The Taylor Lords

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[Told from the Point View of Taylor Boys]

You know a lot people believe in god and even more believe in the hypocritical idea of organized religion, I was one of the many didn't see the civic as anything more than a Rome-controlled annoyance.

Now don't get me wrong I have nothing against the big guy but, I do his work in my own way; I help out at the local soup kitchen, I've spent time at the hospice home and I help the environment as well.

But my original thoughts of how religion and god function were shaken even further when my brothers Mark, Brad and I met a strange couple…but maybe I should start from beginning,

now before I begin let me warn that some the things I am about tell you will be hard to believe but trust me they are as true as I'm sure Dad will blow something up on his show tonight.

For example what if I were to tell you all those pagan religions practiced by the ancient Greeks, Romans, Egyptian and Norse were actually true; you probably think I belong in a mental hospital but listen to my story and you'll understand.

My tail begins on a normal enough note, well normal enough for the Taylor household.

There was nothing strange about a stormy Friday night to suggest anything peculiar was about to happen but then again that's usually when something weird happens.

I was watching Tool Time and staying awake through the whole thing, the reason it had my attention was because Dad had just sent a little red grill into orbit using rocket fuel as an accelerant; I don't know how he got it but I don't think I want to.

My older brother Brad was on the phone with his girlfriend Angela like usual but I think they were arguing about something

and Mark, my younger brother was sulking around somewhere, my mom Jill was busy making sure everything was in place for our weekend getaway up at Houghton Lake and I was looking forward to it because my girlfriend Lauren would be there and mind you we've been going out since last year so I think I'm doing good

but back to the story.

My Father was going through a mid-life crisis and coming to grips with mortality, he had been acting strangely for a while now and I mean strange even for him.

As mom starts to pack the Nomad and I escape down to my room to grab a couple of books because car trip was a bit of a lengthy one and soon were all packed into the Nomad and take off for the lake.

Halfway through the trip I had managed to read all four books I had brought with me and now I was staring absently out the window, Brad was drumming on his thigh looking very depressed you see that argument they were have earlier ended in Angela breaking up with him so…yeah.

As I watch tree after tree ride by I drift into a quiet slumber and I wasn't the only one attempting to shorten this drive by going to dreamland Mark had beat me to it he was snoozing peacefully against the widow, snoring slightly.

[Mark's POV]

Like Randy said I was sleeping contently against the window when something odd happened;

I began to feel disembodied I guess, I'm not too sure as how to describe it but like I was saying I began to feel hazy and disembodied

but I quickly realize that I'm dreaming but it's the most vivid dream I've ever had, I'm standing in a large meadow surrounded by a forest and beautiful snow-capped mountains in the distance.

This meadow seemed familiar to me and I knew why it resembled the Garden of Eden from those old bible stories.

"Welcome to my garden Marcus Timothy Taylor" a soothing voice said to me

I turn to see the source and see a tall woman with deep tan skin, long flowing black hair with white streaks.

Now her eyes really creeped me out because they weren't the typical blue, brown or green they were a dark golden color.

The woman was dressed in a royal purple dress that wrapped around her voluptuous figure and coiled all the way up to her right shoulder while the left one was left bare.

She also had some kind of aura around here that was so heavy and intimidating that I felt like bowing in here reverence but had no clue why.

Another thing I noticed was a draft I look down at my body and blush a deep crimson as I was completely naked which startled me greatly.

I try to cover myself since there's a woman in the vicinity

"Marcus there is no need to conceal yourself; no mortal materials are allowed in my garden, not cotton, nor polyester nor wool"

I was a little scared but dropped my hands but my intense blush was still present I could tell as my cheeks were very warm.

"Then why are you clothed?"I asked

I expected to be yelled but the woman smiled warmly

"My dress is made of Celestial Fibers so it is not affected by the garden's magic" she answered

"Celestial fibers?"

She nodded and walked closer and I began to reflexively cover myself but here hand stopped me

"Do not be ashamed of your body young one, there is nothing wrong with you"

I looked at her feeling a little confused and at the same time elated since a woman had just complimented me, put that in your pipe and smoke it Brad!

The woman began to walk around me and examine my body

"Quite nice, thin and lean built for speed, I must say I did a wonderful job make the male body" she commented to herself more than anyone

"Excuse me ma'am um why are you look at me like a butcher looks at cow he's about to slaughter?" I asked fear leaking into my voice

"My apologies Marcus, I did not mean to make you uncomfortable"

I nodded as an silent acceptance of her apology and decided to ask the one question that I've been wanting to ask this whole time

"Miss, I don't want to come off as rude or anything but…who are you?"

She smiled

"Oh did I not introduce myself, then it should be apologizing for my rudeness

" Let's call it even" I said and she inclined her head

"As for my identity…I think you know but if you don't I'll tell you"

Then she started literally lift up into the air with wind and lightning coursing behind here

"I am GAIA ,Goddess of the Earth"

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