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Jasper's POV

The last seven months have been heaven and hell all mixed together. With a pregnant wife, two pregnant sister-in-laws, and two kids and one on the way life had become hectic. The first few months were quite easy, but once the six month mark hit all hell broke loose. At five months Bella's doctor recommended taking it easy, so I convinced her to take early maternity leave, it wasn't hard to do since she was excited about spending more time with the kids.

Carlie and Jackson had started kindergarten in September and were growing up so quickly. Jackson found a love of soccer while at school and made Bella and I promise he could join a league when the spring came. My little girl had shocked me on her first day of school coming home and declaring that she was in love with a little boy in her class. I swear I felt my heart stop, but Bella found it hilarious and had to hold on to the counter for support.

At the six month mark my life became even more crazy. Since the group of us lived so closely, my house had become pregnant women and child central. Once Edward, Emmett and I left for work, Rosalie and Alice would make their way over to my place and the three girls would spend the day together once Carlie, Jackson and Rebecca were on their way to school and Henry and Daniel were off to daycare.

For the first month that this was going on, I would come home to a house filled with three emotional pregnant women and five kids. I didn't complain, but after that month I started dragging my brothers home with me. It ended up working great for me, because most nights the entire family was there and taking care of everyone was much easier with my brothers around.

Tonight was the same as every other, us three guys were on our way back to my place. We arrived at my place around 6:30, Emmett had to be physically dragged through the front door. Rosalie was three days past her due date and apparently she had been having a hard time, and when she would get pissed it was always Emmett who got it.

When we walked in Jackson, Henry and Daniel come running by us from what I gathered they were playing cops and robbers, I don't know how many times I've told them not to run in the house especially after the last time when they broke one of Bella's favourite lamps. After a quick word with my trouble maker, we made our way to living room, I peaked into the kitchen to find Carlie and Rebecca colouring.

"Daddy! You're home!" Carlie squealed running to me and giving me a hug.

"Hey, baby girl. Where's mommy and your aunts?"

"They're in the living room watching a sad grown up movie," Carlie replies and I laugh.

"Alright, I'm gonna go say hi to mommy and then we'll get something for dinner."

My brothers and I head into the living room to find our wives all on different couches laid out and crying like babies as the end credits to the movie 'The Notebook' played. They must have watched this movie a thousand times in the last seven months, yet every time I come home and it's playing they are crying. I walk up to Bella and kiss her forehead.

"Hey, Sweetheart," I say as I wipe away her tears trying desperately to stop myself from laughing.

"Hey, Jazz. I'm glad you're home," she says smiling up at me.

"Why do you insist on watching things that you know are going to make you cry?" I ask her.

"Because I'm female, pregnant and a sucker for a love story," she says sniffling.

"How's our little guy today?" I ask rubbing her stomach, within seconds my boy is kicking at my hand saying his own hello. I was ecstatic when we found out we were having another boy, and the twins were hardly able to contain their excitement. When he is born he is going to have the best big brother and sister he could ask for, his nursery is already filled with drawings his siblings made him for when he arrives.

"Active. I have no idea how I am going to do another month of this if he keeps it up," she replies with a hand on her stomach as he kicks again.

"You are not allowed to complain Bella! At least he's acting like he wants out, these two are going to be the death of me," Rosalie says from across the room. Emmett and Rosalie found out that they were once again expecting twins, this time two little girls. Emmett was super happy and so was Rosalie until she reached her fifth month.

"And at least all your shoes fit! I haven't been able to wear my favourite pair of Gucci pumps since my second month, and I've had to buy a completely new wardrobe. Nothing from my pregnancy with Rebecca fits," Alice says pouting. As a good brother-in-law I try very hard not laugh at the tiny girl with a giant belly, when Alice and Edward found out they were expecting twins, Alice cried while Edward was excited, he use to joke he felt left out.

This was how it went. One girl would complain about something than the other two would start, every time. I quickly tried to think of anything that would stop the upcoming debate on who had it worst, because eventually they all turn on the husbands who they say got them into this predicament. I have a feeling they skipped some biology classes, cause I'm pretty sure we weren't the only ones involved, but I was smart enough to stay quite, last time I said that I had three shoes come flying at my head.

"Who's hungry?" I ask, but as soon as the words were out of my mouth, I regretted them.

Immediately after I spoke the kids came running into the room, yelling they want McDonald's while our wives started naming off what they were currently craving. Damn me and my big mouth! Rosalie was blabbing about diner food, that's at least thirty minutes with waiting and the drive. Alice listed off her wants from the Chinese place, twenty minutes away, that of course doesn't do delivery, as for my Bella tonight she wanted Italian, at least that was only ten minutes down the street.

