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Chapter 16

The Digitalia and the nations all froze as Azelmon began to slowly walk towards them. The Digitalia all crouched slightly into a fighting stance should Azelmon try anything; from what Oramon told them this guy could off a Digitalia with one strike. Azelmon's red eyes glistened in amusement as he walked ever closer to them, "I can sense great fear in all of you," he said, "Yet you still won't abandon your precious humans."

Azelmon stopped walking a few feet away from them and held up his hand, "And all for what? A few memories?" he asked as an orb of royal blue energy appeared in his hand causing the nation's eyes to widen. "I must say, all these memories are quite fascinating," Azelmon continued, "They contain hate, anger, and sadness yet they also hold happiness, friendship, and love," Azelmon practically spat out the last word.

The nation's and the Digitalia's eyes were firmly trained on the blue orb; this was what they had traveled all this way for! That orb held all the answers to why the nations came here and possibly how they could get back! Natamon lashed out and attempted to swipe the orb from the demon but Azelmon quickly lifted it away from her grasp, "Though the happy part of these memories I find completely revolting, I think I'll hold onto them; after all," Azelmon paused as the orb disappeared before surrounding his entire being in a thin aura of the same color, "The anger in these memories are simply a delight to watch; and that delight will be even greater as I watch all of you wither away slowly like the pesky weeds you are," he finished with a sadistic grin on his face.

He held up his palm and lifted it slightly into the air; with a cry of alarm, the nations were all lifted into the air and roughly placed against the wall behind them. Azelmon clenched his hand into a fist as the rocks from the walls emerged and formed cuffs around their wrists and ankles, securing them to the wall.

"It would be no fun to kill your weak friends right away," he said to the horrified and angered Digitalia, "I plan to make them watch your demise before making them die slowly and painfully," and with those words, he waved his arm sending out a shockwave, causing the Digitalia to fly backwards.

Ignoring their fear, the Digitalia sprang to their feet and spread out around Azelmon. Alfamon and Gilbamon fired their attacks figuring it was better to not shout out to the world they were attacking, but Azelmon simply held up his hand and deflected the attacks away. Lizamon yelled out and charged towards him with Rage Hammer, but Azelmon sent out a shockwave, blowing her back and sending up a small cloud of dust.

Lizamon landed on her feet while the rest of the Digitalia were only sent a few feet back. Mattamon took the dust as an opportunity and froze Azelmon's feet to the ground with Ice Breath. Felimon then sprung at Azelmon through the dust with Razor Claws ready. Azelmon simply gave the cat Digitalia a glance before holding up his arm and blocking the attack.

Felimon flipped away from Azelmon to where the others were standing; Felimon's attack didn't even scratch him! Azelmon held out his palm facing the sky and lifted it causing his eyes to glow red. Before they knew it, the portion of the ground the Digitalia were standing on cracked and launched into the air, sending them all flying; luckily the winged Digitalia were ready.

With Gilbamon holding Mattamon, Lizamon holding Felimon, and Alfamon holding Natamon and Kikumon, the group flew around for another attack; but Azelmon simply flicked his finger towards them and the chunks of land from before broke apart into smaller but still dangerously large pieces and flew towards them. The winged Digitalia tried their best to evade them but the chunks were too big and too fast; once they had been grazed by one they were immediately bombarded with the rest and fell to the ground.

They struggled to get up from the pile of rocks, "Well…if single attacks won't work…maybe our combined attacks will," Alfamon said, wiping a bit of blood from his lip. The other Digitalia nodded and sprung into action. Azelmon held up his palm and shot multiple little beams of energy towards them causing the Digitalia to scatter.

The flying Digitalia tried to fly and avoid the shots as best they could but they couldn't escape being grazed and burned by the red hot energy; the same went for the land Digitalia as they got ready for their first combo. Natamon let loose her Splitting Shriek and kept it focused on Azelmon even though he didn't even flinch when the sound waves hit him but it did stop him from firing the energy shots.

Felimon leapt into the air and Kikumon unleashed Sakura Gale giving the cat a boost towards him while Mattamon covered Felimon's elongated claws with Ice Breath. Lizamon activated Rage Hammer and spun it around while Alfamon and Gilbamon shot Star Blast and Flash Fire towards it. The hammer was surrounded by blue starry flames and Lizamon went in for the kill.

Natamon stopped Splitting Shriek at the last minute and Lizamon and Felimon landed direct hits. They then jumped away as Alfamon and Gilbamon fired their attacks towards Azelmon allowing them to combine once more. Mattamon and Kikumon unleashed their attacks again creating an icy gale of bitter cold wind. Both attacks collided with Azelmon resulting in an explosion and all the Digitalia waited to see if they had done it.

