[Jill's POV]

I was getting dinner together when I spot Randy and Mark walking along the shore together usually Mark and Randy are at each other's throats.

I notice immediately that something is different about them they seem to be emitting an ethereal glow but I put the thought out of my head as the boys reach the picnic table about the same time as Brad and Tim who were inside the house.

"Hey guys aren't your girls joining us?"

my husband asked upon seeing Mark and Randy

"No, they're still pulling kelp out of their ears" Randy quips humorously.

"That was embarrassing dad" Mark adds in.

"Yeah I don't think Lauren's friend likes me…you don't think I talked too much about Angela do you."

"You took ten minutes just on Angela's teeth" Mark points out.

Then out of the blue the daylight darkened as the moon shifted in front of the sun causing an eclipse.

"Huh, they didn't say we would be having a solar eclipse today" I state aloud and I get four nods of agreement.

Then there is a sudden updraft as the clouds gather swirling and then "CRACK!" went the air pressure and the clouds parted giving a dramatic view of the eclipse;

a large column of silver light then soared down to the ground, then a flash of radiance so intense that we all had to avert our eyes.

When are finally able to look back standing exactly where the light column touched stood a majestic silver chariot.

Atop the chariot sat a young girl who looked no older than twelve she had long sweeping auburn hair, wore a midnight blue hunter's garb armed with a silver bow and quiver but her strangest feature was a pair of glowing silver eyes.

[Mark's POV]

The girl was breathtaking beautiful but something in my core was telling me to be wary of her like she was more than what she seemed.

[Brad's POV]

The buggy-thing was cool with its silver decoration but I also felt the need to bow in her reverence

[Randy's POV]

I could tell my family was trying to comprehend what they were seeing only Mark and I sensed that she should be cautious with her, but I was already deciphering her identity.

The factor; she had a commanding presence, she had unnatural eyes and she appeared in a beam of moonlight.

With that one little fact present I quickly deduced her identity she was an Olympian Goddess and one of the worst to come across.

"Why don't you tell us why you are here Olympian" I bark at her, my mother and father jump upon hearing the assertiveness in my voice.

Mark seemed to piece it together too

"We mean no disrespect of coarse but we can't have foreign deity in our world" my younger brother adds to my original statement.

The pint-sized goddess sends the two of us a nasty glare

"You males are all the same, you think just because you rule this realm means I'll take that type of ignorance from you.

I exchange a look with Mark.

"That one statement confirms it" I say and Mark looks at me quizzically

"You are none other than the Olympian Goddess of the Hunt, the Moon and Wild Nature; you are the legendary Lady Artemis."

"Artemis…as in the sexist twin sister of the Greek sun god, Apollo" Mark inquires looking for clarification in which I nod.

"I see my reputation precedes me" Artemis states clearly overconfident.

"With all due respect Lady of the Moon we were not being ignorant as we were well within our rights to ask you why you are present in our lands, we don't mind but we don't want any misunderstandings"

Artemis eyed us for a few moments

"I take it you are the new gods that my brother predicted" the Olympian questions

I nod

"Yes I am Randall Taylor this reality's god of wisdom and the oceans."

"And I am his younger brother Marcus Taylor the new God of the Skies and Weather"

My parents and Brad were just staring at us as Artemis calmly approaches

"I apologize for my childish behavior, I didn't realize what you were; I am here on orders from Lord Zeus"

"What were those orders" Mark asks hesitantly and Artemis seems to notice it

"You have no reason to fear me Lord Marcus, I bear you no ill will; I have a message from the council, Hermes would've delivered it but he is currently on his way to Nirvana to speak with Amun-Ra king of the Egyptian gods."

"And what is that message Lady Artemis"

"That Olympus isn't as childish and arrogant as Gaia and Uranus made us out to be and we actually wish to help you set up your pantheon properly but before that Bradley Taylor you are part of this reality's pantheon you are god of war, competition and valor"

Brad seemed to come back to his senses

"I'm…a what?" he asked breathlessly.

"You're a god like Marcus and Randall; you are the God of War, Competition and Bravery"

"What do you guys govern?" he inquires of me and I respond

"I control the seas and Mark controls the skies"

Artemis looks pleased at the ease in which Brad accepted it but he still looked unsure.

"Lord Zeus has instructed my brother and me to tutor you in the fundamentals of godhood but as far for laws and decrees those are your decision."

"Wait brother, I don't see…"

Artemis heaves an irritated groan

"He's late again"

"whose late sister dear?" came a cherry voice

we all look to see a tall young man he looked to be in his late teens or earlier twenties.

He had tanned skin and a pair glowing blue eyes, and his short spiky radiant blonde hair looked to be spun of gold.

"Apollo! You should've been here twenty minutes ago"

Artemis shouts at her brother

"Sorry sister, I got lost…I don't have reign of the day here remember"

Artemis face palmed

"Brother you are hopeless" the radiant god blushed and stood beside his twin sister.

"As Artemis here explained we have been tasked to teach you how to use your basic powers and how to appoint other immortals since three isn't enough to keep the entire realm in order but that is lesson for another day, Artemis if you would"

Apollo finishes peering over at his twelve-year-old sister who had converted into her twenty-one-year-old form.

"Meet us in the forest clearing four meters from here in three hours time understood"

she then flashed away with her brother following suit.

My brothers and I exchange looks and then peer back at our parents they seemed shell shocked as there were frozen.

"Um…Mom, Dad…are you guys alright"

"Yes Mark"

"I'm Randy"

Mom and Dad look up to see the remark was right.

[Tim's POV]

I was shocked; I had just met two of the most famous gods on the planet and learned that my three boys were meant to be our world's new gods.

"So you guys are gods now huh?" I ask my boys who nod but Brad still looks confused but Randy and Mark seem to be accepting it.

"Yes, like I said Mark is Lord of the Sky and I'm Lord of the Oceans and Brad is apparently the God of War and Battle" Randy answers "I'm also God of Wisdom"

Jill looks at Randy quizzically

"Does that mean you have access to knowledge about anything"

Randy nods and the gives Bradley a warning for someone named after Uranus and as I make that thought Mark snaps his head in my direction

"Dad you've got it backwards, the seventh planet of our solar system takes its name from Father Uranus" he says and then remember that he omnipotent as in he can hear anything you say and or think.

"Randy, who of the other pantheons are his rival?" asks Mark

Randy thought for a second before replying

"Brad your rivals/counterparts in the Greek pantheon its Ares, the Norse its Tyr and in for the Egyptians it's the violent cheetah goddess Sekhmet."

Mark nods proudly

"You definitely have the god of wisdom part down"

"It's kind of crazy but I guess it cannot be helped" Brad says shaking his head.

I then say

"Well my godly boys how about we eat some of your mom's wonderful cooking before you meet with Artemis and Apollo"

I finish I am actually really excited and proud to three immortal sons.

[Mark's POV]

That's why I love my mom and dad they are exposed to something weird they shake it off and move on and the accept anything we become

[Randy's POV]

I knew mom and dad would accept it our family is boarder line strange so this was expected

[Brad's POV]

One word: Sweeeeeeeeeet!

[Randy's POV]

We sat down to eat our family meal while mentally preparing us for the training session Apollo and Artemis.

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