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Chapter 12

The next morning…

Danny sat down at the Weasley kitchen table staring at Arthur Weasley, who stared at Danny with a look of bewilderment.

"There is no way that's true Danny" he said looking at the halfa with practiced sternness (for Fred and George).

Danny had just told the man about Harry's theory about Draco Malfoy. How he believed that the blonde teen was recruited as a Death Eater, planning something in secret for Voldemort. And now, Danny was trying to convince Mr. Weasley for his help to get a warrant to search the Malfoy mansion.

"But what if it is true Arthur" Danny defended with a stern tone as well.

"That is a big 'what if' Danny…"

Danny sighed and looked Arthur in the eyes trying to show how serious he was. "When has Harry steered you or the Order wrong? He's dead set on this and I think its worth it to check out"

Arthur gazed off through the far window towards the Burrow's fields. A strong breeze blew through the long grass seemingly thinking over Danny's argument. Danny waited patiently for the elder wizard's response, eating at his breakfeast as he waited. The man looked conflicted as he stared off into the distance

"Screw reputation if we're wrong, Harry saved my life last year, this is the least I could do"

"3rd floor, Ministry of Law" the elevator voice announced to the people inside.

Arthur and Danny stepped out of the Ministry elevator and walked through the marble hallways of the Ministry.

"So what's the plan?" Danny asked gazing over the new environment of the Ministry.

"We need a warrant to search the Malfoy mansion, so we need to go to a judge or law official to write one up for us. And there is a man to see for this type of thing."

Arthur turned to a large doorway stepping into a large expansive room where many people were writing on their parchments, paper airplane letters flew all around the room unfolding and stacking high on people's desks. The room roof looked like it was held up by 4 marble white pillars extending from the roof to the floor.

Arthur walked past the busy desks of many law officials towards a desk in the back corner where a man with a medium body build with neat combed over hair and scruffy moustache, he wore a black coat and pants over a white shirt. His jacket looked old fashioned with many ink stains that could never be taken out. He sat writing furious on a piece of parchment then he slide to a small pile on the side and took the top piece of paper from his one foot tall pile.

"Michaels" Arthur said smiling.

The man looked up from his desk and instantly smiled to Arthur.

"Weasley" The man said with a deep, scruffy voice. "How's it going ya rascal!"

"Good, the new head department job is good, though I miss all the muggle stuff." Arthur answered smiling.

"Of course you do." He then looked over towards Danny, eyeing him over Mr. Weasley's shoulder. "Who is this? He looks familiar." The man asked intrigued.

"Danny Fenton, this is Greg Michaels."

"Ah the halfa, now I remember, you're in the papers all the time" Greg answered smiling as he shook Danny's hand. "So what brings the two of you here?"

"Well…I'm here to ask a favor of an old friend."

"Of course" Greg said sarcastically extending how he said 'course'. "Well?"

"I need a warrant from to search the Malfoy mansion" Arthur said looking a little uncomfortable asking

Greg nodded, "Any reason for this?"

"We have a tip that there is something hidden by the Malfoy's, something dark and dangerous" Arthur said, somewhat telling the truth.

"You the source?" Greg said pointing to Danny.

Danny shook his head, trying to stay silent in this new environment.

"Ok then, who is the source then?"

"That's confidential"

"Bullocks Weasley and you know it" Greg exclaimed getting the attention of a few people. He shook them away with a few flicks of his wrist; they slowly turned back to their work.

"I can't tell you who the source is Greg but it's someone I can trust. Can you do this for me?" Mr. Weasley said quietly in a serious tone.

"Yeah sure, now get me a warrant sheet so I can fill out for you!" Greg exclaimed grumbling under his throat.

Mr. Weasley couldn't help but smile as he turned around went towards the far side of the room where large filing cubicles filled the walls completely filled with papers. On the side was a ladder attached to the wall that could slide side to side.

"So, how do you know Greg?" Danny asked curiously.

"He's an old family friend from many years ago, I haven't seen him in a while." Mr. Weasley explained while looked at the cubicle labels.

"Aha!" Mr. Weasley said as he extended on his tip-toes and took out a sheet of paper that was labelled as a warrant.

"If we get this done today then we can search the house tomorrow" Mr. Weasley said with excitement as he walked back to Greg Michaels.

A little later…

Danny sat in a spare chair watching as Greg and Arthur were filling out the papers for the warrant going through everything that needed to be written.

The halfa had nothing to contribute in this discussion so he just sat by and looked over the law office watching as everyone worked through their mountains of work, sometimes enchanting the quill and talking out what need to be written.

Then there was the loud audible noise of a man clearing his throat from the front of the office entrance. Suddenly an aura of silence passed through the office as everyone's attention went to the front where, Rufus Scrimgeour stood with an entourage of three people, Dolores Umbridge, Percy Weasley and Pius Thickenesse.

"Everyone we need to start the paper work on the arrest of a Stan Stunpike, I want that to be the top priority!" The Minister said to the now quiet law makers.

And then in an instant a group of 7 people went straight towards the cubicles of papers and started getting the stacks of paper work to their desk meanwhile Pius and Percy joined the group of law officials and started to instruct them with the necessary information that was needed to be filled in.

