Hey guys! So I've been getting countless amounts of people asking/PM'ing/Tweeting me to do an Eclare pregnancy story. And that is what you shall get. In the process, I'd like you to know I've never been pregnant/nor do I plan on being it very soon, so you'll have to deal with my inexperience of a pregnancy. I've already looked up several details, so don't worry about it-I've got the knowledge down. I hope you enjoy the first chapter of "Outlaws Of Love"...

Rated: M (Sexual Themes/ Cursing/Violence/Plot Twists)

Genre: /Family/Drama/Hurt/Comfort


Summary: This is a tale of a Clare Edwards, and an Elijah Goldsworthy, during the toughest journey they will ever face; parenthood.

Note: In this story, Eli and Clare are both seniors in College.

Warnings: WILL BE OOC


"Thanks for taking me Jake, I'll see you later."

I slammed the door of my stepbrother's truck, while walking at a fast pace to my first class. It was my senior year of college, and I wasn't going to fuck this up. I've spent three years crying over the massive amount of work, making myself pass out from exhaustion and studying until my eyes couldn't be forced open anymore. College life wasn't fun like I was told-no, it was stressful, overbearing at times, but there's one person who I can thank for staying by my side the entire time…Eli Goldsworthy.

He stood by me through the thick and thin. Through the tears and the smiles, he was always beside me. Whenever I was angry at something, or at someone, Eli would hold me, tell me everything would be okay; he's my hero.

"Welcome class, please take a seat!" The professor in the front of the room clapped her hands, signaling us to plop our butts down wherever we choose to fall.

I eyed an open desk at the front of the room and sat down, placing my three pens on top of my binder filled with clean sheets of loose leaf. I grinned at the teacher, and she smiled back, as I decided to use my spare minutes before class to text my boyfriend.

Jake got me here safe and sound, no scratches or cuts. I know you're probably working on Morty since you need to get to your college soon, but I'll call you when I'm done with my first class.

I love you,


Within seconds, my phone vibrated on my lap, and I grinned at the text;

Thank the lord of mechanics for that lumberjack and his shack of crap on wheels. Morty is almost fixed, sorry he broke down on one of the most important days of your life. But don't worry; I'll make sure he's all oiled up for our wedding ;) I kid, I kid. I'll be waiting for you call, enjoy your class, and don't get paranoid-you're the smartest person there.

Love you too,


"Alright class, phones away! Phones away! Thank you," in the mist of the professor's introduction, the door in the back of the room slammed open, probably echoing the entire college. I rolled my eyes at the late arriver, and forced myself to pay attention to the professor.

Nothing/No one will distract me.

"The next class we don't take in any late stragglers, but since it's the first day you have an excuse. Please, take a seat next to this fine young lady," my heart raced as the man, who looked about twenty-five-ish slammed his binder on the desk, and started to take out food, placing it over his work.

"Sir, there's no food allowed in here," Ms. Dawes, the professor, spoke with a gentle yet stern voice.

He snorted, "I'm dying from walking around the desert for two years and eating nothing but cacti. Can I eat now?"

"There's no need for smart mouthing in here, what are we-in high school again?" Ms. Dawes teased him, as he chuckled, his blonde hair being pushed back by his fingers, "I promise you, Ms. Dawes that I won't eat or be late ever again. I've had a rough night, and I'm hungry. I'll be silent when I eat, I promise."

Ms. Dawes sighed, giving into his plea, "Only today, next time you'll be kicked to the curb."

"Alright class, now to begin-," after those first five words were said, everything was ignored, a powerful wave of nausea washed over my stomach with the smell of this man's salmon. I placed my hand over my mouth, trying to choke back the feeling of regurgitating anything. My heart raced nervously, the image of becoming sick in front of this entire class making my palms sweat with anxiety.

But the man next to me seemed un-phased, shoving more than he can fit into his mouth down his throat with a plastic fork. I felt the bile rising in my throat, burning my esophagus as I quickly gathered my things, darting out of the room, hearing a "she should've had a stronger stomach".

