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Episode 14 – "Revalation"

Diana rolled over not wanting to get up and felt something next to her. There was someone sleeping in the same bed as her. At first her mind went to Grant, but then the events of the day before came back to her and she remembered she was sleeping in the same bed as Cassie. It really wasn't unusual to wake up next to Cassie though and by now Diana was used to it. Her sister was still asleep and Diana almost felt bad waking her up.

'Cassie, we have to get up,' Diana thought to her sister.

"No,' Cassie thought back as she turned around. 'Sleeping.' Diana almost gave in to her sister. She knew Cassie had trouble sleeping at times and the dark magic leaving her effected Cassie a lot worse than it did Diana. After everything was said and done yesterday Diana had felt horrible. She felt like she could sleep for an entire week even though she had just woken up from the coma she had been in for most of the day. Dawn had explained that the power drain from their dark magic leaving plus the magic drain from the light side having to keep up the mental link was causing them to be exhausted. She had basically forced them into bed.

'Cassie up,' Diana demanded and Cassie finally opened her eyes and looked at her sister.

'What are you doing in my bed?' Cassie asked her sister and then remembered for herself. When Dawn had forced them to bed she had also forced them to sleep in the same bed. She had said that their light magic was still new to keeping up the mental link and they shouldn't put too much of a strain on the link. Basically Dawn wanted them to stay close to each other for a while. 'Okay, back to bed.'

'Cassie, we have to get up,' Diana told her sister pulling the cover off of Cassie.

'I'm still exhausted,' Cassie complained sitting up. Diana knew how Cassie felt she could still feel it herself. The feeling of being completely drained yesterday had been awful. Diana herself wouldn't mind another couple of hours of sleep herself, but they had to get to school. 'Dawn won't mind if we miss a day.'

Diana rolled her eyes and smiled. Of course Cassie would pick up what she was thinking. "Cassie we have that history test today and I need to get a good grade on it. We can't leave each other right now because it's still too soon. Besides you need a good grade too.'

'How are we supposed to get good grades if we can't focus because we're too tired? I mean Diana we just woke up from a coma yesterday. I think we deserve a day off.' Cassie didn't even need Diana to respond to know Diana's answer. Diana was dead set on going to school and Cassie really didn't feel like arguing anymore. 'Okay fine, but I'm sleeping in Sanders class and you're giving me answer on the test.'

'Fine, whatever, Get ready.' Cassie got up and got changed, then the two walked downstairs together to find Jake asleep on the couch. Cassie smiled thinking about how cute Jake was. 'He's really cute sure." Diana said with a smile picking up on Cassie's thoughts. 'Why don't you wake him up while I get breakfast started?'

Diana walked into the kitchen as Cassie bent down next to the couch and kissed Jake on the lips, Jake's eyes slowly opened. "Morning," Cassie said.

Jake smiled as he sat up. "I can get used to waking up like this." Cassie smiled at him and Jake looked around. "Where's Diana? The two of you shouldn't be apart."

"Calm down. She's in the kitchen." Cassie was almost laughing. "I don't think the mental link will break. It's seems to be functioning pretty well."

Jake put his arms around Cassie. "Probably not, but Dawn said it was possible that it could break again. Your light magic isn't used to holding up the link and until it stabilizes again you and Diana have to be attached at the hip."

"Good thing we're always attached at the hip," Cassie laughed making Jake look at her. "Calm down. I'm sure you're all just over reacting. The link formed and Diana and I weren't attached at the hip then. What's so different now?"

"Your dark magic was ten times stronger than your light magic. It was able to hold up that link without the two of you even realizing some of it was being used for that. You two have to be careful. If the link breaks again we might not be able to get you up and I will not lose you. Like it or not you're stuck with an over protective boyfriend."

"I wouldn't have it any other way," Cassie said and leaned in for a kiss.

'Hate to break up the moment sis, but breakfast is done.' Diana thought to Cassie.

Cassie smiled and got up. "Come on, breakfast. Diana made us eggs and toast." Jake got up and went into the kitchen to eat. The three sat at the table and just looked at each other

"By the way Jake you do need to calm down a bit. I'm sure the link will be fine," Diana said and Jake looked at her and then at Cassie. Cassie simply shrugged and smiled at Jake. "We're linked remember and it's going to stay that way."

Jake nodded. "Yeah but Dawn and Patrick even said after the first 24 hours your light magic should get use to holding up the link and then you'll be free to be away from each other. Which is good because I have to take Cassie out on a proper date." Cassie tried to hide the big smile that appeared on her face, but did a pretty poor job of it. Diana also had a smile on her face at Jake's words.

"So catch us up real fast. Any theories on what happened to our dark magic?" Diana asked. Jake took a bite out of his eggs and remained silent. Jake's silent was all the two needed. "Faye and Adam?" Jake nodded. "You really think they did something? You don't think we could all be over reacting. That maybe they don't have the book at all and they did nothing."

Jake took a deep breath. "It's possible, but they were MIA yesterday and I don't buy their excuse. They're up to something, I can tell when Faye is lying"

"Should we confront them?" Cassie asked. "I mean we're acting like everything is okay with them, and meanwhile we're suspecting them of stealing and doing something to our dark magic."

Diana shook her head. "No. I've known Adam and Faye a lot longer then you Cassie. If we confront them they'll never admit to it. Not unless we catch them doing something. Also they'll use it as an excuse not to talk to us. We need to let them believe we believe them. This way we can keep an eye on them."

No one said anything as they finished their breakfast. "Got to go to school," Cassie said getting up and giving Jake a kiss. "See you later." The two walked out leaving Jake alone in the house.


The circle minus Jake were sat around a small table in the library; discussing everything that had happened over the last couple of days. They were all still trying to fully get their head's around what had happened. They were whispering between themselves, so their private conversation wasn't overheard.

"How are you two feeling now?" Melissa whispered to Cassie and Diana obviously still worried about them.

