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Episode 17 – "Aphelion"

Nicholas Sanders started pacing back and forth in his house while clenching his fists. This was an absolute disaster and he couldn't believe it. He had spent half his life looking for his collection of magical artefacts all around the western hemisphere and someone just destroyed most of them.

He grimaced as he looked at the shattered pieces of his pendant made of jade he used to help mend the relationship of Cassie and Diana. Starting to feel dizzy out of shock and sadness, he forced himself to sit down on the couch.

He breathed heavily and reminded himself he still had a small part of his collection in a bank vault with seven keys half way across the country, but there was one question that wouldn't let him sleep until he answered it: who could have done this?

The first thing he did was review a list in his mind of everyone aside from the Circle who knew about his magical artefact collection. There were only a handful of them. The first was his witch mother of course, but even if she were still alive she would never do such a thing. Then there was Eva, his former voodoo student, who he was once forced to save from certain death with a healing artefact. A mountain lion had mauled her, and he had to explain so the 12-year-old girl didn't go to her parents babbling about a Hogwarts teacher.

Sanders frowned as he remembered the conversation he had with Diana and Faye on the subject. Eva must be nineteen by now and she must have changed, if only slightly, from the sweet girl he remembered. But he hadn't been able to contact her at all since he remembered he was in her state, which means she was either dead or in hiding.

Then there could be his old witch apprentice from Duke University in the Folklore class, Janett Monroe. He taught her a lot and she always did have a clever imagination when it came to getting her way, but for as long as they had kept in touch, she had never given him any reason to make him think she would crush his lifelong project.

Sanders eyes narrowed slightly as he considered the most likely possibility. His old rival from his witch archaeologist profession, Rene Talbot. True enough, they hadn't seen each other in over a year, but who else could it be? That man is practically a bounty hunter, selling magical objects to the highest bidder.

His face contorted in anger as he remembered their last encounter. They had been fighting on the ancient Mesoamerican city of Teotihuacan, over the top of the towering Temple of the Sun to gain control of a nearly 2,000 year old relic called the Orb of the Sun, the most powerful light magic amplifier in Native American history.

Talbot may be a pure-blooded witch, naturally stronger than Sanders, but he kept fewer artefacts than his half witch counter-part because he sold most of them. That's what angered Sanders. Magical artefacts belong to people with magical blood and to help train the next generation, not to anyone who can pay them in the Black Market, and certainly not to witch hunters and demons.

At any rate, they fought off on the Temple of the Sun, trying to overpower each other with different branches of magic. And then, when Sanders finally had him on his knees after breaching his magical shield with a blast of combined telekinetic and electro-kinetic energy, the strangest thing happened. His next lightning strike that would have knocked him out cold was blocked by a visible veil of intense dark magic.

Sanders then looked around and saw a figure in black robes, a mask made of bones, and soulless red eyes. To Sanders's horror, he knew right then and there that in front of him was one of the ancient demons.

Acting on desperate impulse, he unleashed a fire storm at him with shamanist magic, but the demonic being merely waved his hand and the flames were gone. Starting to panic, Sanders moved backwards toward the temple walls as the demon approached. He only said one thing to him that had puzzled Sanders ever since. He said he could use a half witch as clever and dedicated as him when the time was right, and after snapping his fingers, he started feeling sleepy. The last thing he remembered before darkness took him was the demon taking the Orb of the Sun and teleporting away with Talbot.

Sanders sighed as he stopped remembering the past. He still wasn't sure what use he could have been for that ancient demon, much less why he wanted him on his side, but one thing was for sure: Talbot worked for him. He could have hired him to track Sanders down and destroy artefacts he didn't like, while taking some for the demon's use; or Talbot could have worked on his own and destroyed them out of his own grudge to make him weaker.

At any rate, he needed more information to be sure. So, he decided he would have to ask the Circle if they saw anything or anyone weird yesterday.


Cassie sat quietly, thinking over what Balcoin had told her. She just couldn't believe it. How could one of her siblings do that? Cassie felt nothing but anger when she tried to work out who could have killed her mom. She just couldn't believe she'd been murdered. How could someone do that to her for no reason?! Cassie felt anger bubbling up inside her and decided to try and focus on her class instead to distract herself. It of course didn't work. She just couldn't forget what Balcoin had told her, or get over the anger she was feeling about it.

