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Rated T for Mild Violence and Coarse (Course?) Language

Genre: Humor/Romance/Drama

Originally Started: May 24 7:45 PM

Ages: Daphne: 18, Mustardseed: 22 (Appearance Wise), Sage: 20, Puckabrina: 22 and 23 (Puck -Appearance Wise), Wendell, Ariana, and Two New Characters: 17

Disclaimer: I Do Not Own The Sisters Grimm. Ownership Goes To Michael Buckley and Jordan Lynde. I Do Own Ariana, Sage, Bryant, The Two New Characters, and Daphne Pierce.

"Behind Closed Classrooms"

Chapter 1: Surprises

"Are you finally free from house arrest?"

My gaze landed on a mop of slightly messy, blonde hair when I looked up. One of my best and Everafter friends, Wendell, took a seat in front of me, setting down his lunch bag. He looked at me with his head cocked to the side, waiting for an answer.

"Guess so," I said with a smile, then glancing down at my lunch. Two hot dogs with French fries, a brownie, and some Arizona ice tea. I also had some strawberries, grapes, and four Crunch bars. Yum!

"Finally," he said, looking relieved. "I thought you were going to be grounded forever."

Grimacing, I said, "Me too. It was pretty olive of my parents to ground me once we got back from Daphne's wedding."

"Well, can you blame them, amiga?" my other best friend, Ariana, pitched in, frowning at me. "They found out you were involved with a gang by being stabbed and sent to the hospital. If I was your parent, you'd be grounded until you were una abuelita."

Sheepishly, I looked at them, and scratched the back of my head. "They were really steamed about that...especially Sabrina. I think they're all still upset."

"And yet they weren't upset when they found out you were dating a teacher," Wendell said, lowering his voice as he leaned across the lunch table.

I sent him a warning look. "Shush! And no, they don't care. Actually, my dad was also a teacher. Didn't I tell you guys that?"

They shook their heads in synchronization. "Nope."

"Well you do now."

"Ah, so it runs en la familia?" Ariana said with a smirk.

I was about to retort when I felt a tap on my shoulder. Wendell's eyes looked behind me as I turned, frowning slightly at the person. A younger, female student I didn't recognize held out a small piece of paper. Giving her a small thanks, I took it from her, immediately recognizing the neat, cursive hand-writing.

"Another lunch meeting?" Ariana asked, leaning so she could take a look at it. "Isn't this like the tenth time this month?"

I blushed, quickly balling up the note, putting it in my pocket. Ariana smirked as I stood up from the table. "Wendell, can you throw away my trash for me?"

The blonde smiled wryly at me. "Sure thing, Daphne."

"Have funnn," Ariana chirped, winking.

I shot her an exasperated look, then headed out of the cafeteria. The halls were completely empty and I ran through, eager to get to Mr. Firay's room. It was clever of him to send a different student every time he wanted to talk to me; no one would get suspicious. I entered the Home Ec classroom, looking around for any rogue students.

"Mr. Firay?"

"Do we have to go through the rubber band process again?" a voice demanded from behind me, making my heart leap into my throat.

I spun around, coming-face-to-face with my Home Ec teacher. He raised an eyebrow, his beautiful blue eyes piercing into mine. The rubber band process...I winced, remembering that horribly, painful time. Well it wasn't painful for me, but I figured it was for him. Every time I called him "Mr. Firay" instead of "Matt" or "Mustardseed" outside of school, he'd snap a rubber band on his wrist. At first, I thought it was really funny, calling him Mr. Firay on purpose, but then I started feeling guilty, so I gave up, Somehow, I had gotten out of my habit of calling him Mr. Firay.


"N-no, we don't."


"But we're in school," I said. "And I didn't know if anyone was in here. We have to be careful, Mustardseed."

A grin spread across his face and he took a step towards me, bringing up his arms. Before he could hug me, I ducked out from under him, and took a few steps backwards. He pouted.

"What now?"

"No PDA," I reprimanded. Though, I was doing my best to resist the urge to hug him, too.

Mr. Firay narrowed his eyes. "I don't like these new rules, Daphne."

"I don't like them, either," I admitted. "But I don't want to take a chance of ruining anything. Everything's been so perfect lately..."

"Speaking of perfect, a few more members of the gang were caught and brought to jail," Mr. Firay told me, grinning again. "Rumor is that the gang disbanded."

My eyes were as wide as saucers. "Really?"

"Really really."

"When Bryant went to jail, it really was the end..."

"Seems so."

