth City Police Department. Well, more of another night, the sun hadn't risen in a while. A female monkey with sunglow fur and long blond hair tied to a ponytail, in a blue maid dress, was in the fourth floor.

" This is the last time we are ordering chicken..." Cathy grumbled, using her broom to clean up the half eaten drumsticks and crumbs for Lousia had the greatest thought for everyone (mostly herself) to order food. It was Chuck's worst decision to agree, everyone went crazy when the delivery guy arrived and went on a rampage. Usually, it was Storm's job to scare the man, when they order food (which wasn't Lousia's idea, it was his idea to get chicken) but it seemed due to the 'nights' they been having, they sorta snapped.

In speaking of Storm starting this chicken frenzy, he has been getting Chuck to agree on doing stupid stuff like this lately and that was not a good sign. The worst so far were the my little ponies tea party blast and Dark ate half of all the files in the cabinet (including the chocolate stapler), Storm comes by with a sombrero with Crystal, who looked tired.

" Storm, can you stop with this nonsense? This department is becoming a mess and I'm working my butt to keep it clean before you ordered the chicken!" Cathy growled as Storm shrugged, taking the hat off.

" Sorry, but there is nothing to do and I don't want to watch the moon waning itself in a slow pace! What else could I do then teach Crystal about ranting..."

Crystal:T_T Worst lesson ever...

" Or watch Dark making poems, which he still is!"

Dark:*in Storm's mind* Okay...let's try it again!

Roses are Red

Violets are Blue



Dark: T3T Maybe I should add a couple of more...or wouldn't this be more a of a letter to Kendall?

Cathy simply face palm herself on the short stupidity of her husband's mind, simply wants to rewind and see if he was dropped in the head a couple of times.

" Okay, first of all, that is not how you write a poem..." she whispered as Dark appears in a ghost like appreanace, the angel glared at her.

" And how would you understand? I write it the way I want it to be..."

Cathy: T_T You are cussing at the reader if you give it to someone!

Dark: But that's how I feel towards everyone! DAMN THEM ALL~!

Cathy: Shouldn't you put it all that in a simple way for everyone to get your message of hate?

Dark paused, takes a thought and writes on a new sheet of paper before giving it to Cathy.

Roses are Black

Violets are Brown

I hate you to the core

Get a life and go to H***

Dark: Like that?

" Perfect!" Cathy said as Dark puts it in an envolope." I can finally prove that nerd that I am good with poetry!" he growled, disappearing off to somewhere and Cathy rolled her eyes before glaring at Storm.

" Secondly, you could always help with me on cleaning the mess that you made?" she asked as Storm stood dumbfounded for a moment and shook his head." I'm not a maid, I don't do cleaning! You should have asked Dark for that..." he said and walks off, randomly stepping on a bar of soap. Storm was screaming, slipping fowards before falling in the stairs, Cathy and Crystal looked at each other before at the stairs, hearing Storm falling down the steps in pain.

Crystal: How long will he reach the bottom?

Cathy: Probably a couple of hours...

Chuck was pacing back and forth, in his own thoughts and sees the door burst open, Storm finally fell flat on his face from the stair fall.

" Oh good! Storm, I want you to take a mission since I have a hunch that something is going wrong around here with these endless nights..." he explained as the black monkey got up, only to hop on one leg and held it in pain.

Storm:TT_TT Owie! I broke my right leg!

Chuck: That's your left...

Storm:O_O...still, it hurts!

" You really come in the wrong times...and Lousia along with every officer has been put into time-out..." he muttered, Cathy comes down and rolled her eyes." I'm surprised you only broke a leg in that long fall down the stairs..." the sunglow monkey muttered as Chuck took a thought.

" Wait...I know! Cathy, you should do Storm's mission!" Chuck said as the maid stared wide eye in disbelif. " WHAT!?" Cathy shouted as the man yanked his tie a bit, nervous." Well, sorry, but Storm broke his leg and everyone is put into time-out due to that chicken frenzy that 'someone' tricked me into agreeing..." he grumbled, the two glared at Storm, who smiled nervously.

" So that pretty much leaves to you, Cathy. Look, you're just gonna find out who is responsible for this endless night and stuff. I don't know, shouldn't be too hard and I'll have Crystal help you out on this..." he said as Crystal comes by, looking neutral on this idea and Cathy sighed in exhaustion.

" Fine, but this place better be clean before I come back or I will be kill you! Crystal, let's go..." she said, both walk out and Chuck looks at Storm, who grinned.

Storm: You heard her, clean the place up cause I can't with a broken leg!


Cathy stood with Crystal in the streets of Hearth City, holding a clip board." Okay, I don't know how Storm does this, but these are pretty much a list of suspects... strangely, I'm one of them..." Cathy said as Crystal looks over her shoulder to see, she shrugged.

" You could cross yourself out, who should we start off on the list?"

" Um...Cloud (obviously) and Razor, along with Akeno. Well, that shouldn't be too bad to start off, going to Abner Hills..." she paused to see how far it was from the department," a five thousand mile run..." she muttered. Cathy blinked, seeing that Crystal already went off and she simply groaned.


Storm: That was a very good poem, makes pretty much sense coming from Dark...

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