"We've told you, we're fine. Weaker than usual but honestly we're both Okay. Don't worry Melissa, we're going to be fine and so are the other Balcoin's." Diana assured her quietly, not wanting her to get upset worrying about them. Melissa nodded but still kept a close eye on the two of them to check they weren't lying.

"I'm still trying to wrap my head around everything, explain again what happened while we were out?" Cassie asked, confused.

"Well, to be honest we all panicked. Jake got you lot all in his car and called Faye's mum for help and crazily my dad came home when Claire and Dylan collapsed at mine. My dad and Dawn talked and decided it would be best to get all the Balcoin's to your house and then we could work out what to do. So after we all got to yours we tried to figure out what had happened. We were all panicking like crazy; really worried about you. We were really confused about what had happened, and then you know eventually the other four woke up and it was just you and Diana left unconscious. That was the scariest bit, the fact you two didn't wake up when everyone else did. We all tried spells to get inside your head's and wake you up. Then Dawn realised it was because of your mental link breaking. Well, you know the rest anyway don't you- you fixed it and woke up and then Faye and Adam turned up. So we were all together again, safe and sound." Melissa recounted the story again, even though they'd heard it countless times recently.

"So that's it, no witch hunters or anything freaky hanging around?" Cassie asked confused.

"No, we've told you there wasn't," Melissa replied, Adam and Faye sat together keeping quiet and basically avoiding the whole conversation. They had hardly said two words since they had sat down. When Cassie mentioned witch hunter's or dark creatures Faye and Adam shot each other a worried glance.

Melissa sat back and suspiciously watched the way these two were acting; something was up with them. They had been acting weirdly ever since they finally showed up after Cassie and Diana had woken up. It all didn't add up, her dad hadn't mentioned calling Ethan, but she didn't want to ask in case he told her he hadn't called him. She trusted Faye but lately she'd been acting differently- they rarely spent any time together anymore; she was always busy with Adam. Their friendship was non-existent lately. Even so she could still tell that something was up with Faye; hopefully it wasn't serious.

"You alright, Adam?" Diana asked obviously picking up on his discomfort too; she had been his girlfriend for years, she knew him well.

"Hmm, What? I'm fine, just worried about what's happening is all." Adam muttered quickly and Faye slipped her hand into his.

"Yeah, it's all crazy weird. I can't understand it either. Hopefully nothing like this will happen again; I don't really want a repeat of last year." Faye added, smirking as she said the last part.

"Where were you two the other day anyway?" Cassie asked them, as they were suddenly the topic of the conversation.

"We've already explained about our phones, we were just off having fun." Adam told them defensively.

"Oh and what fun it was." Faye added smirking.

"Please I don't want the details," Diana told her uncomfortable, everyone nodded in agreement.

"Okay, fine." Faye told her, shutting up.

"I'm sure this will all get explained eventually, we'll find out what happened. Then we'll make sure it won't happen again," Diana told everyone confidently.

Faye sat back, raising an eyebrow at Diana and snuggling into Adam- who was staring off into space. However apart from the two of them, everyone else agreed that they would find the truth out about what happened. They needed to know.

Stood in a dark corner of the library was Sanders. He watched suspiciously as the circle carried on talking about what they thought might have happened. He had secretly listened in on their conversation and now knew everything that had gone on. Deciding he had heard enough, Sanders quietly crept away and quickly left the library- as quietly as possible.

He'd learned enough for today.


Claire and Dylan quietly sat down on one of the small sofa's in their motel room; trying to be quiet so they didn't disturb Lucas and Ryder - who were both angry. Although they had been getting on better with their brother's lately, they didn't want to annoy them. Not today, when they were still fuming at the fact they'd lost their dark magic. They were also annoyed that Claire and Dylan didn't seem to really care that they had lost their dark magic. So today they were defiantly not going to annoy them. There were a few positive's to this situation, like the fact now they could practice their normal magic and make it stronger instead of depending on dark magic - like their father had. Claire had told Dylan not too point this out yet though as Lucas and Ryder were still too angry, they would just get mad at them for suggesting it. They were going to tell them later about their idea to practise normal magic.

"Are you Okay?" Claire asked worried about her big brothers.

"What do you think Claire? We've lost practically all our power, we're weak now and no better than ordinary witches." Lucas spat out, annoyed.

"Oh give over will you, it's not that bad." Dylan told him, hoping Lucas would shut up.

"Not that bad? Not that bad?" Ryder asked shaking his head, "We've lost our dark magic." He told him, emphasizing the point as if he was talking to a child.

"I know, but it's not like we've lost all our power, we still have magic." Dylan replied shrugging.

"What are you on about, we have hardly any left." Lucas snapped.

"No, we have all our normal magic left, like we had before Blackwell turned up and made us practise dark magic. We could start practising that again, to strengthen that magic up." Claire told him calmly.

"We still wouldn't be as powerful as before." Ryder sighed, upset.

"We could be, you never know." Claire told him, "If we work hard enough." She told him.

"It's worth a try," Dylan added.

Lucas and Ryder stared at each other, looking like they were having a silent conversation- if only they were linked like Cassie and Diana. After about a minute they turned back to where Claire and Dylan were sat, waiting patiently.

"Alright then, It can't do any harm," Ryder told them.

"Yeah anything's worth a try if it means we get stronger magic." Lucas agreed. "Even if it means going back to basics and learning how to use our normal magic all over again." He muttered, annoyed.

"It could be fun," Claire said, getting very unconvinced looks from Lucas and Ryder. Okay maybe with those two it wouldn't be fun.

"How about we go and talk to Cassie about it tomorrow?" Dylan suggested.

"Sounds perfect!" Claire enthused, a big grin on her face.

"Alright then" Ryder agreed, not looking that happy about it. Lucas just nodded to say Okay, before getting up and going to his room, muttering something about how to make his natural magic stronger.