"Alright, alright! One at a time!" Emmett yells, looking at me like I'm a jackass for mentioning food out loud.

"Kids, what do you want?" Edward asks.

"McDonald's!" The five of them yell, I couldn't believe that in about two months there would be five more.

"We want nuggets," Carlie and Rebecca say.

"We want burgers," The boys reply, I wish their mothers would be that easy.

"Simple enough. Bella, what do you want?" I ask.

"I want chicken Parmesan with garlic spaghetti, from the place down the street."

"Okay, Alice?"

"I want lemon chicken with beef fried rice, and a side of wonton soup and an egg roll. Oh and if you are going to the Italian place get some of their garlic bread." Till this day Alice's appetite surprised us all.


"I want a bacon cheeseburger, with onion rings. Get double garlic bread, and grab an extra egg roll. Oh and I want a milkshake, chocolate."

"I want a milkshake too, but I want vanilla," Alice says with a smile.

"Bella, do you want one too?" I ask, knowing she will too.

"Mmm hmm strawberry please," she says with a shy smile.

"Okay, us guys have to make a plan of action. We'll see you in a bit," I say kissing Bella's forehead and giving the kids a quick hug.

"Okay, how do you want to do this?" Edward asks.

"I vote Jasper does the diner," Emmett says and I scowl at him.

"Why? It's your wive that wants it!" I argue.

"Yeah, but you are the one who opened your mouth! If we just ordered some pizza they would've been happy," Emmett says. He makes a point, but his solution to dinner was pizza every night.

"Fine, I'll go, but for your information if you try to feed those women pizza one more time; they are going to stick it up your ass," I say dead serious, I heard Rose mention it a week ago.

"Okay, if Jasper's taking the diner, I'll take Chinese since Alice wants it," Edward says.

"Good. Emmett you're in charge of Italian, get three orders of garlic bread, cause the minute Bella smells it she'll want it. You also get to go to McDonald's, and I am warning you if you give Jackson root beer again, I will kill you!"

Last time I sent Em to McDonald's he let Jackson convince him he could have soda, he was up all night, at two in the morning with a pregnant wife who can't sleep, I dropped him off at Emmett's for the night.

"Okay, okay! I learned my lesson, the kid jumped on the couch for an hour then puked on Rosie's favourite rug, she almost killed me the next morning. What about us? What are we going to eat?" Emmett says. Of course he was concerned about not being fed.

"You really want to make this difficult? Every one good with burgers from the diner? I might as well get us something tasty if I'm going all the way out there," I ask, and both brothers nod their head in agreement.

"Alright, we'll meet back here in a little bit."

About forty-five minutes later, I was back at the house. Edward's car already in the driveway and Emmett's pulling up behind me. Both our hands are completely full as I attempt to juggle three milkshakes, three sodas and five bags full of food. The women at the diner thought I was ordering for an army.

Once we are finally inside, Em is tackled by the kids wanting their food, and I chuckle as I make my way into the living room. The girls are all sitting there eating egg rolls, I'm guessing Edward decided to bring back enough for everybody. All three girls eyes light up when I walk into the room, and they see me caring the milkshakes. I hand Rosalie her food and shake, give Alice hers and Edward his food, and bring my Bella her shake.

"Where's my food?" she asks.

"Boys get off me! I'll give you your food once you're sitting down," Em hollers as he walks into the living room. Henry and Daniel holding on to his legs while Jackson, Carlie and Rebecca follow begging their uncle Em to give them their food.

"I'll get it for you, the kids may turn on you if you get your food first," I say jokingly.

I go over to Emmett and instead of helping him and getting his sons off his legs, I grab Bella's food and walk away, with a grin.

"Damn it, Jazz! You're just going to leave me here? Do you forget that two of these demons are yours?" he yells, and I smirk. I go up to Em and take three bags out of his hands, luckily it's the three I wanted. I hand Carlie, Jackson and Rebecca their meals, and walk over to the table to start my meal.

"Now the only demon's left are yours," I say smirking.

"Henry Carlisle and Daniel Marcus Cullen! You get off your father's legs right now!" Rosalie warns, and they instantly release their hold on Emmett, the boys had learned quite quickly these last few months not to make their mom mad.

Once everyone had their food all was calm, we put on some cartoons for the kids and of course Emmett, while Bella asked about our day at the office. Ever since she started maternity leave she wanted to know everything that was going on, I could tell how much she missed being there. Through out the night I would see Bella flinch, I would ask her if she was okay but she would just say the little one was being active, and I hoped he would settle down so she could get some sleep.

