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Outlaws Of Love


"She won't go to the hospital! She's just sitting in the nursery, trying to convince herself that her water didn't break an hour ago and that the babies aren't going to come! I'm going to have a fucking panic attack if someone doesn't convince her to let me drive her to the hospital!"

"Alright Dr. Doom, I'm in. Drew, watch Luke. I don't know how much longer I can take listening to her cry and scream behind that door," Bianca advanced up the steps, and the closer we got to the room, the louder the shrieks got.

"Wait," she paused, "Who's going to drive her to the hospital? It's a half hour drive there, and you need to be in the back seat with her."

"Cece and Bullfrog are already on the way there, and everyone else went home. Fiona is so excited that she and Adam are in the waiting room with Fiona's own baby bag for Clare." Bianca sighed, "Alright, I'll-."

She was cut off by a loud, strained yell from the inside of the nursery.

"Clare! Honey! It's me, Eli. You have to open the door," I called out softly, while Bianca banged on the locked door, "Do you honestly think the 'Clare, sweetie, I love you. Open the door baby' voice is going to work? Nimrod."

After her water broke, she told everyone to get out and she would just pack a few things for the birth. But instead, she ended up locking herself in the room and has been yelling ever since.

"Clare it's me-it's Bianca! Now if you don't open this door by the time I count to five, I will take away all of your vampire fiction! I mean it Goldsworthy!" Bianca called out, her right hand resting on her hip in frustration.

"Do you honestly think that threatening her will work?" I scoffed, as Bianca began to count, "One...two...three...four...don't make me say fiv-!"

The door swung open, revealing a sweaty, crying Clare.

"Finally! I'll be outside," Bianca trotted down the steps quickly, running out to the car.

"I-I'm sorry-I just, I thought I could hold it off for a couple of hours or days. These triplets aren't ready Eli! What if something goes wrong?" She whimpered heavily into my ear, heaving between almost every other word she spoke.

"Nothing will go wrong! The doctors will make sure everything is okay. Now please, let's just get to the hospital in one piece," I whispered, using the calmest voice I could come up with in this anxiety filled moment.

"O-Okay," Clare wobbled-with much difficulty-down the steps, left leg after right. I stood behind her, guiding her hips as she walked slowly and carefully down the steps.

I should've made a built in ramp...

"Oh Eli, do you have the baby bag?" Clare's curls were already sticking to her forehead, the sweat and tears mixing together in a frantic bunch. My heart was racing for her, so I could only imagine what she was feeling...


"I-I feel like I have a belt around my waist and it's squeezing me," a strained cry came from my quivering lips, as Eli held my hand, letting me tighten the grip whenever I wanted to. Although it was helping slightly, knowing I was transferring a feeble amount of pain to him, it wasn't satisfying enough as to where he is giving birth to these babies.

When my breaths started to become uncontrollably frantic, Bianca turned her head away from the road for a moment, to scold Eli, "Will you do the breathing exercises that Drew taught you? She needs to calm the fuck down or I'm going to cut somebody."

Eli locked my eyes with his by placing the back of his right hand on my neck. Our eyes were staring into each other's, when another contraction hit, sending my head into the crook of his neck, another shrill escaping my lips.

At this point, I couldn't control anything.

Not my body.

Not my screams.

Not the pain.


"Clare, look at me," he ordered, another wave of pain coming over my back, "I can't focus on you! Stop telling me to do the impossible!"

"She's not listening to me!" Eli yelled to Bianca, who slammed her foot down on the break, causing people to beep and honk horns obnoxiously behind us.

Bianca's eyes were wild, as she pointed to me, "You, need to calm the fuck down. If you want to give birth to three healthy babies, you need to start breathing correctly."

Her head craned to Eli, a stern finger being shoved in his face, "You need to man the hell up, hold her hand and start counting the seconds between each contraction. Can you do that? Yeah? Can the big boy count?"

"I got it, I got it."

Bianca floored it, sending another scream errupting from my mouth. I couldn't help it, the shouts and shrills came easily after that tightening grip around my back, to my lower region.

Everything felt tighter, and more uncomfortable than I've ever felt before. Even more so, the babies were kicking inside of me, making these contractions ten times worse.

Through my curly hair, I could see Eli, doing the breathing exercises, his cheeks becoming hallow, then filling up. In an attempt to follow him, I closed my eyes, trying to block out the intense pain, and bring my blood pressure down.