Before long Ryder got up and left too. Once they were alone, Claire and Dylan smiled at each other smugly. They had succeeded in convincing Lucas and Ryder to let them learn how to use just their normal magic. They hadn't actually expected them to agree; they'd underestimated how desperate their brothers were for magic. Claire and Dylan decide to watch a movie as there wasn't much else to do, they'd just have to wait until Lucas or Ryder came back into the room and told them they were going to go talk to Cassie and Diana. They were pretty sure they wouldn't have to wait long.


Cassie, Diana, and Jake were all sitting at a table in the Boathouse sharing a plate of fries. "So, when Grant comes back I was thinking the four of us can go to the beach together. What do you think Cassie?"

Cassie thought it over for a second. "Beach sounds nice or we can go bowling or something." Cassie said and the two continued to talk.

"Don't the guys get a say in this at all?" Jake asked making both girls look at him. "Okay right stupid question. Just go ahead and talk, but I'm taking the last fry." Jake took the last one and put it in his mouth before either girl could complain. Both continued to happily talk to each other as though they didn't even hear Jake.

"Hey Mr. Conant, think we can get another plate of fries?" Cassie called over to Ethan Conant who was the only one she could see working at the moment, Adam and Faye had probably snuck off somewhere. The group heard Ethan say right away and the girls got back to their talking as Jake had to sit there and listen.

At the same time their new set of fries came out Dylan and Claire ran up to them. "Ooh, fries," The two said together sitting down next to Diana and starting to dig in. The three looked at each other confused.

"Sure, you're welcome to join us. Thanks for asking," Jake said as Lucas and Ryder also walked up. Ethan looked at the group.

"I'll get more fries," was the only thing Ethan said not even bothering to ask who these four were.

Lucas took the last empty seat at the booth next to Cassie as Ryder pulled over a chair from another table and sat. Jake pulled Cassie closer to him and kept a protective arm around her. No one said anything until Ethan arrived with another plate of French fries. Ethan walked away and the seven still just sat there looking at each other with the two youngest eating. "Okay, this is awkward," Cassie said. "Thank you for trying to help us yesterday. Jake filled us in on everything and it was very nice of you to be so caring." Diana and Jake gave Cassie a look surprised she said that.

"You're our little sisters. We wouldn't let you die," Ryder said. No one spoke for a while. "I have an idea to run by you all." Cassie, Jake, and Diana all gave him a look waiting for Ryder to continue. "We're all at a certain disadvantage right and it seems like it would be in all of our best interest if we put aside past differences and worked together for our mutual benefit."

Cassie, Diana, and Jake all looked at each other confused. Claire sensed the confusion and laughed. "He wants us all to work together to figure out what happened to our dark magic."

"Oh," Cassie and Diana said and gave each other a look.

'You think we can trust them?" Cassie asked her sister through their link.

'Well we all were working together to find Faye and Adam and the book. Ryder and Lucas did try and help us yesterday. I say what harm could it do?' Diana said and Cassie agreed.

"Okay," Cassie said. "We'll all work together."

"What?" Jake asked giving the girls a look. It was clear he wasn't too happy about.

Cassie turned around to face Jake. "They're our family and they were really helpful yesterday. It just makes sense to work with them." Jake still didn't look too happy about it. "Please Jake, play nice for me."

Jake looked at Cassie a second longer and then nodded. "Fine, for you." Cassie smiled and then kissed Jake.

"Aw, you two are such a cute couple," Claire said as she took another fry from the plate.

"You better treat my sister right or I'll beat you up," Dylan said trying to act big and manly. Cassie, Jake, and Diana looked at each other and had to stop themselves from laughing. They highly doubted that without his dark magic Dylan could do anything to Jake.


Faye was making her way to the Boathouse alone, Adam had scampered after school needing to get back to help his dad out and get him off his back. He hadn't even bothered to ask Faye if she wanted to come, it felt weird between her and Adam. They had this huge secret that they could only talk to each other about and you would have thought that secrets kept you close but they didn't, they tore you apart.

What made it even worse was that the only friends, or people she hung out with, were the Circle members and she and Adam had a mutual agreement to stay away from them as much as possible. Faye was sure that Jake had seen past her facade yesterday, but was trying not to worry herself about it. Jake wasn't her concern anymore.

Walking into the Boathouse, she saw Adam running around cleaning and sorting things out for the after school rush that was a daily occurrence in the week and earned the Boathouse most of its money. Sitting down at the near side of the bar, Faye made herself comfortable as she watched Adam. She quickly came to the conclusion that Adam stressed and worried too much, he needed to just own up to his dad and tell Ethan to get himself sorted before he totally ruined Adam's life. Faye would have done it herself but Adam was always so defensive about his dad and his 'problem'. Things were bad enough with the rest of the Circle, she didn't need Adam to be annoyed at her too.

The only problem was when Faye was bored she over thought every situation, she thought about the situation with Adam, then the situation with Ethan, the situation with the rest of the Circle and finally all the things with the Balcoin demon. There was always so much going on in their lives and none of it seemed to be good or even remotely good.

Faye was shook from her thoughts when she heard Adam's voice,

"You want anything?" he asked

"Hmmmmm Coke and cheesy fries?" she asked and Adam simply smiled,

"Coming right up." he told her.

It was so much easier for them to be around each other without the Circle, earlier in the library had been so awkward. Faye was the best at lying and concealing things but she felt so unsure of herself like everyone could tell that she and Adam were keeping something from them, which they were but that wasn't the point. The point was that without the Circle around, Adam and Faye were still the same people they had always been not the nervous and fidgety people they had been earlier that day. And Faye knew that both she and Adam liked being this way better.

When Adam brought over her coke and fries, Faye stood up leaning over the bar to give Adam a kiss before he was called off to take someone else's order. Faye took her time to drink and eat, she knew Adam would be busy for ages. Other people from school would be in and out all night keeping the place busy for a good four hours, but Faye was sure at some point Adam would have a break so they could talk.