Adam and Faye were sitting together at the back of the class having a quick, whispered conversation and completely ignoring everything the history teacher was saying at the front of the class.

"But why is he doing it? I just don't understand," whispered Faye, confused.

"He knows what he's doing. We don't need to question him." Adam forcefully hissed at Faye.

"Why does he want the Circle to break apart though?" Faye whispered, "That could end badly."

"I don't know Faye, I'm sure it will work out though. Balcoin knows what he's doing." Adam told her.

"Are you not worried though?" Faye whispered back.

"No, will you just leave it?" Adam asked, "Just shut up about it." Adam told her harshly, turning back round to face the front and ignoring Faye.

Diana was sitting in class, silently worrying to herself. She had to remember to keep her mental block up, which was causing her to stress even more. She was biting her nails, and not taking in any of the information their history professor was teaching. As much as she wanted to focus and listen, she just couldn't. She was just too distracted. She couldn't stop worrying about what would happen if Cassie kept digging about her mother's death. Diana was really scared she'd find out the truth and hate her forever. Diana couldn't lose Cassie, not again.

Melissa, on her part, was just smiling like a big idiot. She finally felt strong; more importantly, she felt much more reliable. When she got home last night, her dad started teaching her a few spells, and she quickly discovered her father's favorite method of dealing with someone who might be a threat to you: make a magical show so spectacular, or traumatic if you know what your enemy is scared of, that they will flee without daring to call your bluff. As her father phrased it, "better being a showoff than being dead or carrying the guilt of murder with you".

She chuckled. Finally things seem to be going her way.


The Circle just finished their very first quiet class under Sanders's watch. He just asked them to read his folkloric notebook and quietly discuss their favorite topics in groups. After that, he was quiet for the rest of the class, staring at a book that looked like a telephone guide and groaning when he didn't seem to get hold of someone.

When the class was over, he told the Circle to wait for a moment. When the class left, he closed the door and sighed.

"Look, I know you have another class to go to so I will get straight to the point," Mr. Sanders said. "Did you see anything or anyone strange yesterday?"

Cassie and Diana looked at each other, wondering if he wanted to know about the strange man who knew about Amelia's murder, while Faye and Adam just stared blankly.

"Why do you ask?" Cassie ended up asking.

"Because someone broke into my house and destroyed most of my collection of magical artefacts," He practically moaned.

"Well I guess warehouse finally found you then, huh? Artie sent out his agents." Faye said with a laugh, trying to sound like she was completely joking.

Adam smiled and joined in. "Claudia Donovan broke into your home and went through your stuff."

"Did they Tesla you?" Faye said, and the two laughed.

Melissa, Cassie, and Diana looked at the two. They might be joking around, but the three were pretty sure they were doing it to hide the fact that they were the ones who did it.

Sanders seemed confused. "Warehouse?" Sanders asked and then shook his head. "Well, if you have any real information let me know."

"Sure," Diana agreed, even though she had no intention of telling Sanders about the weird guy. Neither did anyone else in the group.

As they walked out, Cassie turned to the others. "Is it bad I feel so much safer now that he doesn't have all that power?" Cassie questioned.

"No, I'm with you there," Melissa said ,remembering the storm Sanders had made.

Diana nodded. "Yeah, I think I might be able to learn to trust him with the artefacts gone." Diana added as they headed to their next class.


Faye slung her bag quickly over the counter before taking her usual seat at the Boathouse. Yet again her plans had been thrown out the window when Adam's dad had gone and gotten drunk again before lunch, causing Adam to miss half of school and cancel his plans with his girlfriend.

Faye was honestly sick of the Boathouse; she had been in the place way too often since she started dating Adam. The whole Circle had ditched the place for the new Cafe in town for a change of scenery and to stop Adam's dad from overhearing anything they spoke about. Not that he would remember it, but that wasn't the point. But now, without even realizing it, the whole Circle was spending most of their time here again. It was mostly because if they had a Circle meeting, Adam was likely to be working.