After everyone finished, I went into the kitchen to get dessert. While I was at the diner, the server brought out a fresh made chocolate cream pie, I knew the girls and kids would love it so I decided to surprise them with it. As I was placing the last piece on a plate, I heard Bella yell my name. The yell startled me and I ran into the living room, when I got there Bella ws standing with a puddle at her feet and a scared look on her face.

"Jasper, either my water just broke or I peed my pants."

Once the words were out of her mouth, I sprung into action grabbing Bella's bag from the kitchen, my cellphone and Bella's shoes and coat. Alice and Rosalie assisted Bella in getting ready, as Bella clutches her stomach and groans, the contractions getting worse, and I wonder how long she had been having them.

While they assisted her, Rosalie sat there complaining about Bella going into labour at eight months and the fact that she was already pass her due date. I was concerned that the baby was coming already, and I knew I had to get her to the hospital quick to make sure she is okay.

Edward yells through the commotion that he had called our parents and Bella's and they were on their way, but being in Forks they wouldn't be here for at least two hours and they would have to break a lot of speed limits to do it. In all the craziness I didn't even think about the kids who were sitting on the floor looking at all of us with confusion and like we were crazy people.

"Daddy, what's happening?" Carlie asks looking between me and Bella.

"Mommy's having the baby! Right?" Jackson asks looking excited.

"Yes, now I need you two to go get your shoes and jackets, quickly we need to get mommy to the hospital," I say and they both nod and run off, cheering about their little brother coming.

"Jasper, I don't know how long she's going to keep that baby in. Don't worry about the kids we'll be right behind you once all the kids are ready, just get her there," Alice says. I nod and run over to Bella.

"You okay, baby?"

"Do I look okay, Jasper?" she asks, and I shake my head no. I can see the pain in her eyes and she is starting to sweat, I was starting to think we may not make it to the hospital.

I put her into the car and quickly got in the other side and took off out of the drive-way. I broke the speed limit a few times, but got us to the hospital in under ten minutes. By the time we got there, the contractions were four minutes apart and causing Bella horrible pain. In the last fifteen minutes she had called me every name in the book, every time I would ask if she was okay, and the look in her eyes made me fear for my life, and my dick. Of course I didn't blame her, I may be a thirty something year old man but I still didn't understand how women did this.

Once checked in we were put into a room immediately, a nurse immediately hooked Bella up to a heart monitor and a fetal monitor as well, my concerns for our unborn child were immediately top priority but when the nurse smiled and said the baby's heart was strong, I felt them slip away. We found out Bella was about 6 centimetres dilated, we could have a baby in under an hour or she could be in labour for awhile. After Bella was given her requested epidural, she calmed slightly and soon we were left alone.

"How are you feeling?" I ask smoothing her hair down.

"I'm okay. I'm sorry for being a bitch, but you have no idea how much this sucks," she says making me smile.

"Don't apologize. You're right I have no idea, but you're doing great and hopefully soon it will all be over and we will have our little boy."

"I know, it makes this all worth it," she says smiling up at me.

"Let's see if you change your mind in an hour," I say chuckling and she scowls at me.

A few seconds later, Alice comes waddling into the room. Bella wanted her mom to be here with her since she missed the birth of the twins, but it was agreed if Renee wasn't here Alice would fill in.

"How's it going?" Alice asks.

"Good, they gave me an epidural so I'm just waiting for it to kick in," Bella replies with a light smile.

"Where are the twins?" Bella asks.

"They're are outside with Edward. They're telling everyone about how their baby brother is coming. The nurses love them," Alice says with a giggle.

"Good, but don't let them get on the nurses nerves," Bella says with a laugh.

"Don't worry about them, there is a reason I left them with Edward and not Em."

About two hours later, Bella was in intense pain and we got the confirmation that she was ready to push. I took my place beside her, and held on to her hand she quickly held on with a death grip. Seconds before she was to start pushing, Renee came barging in, shocking all of us that she had made it.

"Renee, how did you get here so quick?" I ask.

"Charlie used the lights on the cruiser, I have a horrible headache but it was worth it. I was not missing my third grand baby being born," she says.

Alice kissed Bella's forehead, wished us luck and left to join the large crowd I was sure that was out in the waiting room. With me on one side and Renee on the other, Bella was instructed to push. The whole thing was a mixture of screams, groans, a very sore hand and the occasional 'I hate you!' from Bella directed at me.

"Alright, Bella one last big push and your little one will be here," the doctor says, and Bella groans.

"God, I can't do it!" Bella yells, her face flushed and sweaty looking extremely tired.

