Title: Career Day with CEDEF Leader, Sawada Iemitsu

Rating: K+

Summary: "I never hate him, just some sort of loathing." Iemitsu is going to show Tsuna how much his son means to him, by attending the Career Day at Tsuna's school

A/N: Tsuna and the others are a year older. Mention of Tsuna's fight with Iemitsu. Also, I'm not sure if Career Day is exists in Japan but we do. So just ignore the fact if it doesn't. And Reborn is still in his baby form. Ignore the fact if later he returns to his adult form, too. This will be only two chapters, I guess.

This is a rewrite version. It seems that my perspective of Tsuna's feelings to his dad did not share with anyone's.

Btw, dun worry, I'm not angry with anyone. It's good that everyone's kind enough to point out the flaw (even though I still insist that I did nothing wrong!). Oh, and I spent my whole afternoon to write this (even though I need to study!) T_T please don't let my time wasted in vain. And yes, I added a little humour here. Is it okay? Humour's my strongest point in writing stories. That's why I'm thinking about let TFF being adopt.

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Start chapter.

Tsuna did not just hear that. No, it was just a penguin that learned how to talk in human language and the penguin was lost here in Japan. Yeah, that sounded plausible.

"Sawada-kun." The penguin said. Tsuna stared at it, wondering if his mom would care to have another creature to cook for. After all, his mom didn't seem to mind those Mafiosi barging in their house. So why not add another one? And this particular penguin looked like it didn't have anyone else to stay with. Maybe he could contact the zoo and-


Tsuna blinked out of his stupor. He looked at the red faced pe- he meant, teacher.

"H-hai, sensei?" he smiled sheepishly. Minami-sensei huffed and glared down at her student.

"I'm expecting one of your parents to come tomorrow."

Tsuna blinked as he remembered what actually was happening. Realization and horror dawned to his face.

Welcome back to the reality, bro.

"B-but sensei, my father isn't at home! And my mom is a whole time wife house! Can't I bring anyone else? Aside from my parents, my brother for example?" Tsuna was thinking a thousand of method to get Dino to Japan as soon as possible. After all, Dino was still well known as a previous teacher in Namimori-chuu. And the fact that he wouldn't have to call his embarrassing father was an added bonus. There's no way he's letting his father to come, a big fate NO.

The female teacher looked at him sceptically, "Who's your brother?" she asked.

Tsuna bit his bottom lip, earning him a synchronized 'awh~!' from the female population at his cute action, inwardly. They wouldn't admit that dame-Tsuna was cute, over their dead bodies. The males sighed in appreciation, also inwardly. It's good for their health to see the cute brunet every day.

"Dino Cavallone, sensei." He answered meekly. The teacher and students almost gaped at him. Almost.

"That explains why Dino-sensei sometimes trip on his own foot." Some male students snickered as the females glared at them.

'Does clumsiness and good looks run in the family?'

Minami sighed, "I'm sorry Sawada-kun but you have to bring your parents. We already called your parents and your mother said no problem."

Tsuna wondered if it's too late to hang himself on the ceiling.


"So, mom, are you going?" Tsuna asked his mother while they were eating dinner. Fuuta, Lambo and I-pin paid the adults no mind as they enthusiastically ate their meals. Reborn and Bianchi listened to the conversation quietly. Nana giggled.

"You'll see tomorrow, Tsu-kun." She said mysteriously. Tsuna looked at his mother suspiciously before shrugging. He totally missed the smirk on Reborn's face.

"Otou-san is going instead of me. He's actually trying to get away from his work to spend more time with Hayato." Bianchi piped in with a beautiful smile. Over the year, their family bonds had strengthened. Hayato's father, Gokudera Hayate was a full Japanese man despite the fact the he'd been born in Italy. Tsuna finally knew that Hayato's ¼ Italian from his mother side. Bianchi loved her family dearly. It had been proven to them every time Gokudera Hayate spent time with her and Hayato. She practically popped out flowers when Hayato asked her to accompany him to Italy, around nine months ago. It had been explained to them that Gokudera's mother died because of her illness, not the accident. Though Tsuna was sure there something amiss there.