Ever since the talk with the rest of the Circle this morning Faye had been thinking about what had happened the last few days and knew she wasn't the only one. It had been nearly a whole day since Balcoin had last made contact with them and Faye wasn't sure if that was a good or bad thing, Faye wasn't really sure of much right now. She was sure she didn't want the Circle to find out about the Balcoin demon and that it was Faye and Adam that released him, she was also sure that she needed to work better on her mask around the Circle and she was very sure that she was going to have to be cautious around Balcoin. He had been the one to nearly kill Cassie and Diana by taking their dark magic, but then he had all but told them to check on Cassie and Diana so did that make him good or evil.

Faye really wasn't sure anymore, good, evil, it all seemed to blur together. When Adam came over to clear up her stuff she stopped him,

"Take a break?" She said more of a request than a question. Looking around Adam nodded and let Faye through to the back. Once they were in the back Adam closed the door looking slightly concerned,

"What's wrong?" He asked

"What? Nothing." Faye told him then sat down "Maybe something" she said thoughtfully. Adam sat down on the table and watched Faye carefully waiting for her to continue.

"I was just thinking about Balcoin." Faye told him,

"Why?" he asked and Faye shrugged,

"Because of the Circle meeting" she paused as Adam let out a small sigh "What?"

"I just don't think we should worry about what the rest of the Circle thinks, I mean you never did before."

"I care when people get hurt. I am not Cassie's biggest fan but what we did with the skull almost killed Cassie and Diana. Balcoin has already tricked you a good couple of times and that was when it was a skull and wasn't alive." Faye told him "I don't think we should trust it or do anything we don't want to do, it can't make us do anything"

"We said we would help Faye and I am not going back on it" Adam told her standing up and causing Faye to raise an eyebrow,

"What so now you are being loyal to a demon?" she asked "Seriously you are going to side with the demon that possessed you and made you hurt the people around you?"

"This is not all about you Faye."

"I never said that it was!" Faye told him, her temper firing up "You just assumed that! I wasn't the only one hurt after you hid the skull at the beach" she said and Adam looked at her angrily "I'm good at putting two and two together Adam. You didn't just hurt me you hurt Diana as well."

"Leave it alone Faye" he said moving to the door, ready to leave.

"Why? Are you really going to hurt me again Adam?" She asked and Adam turned to look at her,

"You know it wasn't me that hurt you, it was the skull" he said and Faye rolled her eyes.

"But you let the skull in, you couldn't get rid of it" she said

"So now it's all my fault?"

"You were the one who couldn't get rid of the skull, you were the one that let it in, you were the one that hurt people and you were the one that said we should do the spell that made the skull real. So yeah I think you have more blame on your side"

"Says the girl who wanted more power." He told her "You could have easily said no Faye. Maybe you just can't handle it all, the lying and the dark magic. Maybe it is too much for you to handle"

"Maybe you need to look in a mirror and see who has changed more because of the dark magic. If I wanted to date an ass I would have tried to get back with Jake" Faye told him before standing up and brushing past him. Once she was out the door she grabbed her things and headed out of the Boathouse.


"Sanders is definitely up to something." Cassie said. "But how do you guys know about him?"

"We've seen him hanging around a lot of the magic shops." Lucas explained. "He just..."

"There's something not right about him." Claire piped up. "I can feel it whenever I get near him."

"He does know an awful lot about magic." Diana admitted.

Jake nodded, adding, "Yeah, and from what I've heard he has some sort of fascination with everyone in the Circle."

"So we all agree?" Diana asked. "You know, I know where he lives."

All four Balcoins got devilish looks in their eyes. "This is why I'm starting to like you." Ryder joked.

As they chattered on about going to see what evidence they could find in Sander's house, Melissa was sitting, unmoving, only a few booths away. They were going to break into his house during the day?

She gulped. She could still remember how powerful his magic was. This wouldn't end well for any of them.


Dawn walked down the aisle and went to grab the milk. On her way home from work today she had decided to stop at the store and pick up some things she was running low on. She took a gallon of milk and checked the expiration date. "Dawn?" Dawn heard and turned around to find Emily behind her.

"Emily, you have a day off from the hospital today?" Dawn questioned putting the milk in her cart and looking at her friend. She hadn't seen Emily since Cassie and Diana had woken up from their magical comas.

"I took off. Didn't feel like going in and there were a couple of household things that needed to be taken care of." Emily said and looked around. "It was an exciting day yesterday wasn't it."

Dawn thought it over. "Scary, a little exciting, but there were no witch hunters or demons, and no one died. I would call that a good day." Dawn whispered and Emily froze for a second.

"I guess I should get used to these things now." Emily said and Dawn decided not to argue. With the kids using magic there was bound to be more days like yesterday and even worst days. There was really nothing anyone could do about it besides being prepared for anything. "I was so scared for Melissa when I found out. I know she's not really my daughter, but I've been with Patrick since Melissa was little. She's the closest thing I have to a daughter and there's nothing I can do to help her with these things." Dawn nodded understanding how Emily felt. "I wish Melissa had told us sooner she was practicing. There might have been something we could have done to help them last year."

"They were scared. They knew we tried to hide it from them and didn't want us to know. It was understandable." Dawn said choosing to leave out her part in everything that happened last year. Since Charles was dead she had to suffer alone with the mistakes the two of them had made. She couldn't tell anyone.

"I wish I could just protect Melissa from the world. I'm so scared about what could happen to her."

"Last year when Faye called me saying she was captured by witch hunters I was terrified. I was so scared about what could happen to her. Now I also have Cassie to worry about. That girl has become like a second daughter to me and when Jake called saying something was wrong with her yesterday you don't know how scared I was. I wish I could protect them too, but I'm doing the best I can by being Cassie's guardian and being there for the circle. It's all we can do."

Emily nodded. "At least they finally told us and at least they have great friends to confide in." Dawn agreed with a smile. "Well I have got to go pay and get home. I'll see you later."

"Yeah, bye," Dawn said.

Emily started to walk away and then turned around. "Dawn, yesterday you said you had power because Kate split her power between you and Charles right?"