And Adam seemed to be working a lot of overtime lately since his dad was getting worse, and ever since the Balcoin situation had happened, Adam had been quiet about his dad's 'problem'. But it wasn't helping anyone; if anything it was driving a wedge between Adam and his dad as well as Adam and Faye. But that wedge was a lot smaller than the wedge Balcoin had put between Faye and Adam.

Every time Faye was left on her own to think, her thoughts went back to Balcoin, and the situation she and Adam had put themselves in. Her brain hurt so much when she thought about it, but she couldn't help it, she was by herself so often because everyone in the Circle basically hated them and Adam was constantly working. Faye was definitely spending too much quality time with herself. Normally she would be okay with having time away from the Circle, but times change and so do people.

Adam had changed, in Faye's opinion, and the change in him was exactly the reason she was not telling him. Faye wasn't often one to worry or be scared, but in the last few months she had been a lot more like the Faye before the Circle than she would like to admit. People often changed because they wanted to, and Faye did not want to change back to that ever.

Seeing a hand waving in front of her face, Faye looked into the face of her boyfriend.

"So, you are in there somewhere?" He teased and Faye simply rolled her eyes. "What's wrong with you?"

"Nothing, except the fact I am bored out of my mind." Faye told him honestly, waiting to see his reaction.

"Well then go hang out with your friends. Oh wait, you don't have any, do you?" Adam said, his mean streak coming out. Now this was what she had been thinking about, the Adam they all knew would normally have apologized, but these days he got bitchy. It was like he and Faye had swapped personalities, but Faye wasn't going to stand for it anymore.

"Ooo, Bitch." Faye said sarcastically, "And what about your non-existent friends, are they going to join us?"

"Whatever Faye." Adam said, turning and walking off, leaving her with a smug feeling. Maybe she hadn't lost her mean girl personality after all. But a part of her was still worried about confronting Adam about Balcoin.

Things were going to change around here; Adam was not going to control her life. She had never let Jake do that, so why was Adam getting away with it? How had she even gotten into this position? Power and magic, it always came back to the feelings of being so powerless all those years ago, but she wasn't powerless, and she was going to prove it.

Faye sat around for a while before Adam was within a good distance where she could get his attention.

"Adam." She called waiting for him to respond. He seemed to freeze slightly and take a breath before turning and giving her a look. "Don't give me that look. We need to talk."

"Well, I'm busy Faye." Adam told her, trying to make himself look busy, causing Faye to send him a look.

"Make yourself un-busy." She said simply and watched as Adam let out another sigh and chucked down the towel he was holding,


"Nice to know how much you want to talk to your girlfriend." Faye said sarcastically, standing up and walking around and into the back.

Adam reluctantly followed Faye into the back, the two stood in the back room staring at each other until Adam broke the silence, "What did you want, Faye?"

"I told you, I want to talk." Faye told him innocently.

"No games Faye, get on with it." Adam said.

"Now this is what we need to talk about." Faye told him giving him a pointed look.

"What the hell are you on about?"

"I'm on about the fact that you act more like the bitchy me than you act like yourself."

"I haven't got time for an intervention."

"Make time." Faye told him. "Ever since the woods you have been acting more and more like a complete ass and enough is enough!"

"Afraid of a little competition?"

"And this is what I am talking about!" Faye said, exasperated. It was like he wasn't hearing a word she was saying, "As soon as Balcoin was summoned you changed, and I am the only one who seemed to notice again."

"What do you want me to say? Well done and a pat on the back." Adam asked.

"The old Adam back would be nice." Faye told him, "What has he done to you? We have enough power to fight him..." Faye stopped when she heard Adam laugh.

"I get what this is about," Adam said. "You think I'm Balcoin's favourite and I'm getting more power than you."

"This has nothing to do with power, it's about the fact that we should have never trusted him, and now you're acting like his lap dog!"

"Enough, Faye!" Adam said, his voice rising,

"No one tells me what to do." Faye told him calmly.

"Well I am, your loyalties should be with Balcoin, and if they aren't, then we'll have to have a word with him about what to do with you."

Faye scoffed, "What are you gonna do, Adam? You going to kill me this time?" She asked.