"Yes, you can sweetheart. Grip my hand as hard as you want and give one last big push so we can see our boy's beautiful face, and it will all be over with," I say encouragingly into her ear.

With a look of determination, and her grip firm in my hand, she pushed like there was no tomorrow when the doctor instructed. A few minutes later there was a loud cry echoing through the room and Bella collapsed in exhaustion.

"Congratulations, Mr and Mrs Cullen. It is a beautiful baby boy with all ten fingers and toes," the doctor announces. I look over at Bella and she has a wide smile on her face that I'm sure matches my own.

"You did it, sweetheart! He's here. I love you so much sweetheart," I say kissing her gently.

"I love you too. Can you see him?" she asks trying to peak over to where all the nurses are gathered, cleaning him up.

"Mr. Cullen, would you like to hold your son?" a nurse asks coming up to me, my little man wrapped tightly in a blue blanket.

When she places him in my arms, I feel the tears well up in my eyes. I can see little blonde tufts of hair and my heart skips a beat when he opens his eyes and a beautiful pair of chocolate brown orbs stare up at me. He is the perfect mix of Bella and I, my hair and chin, her eyes and cheek bones. I bring our bundle of joy over to Bella, and place him in her arms, her tears instantly falling.

"He's beautiful, isn't he?" she asks looking up at me.

"He is, he's the perfect mix of us," I say smiling down at them.

"Oh! Isn't he precious?" Renee says looking down at her grandson with tears in her eyes.

After a few minutes, the nurses took our little one to get him checked out. Neither of us wanted to let him go, but understood why.

"Do we have a name for the little one?" the nurse asks. I look over at Bella and ask if we are still in agreement and she nods.

"Lucas Edward Cullen," I reply.

Lucas was a name we both had on our lists and Edward for a few reasons. Edward use to always joke how he felt left out, Emmett got Jackson, mom and dad got Carlie and he got nothing. So when we were deciding on names, we both agreed on Edward since he would also be the babies godfather. We had yet to tell him and I couldn't wait to see his face when he found out.

"I'm going to go tell everyone the good news while you get checked out. Renee will you stay with her?" I ask.

"Of course, their probably all on the edge of their seat, go relieve them," she says with a smile.

I give Bella a quick kiss, and run out to the waiting room. When I enter everyone jumps up, even Alice and Rosalie which I knew was quite a feat for them. All of them have excitement in their eyes and smiles on their faces.

"Healthy baby boy, seven pounds, four ounces, and Bella is doing great!" I announce and cheers erupt.

Charlie and my father are first to congratulate me with a hug and pat on the back. Emmett grabs me into a bear hug, while Edward give me a light hug. Alice and Rose wobble their way over and give me their version of a hug with their stomachs getting in the way. Next are my little ones.

"Daddy, daddy! Is our brother here?" Jackson asks with a giant smile, his grin identical to mine.

"Yes, he is," I reply smiling.

"Can we see him?" the twins ask at the same time.

"In a little bit. The doctors are making sure he is all healthy, then when he's all okay, I'll take you to the nursery to see him."

"Can we see mommy?" Carlie asks.

"Mommy needs to sleep, but you can see her in the morning okay?" I say and the twins frown.

"Okay, but give mommy this," Carlie says handing me a drawing.

The people are just stick figures, but I can tell it's a picture of Bella with a baby in her arms, and at the top it says 'We love you mommy!' and at the bottom they wrote their names.

"Mommy is going to love this guys, I'll give it to her the minute I see her."

"So what's the little guys name?" Alice asks excitedly.

"Lucas Edward Cullen," I reply looking directly at Edward, and I smirk when his eyes pop out of his head.

"You're messing with me aren't you cause I kept making jokes?" Edward asks.

"No, I'm not messing with you. You were right, you're the only who didn't get a name with one of the kids. Really it was a no brainer, even before you made your jokes Bella and I decided to give him your name as a middle one."

"Thank you," he says giving me a hug.

"You're welcome. Now if you don't mind, I'm going to go check on Bella and I'm sure if you go down to the nursery in a few minutes you'll get to take a peak."

I head back into the room to see Bella laying down, her eyes closed with Renee on one side of her.

"How she doing?" I ask coming to sit beside Renee.

"Good, doctor said she is doing great and she and Lucas can go home in a few days," she says and I smile at the good news.

"You know it's not nice to talk about people behind their backs," Bella says groggily.

"How you feeling?" I ask with a chuckle.

"Like I got hit by a truck," she replies with a smile.

"Well everyone is very excited. Edward almost had a heart attack when I told him, the name," I say laughing.

"Please tell me someone got a picture," Bella says.