"That's good then. I'm sure Hayato will appreciate that." Tsuna said with a charming smile. Bianchi turned to him with a smile.

"Of course, you know him the best. You're his boss, after all. Hayato always looks up to you."

Tsuna stuttered and blushed. Reborn smacked him over the head.

"Don't praise him too much or he'll get cockier than he already is."

Tsuna scowled at his tutor, "I'm not! And never will!" he retorted.

"Maman! I want second!"

"I-pin too!"

Nana giggled fondly. If only her dear husband was here to see how lively their family had become.


Tsuna was not looking forward to this day. Ever since his morning started, he'd been feeling anxious. And Reborn's smirk that screamed 'I know something that you don't' was not helping whatsoever. Tsuna hated his life sometimes. And now, as he looked around the classroom, he saw most of his classmates already were sitting with their parents.

But Kyoko was an exception. Tsuna still felt guilty to know that Ryohei never wanted to go to high school ever since they met. The extreme boxer had confessed to him that he wanted to further his training to serve Tsuna better. And now, the 17 years old sun guardian was the manager of Vongola hotel that the Ninth had kindly built to help Ryohei.

Tsuna's eyes flood in with sadness when Chrome came in with her illusionary parents. The girl's growth was unbelievable. She's almost as powerful as Mukuro himself. And definitely the third best illusionist in the whole world. She had created an illusion of her real parents. Tsuna knew that Chrome, Nagi, never blamed her parents for what happened to her. But Tsuna can't simply forgive them for what they had done to his precious mist guardian.

Hayato was with his father, chatting quietly to themselves. And Takeshi was with his father greeting the other parents. Trust Yamamoto-san to know most people in Namimori. Enma and Shittopi-chan were not present. It seemed that they had abused Julie's power again. They made the whole school never knew who they were, Tsuna and his guardians being exceptions. Tsuna can't help but to think what a traitor his best friend was, leaving him here. Enma could've brought him together if they planned to skip!

Tsuna sighed tiredly and decided that Enma could be selfish sometimes. He looked outside the window. They wouldn't start in another twenty minutes.

The young Decimo paled at what he saw outside the school gate.

For three black sleek limousines were parking there, and with Vongola's insignia to boot.

"Tsuna?" Tsuna turned around to see his two best friends were walking towards him. He signalled them to look outside. The trained Mafiosi inside the two reacted up immediately to Tsuna's gesture. They narrowed their eyes and bodies alerted for any attack. They swiftly made their ways to Tsuna's side and looked outside. Gobsmacked looked crossed their handsome faces.

"Are they really the Vongola?" Tsuna asked the storm guardian quietly.

"They're not the Vongola." Hayato replied. Takeshi and Tsuna immediately tensed. But the next sentence caught them off guard.

"It's the CEDEF. It's your father, Jyudaime."

Why the hell did his idiot of a father brought his fucking CEDEF limousines to his school?

Or better yet, why the hell did his father came to his school?

End chapter.

Okay, I'm going to explain something here.

Gokudera – on the last episode of Future Arc, Bianchi revealed to Gokudera that it was Gokudera's mother who refused to marry his father. Her sickness discouraged her to because she believed that she would destroy Gokudera's life when she died. So Hayato's father was never at fault.

Iemitsu – those who think that Iemitsu would come as the CEDEF leader, then you are utterly wrong. Even though the title is like that, I highly hate stories that expose Tsuna's secret. If you pay enough attention to canon, you would remember that Iemitsu runs a LEGAL business in Italy as a cover up to his real job. And he has a fucking big building as his cover up company. How awesome is that when he revealed to Tsuna's classmates that he has a big company in Italy?

Shit, I gave too much spoiler for my next chapter…

Anyway, I HATE stories that revealed Tsuna is a mafia boss to his classmates. Did I make that clear? Good.