Hey! Pikaace here! I wanted to give this little crossover a test run beofre I continue. I HAD to get this off my chest so I could concentrate on my other neglected fics. The first few chapters are going to be based loosly on the vid Abridgimon and the original Digimon episode. If you haven't seen Abridigimon, watch it now; it is HILARIOUS! As for the original Digimon, you MUST have seen a bit of it or you wouldn't be reading this.

I'll admit, that some parts of this are going to be very cheesy, but I'm NOT going to copy the main plot of Digimon, I am going to make up my own. You'll find out what it is in later chappies if I decide to go that far.

Anyway, without furthur ado...let us begin!

Chapter 1

The time was 1997, and things seemed as normal as ever for the annual World Conference. Britain and France were once again at each other's throats over some little comment about how messy Britain's hair was, Canada was being ignored as usual, Italy was clinging to his brother Romano as they tried to get away from creepy Russia who was trying to convince them to 'become one' with his country with Belarus who was watching him closely, China was admiring his cute little panda bear that he always carried around while Prussia was going on and on about how awesome he was earning evil glares from Austria and Hungary, and Germany was trying to break up the fight between Britain and France.

Japan was his normal quiet self, until America sat down next to him, "Hey Japan, wanna come over to my place once this totally lame meeting is done dude?" he asked.

"Why wourd I do that?" Japan asked.

"Because I'm trying to build something in my lab, but I like need your help with some of the techno-thingys!" America answered.

"What are trying to buird?" Japan asked.

"I'm really close to opening a portal to a different dimension! Isn't that like totally cool? But I just need your help calibrating some of the final coordinates or whatever so I can test it!" America answered.

Japan considered America's offer carefully; it was actually quite fascinating that America had made such a breakthrough, so it wouldn't hurt to see what exactly he had come up with. But he had promised to let Italy spend the day with him since Germany was going to be busy.

"Wir it be alright if I bring Itary along with me? " Japan asked.

America smiled widely, "Of course dude! Meet me in New Mexico tomorrow, 'kay?" America said.

Japan nodded and went over to tell Italy of their new plans for tomorrow. America gave them the address of the lab he was working at as they all were leaving when the meeting had finally concluded and said he'd send someone to fetch them at the airport. The next day, Italy and Japan arrived in Los Alamos, New Mexico in the late afternoon. They met Canada at the airport who drove them down to the enormous laboratory.

"Vee~! It's so BIG!" Italy said with amazement as they got out of Canada's car.

"This lab is one of the biggest institutes in America." Canada said while holding Kumajiro.

"America-san said he was working in the basement lab," Japan said as he and Italy walked towards the entrance.

Canada pouted at being ignored, "No one ever notices me," he whispered sadly.

"Who are you?" Kumajiro asked.

"I'm Canada," Canada answered as he followed the two nations into the lab.

They boarded an elevator that took them down to the basement where a huge lab was set up. There were rows of tables lined with computers and a large metal ring was against the back wall. America was typing at a computer and turned around when he heard the elevator open,

"Hey dudes! Glad you could make it!" he said smiling. He led Japan over to another computer while Italy took a look around.

"This is what I'm having trouble with," America said, pulling up a data screen, "I can't find the right formula to start the thing up." He explained.

Japan nodded and sat down next to America to examine the screen, while Canada tried to keep Italy from breaking anything. After a while, Japan and America had almost found the right formula, when the elevator opened again. Everyone turned to see a terrified Prussia being chased by a furious Hungary who was wielding her trusty frying pan, as well as Belarus who walked calmly out of the elevator to watch the show. America jumped up and held Hungary back before she could do any real damage to Prussia or the lab,

"Whoa, like calm down!" America yelled as Hungary struggled to get free,

"Let me go stupid American! Prussia needs to pay!" she yelled, swinging her frying pan wildly.

"Why does Germany's big brother need to pay?" Italy asked innocently.

Hungary calmed down for minute so she wouldn't scare Italy, "I found him sneaking around Austria's house! He was trying to invade him again, I just know it, so I chased him here!" she snarled.

Prussia tried to catch his breath, "I keep telling you; I vasn't trying to invade anyvun, I vas trying to get avay from her!" he said pointing ashaky finger at Belarus who stepped towards the group,

"He refused to become one with big brother! No one refuses big brother Russia except Ukraine and me!" she said with an evil aura surrounding her causing everyone to shudder.

While they were trying to calm everyone down, no one noticed Kumajiro wandering around. The bear walked towards the computer that America and Japan were recently typing on and slammed his paw on the keyboard. Random letters and numbers appeared where the half finished formula was and the data screen accepted the formula.

Kumajiro decided to look at the large metal ring in the back of the room since the computer seemed to show no more interest. He walked up to it and found a small switch on the side. He pushed it up with his nose and the machine roared to life. The seven nations whirled around as the metal ring began to glow. A white vortex opened up in the middle and began sucking everything inside.

The nations could feel themselves being swept away and looked around frantically for something to hold on to. Japan grabbed Italy and grabbed one of the legs of the nearest desk. Everyone else followed their actions as the suction grew stronger, drawing in some desks and computers. America held on tightly to Hungary and Canada with one arm. Prussia and Belarus each grabbed another leg as they felt their feet slipping.

The nations held on desperately as their legs gave way to the portal. They watched in horror as their grasps on the desks slowly loosened. The next thing they knew, they were flying through the lab.

They all screamed as they entered the portal, which immediately shut behind them, leaving a confused Kumajiro, scattered papers, and toppled desks and computers.

GOD DAMNIT KUMAJIRO! ...It's okay, you're cute so I forgive you!

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