Silence filled the room. We just stared at each other. Nothing needed to be said. He smirked when I felt my cheeks being dusted with red. If there was one thing I wasn't good at, it was eye contact. I couldn't hold it for the life of me.

"So, um, what did you need?"

An expression of surprise quickly passed over his face. "Oh, I almost forgot! Two new transfer students are arriving today," he said, gesturing with his hand for me to follow him. "I need you to do me a favor and get them in the front office and bring them here."

"Me? Why me?"

"The principal asked me to ask someone in my eighth period class because the two new students have Home Ec this period," Mr. Firay told me. "Not that we actually need more students in this class..."


Mr. Firay nodded. "Yeah. I heard they're identical twins."


"Really, Daphne," he told me, rolling his eyes. "Are you trying to make that your catchphrase?"

I blushed. Again. "No."

"So will you do it for me?"

"Sure," I responded with a nod. "So, you just want them here?"

"Yeah. We'll have someone else to show them to their other classes."

"All right."

He reached out to ruffle my hair. "Thank you, Daphne."

I pulled his hand off my head, but I didn't let go. "You don't have to thank me...Mr. Firay." Before he could say anything back, I let go of his hand quickly, and dashed out of the room. He called after me, but I ignored it, chuckling quietly.

It was only a minute walk to the front office. I smoothed down my hair and checked myself in the reflection of the window on the door before entering. When I felt I looked presentable, I pushed open the door, heading inside.


Surprised, I immediately yanked the door back, hoping whoever I had hit with the door wasn't too hurt. "I'm so sorry! Are you okay?"

A young man with messy, pecan colored hair was rubbing his head, looking down at the floor. "Yeah, I'm fine. Would it kill you to not use all your force to open a door?"

"I'm so sorry," I apologized profusely. My face was heating up. "I'll try not to next time."

The male before me finally looked up, and I found myself looking into a pair of multicolored eyes. They were either green with blue, or blue with green. Either way, they were an unusual color -just like Mr. Firay's. They widened for a split-second before narrowing at me. The owner of the eyes was a good foot taller than me, crossing his arms. My eyes were attracted to his shirt -it was a logo of the band I really liked.

"Jackson!" a new voice, considerably more feminine, snapped. "You don't have to be so rude!"

"She hit me with a freakin' door!" he responded back, just as surly.

"By accident! Gosh!"

Following Jackson's gaze, my eyes landed on a girl who bore a striking resemblance to Jackson. She had medium length pecan colored hair, cut into a really cute style, with her bangs cut just above her eyes -eyes that were the same unusual color as Jackson's. The only different was that she was about my height. And she was wearing a skirt, even though it was the middle of winter.

She froze when her eyes landed on me, but then a bright smile spread across her face. "I'm Julianne," she greeted, sticking her hand out. "But I like to be called Anna."

I took her hand into mine, shaking it slowly. "Um, nice to meet you, Anna. I'm Daphne. Are you two the new students?"

"Unfortunately," Jackson muttered, shaking his hair out of his face. "Are you here to help us get us to our next class?"

"Um, yeah," I responded awkwardly. "Um...ready to go?"

"Yep!" Anna chirped, locking her arm with mine. "Lead the way, Diana!"

"It's Daphne," I corrected her, feeling a pang of annoyance. Mr. Firay had called the other Daphne, Diana, at one point. I didn't want anyone to mistake my name either. ...How do you get Diana from Daphne anyways?

Anna sent me a sheepish look. "Sorry, Daphne."

"It's fine," I responded, offering her a small smile. "Mr. Firay is waiting, so let's go."

"Mr. Firay?" Jackson repeated.

"He's the Home Ec teacher," I said, looking at him over my shoulder. "He's...nice."

Anna made a face. "I hated Home Ec in the last school I was in. No doubt I'm going to hate this teacher."

I smiled slightly. I thought of a similar thing once upon a time. But now I knew better, and it was quite the opposite. I loved them. Well, one in particular. A certain narcissistic, blackmailing, magical being.

When we entered the classroom, he was nowhere to be seen. A frown swept over my face. "Mr. Firay?"

"Oh, what's this?" Anna cried in an excited voice, picking up a glass with some type of red liquid.

"I don't think-"

"Don't touch that!"

My eyes snapped to Mr. Firay, who suddenly appeared at the threshold of the supply room. Our gazes met for a brief moment until I heard the sound of breaking glass, and felt something hot on my hand. I cried out in pain, automatically pulling my hand to my chest.

"I'm sorry!" Anna apologized, sounding panicked.