Dawn nodded. "Yeah that was..." Dawn looked around to make sure no one would overhear, but there wasn't anyone around them "to help the kids get away from the witch hunters. Why?"

"Well I saw Kate in town a few days ago. I think she moved back into the Meade house. I thought you would find that interesting." Emily walked away leaving a confused Dawn behind.

Dawn had no idea why Kate would move back to Chance Harbor. After Kate had retired from her work she had left the town and had very rarely come back. There was no reason for her to be here now. With Charles dead and Diana wanting nothing to do with the women who at one time was thought to be her grandmother, there was nothing for Kate here. Why would Kate return? Dawn thought about it for a minute, but then shrugged it off. There was no reason to worry about it.


The group stood outside Sanders house. "How are we going to open the door?" Diana asked looking around.

"I'm pretty sure we can still handle a simple lock unlock spell," Lucas said angrily thinking Diana meant they wouldn't be able to open the door without their dark magic.

"I'm sure too, but if it's like his office the spell won't work," Diana said making Lucas feel a bit like an idiot.

Jake looked at the door and then took out his wallet. From his wallet he pulled out his credit card and bent down at the door. "Are you picking the lock?" Cassie asked her boyfriend surprised. Jake nodded. "You know how to do that?"

'The witch hunters taught me," Jake explained as he continued to work on the lock. Not long later Jake opened the door. He gave the group a smile.

Cassie smiled and gave him a small kiss on the cheek." You're a lifesaver Jake. If I had known you could pick lock we would have used you to get into Sanders office." The two walked into the house followed by Diana, Lucas, Ryder, Claire, and Dylan.

The house looked pretty normal. The first room they went into was the living room. There were books and papers everywhere you looked. Cassie picked up one of the books. "Well here's a copy of his creepy notebook," Cassie mumbled holding up the book.

Jake was looking through some paper. "Well looks like he making up a test for you guys. Want to steal the answers?" Everyone turned and gave him a look. "What? As long as we're sneaking into a teacher's house we might as well do something normal kids would do in this situation." The look Diana gave him made Jake put the papers down and raise his hands in surrender causing the others to laugh.

"Okay, we have to search. Cassie, Jake, and I will continue to look around here for something. Lucas, Ryder can you go check the bedrooms and Claire and Dylan try closets and maybe the basement. There has to be something here to show us what Sanders is up to." Diana said. Lucas looked annoyed that she was giving orders, but Ryder gave Lucas a nod to show he approved of Diana's plan and the two went to the back of the house. Claire and Dylan went right away to follow their sisters' orders. Meanwhile Diana, Cassie, and Jake continued to look through the books and papers in the living room.

Across the street Melissa watched the house. She was worried about her friends. She was the only one who knew Sanders was half witch and she really wished she had told them now. She had promised not to because Sanders saved her, but she still didn't trust the man. Not at all.

"Okay, it's going to be fine. They're going to look around and then leave. Sanders will never know they were here.' Melissa said to herself to calm down. It didn't work for long as she saw a very familiar face walking towards the house with books in his hands. Sanders was going home. "Damn," Melissa said not sure what to do to help her friends.


When Faye finally got home she trudged up the steps and burst through the door almost slamming it as she turned to close it again. She honestly didn't care if her mum was in and could hear her because honestly she was so angry at Adam right now. I mean how dare he talk to her like that, she was trying to be good and sensible, which didn't happen often, and he just threw it back in her face. He was supposed to be the sensible one, good old reliable Adam. But things had changed, Adam wasn't good old reliable boring Adam anymore, that was one of the main reasons the two were together now. He may not have been as much of a jerk as Jake but he wasn't the same person he used to be, none of them really were.

They had seen and done things they had never even imagined and they had all changed, whether it was for the better or not wasn't really as simple of a question as it seemed. But Faye was 100% sure that she could tell when something was wrong, she knew when something was up with Jake and he turned out to be a witch hunter and she knew when something was up with Eva and she had killed Lee using Faye's magic. So understandably Faye knew when something was up and she definitely did not trust Balcoin, I mean really who would trust a demon that was trapped in a skull that could control your mind.

When she thought about it, it all seemed so unrealistic. Not just the stuff with the skull, but their whole lives with magic, demons, crystals, death, possession and people coming back from the dead. Someday they were all going to wake up in a mental hospital and this would probably all be a crazy fantasy world they locked themselves in. Faye snorted slightly as that thought crossed through her head maybe she was crazy after all.

Making her way up to her room she thought some more about her almost argument with Adam that she had had earlier. She had known that Adam's dad had been making a huge deal out of Adam being out a lot and not helping out as much at the boathouse, so earlier he had basically shot out of school to get there before the mad rush of students.

And obviously being the amazing girlfriend that she was she had gone to the boathouse to just hang around while he worked. But it was obvious Adam wasn't in the best mood and Faye got to thinking about the Balcoin demon and the suspicions she had always had, he seemed to know too much and Faye didn't like it one bit. But as usual when Faye told anyone she was suspicious about something they just shrug it off until someone ends up dead or almost dead, didn't they ever learn that Faye actually had a good feeling for this kind of thing?

When she had been suspicious about Jake, Adam had been the person she had gone to. So probably stupidly Faye had thought that Adam would understand or at least try to understand her doubts about Balcoin. But no of course Faye is wrong and being too suspicious and maybe she should just run back to the circle if she can't handle the Balcoin's dark magic. Of course she could handle the magic, Adam couldn't it was like the magic had changed him. But when Faye thought about it when Cassie had activated her dark magic she had almost strangled Adam, dark magic changed a person. But Adam wasn't going around strangling people so that was a plus. He was just a moody jerk that Faye was going to ignore until he apologized a good couple of times and brought her some chocolate, every girls loves a bit of chocolate.

Faye shook her head as that thought crossed her mind, she had never really been one of those girls who ate loads of sweets and chocolate. She was probably just hungry, although Adam had got her some cheesy fries when she was at the Boathouse. And now she was back to thinking about how much of a jerk Adam was being, there had been no reason at all for him to be so rude to her. Yes she wanted the power but she didn't want anyone to get hurt because of the power, they had all seen what their individual magic, especially Cassie's dark magic, did to people. That could not happen again.