"Stop fussing Faye, it's getting boring." Adam told her, turning and leaving the room. Faye stood there for a second before following Adam out. Once he was in the main section of the Boathouse, she grabbed her bag and stormed out.


Diana was heading down the stairs as she saw Cassie open the door. "Cassie, where are you going?"

"Nowhere," Cassie said, turning around to lean against the door.

"You're going to go confront our siblings, aren't you?" Diana asked, but it sounded more like a statement. She knew Cassie pretty well by now.

"No," Cassie answered, but knew by Diana face she wasn't getting away with that. "Fine, it's driving me nuts that one of them killed my mom or even if they knew who killed my mom and they are hiding it from me. That would be as bad as killing her themselves."

Diana immediately put up a mental block as thoughts about Charles and the night he told her what he did came into her mind. This time Diana's quick block didn't go unnoticed by Cassie. "Why are you blocking me? You've been doing that a lot lately."

Diana shook her head, trying to look innocent. "I don't think so. Just needed some privacy."

"No, you just started blocking me when I mentioned about my mom…." Cassie paused as she thought it over. "Do you know who did it?"

"No," Diana answered.

"You're lying. You know and you're not telling me. Who was it? Lucas and Ryder? Why would you protect them though? It was the younger ones, wasn't it? Claire and Dylan? I knew their little goody act was too good to be true. Well?" Diana paused, not knowing what to say. "Nevermind, don't tell me. I'm going to find out though."

Cassie stormed out of the house. Diana was shocked for a minute before she ran down the stairs. "Cassie wait," Diana said, thinking this was going too far. Cassie was going crazy. "Cassie." Diana looked outside, but found Cassie was gone already. "Cassie come home. We need to talk," Diana thought to her sister, but knew it didn't go through. Cassie was blocking her. Diana sighed as she closed the door and took a seat in the living room. She was going to wait here for Cassie to come back.


Lucas and Ryder were walking along the pier in Chance Harbour, enjoying the nice weather and having fun teasing people and make snide comments about everything.

"Why are we even still living in this dump?" Ryder asked Lucas.

"You know why. We have to." Lucas told him forcefully.

"But I mean just look at the people who live here!" Ryder exclaimed, pointing to the beach where a weird looking man was stumbling about talking to himself. "They're all seriously dumb." He muttered.

"Well, you're just going to have to deal with it." Lucas told him, ignoring all the people who were staring at them meanly as they insulted their town.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, Cassie came storming across the road, screaming at them before she was even close to them. Lucas and Ryder stopped walking and just stared as Cassie marched towards them, screaming her head off.

"Oh for God's sake, not again" Lucas muttered to Ryder as Cassie finally reached them.

"Hey Cassie," Ryder tried to greet her nicely, but she ignored them.

"What the hell are you doing here? Why are you just walking round town after I've found out what you've done? You're acting as if nothing's happened. I told you to go! Why are you still here? I can barely look at you; you murdered my mother for no reason! Then you tried to be friendly and nice to me. My mom was the only real family I had and you took her away from me. You killed her! You're acting as if nothing's happened. Strolling round town like a pair of posh, pompous idiots! I feel like ripping your heads off right now." Cassie ranted, shouting at them.

"Cassie, please shut up. We're in a public place, you can't do magic to harm us and you know it. We have already told you, we didn't bloody murder your mom! We didn't even know you existed until we got summoned here, and that was ages after your mom had died! You're being stupid, go home and calm down. But stop accusing us of something we haven't done." Lucas ordered her.

"No, I'm not listening to you, you're lying. You're always lying, I know you did it." Cassie told them angrily.

"Cassie, we didn't." Ryder told her, hoping she'd believe him.

"I don't believe you." Cassie told them, starting to have to fight back her tears.

"Cassie, just go home. We're in a public place and everyone's staring at you. There's no way we could have killed your mom, why can't you stop being so stupid and realize that? I'm not sticking round here to listen to this. You're being stupid. Come on Ryder, we're going." Lucas told them.