Mr. Firay hurried towards me, quickly taking my hand in his. I tried to pull it back; whatever oil had gotten onto my skin was making it burn painfully. Without saying anything, he rubbed the liquid off with the back of his sleeve while pulling me towards the sink.

"Keep your hand under the water," he ordered, thrusting my hand under the faucet and turning it on. "Then go to the nurse for some bandages."

"What is it?"

"Nothing too horrible," Mr. Firay assured me, furrowing his eyebrows, "as long as you don't have an allergic reaction."

"I'm so sorry!"

Both Mr. Firay and I turned to look at Anna, who seemed pale. When her eyes landed on Mr. Firay, her mouth opened agape.

"It's fine," he said to her, frowning. "Just don't touch-"

"You're hot," she commented, cutting him off. "Like, really hot."

I stared at her, thoroughly taken aback by her comments. My gaze then shifted to Mr. Firay who was looking just as surprised as me. Jackson snorted from behind Anna, rolling his eyes.

She shot him an innocent smile. "How old are you? You're way too cute to be older than twenty-five."

"Thank you, but please refrain from making those kinds of comments," Mr. Firay said to her, his grip on my hand tightening.

"Why? It's the truth."

"I'm your teacher."

"A cute teacher."

It was hard not to gawk at the girl in front of me. Who knew someone could be so bold? Talking to a teacher nevertheless! Mr. Firay gave her an uncomfortable look. I figured it was just because I was here; otherwise, I'm sure his ego would be the size of Mexico. (Just like Puck.) Well, it probably was, but he was hiding it.

"You shouldn't say that." Mr. Firay finally let go of my hand, pulling his hand out of the running water.

Anna pouted. "It's just an opinion."

"He'll get in trouble," I snapped.

Both of the two looked at me in surprise. I flushed, adverting my gaze. Not good. I couldn't act jealous in front of everyone.

"Jealous," Jackson coughed, but I was the only one who seemed to hear it.

I sent him a warning look. "I-I'm going to the nurse now," I muttered, turning off the water.

"Wait, Daphne-"

I looked over my shoulder.

"I'm sorry," Anna apologized once more as I pulled open the door. "I really hope your hand is okay."

I paused to throw her a quick smile. "Thanks."

Mr. Firay sent me one last meaningful look before I closed the classroom door. Annoyed with myself, I balled up my hands into fists as I marched down the hallway towards the nurse's office. The bell rang, signaling the end of lunch.

How could I have snapped at Anna? The new girl? She was just stating the truth. It wasn't a new thing that girls found Mr. Firay attractive. But it was surprising that she'd say it so casually. As if telling a teacher they were hot was a normal thing. I hated to admit it, but that was pretty impressive. I'd never have the guts to do that -I barely even had the guts to kiss Mr. Firay, even though we were dating.

Someone suddenly knocked me off my feet, slamming into me. I landed painfully on my butt when I fell to the floor. Wincing, I slowly pushed myself into a kneeling position.


I immediately froze, recognizing the voice. I slowly turned my head upwards to see a familiar green-eyed, shaggy-haired brunette. "Sage?"

He offered me his hand and I took it, letting him pull me to my feet in one swift motion. He grinned, taking me in. "Yo! It's been a while, hasn't it?"

"It's been like a week," I pointed out. "What are you doing here? It's school hours."

Sage shrugged. "Nothing much. Where's Matt?"

"Teaching," I responded, narrowing my eyes suspiciously. "You've been here a lot lately."

"No I haven't."

"Yes you have."

"Have I told you how pretty you are lately?"


"You have such pretty brown hair, it's so soft," he commented, picking up a strand with his pointer finger and thumb. "I'm jealous."


"Your eyes sparkle like the ocean-"

I gave him a flat look, grabbing his hand, and pulling it away from me. "Stop avoiding the subject. And my eyes are hazel, thank you very much."

"You're no fun."

"I never see you with Matt here. Are you transferring here or something? Did you not graduate high school?" I joked.

Sage smirked.

I blanked at him. "You're kidding."

He laughed at my expression. "I am. I'm not transferring here, Daphne."

A sigh of relief left my lips. "Thank goodness."

"Starting tomorrow, I'm the new gym teacher!"

My jaw dropped and my eyes widened significantly. Surely I had heard Sage wrong...There was no way he could be the gym teacher. He had to be playing one of his jokes.

"From now on, you should call me Mr. Ross," Sage continued with a wink. "Oh, I can't wait until I see Matt's face..."

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