Having the power and the Balcoin demon around had to be safe for all of them. Faye would stick with it, she would keep the power and ignore the feeling. She had no proof at all that the Balcoin demon meant any harm to anyone, as long as he was allowed to get on with his business no one would get hurt. But if someone did Faye wouldn't let him get away with it and she wouldn't let Adam forget that she had been right all along.


Diana was digging through desk drawers, while Cassie rifled through papers on the desk and Jake was in the corner looking at some books.

"You guys find anything yet?" Jake asked

"Nothing. Cassie?" Diana replied and Cassie just shook her head.

"There has to be something here though, keep looking." Diana instructed

"Maybe the others have found something by now."

Barely any time had passed but the trio's hopes shrank more and more with each passing moment. They heard footsteps and all panicked until they saw the small figures of Dylan and Claire. Diana had her hand pressed to her heart as the two walked into the room, Dylan covered in dust.

"Find anything?" Cassie asked and both twins shook their heads,

"Nothing but dust" Dylan said shaking his head and dislodging the dust in his hair causing Claire to sneeze.

"Bless you" Cassie said and Claire simply smiled,

"Nothing in the bedrooms" came the distant shout of Lucas as he and Ryder headed back to the living room, "Only one of them looks like it is lived in the others are caked in dust so we didn't risk going in"

"Find anything in here?" Ryder asked looking around the room at the group, Cassie, Diana and Jake all shook their heads.

"Nothing, there is so much in here to look through..." Diana said and you could hear the defeated tone in her voice.

"Then we'll all look" Ryder suggested and the others simply nodded and spread through the room.

Cassie turned to Diana who simply shrugged and turned back to her pile of papers. It seemed like an eternity had passed, the only sound passing between them was the rustling of papers and the ticking of the clock, but even that was toned out to the point that when both Cassie and Diana's phones went off in unison they all jumped.

Pulling out their phones panic set in as they both read the text

Get out NOW!

"Uh, guys?" Jake's shaky voice caused them to look up, straight into the face of Mr. Saunders.


Melissa drummed her hands frantically on the dashboard of her car. What the hell was she supposed to do?! The Circle was trapped inside Sander's house and he'd just gone in. She could still remember how easily he had stopped Lucas and Ryder. He could do whatever he wanted to the Circle, and it would probably be effortless. None of the Balcoins, Cassie, or Diana had dark magic anymore, which meant that they were basically powerless. She shuddered, and pulled out her cell phone.

"What?" Faye snapped as soon as she picked up. "Look, I'm kinda busy—"

"I just saw the Balcoins, Cassie, Diana, and Jake all go into Sander's house, and Sanders just went in there a few minutes ago." Melissa interrupted, effectively shutting Faye up. "I'm afraid he's going to hurt them, and they barely have enough magic to defend themselves."

"Please." Faye snorted. "He's just a really sketchy person. Jake still has magic, he'll be able to protect them from some guy."

Melissa bit her lip nervously. She'd promised Sanders she wouldn't tell anyone else about him, but did that matter anymore? It wasn't like she owed him (well, yes, she did, she reminded herself. But she'd do anything to save her friends). "Faye, he saved me from Lucas and Ryder once. With magic. He's dangerous, Faye, and you need to get here as soon as possible. Bring Adam too."

"Okay." Faye said, and hung up.

Melissa put her phone down and went back to nervously chewing her lip. She hoped Faye and Adam would get there soon.


"Damn it." Faye said to no one in particular, dialling Adam's number. She hoped he wouldn't hang up on her or get really angry, like he'd been when she'd seen him last. "Adam?"

"What now, Faye?"

So he was going to be bitchy. "Adam, Melissa just called me." She summarized what she'd been told, praying he would understand how sire the situation was. "So we need to get down to the creepers place now." She concluded. "Because we have all that extra power from Balcoin, so we should be able to fight Sanders off if he gets any ideas."

"Fine." Adam didn't let her reply, just hung up.

That would have to be good enough. Faye sent a quick text to Melissa as she jumped into the car, saying she'd be there in a few minutes.


Mr. Sanders looked at the group with a stone hard serious expression.

"Well, what do we have here?" He asked aloud as they took a step backwards. "Breaking and entering someone's home is against the law, or so I am lead to believe. Do you have anything to say for yourselves or should I just call the police?"

"Oh god, what if he is just some weird, albeit normal guy?" Cassie asked worried.

"Then we are screwed," Diana thought somberly.

Lucas took a step forward and gave Sanders a low-level glare, as if that was his way of being polite. "We were helping our sisters changing their grades for your class," He claimed.

Mr. Sanders raised an eyebrow and then turned to Cassie and Diana. "Is that right?"

Cassie and Diana hesitated but reluctantly agreed. It was better than explaining the alternative.

Mr. Sanders stared and stared for so long Jake was starting to understand why his circle called him the creeper.

"Well," He finally said. "Under normal circumstances, I would say I am very disappointed of you but these aren't normal circumstances."

Diana blinked. "Why not?"

Mr. Sanders let loose his famous knowing smirk. "Because I know you are lying, little witches."

Everyone was instantly on edge. For weeks they have suspected he knew about them but only now were they finally getting a confession.

"I was actually wondering how long it would take you to break into my house with all the clues I have been leaving you," He went on. "The hints, the classes, the notebook, the family tree, the magical lock; and even with all that you didn't broke in sooner to look for answers. Now of that I am disappointed," He stated while shaking his head. "I would have thought that after everything you have been through, you would have been more careful. But no, you wait until it's almost too late to act and when you actually do, you don't even bother to watch your back in case I show up," He reprimanded. "You could really use some caution in classes."

Everyone actually blushed in embarrassment. They may be angry and confused at the teacher but everything he said made sense. Why didn't they take him more seriously?