"How are the twins?" she asks.

"Very excited, they can't wait to see him and you. Speaking of the twins, they wanted me to give this to you," I say handing her the drawing, she smiles when she opens it and I see tears in her eyes.

"Can I see them?" she asks.

"You feeling up to it?" I ask.

"Of course, please go get them."

"I'll bring them in and give you guys some alone time," Renee says getting up, kissing Bella's forehead.

A few minutes later, the twins excitedly run into the room and go straight for their mom, trying to hug her but failing because the bed is to high.

"Hi, Mommy!" they say excitedly.

"Hey, babies. Have you been good for your grandparents and aunts and uncles?" she asks.

"Yes, mommy. Are you okay?" Jackson asks, I'm sure the whole thing had been confusing for them.

"Of course, just a little tired sweetheart," Bella says touching his face lightly.

"Uncle Em said he's going to take us to see the baby," Carlie says excitedly.

"Good, go say hi to your baby brother, then I want you two to be good for Uncle Edward and Aunt Alice tonight. Auntie Alice is very tired so I don't want any trouble you understand?" Bella says to the twins.

"Yes, mommy," they respond in unison.

"Good, now give me a hug and kiss," she says and they both crawl on to the bed carefully and wrap their little arms around her. Bella just sits there and holds them tightly to her, obviously feeling sentimental.

"Mommy?" Carlie says still tucked into Bella's arms.

"Yeah, baby?"

"Well now that we have a baby brother, do you think we can have a baby sister?"

I can't help but break out laughing when Bella's face turns from a smile to a grimace. She had just pushed one baby out and they were already asking for another. She give me a look that says save me, but I'm to busy laughing.

"Carlie, mommy just had a baby. Why don't you wait until your little brother is a little older before you start asking for a sister," I say with a smile.

"Okay," she says sadly.

The twins say goodbye to us and run off to Edward who is waiting at the door, with a quick wave they are gone. When they are out of eye sight, Bella smacks my arm.

"Hey what was that for?" I ask rubbing my arm.

"That's for laughing with Carlie. You know they are going to harass us for the next two years until we give them a baby sister."

"True, but would another baby really be that bad?" I ask and she looks at me like I'm crazy.

"Unless you can carry it for nine months and deliver it, then don't even think about it!"

"Okay, okay you're right! I'm just kidding, so does this mean that this is the last little one?" I ask.

We never discussed how many kids we wanted to have. So far we had been blessed our twins were amazing, Carlie just like her beautiful mother, Jackson my little mini me and now Lucas, the perfect combination of the two of us, but I'll admit I wouldn't mind having another little one.

"You are just as bad as the twins. Maybe when I'm not so drugged up and sore we can talk about it," she replies with a smile.

"Alright, besides we've already got the perfect family and with four more little ones on the way I'm sure it will be hectic enough."

"See now you see it my way," she says with a yawn.

"You're tired, baby. Get some sleep, I'm gonna go get a coffee from the cafeteria," I say kissing her forehead, her eyes already closing.

"Okay. Love you," she says sleepily.

"Love you too, Sweetheart."

On my way to the cafeteria, I made a detour to the nursery. It only took me a few seconds to locate Lucas, his tiny eyes closed and resting peacefully. I get lost looking at him, the perfect addition to our family, and I feel so incredibly blessed.

"Do you want to come in and hold him?" a nurse asks from an open door.

"Can I?"

"Of course, come in, just put these on," she says handing me a gown and face mask.

I walk in behind her, and she places him gently into my arms. Once he is in my arms, I sit down on a comfortable looking chair and just sit there looking at him.

"I'll be back in a minute, take your time with him," the nurse says with a smile before leaving, as the door closes, Lucas opens his eyes and just stares into mine.

"Hey there little guy. I'm your daddy," I say with smile and he looks at me wide eyed.

"You look so much like your mommy, but unfortunately you got stuck with my hair. I apologize in advance," I say with a chuckle.

"I'm sure you've seen all the crazy people looking in the window at you, that's the rest of your family. Your grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, cousins and your big brother and sister, they are so excited that you are finally here. I promise that you will be the most loved baby in the world, I've loved you since the day your mommy told me she was going to have you, and I will love you for the rest of your life," I say honestly, and surprisingly he coo's at me, almost like he was responding.

I sit there for the next hour, even after he drifts off to sleep. My life couldn't be more perfect, I had my beautiful wife and three amazing children, more than a handful of great nieces and nephews, what more could I guy ask for? Life before I met Bella was dark and cold, leading to a life as a lonely old man, but thanks to the internet and my amazing yet annoying brother I got my happily ever after.

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