Every night at 8pm Bella Swan(TinkerBells) and Jasper Cullen(JazzHands) chat, but what happens when Bella moves to New York to work for a friend Emmett Cullen at the Cullen Law Firm which is ran by Jasper. When Bella and Jasper meet they feel a special connection but when Bella learns of Jasper's womanizing ways she wants to avoid him, but Jasper won't give up that easy. So both Bella and Jasper turn to their online companion (each other) to talk about their annoyance and romantic feelings but what happens when a meddling brother and over zealous best friend learn the truth? Non Canon couples. All Human.

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Bella's POV

As I finished putting the last of my books into a box, I looked around my now empty room and I thought about my time here in Cambridge.

My name is Isabella Swan, but nobody calls me that other than my parents when their pissed at me. I prefer Bella. I grew up in Forks, Washington, a small town with a population of a little over three thousand.

When I was nineteen, I was accepted into Seattle University majoring in Law. So I left the small town of Forks and moved to the emerald city, where I spent three years and graduated with a 4.0 GPA and with honours.

When I turned twenty-two, I was accepted into Harvard Law. So I packed my things once again, and moved to Cambridge, Massachusetts, those were the hardest three years of my life.

So here I was packing again to move to New York City, where I would begin work at the prestigious Cullen Firm shadowing the highly respected Emmett Cullen.

I met Emmett while attending Harvard. He was giving a guest lecture and being top in the class my professor had introduced me to him. His father started the firm when he graduated from Harvard and now Emmett and his two brothers run it, each handling different types of law.

During my time at Harvard, I became great friends with him and he turned into a big brother of sorts. We kept in touch through emails, phone calls and he would visit me when he was in town. So when I graduated he told me if I went to work for another law firm it would crush him, so I couldn't say no, and not just cause he gave me his signature puppy dog eyes, but because the Cullen Firm was a very highly reputable company, and getting hired by them right out of college was uncommon.

After I made sure everything was packed, I walked into Alice's room to see if she was done yet. Alice is my best friend, and we have known each other since we were in diapers. Our parents have been friends since elementary school and our moms were neighbours growing up.

When I got my acceptance to SU I was ecstatic, but I hated the thought of leaving my best friend. Luckily, two days later, Alice received her acceptance letter. We lived together throughout college and without her I probably would have lost my mind during the hard times. Alice had always been a very bubbly person and can make you smile just by entering a room.

When I found out about Harvard, it was hard thinking about leaving Alice, but she surprised me when she told me she would be tagging along. She was done with school and wanted a change of scenery. After Emmett offered me my job in New York, I dreaded telling Alice, but instead of tears she jumped up and down squealing, telling me that we were going to tear up the city. The only reason I received for her immediate decision, was that "Shopping in New York is a million times better, besides I can't leave my bestie."

So here we were getting ready to leave again so I could chase my dream, and Alice could shop. As I walked into her room I saw two boxes and about a hundred garbage bags.

"Alice! What the hell is with all these garbage bags? We have tons of boxes!" I yell, and she just looks up at me and smiles.

"Silly, Bella. These bags are going to donation, I don't need these anymore their all last season and I plan on shopping the minute we land."

The minute she said "shopping" I cringed. Alice is only 4'10'' but when she shopped she was dangerous.

When we finished bringing all our boxes downstairs making it easier for the movers tomorrow, I look at the clock and saw it was 8pm and I ran to my laptop. As I reached the top of the stairs I heard Alice yell;

"Tell your online lover boy I say hi!" I flipped her off and ran upstairs

For the past year I had been chatting with a guy with the screen name JazzHands. I met him in a law studies chat room where people would discuss current cases in the media and we started talking after he defended something I said on the chat boards.

We didn't know each others real names or what each other looked like, really for security reasons, but I always enjoyed talking to him, he was like my perfect match. It really was too bad I didn't know if he was really a fifty year old man who lived in his parent's basement or the mid twenties lawyer from New York he said he was.

As I logged on a message appeared.

JazzHands: My favourite person has arrived and right on time!

About six months ago we realized we were always missing each other online, so we set up a time to talk to each other. We talked everyday at eight and honestly it was the best part of my day.

TinkerBells: I'm always on time. How was your day?

JazzHands: Day was boring. Met with a few new clients and the rest of the day felt the same, that was until you signed on. How's the move going? Are you excited?

TinkerBells: It's going good, just finished moving the boxes for the movers tomorrow, and honestly I'm totally excited never been to the big apple before and I can't wait to start working.