Then Lucas and Ryder turned round and quickly left, walking away from Cassie, who stood in the middle of the street staring at them as they left. She wanted to shout at them, get them to come back, she hadn't finished with them! For some reason though, she just couldn't bring herself to. Cassie quickly turned round and left, ignoring everyone who was staring at her. She tried to calm herself down as she walked away and ignored the nagging in her brain which was telling her maybe, just maybe, Lucas and Ryder were telling the truth.


Claire and Dylan were sitting in the coffee shop in town chatting when Claire noticed Melissa come through the door and she quickly jumped up and made Melissa come and join them.

"Hey guys," Melissa said as she sat down with them, coffee in hand.

"Hi Melissa, how've you been?" Dylan asked her.

"I've been really good, actually. I don't think I've told you yet, but I found out from my dad the other week that my bloodline goes back through an ancient powerful witch family, the Nidaros family. My dad was part of their family; this means I have a lot more magic and power then I realized. It's great! My dad is helping me learn how to control and use my Nidaros magic." Melissa explained to them.

"Oh Melissa, that's great! I'm so happy for you." Claire told her. Dylan nodded in agreement.

"Yeah that's really good," he added.

"Thanks guys, and how have you been lately?" Melissa asked.

"We've been great; we're no longer being bossed about by Lucas and Ryder. We have so much more freedom now, it's brilliant." Claire told her.

"Oh that's good, I always hated the way Lucas and Ryder forced you into things you didn't want to do." Melissa said.

"Yeah, so did I, I'm enjoying life a lot more now." Claire explained.

"Yeah, so am I." Dylan agreed.

"This is great, we're all really happy and everything is going right in our lives for once." Melissa realized.

"Yeah, that must be a first." Dylan added sarcastically.

"It's good, we all deserve it." Claire told them. "We've been through a lot."

"So what are you guys doing today?" Melissa asked.

"Anything! We haven't decided yet, but we can do anything we want. That's such a good feeling." Claire told her.

"I bet it is! I'm really happy for you guys. You may still live with Lucas and Ryder, but at least you have some more control over you own lives now." She told them.

"Yeah, and Lucas and Ryder are our brothers, they're not actually that bad. Not all the time." Dylan told her.

"I'm sure they can be okay." Melissa agreed.

"Oh, I've just had a great idea!" Claire told them excitedly.

"Oh God, what is it?" Dylan asked, slightly worried.

"We should all go out and celebrate later. It'll be fun." Claire suggested.

"Celebrate how?" Dylan asked, still not sure about this idea.

"It's a surprise." Claire whispered, smiling at him.

"Oh God, I don't know. What do you think Melissa?" He asked.

"I think that sounds like fun. We should go out later." She agreed, looking forward to it. "But for now, how about I go and get some more coffees?" She suggested.

"Yeah, that sounds good to me." Dylan agreed.

"I'll come and help you." Claire told her smiling. Melissa got up with her and the two of them walked to the coffee counter, gossiping about how good life was at the minute. Dylan stayed seated at the table, relaxing and happy at his new freedom away from his controlling older brothers.


Diana was pacing up and down nervously, waiting for Cassie to come back. She could hardly stand still; she was so scared about what would happen when she came clean with Cassie. She really hoped Cassie would understand why she'd kept it a secret and forgive her.

After a while, Diana decided she needed some advice from someone because she was driving herself crazy, waiting and worrying. Diana wasn't sure who she should call; would understand? Then finally someone popped into her head: Faye. She'd been through things like this; she'd understand and help hopefully, if she was in a good mood.

Diana nervously dialled Faye's number, praying she'd pick up.

"Hello?" Faye answered, already sounding bored.

"Faye! It's Diana. I need your help with something," Diana told her, starting to regret going to Faye.

"You need my help? What, your princess sister isn't good enough?" Faye asked sarcastically.

"It's actually about Cassie." Diana admitted, biting her nails. She was that nervous.

"About Cassie, I hardly have anything to do with her. What's this got to do with me?" Faye asked.

"Nothing really, I just need some advice." Diana told her.

"Fine then, shoot." Faye told her.

"Well...the thing is, I well I..." Diana started, unsure of how to say it.

"Just spit it out." Faye told her, sounding annoyed.

"Okay then. Well the thing is there's something I've been keeping from Cassie because I don't want to hurt her. But now I really need to tell her and I'm scared of what will happen" Diana muttered.