"Regardless, it matters not," Mr. Sanders continued. "Because you can learn from past mistakes so you don't repeat them again. Take Lucas for example," He pointed out.

He frowned in confusion. "Excuse me?"

"I mean, instead of rushing towards me to hit me like the last time you try to get me off your trail with a plausible lie," He said. "That's progress."

Lucas didn't know how to respond to that so he just shut up. Ryder on the other hand was looking at him more carefully.

"Like last time?" He inquired.

Mr. Sanders nodded. "Yes and you did well in restraining him by the way," He added. "My thunder storms can be quite nasty."

Lucas´ eyes widen and those of Claire, Dylan and Ryder weren't far behind.

"That was you!" They said at once.

"Him?" Jake asked on alert.

"He summoned a lightning storm and threatened to kill us!" Claire shriek.

Without thinking things further the seven witches were preparing to lash out with magic. But before they could toss him around mentally, grabbed a staff sized Canadian totem of an Eagle he had by a wall besides him and pointed the bird's eyes toward them. Without warning, all of them were paralyzed, as if the glare in the eagle's carved face was spelled.

Mr. Sanders then put the staff by the wall again. "I am not done talking," He said his voice crystal clear.


Everyone struggle with the paralysis but the grip of the magic around them was too strong.

"Don't fight it," Sanders warned. "The magic on that staff is designed to feed on panic and helplessness to increase the restraints on you.

"What do you want?" Jake growled.

"To talk, obviously," Mr. Sanders said. "If I wouldn't want to listen to you, I would have paralysed your tongues as well."

"Talk about what?" Cassie demanded.

Before he could answer, the front door was blasted open and Faye, Melissa and Adam stormed in. Faye looked around quickly and then telekinetically moved one of his heavy folklore notebooks.

"Take your creepy book back," She shouted as Sanders blocked the incoming hardcover with his staff.

Sanders scowled as the pages were ripped apart. "That was one of the first edition books, young lady."

"And what are you going to do about it?" Faye retorted.

"Glad you asked," He said as he pointed at their faces with the eagle's glare.

Instantly, Adam, Faye and Melissa were immobilized. Faye scowled as she couldn't move. Even with her new powers she couldn't break the restraining spell. Melissa looked at Mr. Sanders scared to death and Adam just gave a glare of his own.


Sanders sighed, watching the frozen Circle members with an almost tired expression. "I don't want to hurt any of you."

"Says the man that is using magic to hold us against our will." Faye retorted. She tried to struggle despite the bonds of magic, but she couldn't move. All she could do was scowl at him, since only her facial features were unfrozen.

"I moved here to find your Circle, but not with malicious intentions." He said. "And the only reason that I froze you was because if I hadn't you would have killed me with your combined magic. I'm trying to help! I know from experience that Circles like your own are constantly in danger, and I managed to keep you all together when you were fighting. I sent that girl to talk to you—" that was aimed at Diana, "—when you and Cassie weren't getting along. She was just a magical projection. I've helped keep your Circle together."

Diana's face was a bright red, and she looked angrier than Cassie had ever seen her. 'For your information," she hissed, "Cassie and I would have made up on our own! You didn't have to be a creeper and send some fake person. And we're not a Circle anymore, not technically. We're not even bound. Oh, and we won't' be re-binding the Circle again anytime soon, if that's what you want."

Faye smirked, impressed. "I never knew you were so vicious."

"Shut up, Faye, this really isn't the time."

Sanders sighed and stared at Diana. "Do you know what the Spirit World is in shamanist magic?

Diana frowned in confusion. "No, but what does that has to do with anything?"

"Everything," He said slowly. "The Spirit World is a realm of magic that can only be accessed by those who possess an exceptionally strong connection to the forces of nature required to practice shamanist magic properly. Someone like me," He added.

Everyone glanced at each other with their feet still immobilize and then looked back at him.

"So?" Lucas asked.

"So, it was thanks to that realm that I find out about you," He claimed. "I usually enter trances to access the Spirit World in my quests to increase my knowledge about magic but one particular day everything was clearer than usual and soon enough I found out why. The legendary Crystal Skull was reformed and the sheer scale of its power and darkness sent ripples across the fabric of space to warn all those who had access the Spirit World at the time."

Everyone looked surprised but choose not to comment.

"After much searching, I realised I was the only one connected to the realm of magic at the time of the warning and thus I decided to use one of the powers unique to Spirit World: Divination, also known as the magical art of revealing what the future holds," Sanders went on. "That is not a precise art because the future is in constant motion and there are many possible futures but while I was connected to the realm the day of reformation of the Crystal Skull, my foresight was far clearer than usual and such, I managed to see a few very possible futures. And one of them in particular was what spurred my decision to help mend your relationship," Sanders said as he looked at Cassie and Diana. "You two would have never made up."

There was an absolute silence for two seconds right before the girls exploded. "WHAT!" They screamed together not believing it.

"You are lying!" Cassie growled.

"Yes! We would have made up eventually!" Diana agreed.

Sanders put his hands in his pocket and took out the jade pendant with the bear. "I wage you my whole magical artefact collection that this version of events could have happened," He declared as he showed them off his shamanist relic.

Cassie and Diana looked at each other. "What version of events?" They said together

Sanders sighed. "I don't know all the details. All I know was that the most likely future turn had I not intervene, would have been full of fights between you two as your relationship continued to deteriorate. Then, a few weeks into the future some really big fight would have happened between the two of you. Cassie had become so furious about something that she would have knocked Diana out. Diana would have woken up hours later, but Cassie would have been gone. All her possessions taken and she would have left never to return. Then something awful would have happened here because Cassie wouldn't have been around to help. This would have destroyed the world as we know it. What that is I do not know, but I know its better that I fixed the relationship between the two of you before Cassie ran away."

