Love is Blind; Rin X Len

Chapter 11: Another Attack, Another Code

"What?!" I let out in frustration. "This can't happen! Not now!"

Third Person's POV

The elevator must have been stuck. Quickly looking around, Len found an air shaft in the ceiling and climbed up onto the the hand bars on the side of the elevator. Once standing on the bars, he grabbed the lid to the shaft and pulled it open with the help of adrenaline. Pulling himself onto the top of the elevator, the small boy climbed up the elevator wires. He remembered climbing these wires when he was little, when Uncle Oliver killed his father.

Once Len climbed back up to the original floor Rin was on, he dashed over to the threshold of the room. Staring into the smog, he realized the room was completely empty. The floor was gone and the walls were caked in flames. Rin was nowhere to be seen.

"Rin!" he called out, obviously panicked. "Where are you?"

Her muffled scream could barely be heard over the curses of the flames and damaged building.

She had fallen with the ground. How she was still conscious, Len hadn't a clue.

He turned to run to her when the floorboards groaned in protest. It was going to give. Heck, the whole mansion was going to give. He had to get Rin and leave as soon as possible.

Deciding there wasn't enough time, Len jumped from the floor under his feet to the ground below. He braced himself for impact.

Eyes shut tightly, hands in fists, and arms crossed above his head, he rolled as soon as his forearm came into contact with the ground which reduced the risk of injury greatly. Even so, he shakily rose from the ground with splinters, cuts, and ash stains galore. His heavy breaths caused his chest to rise and fall as he raised a hand to wipe away the at his bloody and busted lip. Len's other hand held him steady again the wall as he began to cough up the smoke and debris that managed to sneak their way into his sensitive lungs.

Eyes finally open watered and burned as they continued their search for Len's other half.

"Rin? Where... where are you?" he mumbled, unable to raise his voice.

What Len saw caused both his heart and stomach to clench uncomfortably. He spotted Rin, bloodied and bruised, tied in a knocked over chair lying upon the wooden rubble.

"Rin, are you okay?" His voice came out rough and panicked, yet soft all the while.

The blonde girl groaned in response. Running over to the nearly crushed body, Len cut Rin free from the tight ropes and pulled her up. Rin attempted to steady herself as the boy held her, but she seemed to have injured her ankle.

"We need to find a way out of here," Len attempted to shout over the roaring flames, coughing from the smoke. His throat seemed to have been damaged. Len tried to look around the room but the smoke was really thick. Rin found a door and limped in its direction as Len followed. She reached the door and jiggled the knob.

"It's locked!" Rin exclaimed, finally finding her voice.

Len backed up and ran right at the door, busting it open with the little strength he had left. His body hit the floor and he began to cough harshly. Slowly, Len raised himself slightly on the balls of his hands and feet, but fell to his knees. He glanced up to see sunlight shining through a window down the hall. Rin rushed to his side and threw his arm over her shoulder as she pulled him to his feet.

"Up ahead," the weakened boy mumbled, pointing toward to window.

Len steadied himself on his feet, abandoning Rin's help and chose to support her instead.

When Rin turned down his efforts, he muttered into her ear, "Save up your strength. For... when we make it out."

Rin nodded in response. This time when he reached for her, she allowed him to. They struggled down the hallway finally reaching the window.

Len pulled it up and found a scaffold that could get them to the ground. It looked really unstable so Len thought about finding another way, but quickly changed his mind when he heard the whining of chipped and burnt wood. Parts of the ceiling began to collapse.

"Alright you go first," Len suggested.

Rin climbed through the window safely standing on the wooden board. It shook for a few short moments and Len ished in relief when it didn't break under her weight. Soon after, he climbed through the window and beside her onto the scaffolding. As he landed onto the wooden board, it immediately broke and they fell through wooden planks and iron poles.

In a way, it softened their landing. Rin luckily didn't get hit by any iron poles, but Len on the other hand took a pole to the head on the way down. His vision was hazy and he could barely walk for a few seconds. They were outside the Silver Kagamine Industries now.

"Are you alright?" Rin asked when she noticed his split forehead.

"Yeah..." Len replied, holding his head. Both were weakened by the fall.

Bam bam!

"Gunshots!" Rin shouted.

"Shit," Len cursed. "Stay close."

He raised an arm and pushed Rin behind him. He knew was too weak to run so he held both hands over his head. When the soldiers held their fire, his eyes searched the area for an exit.

"What the fuck!?" Big Al exclaimed. "Now, I KNOW I shot you. Don't you ever die!?"