"Does it have to do with Cassie?" Faye asked, intrigued.

"Yeah, it's a pretty big secret." Diana told her.

"Ooh, what is it?"Faye asked, wanting some gossip on Cassie.

"Faye, I'm not going to tell you. God, I don't even know why I called you for help." Diana sighed.

"Okay, sorry. Listen, whatever it is, just tell her. Letting some big, awful secret come between the two of you is worse than you actually coming clean and telling her the truth, however upset she gets." Faye told her sincerely.

"Wow, thanks Faye, you're right. I'll tell her when she comes home." Diana whispered.

"Of course I'm right! Its okay, I have nothing better to do right now. Bye Diana." Faye replied, before hanging up and cutting Diana's goodbye off.

Faye sighed as she threw her phone back down on her bed. After what she'd told Diana to do, Faye wondered if she should come clean to Adam as well. She wasn't sure what would happen if she confessed to him that Balcoin scared her. What if he tells Balcoin? Surely he wouldn't do that. Just to be safe, Faye decided to ignore her own advice and keep her fears to herself, for now. Instead of calling Adam, Faye got up and decided to take a bath, hoping to clear her head and relax.


Melissa just finished washing her hands when she started hearing a shouted argument. She closed the bathroom door and saw Cassie fighting with Claire and Dylan.

"TELL THE TRUTH!" Cassie yelled.

"We didn't do it," Claire said, flinching.


Cassie stopped mid-sentence as she jumped back as if someone punched her in the gut. She looked back and saw Melissa glaring at her.

"Just what the hell are you doing?" Melissa demanded.

"Trying to get the truth out of them," Cassie replied, scowling. "This isn't your business."

That got Melissa mad. Of course it's her business if Cassie is threatening her friends under her care. Smirking inwardly, she released her magic in a flash of power only witches can sense, just like her dad taught her.
Cassie gasped as she sensed the intense might coming from her like a golden aura.

"You need to clear your head and think clearly," Melissa declared. "But first, you are leaving us alone right now. You are acting like Faye on her worst bitchy days, and they couldn't have had anything to do with your mom's death, so go away, or I will make you."

Cassie stared at Melissa in disbelief, but when she realized she wasn't bluffing, she just scowled at her younger siblings and left.

Claire stared at Melissa in awe. "That was awesome; you are finally standing up for yourself!" She said grinning.

Dylan just nodded.

Melissa didn't like fighting with Cassie but she couldn't help but feel proud of herself.


Cassie walked into the house planning on going right to her room. Her confrontation of the Balcoins hadn't gone as planned as she didn't get any information. "Cassie," she heard her sister's voice and saw Diana sitting in the living room. "We need to talk."

"I don't feel like talking. I'm going to bed," Cassie said.

"Cassie, we need to talk now." By the tone of Diana's voice Cassie got she didn't have a choice. There was something Diana needed to tell her. Cassie sat down, waiting for Diana to start. "Cassie, you can't go off on our siblings because they didn't do anything."

"One of them…." Cassie started, but Diana held up her hand to stop her.

"Let me finish. They didn't do anything because it was…" Diana stopped having trouble knowing exactly what to say, but as she paused her mental shields went down. As the memory of the night she found out about her dad came to her mind, Cassie saw the memory. She saw Charles admit killing her mom to Diana.

After it was done Diana knew Cassie saw it. She hadn't meant for Cassie to find out that way. "Cas…" Diana never got to finish as she found herself lifted up by magic and thrown across the room. As she got up, she saw an enraged Cassie. "Cassie, let me explain."

"YOU KNEW," Cassie yelled tears coming to my eyes. "You knew and you didn't tell me!"

"I was going to…" Diana started.

"You're my sister. You're the only family I have left, and you kept this from me. She was my mom. My entire life I was so close to her…."

"He was my dad. He raised me. I was going to tell you Cassie. I really was, but then he died saving us. I couldn't." Diana said. "They're both dead. They're all dead. My dad, your mom, my mom, our dad. They all died. All we have left is each other. I protected my dad's memory once and it was wrong, but please don't let this get between us. You're my sister, Cassie. I love you."