In the mist of my breathing exercises, another contraction hit, sending me into a squirming motion.

"I-I can't sit like this, it's too uncomfortable," I whimpered, giving Eli a serious look.

He nodded, "Alright sweetie, we're almost there. Just five more minutes and then we'll have you in a room inside the hospital. Doctor Caster is already prepped and ready, okay?"

"Just five more minutes and then we're there? Oh lovely, that's just fucking dandy! In five minutes you won't have an external organ with that tone," I spat out, beginning to consider ripping off his penis.

The blood was rushing to my fingers, making my hands itch. Every part of my body was drenched with sweat from the unbearable pain. The babies feet were pounding against my stomach, probably feeling more uncomfortable than I am-if that's even possible.

All I could think about was giving my three babies life, and doing it in the quickest way possible.

At least two more pain enduring contractions hit me before we pulled up to the hospital doors. My heart was pounding inside my chest, the pressure in my bottom becoming more than I can handle, and the tears were just flying everywhere.

"We need a wheelchair! My wife needs to be in room 310 with Doctor Caster!" I heard Eli scream loudly-directly in my ear to be exact-while Bianca helped me inside.

A wheelchair came rolling out, and Fiona smiled, "I'll take the clipboard and fill everything out! You guys go have some triplets!"

I didn't take any time before plopping my ass down in that wheelchair, and much to my relief, the feeling of having to go to the bathroom passed. I clenched my eyes shut, gripping onto Bianca and Eli's hands on either side of me as I was wheeled into a hospital room.

Confusion came over me, wondering why I was going into a room with leg stirrups when I was supposed to have a C-section.

"E-Eli what's going on? We had a plan? Wha-," another contraction followed, cutting off my words. My tongue was practically hanging out of my mouth from the dry feelings, and the pain in my abdomen was just...I couldn't even describe it at this point.

"How far apart are the contractions?" Doctor Caster asked, slipping on her gloves, and an entire team of nurses following closely behind.

"They're about two to three minutes apart, give or take," Eli said, as two male nurses lifted me out of the wheelchair, placing me on the edge of the bed.

"I-I can't do this naturally," I bit back my bottom lip, trying to stop my body from doing what it wants to. "I-I can't-no, no you can't do this to me. I can't-I'm not ready, I can't!"

The feeling of my legs had vanished, seeing as though my legs were already placed in the stirrups and I hadn't even known. My shorts that I wore beneath my dress were cut with a pair of scissors, revealing my bottom half to everyone who was standing behind Doctor Caster.

"I-I can't do this," I whimpered, my sweaty hands gripping onto Bianca and Eli's.

They both had nervous, alarmed looks on their faces, which made me even more paranoid than I was. I swallowed the lump in my throat, another wave of agonizing discomfort passing over my body.

"O-Oh God," my cheeks felt like they were on fire, burning away at my skin.

"Clare, I'm sorry but your birth plan isn't going...well, as planned. You're ten centimeters dilated, you have no choice but to push these three out," she instructed, as a nurse began plugging wires into the wall, and a needle into my arm.

"Okay?" she asked, shooting me a look-the look saying that I had no choice.

"...O-Okay, p-please, just make sure they're okay. I'm early and-," my breathing hitched, as Doctor Caster instructed Eli and Bianca to focus on the serious task at hand.

Even though the pain aura was overwhelming, all that mattered to me was delivering these babies safely-even if I had to do it naturally.

"On three you're going to push for me, alright Clare?" she looked up at me, and I nodded, "One...two...three..."

My nostrils tightened, short, hitched breaths coming from my mouth. I applied as much force as I could to my lower half. I clenched my eyes shut, breathing in through my nose, out through my mouth, and soon after, letting out a blood curdling scream.

"That's it Clare! Very good! Three more pushes and you'll have the first baby out!"

I turned to Eli, leaning my head against the pillow, "I-I can't...I can't."

"Yes you can," he spoke sternly, kissing my forehead, "Just stare at me, okay? Stare at me and push. I love you, alright? Keep pushing, and keep staring."

He pulled back the excess hair from my face, locking it in his hands to keep it out of my eyes. I smiled, forcing my chin down to my chest in agony, pushing hard once again.

"Very nice Clare! The head is out, now just one more push!" Everything felt like it was spinning; the room and the vibe I was getting from it. I turned to Eli, and locked eyes with him, "You can do it, just one more and that's one down. I love you."