"Are you done already?" That creepy voice asked through the thick smoke causing their eyes to widen. The next thing they saw was a large purple energy beam shoot through the cloud that blew them back against the hard wall. Azelmon took a few steps towards them as the seven Digitalia struggled to get up breathing heavily, "I thought you would put up more than a fight than that," Azelmon said with slight disappointment.

"We'll show you a good fight," Gilbamon growled as the saw the faint glow from their partners Hetavices; it was time to Hetavolve! All at once, the seven Digitalia were enveloped in that familiar white light and grew into their large animal forms. All together they sprang forward in all directions ready for action.

Pastromon roared and lunged at Azelmon with his razor sharp claws and teeth at the ready along with Lenamon. They managed to land a few strikes on him from their claws before Azelmon blew them back with another shockwave. Usamon activated Kaze Tempest and landed multiple small but fast hits on Azelmon; it seemed to do more than their attacks in their previous form, but not enough.

Eventually, Azelmon grew tired of Usamon's hopping around and held up his palm again. He stopped the rabbit in his tracks and threw him against the wall causing Kumaplemon to rush at him. His claws grew into large icicles and he slashed Azelmon as hard as he could but it was no use; Azelmon simply swatted him away like he was a bug.

It was then that the three flying Digitalia decided to take action; Awebirdmon ignited his wings while Freemon surrounded himself with the red and white energy and they both dove towards Azelmon. The eagle and phoenix crossed each other at the ground after hitting Azelmon before taking flight again. Lepkemon turned to steel and dove towards Azelmon, slamming both him and her into the ground. The Digitalia allowed their hopes to rise a bit thinking they had won, but that wasn't the case.

Lepkemon was thrown off Azelmon with an energy blast; Azelmon got up from the ground with only a few cuts on his body from their effort. "C'mon! All together!" Pastromon yelled. The seven animals let out a battle cry and charged towards Azelmon. The nations watched in amazement as the Digitalia attacked together, throwing everything they had at their enemy.

They attacked as hard as they could with normal physical attacks, used their moves two or three at a time and Azelmon practically no room for a counter attack; all he could do was simply bat away or block a few attacks. Finally when it looked like the Digitalia were about to gain the upper hand Azelmon let out a roar, "ENOUGH!"

He threw both his arms into the air sending out a huge wave of energy. All the Digitalia barely managed to hold their ground from the strong wind but even that didn't prepare them for what came next. A giant explosion of energy came from Azelmon and all the Digitalia were caught in it. They all screamed in agony as the purple light from the explosion surrounded them and caused a shockwave that made the entire mountain shake.

The nations shut their eyes as they felt their stone bonds crumble away and they fell to the ground. Once the explosion ended they looked up in horror to see all their Digitalia on the ground covered with injuries. Azelmon panted a little from the sudden use of power, his red eyes glowing with anger, "I am not…going to be beaten…" he breathed, "I will never…be beaten…by the likes of you!"

The terrifying Digitalia turned towards the nations and slowly began to walk towards them. "I think I'll start with the ones responsible for you daring to challenge me!" he hissed, holding up his hand as an energy orb appeared in it, "I'll destroy you slowly…just like Raphmon!"

The nations backed against the wall in pure fear as the red eyed menace advanced towards them. It couldn't end here; they had come so far and risked so much to get here! They couldn't die now!


The nations froze as they looked at Britain, "You can't just lie there and say you've been beaten; the Freemon I know doesn't give up that easily!" he yelled.

"Kumaplemon; you can't give up here!" France yelled, "What makes you think you can give up now!" The Digitalia all slightly opened their eyes.

"Are you just going to let this damn bastard push you around Pastromon?! Stand up and fight!" Romano yelled.

"On your feet Awebirdmon! I don't allow my soldier to give in like this!" Germany yelled.

"Usamon; you're a proud warrior! Don't you dare let this bastard take that away from you!" China yelled.

"You may look fragile Lepkemon but you're stronger than anything!" Austria yelled, "Don't let Azelmon make you think any different!"

"Get up and fight Lenamon! Fight for your comrades!" Russia yelled.

The Digitalia all just barely lifted their heads from the rubble as they received the same thought from all the nations,


At that moment, the small flags on their Hetavices began to glow causing Azelmon to stop in his tracks. The screens on the Hetavices then began to glow as well before seven gigantic beams of multicolored light burst forth and flew towards the Digitalia. The giant animals suddenly felt strange as the warmth of the light surrounding them seemed to emanate the strong feelings of friendship and love between them and the nations.

They remembered all the fights they had, all the times they saved them, all the time they spent getting to know each other and becoming closer friends by the second. The Digitalia slowly got to their feet, their injuries suddenly bearing no pain; their entire bodies were now surrounded by a large and intimidating aura. It was time for the real fight to begin.

Oramon opened his eyes having just woken from meditation. He stepped outside his cave and saw the bright multicolored lights from the distant Shadow Mountain, "So…it has finally happened," he said with a glimmer of hope, "The Champions have finally been awakened."

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