The second I saw a lonesome garbage can in the middle of the hallway, I sighed in relief, dropping to my knees and letting everything out. My omelet that Eli had made for me this morning showed up, and even the pasta from the night before had made a special appearance. My legs felt extremely weak, and the vomit just kept coming up. After a few minutes, I was wondering if it was ever going to stop.

Tears burned my face, as I whimpered; leaning against the walls of the college, while trying to get on my two feet. A pathetic sigh escaped my lips, as I walked out across the college, hauling a cab.

The ride was painful, the driver managing to drive into every pot hole in fucking Canada, and swerving around like we were in a go-cart race at fucking Six Flags. When we finally reached Eli and I's apartment, I sighed in relief, handing the guy a twenty. Even though he didn't deserve it, I gave it to him anyway because I wasn't in the mood to go to jail for not paying a horrible driver off.

I eyed the front of the condo, seeing as though Morty was gone and Eli probably left by now. Just when I was about to reach the door, I realized Eli locked the stupid apartment up and the nauseous feeling came back. My eyes were frantic, bulging, as I searched for something to relieve myself in.

"Oh god," the only two words that escaped my mouth before I quickly opened my book bag, throwing up all over my books-the ones I paid for, the supplies I had bought with my hard earned money.

But at this point, it didn't matter, nothing mattered-I ruined everything…


Did you forget to call me Edwards? Hope you're alright. Please text me or anything.


"Dude, I'm sure she's fine. Maybe she's…cooking something-you know how women are, always up to something," Adam tried to cover up the fact that Clare wasn't texting me back for the past five hours, but he failed miserably.

"She always calls, or texts-she knows the rules," I rolled my eyes, trying to pay attention to the professor in the front of the room, but I couldn't even process my hand in front of my face.

"Rules? What does she live under, Dictator Goldsworthy?" he teased.

I chuckled dryly, letting my sarcasm be known, "No, but she does know how bothered I get when she doesn't respond. It's like she's doing this on purpose. I can't believe she would do that-what sick, manipulative human being would-?"

Adam cut me off, placing his hand on my shoulder, and pushed a bottle of pills on my desk. I scoffed, pushing them back towards him, "I don't need them. I just need her to text me back."




"That's my girl," I whispered to myself, as I zoned out of the lecture, reading Clare's ginormous, five page text message;

I'm sorry I haven't been answering. I went back to our place earlier than I thought, I ruined everything Eli. This stupid asshole next to me in my first class had salmon and I got extremely nauseous. It's all my fault. I almost threw up in the classroom, and then the stupid taxi driver I had managed to make my stomach turn upside down. Then, I threw up all over my books, and I've been sleeping ever since. I'll never be able to get those books back in tact and it doesn't even matter, because I'm not going back to college. It's not meant for me. I'm going back to bed. Just do me a favor and not be loud enough for China to hear you when you walk in.


"Clare's sick," I whispered to Adam, as he responded mockingly, "So buy her soup and call it a night?"

"It's probably a stomach bug she caught from someone at school. She said she got sick in her first class."

Clare's been looking forward to this day for her entire life, thriving for it. It was the first day she was going into school feeling accomplished, like the years in school, learning nonsense she already knew was worth going through.

Her text sounded as if she was giving up on her future, and I wasn't going to let her do that, because she wants to be a teacher, or a writer, badly. She's been through too much to give in now, not when she's so close.

"I'm going to skip out on the rest of this lecture. Can you email me your notes?" I asked him, as he nodded, holding up a fist, "Good luck man, tell Clare I said feel better."

"I will."



I groaned inwardly towards him; hearing his voice was irritating, it was like nails scratching on a chalkboard. My hands were tucked underneath my shirt, cupping my stomach in slight pain. I was curled up into the couch, my face buried into the cushions, and a warm blanket wrapped around my frame.


My lip twitched, "What do you want Eli? Can't you see I don't feel good?"

"Yes I can, but I bought you soup. You need to eat. I'm pretty sure you haven't eaten all day, considering it looks like you've made a dent in the couch," he teased, but I was in no mood for teasing today.

"Try not to be sarcastic for once in your life Eli," I spat, standing up from the couch and walking up the steps to our room, "I was just trying to cheer you up."