"Yeah Mama Goldsworthy! Show these babies who their momma is!" Bianca shouted rather loudly, everyone turning their heads to her in confusion.

"What? I thought we were supposed to cheer her on..."

I smiled, but my curled lips soon faded once I felt the barrier between my legs completely open, and no more baby.

The baby didn't cry...

"It's a girl, born at 11:23pm, April 22nd."

"W-Why isn't she crying? Is she okay?" I whimpered, tears filling my eyes as I looked at Eli for comfort, but only became nervous, seeing his face whiten.

"She's fine Clare, now I don't need you worried. They're sending all your babies to the ICU once born. I need you to keep pushing for me, okay? This isn't over, keep your concentration locked on Eli's face."

Even though my mind was somewhere else, worrying frantically for my first daughters life, I continued to force myself to push through the pain-literally. After each strenuous contraction, which were very close together, I had used all my energy that my body could muster up at the moment to delvier my second baby.

"Is she almost out?" I panted in surrender, looking at Eli, who poked his head over the gown that was covering me slightly.

The blood drained from his face, and I watched in horror as his eyes rolled into the back of his head, his legs giving out.

"Eli!" He fell to the floor with a thud, and the spare nurses in the room rushed to his body.

"Stay focused Clare! Look at me! He'll be fine, he just saw a little blood. Men-good for nothing," Doctor Caster joked, my grip tightening on Bianca's hand at the thought of Eli not watching the second child's birth.

"Is he serious? He must've wrote fifty bloody, gorry works and he can't take a little blood?" Bianca scoffed, "What a wimp. He could never kill someone and get away with it."

"BIANCA!" I screamed, partially from the baby forcing his/her way through my body, and partially from her constant joking when this was serious! She snapped back into reality, "Right-sorry, you're still giving birth. Okay, if it helps, you can look at me?"

"I want Eli, I need Eli," I whimpered, tears falling from my eyes. I slammed my head into the pillow behind me in frustration, my back arching off the bed as I forced all the pressure down.

When a curdled shrill filled the room, I smiled in relief, and saw Eli's body rise shakily from the dead on the floor.

"It's a girl!" he slurred, his cheeks flushed while he reached out for my hand.

He smirked, "I c-checked for you...she's out."

I smiled, breathing out nervously, listening to Doctor Caster call out, while they placed my other baby girl on a tiny pink table,

"Girl, born at 12:34AM, April 23rd."

"Now all that's left is the boy Clare, that's it-then you're done. You can do this," All the encouragement in the room was radiating, and the looks coming from the nurses were all anxious looking. They seemed so excited, awaiting for our first boy to grace us with his presence.

"Come on Clare, you've got this," Eli cooed tiredly in my ear, as if he was the one who has just given birth to two babies.

"Let's go Mama Goldsworthy!" When Bianca shouted enthusiastically this time, no one rolled their eyes in her direction, but instead, flashed her a friendly smile, nodding in agreement.

Push after push, scream after scream, smile after smile, I could finally feel the tiny baby's shoulders pressing up against my thighs. My heart was racing, the fear of not hearing his shrill when he came out clouding my thoughts.

"One more push honey, you got this," Eli kept assuring me, pressing kisses to my forehead repeatedly, even though I was sweating to the point of where I looked like I stepped outside during a torrential rain storm.

"AH!" My back slammed against the mattress beneath me in exhaustion, the tingly feeling overcoming me when I heard my son crying loudly, echoing the tiny hospital room.

"Boy, born at 1:23AM, April 23rd."


"How's the new daddy feeling?" Bullfrog asked, handing me a coffee. The hospital gown was still sticking to me, as I raked my fingers through my hair, "Nervous...the babies went into the ICU over an hour ago and we haven't heard anything back."

"No news is good news, right?" I shrugged my shoulders, "I don't know..."

"How is Clare feeling?" he asked, looking at the hospital room.

"She's sleeping. Doctor Caster convinced her that if she goes to sleep and stops worrying so much, that when she wakes up, they'll bring the babies in for their first feeding," Bullfrog sighed, leaning back in his waiting chair, "I can't believe she was two months early, how crazy is that? And she gave birth to triplets naturally? Shit, that girl must have an angel on her shoulder. I'm also shocked that you made it through! I mean-fuck, I doubted you at some points...but-."

Bullfrog was cut off by Bianca, "What? He didn't tell you about his little blackout?"