"Get out," Cassie yelled opening the front door with magic. "Get out of my house."

Diana had tears in her eyes. "Do you want me to move out?"

"Yes… no….um… I don't know," Cassie said. "I just can't look at you for a few days. Out."

Diana moved toward the door, not too sure where she was going to go. "I hope you can forgive me." Cassie didn't say anything as Diana left.

She spent a while pacing the living room, not sure what to do. As she kept thinking about everything, she got angrier that Diana hadn't told her. More tears came to her eyes and she couldn't be alone. She stormed out of the house and went next door.


Jake was lying in his bed nearly fast asleep when he was woken up by the sound of his door crashing opened. Jake jumped up expecting it to be someone attacking him like his former witch hunter friends or the other Balcoin children or something. Instead he saw Cassie standing in his room eyes red from crying and yelling something about Diana and her mom so fast he couldn't keep up with what she was saying.

Jake rubbed his eyes as he sat up. "Can you believe she knew? All this time she knew. My mom," Cassie threw herself at Jake crying into his shoulder at this. "I can't believe Diana."

Putting his arms around his crying girlfriend Jake said: "Diana did what?"

"Haven't you been listening?" Cassie said.

"I was trying to, but you made it a little impossible. What's wrong?" Jake asked.

"Charles Meade killed my mom," Cassie stated after a minute, shocking Jake. "He killed my mom and Diana knew about it. She found out a long time ago and never told me."

"I'm sorry," Jake said, not knowing what else to say as he let Cassie cry on him. "Look Cassie, what Diana did was bad, but she didn't kill your mom. The two of you will be fine."

"I don't even know if I can look at her right now," Cassie said.

"Then don't. You can stay right here with me all night." Jake whispered lying down on the bed. Cassie laid down next to him and snuggled up next to him.

"Thank you, Jake," Cassie mumbled, not bothering to mention she sent Diana out of her house. She liked spending the night at Jake's anyway.

"Not a problem," Jake said as he held her close to him and put the covers on over the both of them. The two drifted off to sleep not long after.


Faye had been sitting on her couch flicking through the TV channels when there was a knock on the door. She paused for a second and considered not opening the door. But hearing another knock she rolled her eyes and unravelled herself from her curled up position and made her way to the door.

As she made her way to the door she was bracing herself for the worst possible situations. It could be Balcoin, but then he didn't use doors. Then it could have been Adam and that was just as bad nowadays. Adam was the only person she could be around after everything that had happened over the past few weeks, but now she wasn't so sure she could spend time around Adam. Faye was sick of the arguing. She just didn't have the energy anymore, she just felt so drained all the time and the only explanation was the arguments.

But then it could be anyone from the Circle, which would also be pretty bad. Jake and Cassie hated her and she was pretty sure Melissa also hated her and she was too busy being an all powerful witch to come visit Faye. Then there was Diana. She had been okay with Faye after the fashion show and as far as Faye knew she hadn't spilled the beans about things being bad between her and Adam to the rest of the Circle.

As she opened the door she got prepared to argue with someone. Then she saw a crying Diana on her porch.

"Diana, what the hell?" Faye asked.

"I'm not really sure." Diana admitted, "I mean I thought it would have been weird to go to Adam's first and I don't want to really disturb Melissa because she is having family time and Cassie would have gone to Jake and why would I go see Jake anyway-"Diana rambled.

"Okay do you want to speak some sense?" Faye questioned, having no idea what Diana was on about.

Diana took a deep breath before starting to explain, "You know when I called you earlier and asked all those hypothetical questions..."

"So you told Cassie?" Faye said her eyebrow raised.

"How did yo-"Diana started but Faye cut her off.

"You really can't lie to save your life; I knew you were keeping something from Cassie as soon as you started asking questions. I see more than people think I do."

"Well, she kicked me out." Diana said quietly.

"Wait, What?" Faye asked, truly shocked. What could Diana have told Cassie that would make her do this? "Diana..." Faye started, but Diana shook her head.

"Look I'm sorry, I shouldn't have come here. Adam is probably waiting for you so I'll see you later." Diana said with a weak smile before turning to leave.