Cassie gasped and her eyes got wet. She couldn't believe she would leave her sister or Jake or her Circle. Sanders sighed. "I am sorry to be the one to break this to you but I hate it when family members fight each other. Maybe I had no right to interfere but I am sure you can agree with me that you prefer what has happen thus far between you than the alternative I mentioned."

They didn't reply but they did nod slowly.

"Well, moving on there was another vision I had of the very likely future," He stated. "It was of a dark creature, full of evil power being released, with Chance Harbour as the place of its comeback. So, I decided to come here and try to figure things out; maybe stop the creature from being released but it seems I wasn't fast enough."

Faye's face grew concerned but she shrugged it off a moment later. No one noticed as the other were staring at Sanders.

"What makes you say that?" Ryder asked interested.

"The fact you six lost your dark magic," Sanders stated. "Losing an ancestral source of dark power that runs through generations doesn't just happen, at least not easily and much less overnight. Unless…"

"Unless what?" Lucas pressed on.

"Unless what originally cursed your bloodline to shift from light to dark is not in your bloodline anymore," He answered. "What else, though, I am not sure. Like I said, such things have been lost to history. I don't think there is anyone alive to remember."

"Yes, there is one," Faye thought wisely. "And it shouldn't be able work a cell."

"The question now is where did all that dark power go?" Sanders asked and no one answered. "Well, I don't know either but I would like to help you."

Jake frowned. "What do you get out of it?"

Sander chuckled. "Why, the thrill of being part of one of the biggest and most dangerous magical mysteries of all time of course. I like to be in places where interesting things are happening."

Looks were exchanged. There's nothing we can do to escape. Cassie told Diana.

I know, especially without dark magic. Diana was still watching Sanders, afraid he'd be suspicious of the silence. But really, he must've been following us everywhere.

I know, I know. But... I think we should just believe him. I mean, if he was going to hurt us, he would have already. Besides, we kind of owe him," Cassie admitted with some sadness.

Diana nodded "Fine, we believe you and accept your help." She said, rather shortly. "We don't fully trust you as of right now but enough for the time being."

Almost as soon as the words had left her mouth, Diana felt her whole body return to normal. She saw that Jake had instantly gone to Cassie, checking to make sure she was okay. Oddly enough, Adam didn't move to see if Faye was fine. He just stood there, looking mutinous.

"Thank you." Sanders said. He did sound sincere. "And you can talk to me about any magic problems, okay?"

They all nodded, heading towards his door as he spoke. "Oh, by the way..." Diana glanced at Jake. "He was kidding about changing grades on our papers. Just in case you were wondering,"

Sanders laughed. "Of course."


Balcoin couldn't help but frown as he listened to the conversation inside the house through a dark spell. The ancient demon already had suspicions about him from back when he was still inside Cassie and Diana. He would be a fool not to, especially after he mentioned Francis in a class and you don't survive for thousands of years by being a fool. He decided he would leave the subject alone for now as he couldn't interfere with Faye and Adam inside but if the so called teacher may be a threat to his plans he should get him out of his way.

"But I can wait," Balcoin thought. "I still have some time to wait before I can set my plan in motion anyway and it never hurts to be cautious. First I should figure out who Sanders really is, as well as his strengths and weaknesses before doing anything rash. Shamans that can access the Spirit World should not be taken lightly."

Then he chuckled darkly as he started to leave. "Destroying the world as we know it eh?" He said aloud to the empty street. "Not quite but close enough, Sanders, close enough."


All he wanted was to just forget the entire day. Was that too much to ask? Apparently so, because the minute Adam shut his eyes he saw Balcoin, standing in the mist. Ever since he'd touched the skull so long ago, he'd been seeing things. The vague demons were now replaced with Balcoin; eyes glittered, beckoning Adam to join him. Oh, but he already had. He'd given up long ago, because it was too hard to fight the pull of dark magic. Besides, it was easier. It was much easier than fighting.

Creating chaos just to prove we're alive

Demolition of a delicate kind

Midnight confessions keep on blurring the line

Say you're here on my side

Want you here on my side

So he let the dreams take him, because they weren't as terrifying when he was one of the demons.

As for Faye, she moaned fitfully in her sleep. Her dreams had been pleasant at first; kissing a faceless boy—literally faceless, features completely blank—then doing some sort of spell with the Circle. At least it seemed to be the Circle. It was too dark to tell, and all she knew was that long brown curls brushed her cheek whenever she leaned to the left.

Then a dark figure appeared, right in front of her. Like all the other faceless people in her dreams, he stood there, waiting for her to do something. He radiated something from him... something that was stirring an adverse feeling of distrust. That was when his features slowly came into existence. It was Balcoin, laughing at her.

You keep my heart under the cover of night

Could be the devil in a clever disguise

Temptation leads us, it's too late for goodbye

Say you're here on my side

Want you here on my side

Come undone with me

She was so very afraid of him, but the magic was too strong. She found herself kissing him now, even as her stomach twisted in disgust.

Diving into destruction

Come undone with me

In the state of seduction

Come undone with me

But she didn't resist enough to get away, because she loved the feel of power pulsing in her veins, and it would always be too seductive to resist.

Also, a note from one of our writers. Please read it, it's really important:

now please READ what i have to say here. we get a lot of people talking about or complaining about the couples that we choose. i am going to tell u that for the rest of this season the couples will be Faye/Adam and Cassie/Jake. We choose these couples

because of two reasons. one they fit better into our plot line with the skull and two we have people in our group who really like these couples.

please remember we are planning a season 3. we are looking at all possible couple combinations for season 3. we've even given serious thought and will probably be adding an OC as a love interest for one of the girls. so if the couple you like has not been mentioned yet like Diana/Grant or we've only slightly mentioned it like Melissa/Adam, or we seem to have completely destroyed it like Cassie/Adam please no anything is possible in season 3.

also i would like everyone to remember that i highly doubt Andrew Miller would have put Adam/Cassie and Faye/Jake together in season 2 and kept it that way. the show needs some relationship drama. besides these characters are teenagers. they're not just going to stick with one person and not date anyone else. it's a little unrealistic.