JazzHands: Jeez, Tinks never met anyone excited to start working. So have you given any thought to allowing me to be your personal tour guide when you get here?

I really wanted to meet him, but the first thing you learned about chat sites was to not be stupid and go meet anyone, but he felt like the missing piece in my puzzle of life and I knew one day I would have to meet him.

TinkerBells: Well when you have the opportunity I do, you'd be stupid not to be excited, and yes I have given that a lot of thought and I'm thinking I might take you up on your offer.

JazzHands: Good! I really want to meet the girl who makes my days better. Are you ever going to tell me which magical law firm you got hired at?

TinkerBells: Aww J! And no I'm not gonna tell you, you have to guess.

He spent the next ten minutes naming law firms off, there were only three left but he had yet to say the Cullen Firm, he probably figured there was no way I could get a job there being a recent graduate with no experience.

TinkerBells: So there's only three you haven't mentioned! Do you work at any of the ones you mentioned?

JazzHands: No, I work at one of the three I haven't mentioned, but I'm not telling you where I am if you won't tell me where you're going to be.

TinkerBells: Wouldn't it be funny if we ended up at the same place

JazzHands: It wouldn't be funny. It would be amazing.

I blushed at that, I was sure if I ever met him I would be red the whole time. I looked at the clock and realized it was already 11pm and having to get up at five the next day I said my goodbyes.

TinkerBells: Don't want to say good bye but I have to get up before the sun rises to catch my flight.

JazzHands: Parting is such sweet sorrow, Sweet dreams Tinks, hope to meet the elusive Tinks soon!

TinkerBells: Sweet Dreams J!

As I signed off , I went to lay down in my bed for the last time, here in Cambridge. My thoughts filled with J and my new job at the Cullen Firm.

The Next Day – New York City

After we landed Alice dragged me to the stores seeing as the movers wouldn't be there for another three hours. After hurricane Alice ran through the stores we both had a new wardrobe courtesy of Alice's parents.

Alice's parents were well off and they had always treated me like a second daughter. So when they learned I got my dream job they sent both Alice and myself a large amount of money to buy new clothes and surprised us when they bought us a condo by Central Park. I always hated having people spend money on me, I wasn't poor but I wasn't rich, but The Brandon's didn't take no for an answer.

When we pulled up to our new home, we saw the movers were there, as well as a Hummer, which I recognized immediately as Emmett's.

I ran out of the car and into Emmett's arms, I was extremely glad to see him because I hadn't seen him in about four months.

"Hey, Bells! Miss me?"he asked with a smile.

Emmett stood at 6'4" with dark curly hair and the most adorable dimples when he smiled, which was always. He was the happiest guy, I knew.

"Of course I missed you, Em! What are you doing here? And how did you know where I 'm living?"

"Well a little birdie told me and I brought help to unpack since you hired movers."

I looked over and saw two men. The first one was tall and lean with a bronze coloured hair, that made him look like he just rolled out of bed, and stunning green eyes. Then I looked beside him and the man standing there took my breath away. He was a few inches taller than the other one but he had beautiful blonde curls, that I wanted to run my fingers through and piercing baby blue eyes that I could get lost in. I had to snap out of it quickly so Em didn't realize I was ogling his friend.

"Bella, this is Edward, my brother. Edward, this is Bella, my new employee," he said with a laugh, as he pointed to the bronze haired one, he extended his hand and I took it before he spoke.

"Pleased to meet you, Bella. Em hasn't shut up about you since he first met you. If Em bothers you too much my office is around the corner so feel free to hide out in there," he said with a crooked smile.

I laughed and thanked him, almost positive I would take him up on his offer at some point, but then I put it together if this was Edward than the other one must be...

"Bella, this is Jasper, my little brother and ruler of the company. Jasper, this is Bella."

I knew all about Jasper. He was only a year older than me and was now running the Firm, since his father retired, Em and Edward didn't want to be tied down to the company because they both had dreams of starting their own firm one day. Emmett handled real estate cases and Edward handled family court, while Jasper ran the criminal section which is what I wanted to do eventually. Jasper extends his hand.

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Bella. The same goes for me as with Eddie, if you need to get away from the hulk just come hide out for a bit," he said smiling a panty dropping, lopsided grin and I swear it almost made me melt, on the spot and of course I blushed.

I was brought out of my daze by Emmett's booming laughter.