"Diana!" Faye said and followed her down the steps. "Just come inside, okay?" Faye said. "We can talk...or not." she added as she saw the worried look on Diana's face. "Look, I'm sure my mom will be fine with you staying here. She'll probably be ecstatic that I'm not spending time with Adam." Faye told her causing Diana to smile.

"Okay," Diana agreed walking up the steps with Faye. Once they got to the top Diana paused. "Thanks." She said quietly and Faye simply nodded before following Diana inside and closing the door.

Once inside they both headed to the living room and Diana curled up on the couch, Faye had no idea what to do. She never really had to deal with Diana like this. Diana always went to Cassie, Melissa, or Adam, and now it was Faye's turn to be the one to make it all better, but what if she couldn't?

Faye sat down on the couch next to Diana. "So..." She started, not sure where to go with the conversation.

"I thought telling the truth would make everything better," Diana told her quietly. "I thought it would stop all the arguing and the accusations and stop everyone from fighting."


"I was sick of hiding it; it was taking so much out of me. I don't even know how or why I kept it a secret this long. The longer I kept the secret, the bigger the lie became. I mean she didn't even suspect me..."

"Wait a minute, are you saying what I think you're saying?" Faye asked, a little shell shocked. If Diana was really saying what Faye was assuming then Diana was not the person they all thought she was.

"And what do you think I'm saying, Faye?" Diana asked, finally looking up at her.

"I don't..."

"My dad, Charles, killed Cassie's mom," Diana said, and Faye's eyes widened. Faye would have never thought Charles would have had it in him, she had always assumed that Diana got her good girl attitude from him, but obviously you never know people as well as you think.

"When did you find out?" Faye asked her quietly. She was curious; who wouldn't be? But she knew this was a touchy subject for Diana, especially after telling Cassie and getting the worst reaction she could.

"Uh, after prom. Cassie and I had a bit of an argument about Blackwell and the crystals and I basically ran home. He was on the floor curled up and mumbling about not meaning to do it, he thought I knew what he did so he admitted that it was wrong and I just panicked and left. And then that creepy guy brought it up and I saw the others getting upset and frustrated because they knew nothing about Cassie's mom and Cassie was upset all the time and I couldn't stand it!"

"You did the right thing." Faye told her, trying to make Diana feel better.

"But did I? I could have told her a long time ago and I kept it in to protect him, but now it's ruined my relationship with Cassie and she is all I have." Diana said starting to cry and Faye wrapped her arms around the other girl.

"Look, you were right before; the longer you kept it a secret the bigger the lies got." When Diana started muttering about being a bad sister, Faye sighed, "Listen to me Diana, you needed time to process this and find a way to tell her. It was a shock for you too. When you find out someone isn't the person you thought, it throws you, and on top of all that we had the witch hunters, the skull, and Blackwell around us. Anyone would have cracked under all that pressure. And seriously, did Cassie expect you to slip it into a Circle meeting, 'Oh and I just thought I would let everyone know Cassie's mother's death wasn't an accident it was the man I thought was my father for 17 years'. I mean seriously that girl needs a reality check."

"That's not funny, Faye" Diana told her wiping her eyes and smiling.

"It kinda is, and anyway it made you smile so it had to have some comic effect." Faye said with a shrug.

"Do you really think it was the right time?" Diana asked.

"I don't think there is ever a good time to tell anyone anything like that." Faye said, thinking back to her situation. What Diana had been keeping from Cassie was big, but wasn't it a big thing that she didn't trust Balcoin? Plus, she was honestly petrified of Adam and Balcoin. When was the right time to tell someone that you were scared of them? And that you were thinking of leaving them?

"What are you thinking?" Diana asked, "Do you think I'm the worst person, too?"

Faye shook her head, "No, of course not." Faye said then sighed, "I was just thinking about what you said; the longer you keep the secret the bigger the lie."

"Keeping a big secret, are we?" Diana teased, obviously feeling better now that she had gotten everything off of her chest.

"What?! No, it's just a good way to look at things, that's all." Faye said, trying to shrug off the matter. "I'm starving, want to help me make some food? I might even share some with you." She said getting up.

Diana nodded, taking a breath. "Sure, let's do it," she said, also standing up and following Faye into the kitchen.

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