Platform 9 3/4
I had never seen it before. Platform 9 3/4 was bigger than in my dreams. Did the muggles see it? People running into walls, and disappearing?

Pumpkin Juice
At Hogwarts, they serve pumpkin juice at breakfast every day. I /hate/ pumpkin juice. Mum hates it too. She said it's in my blood, then shed laugh and I would laugh with her. Mum only laughed when dad wasn't home.

Malfoy Manor
I missed the Manor. I hate to admit it, but after a week, I'd rather be home. Even if dad /was/ there. Malfoy manor was my home.

Professor Snape favors me over the other students. Even if that Hermione Granger answers every question he asks and writes twice as much parchment as he assigns. He said it was because I was a Slytherin. He said pure bloods are better than mudbloods. They're both terms my dad uses. I guess I have to think that too.

I'm not very good at spells. I never pronounce them right, and I always forget what spell does what. But today, we were taking a test, and Granger passed me a note with the answers. I don't get her sometimes.

My wand doesn't work! I said the spell correctly, and it did nothing. But of course, Granger used my wand on the same spell, and it worked perfectly. Perfectly.

Today, I played my first Quidditch game. Im really good, but after the game I'm always exhausted. Granger always comes on the field with Potter(The famous one.) so I call her a mudblood and she leaves. It's like bug repellant. I can't deny how much I miss her telling me what to do, though.

There's no doubt that Slytherin is the best house. No house compares. Crabbe and Goyle are just like me. Just...fatter.

Hermione is in Gryffindor. So are all the "good guys" like all the Weasleys. They disgust me.

Nothing interesting happens to Hufflepuffs. I don't know anyone in that house.

All the Ravenclaws are completely mad. They all are crazy.

Weasley got a howler today. By the sound of it, his mom is crazy mad. She lost her mind years ago because of those twins of hers.

Potions is my best class. Granger isn't that good in potions. For once, I get to correct /her/.

Why is she so excited about exams? No one else is excited, or even happy about it. All I know, is I have to be her study partner" because I'm failing the class.

I got my first owl from father today. He wanted to know how I was doing. I didn't dare tell him I was failing. Nor did I tell him I had feelings budding for a mudblood.

Black Lake
We took a trip to the Blake lake in Herbology and Hermione pushed me in. We both got detention, but the part I can't explain, is why I didn't mind spending the hours with her.

The Burrow
Is it true all the Weasleys call their hose "The Burrow"? Don't rats live in Burrows?

I went to Hogsmeade with Hermione today. Everything went as planned. We studied, we ate. I still don't know why I kissed her.

Love Potion
Today, we learned about love potions. They sound awful. What would posses someone to curse someone with that much obsession?

House Points
Slytherin almost won with the most house points. But while I was busy falling for someone, Gryffindors decided to save the world. Again.

Professor McGonagall
I really wish Professor McGonagall wasn't so creepy. She always sneaks up to you as a cat.


Butterbeer is the only thing I like to drink around here, but Hermione doesn't like it by itself.

Whomping Willow
So there's this tree at Hogwarts. And it kills people, an there are rumors spreading that werewolves hide in it. I think it's rubbish.

Hagrids Hut
So there's this old fat guy with a beard. His name is Hagrid, and one night I was following Hermione out of her dorm to talk to her, and it seems as if he is breeding dragons!

The Leaky Caldron
After detention for being out of bed, we all went to the Leaky Cauldron. We ended up talking about Pigfarts, and Hermione sounded interested and told me that we should talk more about it.

Diagon Alley
I took Hermione to Diagon Alley today. We had to get food for her stupid cat.

Great Hall
The great hall is always too crowded. AND I can't sit next to Hermione because she a Gryffindor.

Broom Stick
I bought Hermione a broomstick today. I guess we had a date, flying around the school , laughing.

Me n Hermione went in the forest today and just took a walk. Think I'm really falling for her. Maybe that's why I kissed her again, and again.

I told her I loved her today. I told her I couldn't stop thinking about her. I told her that whenever I was around her, it felt like magic.