"God, Bells! Been here five minutes and you're already blushing. I'm glad you haven't changed!" he said while picking me up into a bone crushing hug

"Em...cant...breathe," I squeaked out, while he chuckled and put me down, but as he set me on my feet I wobbled, but before I could hit the ground, as I expected I would, I felt two muscular arms wrap around me and caught me before I fell.

I looked up and I was met with a pair of intense blue eyes and I felt hypnotized, but Emmett's laughter interrupted the moment. Jasper set me on my feet and I blushed mumbling a "thank you", to which he replied with a nod and a smile.

I looked around and realized Alice had been standing there not saying a word, but instead staring at Edward, so I decided to make the introductions.

"Anyways, Emmett, you remember Alice, my best friend and partner in crime, right?"

Emmett shook his head 'yes' and picked her up in a giant bear hug as well, his large frame engulfed her tiny body.

"How could I forget my favourite pixie?"

"Put me down you big baboon!" She squealed, making everyone laugh.

When Em put her down I finished the introductions, but I noticed when I introduced Edward and Alice they stared at each other for longer than necessary, and I realized with the help of Em we had some match making to do.

After we unpacked everything, we ordered pizza and sat around chatting. Jasper turned to me and asked;

"So, Bella, what's your story?"

"Well I'm from Forks, Washington. I moved to Seattle for school, then got into Harvard and graduated three months ago. Then Em offered me the job after I received my diploma," I said and he just nodded in response.

"So are you going to go into real-estate once you done shadowing the baboon over there?" he said, smiling that lopsided grin, while pointing at Emmett.

"Actually, no. I want to go into criminal justice. I'm just doing this because I need the experience and too work at your firm and getting to work with Emmett it all just made sense to do this."

"Well if you're ever bored with the real estate stuff come by to see me, I could always use some extra help with some of my cases."

I blushed at his offer to work with him on one of his cases, it's was like a dream come true, he was a legend in the court system.

"I might take you up on your offer sometime," I said and he smiled.

"I hope you do, I look forward to spending more time with you."

About twenty minutes later the guys decided to head out.

The whole night Alice talked about Edward and the more she talked about him, I could tell by the twinkle in her eye that she was interested. So I decided tomorrow when I saw Emmett we would set it up.

I glanced at the clock and saw that it was eight, so I ran to get my laptop and signed on and an offline message appeared.

JazzHands: Dearest, Tinks, I'm sorry I can't chat tonight. My brothers have planned to drag me around the city. I hope that your move went well and I hope you enjoy your first day tomorrow. I'll be on 8 as usual and you better tell me everything and remember if it gets too hard I'm always hear to listen. Sweet Dreams Tinks ~J~

I couldn't help the goofy grin that spread across my face as I read his message. I couldn't believe I could meet someone so nice and caring over the internet and I started feeling like a meeting would be in order so I sent him a message.

TinkerBells: J, its okay you couldn't come online you need to go have some fun from what you tell me you basically live in your office hope you didn't get into too much trouble tonight. Thanks for being supportive also I was thinking once I find out my schedule I was hoping to take you up on your offer for some sight-seeing. Sweet Dreams or Good Morning depending on when you get this – Tinks

After I sent the message and checked my email, I decided it was time to go to sleep. I was exhausted from the move, so I set my alarm and crashed as soon as my head hit the pillow.

I woke up at 6am with Alice shaking me awake.

"Alice, Come on! I don't have to be there till 9!" I groaned and she giggled.

"I know that silly, but we need to do your hair and make-up and pick out something sexy slash conservative to wear if you want to catch the eye of New York's biggest ladies' man."

I looked up at her confused about who she was talking about.

"Alice! How much coffee have you had? Cause it's causing you to be delusional."

"Bella, I'm talking about Jasper! I saw how you looked at him and he was looking at you the same but according to Edward he's a player, so you need to look extra hot today so he forgets about his hoochies."

I laughed at Alice's rant, I guess I should have known the hottest guy I've met while in New York was a womanizer. I really had no respect for guys like that, there is a difference between a few one night stands and a new one every day. There was no way I would become a Jasper Cullen hoochie.

"Whatever, Alice, let's just do this, but I am not doing this for him!"

After two hours my hair and make-up was done and I was dressed up in one of my new outfits. It was a fitted grey tweed short sleeve jacket with a black and white floral print shirt, and black pinstripe pants. Paired with pink heels and my favourite black purse with a beautiful white flower on the side. When I looked in the mirror and I couldn't believe it was me and I was glad that I looked the part.

After grabbing a coffee from the Starbucks at the corner, I hopped in to a cab and I was on my way to start my new amazing job.

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