"You're not getting the key!" Len yelled.

"You have the key!?" Big Al shouted, surprised. "I mean, um... Yeah, I knew that."

"What the hell, Len!" Rin whispered harshly, pinching Len's ear.

"Ow! Sorry! Geez! I thought he knew."

Big Al raised his gun to point at Rin.

"Let's put it this way; give me the key or your girlfriend dies." He smiled.

"Damn it! What can I do now?" Len thought to himself.

Suddenly Rin collapsed. She must have finally given into exhaustion.

"Rin," Len called out, his voice hoarse.

Soon after, he, himself, started to feel the excruciating pain from all of his cuts, bruises, burns, and other injuries. He shook his head to get himself out of his stupor when blackness coated his sight. What came next wasn't much of a surprise. He had fallen unconscious beside Rin.

Rin woke up to find herself laying in a small, cold room. Thick glass walls split the room into three. She noticed Len waking up behind one of the glass walls. The pain hit them hard when their adrenaline calmed down, causing them to faint.

"Len!" Rin hurried to the glass wall to meet Len, who on the other side.

"You guys finally up?" a voice from the other cut off section of the room questioned.


Len and Rin were both surprised by the sudden appearance of the older man.

"What took you two so long? Don't tell me that you forgot about me," Robert asked with a joking smirk. When he got no reply, he shook his head. "Wait, really? You guys forgot about me didn't you?..."

"Maybe a little bit," Len admitted. "but only because we were dealing with some pretty big shit."

"Wow, must've been bad... How many flushes did it take?" Robert asked with grimace.


"What?" Robert questioned innocently.

"You know what I meant," Len stated.

Silence quickly came over the small room. They noticed a small hole on each glass wall and a locked door behind each of them. Robert relaxed against the cold see through wall and slipped out his phone from his pocket as Rin began to pace in circles. Len walked to the glass wall separating himself from Rin.

"Hey," Len said, "You alright?"

Rin sighed, "Yeah, I guess so."

"We're gonna get out of this. We always do," Len assured.

"I know... It's just gonna take so much time and effort to get into this shed. I mean, we almost burned to death and we could have been shot dead so many times..." Rin seemed upset.

"What are you trying to say?" Len asked. "That we just give up now? After all we've been through?"

"I just wanna know if whatever's in that shed is worth all this," Rin said, sounding defeated.

"It has to be," he guaranteed her.

"Alright," was her reply.

Rin continued pacing like she was earlier with a worried expression on her face. Len thought she was thinking too much, but he knew he was taking all of this too lightly. Len was starting to wonder if it really was worth it himself. He decided not to ponder so much. They couldn't give up now.

Robert seemed to be upset by something also. Len wished there was something that could lighten the mood for once. He walked over to Robert's side.

"How about you, how've you been?" Len asked.

"Horrible!" Robert replied. "I might even be in a worse situation than you were a couple hours ago!"

"I was almost burned alive..." Len replied, confused about what could possibly be worse.

"Yeah, well guess what!?" he asked, enraged.


"There's no Wi-Fi!" Robert yelled.

"What's Wi-Fi?" Len was confused. He had no idea what it was or why Robert was laughing so hard at his question. Even Rin was laughing and that wasn't something Len had seen in a long time.

"Haha... Poor kid..." Robert wiped a tear from his eye. "I almost feel bad for you..."

Len was about to retort, but suddenly, the door behind Robert was unlocked and Big Al walked in along with two other soldiers; both held a rifle.

"Alright ladies," Big Al started, shutting the door behind him. "Now that you've all gotten comfortable, it's time."

One of the soldiers beside him quickly walked up behind Robert and kicked him behind his kneecap. As Robert fell to his knees, the soldier pointed his gun at his head.

"Whichever one of you brats has the key, you better hand it over. You've got three seconds." Big Al announced.


"Damn it!" Len panicked. He reached into his pockets finding nothing. "Rin, don't you have the key?"

"No, it should be here!" Rin replied, cramming her hands in her pockets.


"Shit! What do we do!?" Len was freaked out.

Rin tried to remember when she possibly could have lost it. That's when it came to her, Neru must have taken it from her.

"On-" BOOM!

"What the fuck!?" Big Al exclaimed.

There were explosions and gunshots sounding throughout the entire complex. The ground shook beneath their feet, causing the soldier with his gun pointed at Robert to fall to his feet. His finger hit the trigger and a bullet launched to the ground, skinning Robert's head.

"Code Blue! This is a Code Blue! I repeat, this is a Code Blue!"

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