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Chapter Three

Kara watched Dennis from across the table. Cyrus had 'requested' that the two psychics spend at least eight hours with each other. Some sort of team building crap. Kara could tell that Dennis didn't want anything to do with her but apparently whatever Cyrus said went, no questions asked. Right now they were in a hotel meeting room somewhere in the north. Cyrus said their next ghost was somewhere up here. All they had to do now was wait.

Kara had to stand up, sitting for two hours in an awkward silence was getting to her, sure she liked silence and spent most of her adult life in silence but none of it was awkward. Kara started to pace, following the pattern in the carpet.

Kara knew why Dennis didn't want to talk to her, it was the same reason she wasn't sure about talking to him. Psychics can't link with each other, because all the power cancelled each other out, unless that's their 'special talent.' That was one reason the other reason was that all real psychics carried a lot of energy and that energy usually only felt by animals could be felt by other psychics and made them very uneasy being around each other. Ghosts had the same effect only stronger.

Kara started to feel sorry for Dennis because of his talent. From what she could tell Dennis was had a rather rare talent called 'tracking' true all psychics could feel ghost and link with them and living humans but Dennis's powers were magnified and he could find where any ghost is by using the link, with practice Dennis would be able to do the same thing with living things. Kara also knew that because of his gift Dennis felt great pain when linking but again with practice Dennis wouldn't feel pain but there was a very real chance that the pain of practicing could potential break his mind.

Kara decided to try to connect with Dennis, if she couldn't be his friend she would be his enemy. Well, not really an enemy just some one he could yell at to express what she knew he was holding in.