"So your saying our acting teacher..is my real dad?" Jade asked incredulously.
Her mother simply nods her head yes.
"How do you know that? Jade follow ups.

"I've known since you were born, I got you DNA tested." Willow responded.
"Wait..is that why you never come to my school?" Jade asked.
"I wasn't ready to tell you so I couldn't go to your school where I knew he'd be" she said.

There stood Jade with a look of complete astonishment across her face, today has been one hell of a day. First she finds out that her father has died, then that he wasn't even her real dad to begin with, and then she learns that her screwball acting teacher is in fact her true father, so to say at the very least she's feeling incredibly overwhelmed. Out of nowhere, Jade hears a sloppily stifled laugh from the corner of the room..it was Andre. She turns her body towards him.

"And just what are you laughing at?" Jade asked Andre giving him a confused look.
"Sorry..it's just the thought of Sikowitz being your dad." Andre said as he laughs more.
Jade joins him in laughter "Your not wrong..". Willow's surprised Jade's laughing.

"Jade..are you okay?" Jade's mother asks. Jade stops laughing to speak to her mom.
"Uhm..it was a lot to take in but yeah i'll be fine, I do have some questions."
"I think i'll get back to school, see you later?" Andre said getting up from his chair sensing it was time for him to take his leave.

"Yeah I'll see you later, thanks for bringing me." Jade replied to her best friend.
Andre then walks over to Jade, enveloping her in a hug and gives her a swift peck to the cheek. He leaves and Jade and Willow talk for the rest of the day.

2 Months later...
Today was one of those rare rainy days in L.A. and Jade and Sikowitz were sitting in the cafe of 'Nutz 4 CoConutz' a you guessed it coconut specialty store.

"So..how prey tell on earth did you find a specialty coconut store?" Jade asked.

"Interesting story that is...I don't remember." replied Jade's new dad.
"My dad ladies and gentlemen." Jade says sarcastically and claps her hands.

Sikowitz smiles at this "You know I've always suspected if I ever had a daughter she'd be like you.." He says to his daughter.
"Oh, really now?" Jade counters.
"Or so I hoped if I ever had one she'd be as strong and talented as you are." said Daddy Sikowitz.

"If that's how you feel then why do you shower Vega with all the leading roles?" Jade asked calmly, genuinely curious about why he seemed to favor Tori over her.
"Honestly, it's because she needs all the practice she can get..this doesn't leave Nuts 4 CoConuts but frankly she's my least talented student..as an actress that is." Sikowitz said as he confided in Jade.
"But with you it's different, I don't have to worry about you. See when it comes to you my cynical yet lovely daughter, I have no doubts in your acting abilities." says a now beaming Sikowitz.

Jade sits there, a bright shade of red has flushed over her face, me thinks Jade West is blushing over her father's sweet words.
"Do my eyes fail me or is Jade West blushing?" Sikowitz says teasingly.
"Shut up!..but yes, my old dad[she uses air quotes] never complimented me like that." Jade informs her new dad.

Sikowitz just looks at her as he doesn't know what to say to this, as it's still a slightly awkward situation.

"Yeah..anyway, I kinda wanted to talk to you about something." said Jade breaking the silence that had just preoccupied the air.
"What is it, Jade?" Sikowitz inquired.
"It's about Tori.." Jade trailed off.

"Lemme guess, you wanna know what you should do about your lady crush on her?" Sikowitz said in a knowing tone while Jade looks surprised and irritated.
"How do you know that?" Jade yells kind of frustated that he just knew.

"Something about the way you two interact with each other kind of clued me in."
"So you think she likes me too? even so I've been such a gank to her for so long I feel like a weirdo just randomly being all 'Hey, even though I've been on your dick for years I totally like you'." Jade replied feeling unsure of herself.

Sikowitz lets out a huge laugh at this.
"What's funny about that?" Jade asked her dad in a please-enlighten-me tone.
"Ahh..nothing I was just remembering something I-" Jade cut him off.

"SO?" Jade shouts getting impatient with her coconut obsessed father.
"Well Jade..I really don't know what else to tell you but to just talk to her..may I be as bold as to ask why Tori?" Sikowitz asked knowing of his daughter's crush on the thin brunette but not really understanding it.

"That's what's so frustrating about this, I don't even know..all I know is that something draws me to her and that I want to do something about it." said Jade explaining.
"My dear child[he says patting Jade's head] you'll figure it out." Sikowitz reassured.

Once their done at Nutz 4 CoConutz she asks her dad to drop her off at Andre's because she said she'd meet him after her hang out with Sikowitz.
He drops Jade off at Andre's but not before making plans for next weekend, they've religiously spent time together every weekend since they found out they were related. Jade and Sikowitz had become very close knit, doing something every weekend was their way of making up for lost time. He was literally in a manner of speaking the father she never had. There was just this natural connection between them.

Andre was taking a nap when she got there so his mom let her in, when she gets inside Andre's room she walks over to him and lightly pulls on his braids to wake him up.

He began to stir "Hey girl." Andre greeted his best friend with a smile on his face.
"Hey hey hey." Jade casually greeted back. Andre sat up in his bed and she sat next to him. "So where'd you guys go?" asked a semi drowsy Andre.

"Uhm..he took me to a coconut specialty store." Jade replied.
Andre let out a laugh at this "Only in L.A.".

"Yeah, but oh wait that's not even the best part, it's called Nutz 4 CoConuts."
Andre laughed pretty hard at the title of the store.

"So is it weird knowing your actual dad was at school teaching you this whole time?" Andre asked unable to imagine a situation such as this.
"Well yeah from that aspect of it, but I don't really see it like that anymore, there's way more of a connection there then there ever was with Richard." said Jade.
"Yeah, I can definitely see that much." Andre replied.

Andre then suddenly reaches around Jade to his bedside table to get a snack.
"Dude? Bibble? how-" Jade's cut off by Andre.
"I snuck a little Bibble while I was at Cat's, don't tell her." Andre said laughing.

"I don't have to, she'll notice." Jade said with a smug look on her face.
Andre just gave her a disbelieving look.

"Fine, don't believe me..anyways I like having a dad that actually see's the merit in what we do whether it be music, acting or directing..he doesn't look at me like everything I do is a complete waste of time." Jade said getting back to subject.
"Yeah, you deserve that..I'm glad you're happy." Andre said.

"You're such a sap sometimes." Jade said playfully pushing him back.
"Hey! Ladies love saps." Andre said defending himself.
"Well..not this lady." Jade retorts.