"Make me a time machine and bring me back to my class this morning, where I sat in a goddamn different seat. That'll cheer me up."

Eli stared at me in disbelief, balancing a cup of soup, and a "feel better" teddy bear in the other hand. His green eyes were glistening with tears, "I just wanted to make you feel better."

I watched as he chucked the soup into the garbage can in the kitchen, and the teddy bear followed a suit. My lip curled downwards, my stomach growling lightly, as Eli bent over the island in the kitchen, placing his head on the cold surface, while he tugged at his hair with his fingers in frustration.

"I'm sorry Eli, I just had…a really bad day," I whispered, as he looked up, his cheeks flustered, tears streaming down his face, "I knew that Clare, that's why I tried to make it better…I brought you soup and-."

"Just lay down with me, that's all I need."

Within seconds Eli was behind me, assisting me up the steps. His protective arm was tightly wrapped around my waist, his nails digging slightly into my side from the intense pressure. I breathed out, "Eli you're hurting me."

"S-Sorry, force of habit."

Eli helped me lay down, but the moment my back touched the bed, my stomach churned in the worst way possible. I felt the bile creeping up my throat once again, and by the look on my face, he knew what would happen next as well. Eli quickly grabbed the closest thing-his guitar case. I wasn't going to object, seeming as though the throw up was already filling up half of the case.

"Maybe you should see a doctor or something," he suggested, while awkwardly rubbing my back with one hand and using the other to hold back my sweaty curls.

I shook my head, "It's just a little bug. It'll pass."

After an hour of being hunched over the bed, I made a daring move by lying back down. Once my head hit the pillow, my eyelids grew heavy. I listened to Eli's footsteps as he disposed of his guitar case outside, and how after, he slipped in the bed beside me.

"How does this feel?"

Eli snaked his cold hands over my stomach, as I closed my half lidded eyes, enjoying his touch. His fingernails scraped soothingly across the base of my stomach, as his head rested on my shoulder. He whispered sweet nothings in my ear, kissing my jaw bone every now and then. Everything seemed to be getting better, until Eli put too much pressure on a certain area, "Ouch Eli! Fuck, watch what you're doing!"

I flipped over to the other side, facing our bedroom door, using my butt to shove Eli more towards his side of the bed. My stomach churned in pain, but no vomit coming up-thankfully. But now all remained was this empty, intense hurt from my belly. I tried to sooth it over, but failed miserably.

When Eli tried to place his hand over my stomach again, I swatted his hand away, "Don't touch me Eli, all you do is hurt me!"






I do this to her-I make her feel this way.

"I'll sleep downstairs," I whispered, barely audible for her to hear me.

As I dragged my feet downstairs, I stopped halfway down the steps, and traced my fingers over a picture frame. In the photograph, my arms were wrapped around her waist, and I was kissing her cheek while she had a goofy grin on.

Why couldn't it be like that now?



"Bianca I told you, the smell got me nauseous, I threw up practically everywhere my feet landed yesterday and I lost my temper with Eli last night. And when I came downstairs this morning, he's gone. I don't know where he is," tears formed in my eyes, not knowing Eli's whereabouts.

"Relax Clare, you're only going to get yourself sicker," she cooed on the other line, as I toyed with the receiver line in my hand.

"He'll come back, Eli always does. You guys haven't fought in a while, so you should've seen this coming. No relationship is perfect, and you of all people should know that," Bianca said, as I heard a shrill cry in the background.

"Luke is still uncontrollable huh?" I asked, picking at a cereal bar in my hands.

"He's only good when Drew's around, go figure," she scoffed, her tone soft as she soothed her two year old son.

"How do you do it Bianca? Take care of Luke while Drew's in the military?" my question was innocent, just pure curiosity getting the best of me.

"It's hard, yes. He's worth it though, they're worth it."

After a moment of silence, Bianca shouted, "Hey Clare, I think I might know what's wrong with you!"


"…Now, I don't want to alarm you, but when was the last time your great ole' Auntie Flo came for an unwanted visit?"



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