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Summary of 'The New Member of the Order':

Last summer, Danny was attacked by a Death Eater trying to recruit him to Voldemort's cause. He's saved by Remus Lupin and sent to Grimmauld Place. While he's there he decides to stay and help the Order of the Phoenix, effectively abandoning Amity Park and his friends.

Danny helps the Order with watching the prophecy, watching over Harry and other small missions. Danny lives in Hogwarts through the school year learning about magic from the book archives in the library. From time to time Danny would get attacked by one of his old ghostly foes trying to capture him to Vlad for the illusive reward. With the Ministry's slow takeover of Hogwarts, Dumbledore is driven out of Hogwarts and so is Danny.

Months later, when news reaches Danny of Harry and his friends being led into a trap by Voldemort in the Department of Mysteries, Danny leaves with Sirius to the Ministry.

Danny helps fight off the Death Eaters but follows Harry after Bellatrix Lestrange. Danny as well as Dumbledore confronts Voldemort, resulting in Danny transforming back into his human half in front of newly arrived Ministry reinforcements.

Now Danny's identity is known to all of the magical world.

The Ghostly Auror

Chapter 1

It was a dark and cloudy day in the small town. The town had many brick houses all around, unused and barren. The windows of the homes were all dark, lacking any sign of a reflection or shine. Other windows were broken and covered with wooden boards over top the window holes.

In the distance was a large chimney of an Industrial revolution era mill. The chimney was many stories higher than any other buildings in the vicinity. Grassland in the area looked old and overgrown, ivy climbed up the sides of the old building and the cobblestone in the street was cracked and out of shape, desperate need of repair work.

Suddenly there was a faint pop and a figure wearing a dark robe, covering the figures body and head. The cloak billowed in the wind created a dark ominous feeling if anyone had seen the figure, but luckily there was no one in site.

The figure walked through the town in his bare feet stepping over the crumbled cobblestone with ease. He passed a sign reading 'Spinners End' by the end of a rundown street of the town.

At the very end of Spinner's End was the one house that looked like it was being lived in, though it looked like a home of poverty. Ivy covered half of the brick side of the home, the paint of the brick crumbled and cracked away showing the brick underneath. A light flickered through the curtains in the one lone second story window of the home. The cloaked figure stopped and stared at the home for a moment before he continued towards the door.

The figure knocked twice and waited patiently outside of the door. The door opened a sliver of the way for the house owner to look through at whoever had knocked on the door. Then the door fully opened to reveal a man with pale skin, greasy black hair, a long nose and thin lips. The man wore a black sweater and dark cloak billowing over top of the man's shoulders behind him.

The man instantly went down on one knee in front of the dark cloaked figure outside his door, bowing in obedience and respect.

"Why have you honoured me with your presence my Lord"

"I need to speak with you Severus. Inside please." The cloaked figure, Voldemort ordered to the house owner, Severus Snape, who kneeling before the dark lord of magic.

"Of course my Lord" Snape said while holding the door open for his master.

Voldemort stepped inside and took off his cloak hood revealing his red eyes, pale white skin bald as a new born babe and evil snake like face

"Would you like a drink my Lord?"

"Yes of course, give me your best" Voldemort said graciously.

Snape then stepped ahead of Voldemort into the sitting room where a fireplace crackled with an enchanted fire and the walls surrounding the furniture of the room was covered in book cases full of a wide assortment of books.

With a flick of Snape's wand a bookcase wall moved down into the floor revealing a secret compartment where Wormtail stood, waiting with a scared look on his face.

"Wormtail, get the two of us drinks"

Wormtail looked like he rather do anything than listen and obey on Snape's orders but with the presence of the Dark Lord in their midst made Wormtail hold his tongue. "What would you like?"

"Some elf made red wine should do" Voldemort said with authority.

"As you wish my Lord" Wormtail said kneeling and walking down the secret compartment again.