Scrimgeour with Umbridge at his side just watched the Department working furiously for him, looking satisfied by the display of the hard work. His dark golden eyes then turned their attention to Danny which put Danny at unease so he turned his direction back to Mr. Michaels and Mr. Weasley.

This action turned the attention of Scrimgeour right towards Mr. Weasley who didn't notice the man since he was so focussed on the warrant.

Scrimgeour walked up behind Arthur and cleared his throat again to get his attention. "Danny Phantom and Arthur Weasley, what are you doing here?"

"Sir!" Arthur said surprised, turning around straightness himself out in front of the Minister. "I'm just getting a warrant Minister."

"And who is the warrant for?" Scrimgeour asked patiently.

Arthur froze, almost being too afraid to share the truth. Before he could speak, Greg jumped to speak for him. "The Malfoy's sir"

"And why would we need to search the Malfoy's? We've already searched the manor for Dark Art material after Lucius' arrest."

"A source told Daniel and I that the Malfoy's may be harbouring something hidden from the Ministry, something dangerous." Mr. Weasley explained.

"Can this source be trusted?" Scrimgeour said now in a dark whisper that was hard to overhear in the hectic activity around them.

"Yes, but it'll be better if this source goes unnamed." Arthur finished nervously.

"That's not good enough Arthur"

"You're going to have to trust us Minister" Danny said cutting into the conversion. "We trust this source and we believe that it's true. The Malfoy's are hiding something, we just don't know what it is. But it may be a weapon for the enemy."

"We'll be careful Minister" Mr. Weasley said trying to assure the leader of the Ministry of their plan.

Scrimgeour looked at the two of them with his old calculated golden eyes and gave them a short nod before walking away from the two of them. Arthur visibly sighed and gave Danny a short rise of his two eyebrows in disbelief and turned back to Greg to finish up the warrant.

Before Danny could even get a chance to lie back in his chair he heard a short girlish "eemph" come from the behind. Danny turned around and saw Umbridge standing towards Danny's side staring at him with a toadish smile. The smile looked fake to the extreme, as if he took everything in her power to keep that smile.

"Yes?" Danny asked confused.

"Can I have a word with you in private" she said in a high pitched girlish voice.

Danny gave a nod and got up from his chair now standing over the shorter witch. He walked behind the witch tensely as he remembered some of the things she'd said to him before and that was without the fact of knowing that he was a half breed, something that she was supposed to despise.

They stepped out of the main room and went down the main hall of the Ministry floor. Eventually Umbridge turned and walked inside a side room.

Inside there was numerous enormous piles of paper trying high into the air all bundled together by rope. Danny could only guess that this was a Ministry of Law's archive from hundreds of years ago based on the aged look of the piles of paper.

Umbridge turned to Danny giving the halfa a glare her smile now completely gone now in the private setting.

"So what do you need?" Danny said politely, feeling as though he treading on thin ice.

"I just need you to understand something, Phantom" She said with a little hiss. "Even though you are in a high position in the Ministry's law enforcement it does not change the fact that you are a half breed. And you need to know your place."

Danny glared down at the witch showing how angry he was from her statements. "There is nothing wrong with me being a half breed"

"That is only a matter of opinion, I suppose. Be here is what I do know. A half breed is just half a human and even if you do look human, you are still…not human." Umbridge said with a twistedly sweet voice.

Danny grit his teeth together as he listened to Umbridge speak. He glared at the woman his eyes practically on the verge of glowing green in anger.

"You are to do everything that the Ministry asks of you. If you are asked to jump, you ask, 'How high?' You will go by our standard and you will like it."

There was a short pause as Umbridge waited for Danny to respond, but the halfa just glared at her silently.

"Do you understand?" she said almost mockingly.

Danny didn't answer he just continued to glare at the women trying to restrain himself, without warning his eyes started to glow green.

Automatically Umbridge grabbed the wand at her side but didn't withdraw it. "If you do anything to endanger the Ministry, I will take action. So know that as you go through the tasks set by the Ministry. If I had my way you would sent back to America in chains"

And with that Umbridge slowly slipped out of the room not risking taking her eyes off of Danny. When the door closed Danny nearly blasted a pile of the paper with an ectoplasmic blast. Instead he just slammed his fist on a nearby table slowly trying to calm himself down.

'The nerve of her' Danny thought furiously. 'I'll show her how much some half breed can do compared to people with magic!'

With that Danny stormed his way out of the room and returned back Mr. Weasley.

"Good news Danny, the warrant is done. I'll send it in and get a team together for the search, then we're good to go for a day or two for the search" Mr. Weasley explained enthusiastically.

"Ok, now I'll be on my to the Auror's office" Danny said as he started to walk towards the elevators.

"Alright, see you Danny" he said oblivious to Danny's anger

Danny walked down to the elevators and waited patiently for it to arrive.

'I'll show her what some half breed can do and then I'll get to see Umbridge's smile gone from her toady face' Danny thought in furious determination. As the elevator arrived he stepped on and went on his way back to the Auror's office.

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