"You blacked out?" My father must've snorted twenty times in his laughing spree, and I shook my head, "You didn't have to see Cece give birth to triplets...that was the most stressful thing I've ever done. Clare asked me to see if I could see anything, and all the blood, the screaming...I have a weak head, okay? Back off."

"When will you know about the babies?" Fiona asked eagerly, gripping Adams hand beside her, "I don't want them cuddled up in those hospital blankets...they're so tacky."

Everyone shot her an 'are you serious' look, and she stated, "Really? We've been waiting here for hours to see these triplets...they need to be dressed in the best."

"Mama! Mama!" I watched Luke running down the hallway, chocolate ice cream covering his face as he jumped in Bianca's arms.

"What are you doing here? Drew, I told you to stay home," he shrugged his shoulders, pecking Bianca on the lips, "It got boring at home...Luke missed you...so we came here. Did you guys get to see the triplets yet? How's Clare doing?"

"She's in pain, but trying to sleep it off," I answered, "We're still waiting for the updates on the triplets."

"Well that sucks, it's nearly three in the morning already," Drew whined, wrapping his arms around Bianca.

"They came out two and a half months premature, I don't expect the doctors to know their condition right away. We just have to wait."

Everyone was flashing me these looks, as if one of my babies were already gone, or had not survived the treatment in the ICU. I shook my head at the thoughts, and stood up, "I'm going to go lie down with Clare for a little, I know she could use the company."


His arms were wrapped loosely around me, trying not to cause me any physical pain. Although my body, from my waist down was aching in a dull pain, I continued to "sleep" with my eyes open.

I just couldn't stop staring at the door, and rubbing my sore legs together.

"The doctors said to sleep," Eli whispered, "And the doctors also said that the babies would be here over two hours ago."

"Please rest," he kissed my cheek, "Please."

"I can't close my eyes knowing I spent hours in labor, giving birth to three babies and not knowing if all of them made it! And if they didn't, then it's my fault! I was the one who couldn't hold them in, I was the one who-." Eli shook his head, stroking my cheek,"You're the one who gave birth to them, who gave them a chance at life. You did nothing wrong. Everything we did for the past seven and a half months was our best. I love you Clare, no matter what."




"C-Come in!" I called out, as Doctor Caster poked her head in through the door, a tired smile on her face.

"I thought you were sleeping," she cocked her brows up, holding a file in her hand.

My droopy eyelids couldn't get past her, "I'm sorry, I'm just worried...please, please tell me my babies are okay. Then, I promise, I'll sleep all you want me to. Please, I just need to know."

"Joey, Justin, Michael!" Eli rested his hand over my shoulder in comfort; to let me know that no matter what, he still loves me, and the babies. I grabbed his hand nervously, watching three male nurses roll in three bassinets.

I've never felt so relieved.

Tears streamed down my cheeks, looking up at Doctor Caster, "C-Can I hold them?"

"They're all yours Clare."

I wanted to hold all three of them at once, but I knew the maximum was two-at the moment. I glanced over my shoulder, to see Eli with an awe-struck smirk on his face, "Which one do you want to hold Eli? Then I'll hold the other two..."

They looked so tiny, wrapped up in their blankets, with their eyelids resting heavily over their eyes. I smiled, watching my husband walk over to the other side of the bed, "I-Isabella."

"What?" he pointed to the first baby, who was fast asleep in the pink blanket, "Isabella Marie Goldsworthy."

"T-That's perfect."

I took one look at our baby boy, who was squirming around slightly in his bassinet. Without thinking, or waiting for Eli's 'go ahead', I reached outward towards him, taking his tiny body into my arms.

His petite arm poked out of the blanket, waving it in front of my face.

I rested my finger against his fist, palming it gently in my hand, "Ethan Goldsworthy."

"No middle name?" Eli asked, and I shook my head, "He doesn't seem like a middle name kind of guy..."

With a nervous twitch in his hands, he lifted both of the baby girls into his arms, sitting beside me in the bed as we stared down at all three in complete shock and awe.

The door creaked open, flashes going off with the press of the index fingers. I smiled widely down at my two girls, and little runt of a boy. They were all so beautiful, so breathtaking, and I would've never guessed that these children would begin a new chapter in my life.

Who would've known, that throwing up from Reese's salmon was the start of something amazing...

"Happy Birthday to Isabella Marie Goldsworthy, Ethan Goldsworthy, and Emily Rose Goldsworthy."


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