He came back up with two empty wine glasses with a dark blood looking wine, with a sparkling blue label. Wormtail placed the items on the side tables and quickly poured a glass for Snape and Voldemort. The drink bubble in the glass like an acid into a test tube, but soon the bubbles disappeared.

"Thank you Wormtail, now leave us." Voldemort said coldly, pointing to the secret compartment.

Wormtail looked crest fallen at the idea of being out of the loop of the conversion but nodded anyways, obediently following his master's orders. The moment Wormtail was in the secret compartment the book closed over top of the entrance with a flick of the wrist from Snape.

"Now that the vermin is out of the way…what do you need from me, my Lord."

Voldemort opened his mouth, about to speak when he stopped and raised his wand. He pointed to the secret compartment in the bookcases and flicked his wrist. A squeal and crash sounded through the door case.

"Do not eavesdrop on us Wormtail, or it'll be the last thing you'll ever hear" Voldemort said loud enough to travel through the door case.

"Yes, Master." Wormtail said weak through the book case.

Voldemort waited a moment before he spoke again, staring at Snape with his unnerving scarlet red eyes.

"I wanted to speak with you about that creature, the halfa, they call it." Voldemort began. "It insulted me with its insolence in the Ministry and I'd like to rectify that. And worse, that…boy is a Muggle in its human form. No sort of muggle creature should live after such defiance." Voldemort spat in pure hatred towards Danny, his teeth grinding together in anger thinking about Danny.

"I had not known about the boy's ghost half, no one did but Dumbledore. He kept it a secret from the entire Order." Snape explained.

Voldemort sipped some of his red wine as he thought over Snape's words.

"Interesting, and now his identity and power has been revealed to the entire wizarding world." Voldemort said pausing to think, swirling his glass of wine absent mindedly.

"Do you know where this halfa is right now?" Voldemort asked.

"Today is his magical creature registration trail with the Wizengamot, as well as his secret meeting with the new Minister of Magic afterword's." Snape answered.

"Where does he go after the Ministry trials and meetings? I understand that he's been in living Hogwarts in the past week resting." The dark lord asked curiously, plans tinkering in his head for possible revenge.

"He is being moved, he will live in The Burrow after the trail. Dumbledore has just set up the home with his protective spells. I expect Harry Potter will arrive in the next week or so from now." Snape explained.

Voldemort nodded, his eyes becoming hard and concentrated. "Harry Potter's time will come. At the moment I am more focussed on the halfa"

Snape looked at Voldemort curiously. "My Lord, if you don't mind me asking, but why do you want this creature, this halfa so badly?" Snape asked carefully.

Voldemort flashed a look of pure rage towards Snape, his red eyes nearly giving Snape chills. He looked down at his wine glass, took the last sip of wine from the crystal glass before he answered Snape's question. "Severus, in my encounter with the halfa in the Ministry I saw into that creature's mind and saw just how weak minded the halfa was first hand. But, that halfa has accomplished something that I have strived to achieve." Voldemort explained. "This halfa has the ability to switch between life and death with just a snap of its fingers. The nearest a magical creature can become immortal, but a filthy muggle was able to achieve this."

Voldemort "In the beginning, this halfa didn't even want this extraordinary power; making it unworthy of such power."

Voldemort paused for a moment. "I do not want the halfa to be destroyed in conflict I want the halfa to be sent to me, kneeling at my feet ready to be destroyed by myself, just like Harry Potter."

"Of course, my Lord"

"I will need any information that you may find out about the halfa at all times, Severus. I want to start formulating a plan to capture the halfa."

"Of course, my Lord"

"Once you find out the result of the Wizengamot meeting, see me at once" Voldemort instructed.

"I need to know how his skills will be used against us, as well as how the Ministry plans on using him." Voldemort said as he got up from his chair.

Snape got up from the chair as well, following the cloaked Voldemort to the door. "I will do so with the upmost haste my Lord."

"Thank you Severus. I trust that you will get the job done."

Voldemort opened the front door of the Snape's home and left without another word. The moment the door was closed a faint pop was heard through the door.

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