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Bella's Point of View

For once, luck was on my side.

After Carlisle examined me, he proclaimed that I had two broken ribs and a broken arm. He also said I would have horrible bruising and it would take a while for everything to heal.

But there would be no permanent damage, both physically and psychologically.

Edward was there, holding my hand while Carlisle ran his cold hands over my body. He cared for me when I was confined to bed for most of the day. He talked with me, he held me, he cared for me, and he loved me. He was there during those months it took for me to heal, and he would be there with me forever.

Charlie was arrested the night he attacked me after a neighbor called the police, complaining about all the noise. The cops – his own co-workers – found him unconscious on the floor with blood all around him. It didn't take them long to figure out that the blood on the floor wasn't coming from him.

However, he didn't spend long in jail. He was found guilty for child abuse, and he was sentenced to ten years in prison. Instead, he dipped into his retirement savings and my own savings for college and paid off the bail. The last I heard of him was that he had fled to Oregon and worked as a mailman.

I found all of this out from Alice. During the first few weeks of my recovery, Jasper had had to stay away, because he couldn't stand the smell of the blood from my deep cuts. Alice went with him, naturally, and together they tracked Charlie. When they were sure he would no longer be a threat, they returned, and by that time my cuts were covered with fragile, pink skin.

Everything seemed perfect – except for Jake. I hadn't seen or talked to him since our fight after I told him that Charlie was abusing me. I asked Edward about it once, if he could read Jake's mind, but when he tried he got this odd look on his face and told me it would be best if I stayed away from Jake. I didn't like this, and I planned on confronting him about it later.

The only thing left on my mind was the painful, ever-present barrier between Edward and I; the barrier that was evident whenever I touched his skin or when he stepped out into the sun.

How could I spend eternity with Edward if I was a mortal?

I begged and pleaded with him, but he wouldn't change me. I got Carlisle, Alice, Emmett, and Jasper on my side, and together we tried to convince him. I think what finally did him in was when Carlisle said: "You know, son, this is Bella's choice. You can't keep making choices for her; every person has their own mind and it's up to them to choose what direction they want their life to take. You don't want to take away Bella's freedom, would you? I'm afraid if you do that, you might lose her." This was utterly ridiculous; I would never leave Edward, and Carlisle knew it too. He winked at me after saying this, but Edward didn't see because his head was lowered. After that, he no longer interjected whenever I talked about becoming an immortal. And Carlisle promised to change me if Edward still refused.

It took time, but I healed; and I knew that some day this would all be just a memory.

I knew that time would pass by, and even the most wonderful moments would have to end.

But, luckily for us, time would mean next to nothing. So with the passing of one beautiful moment, I could count on another to come soon.

I thought back to the day when I had raced to save Edward in Volterra. I remembered how close I had been to the clock tower, how it seemed I could reach out and touch it. But my broken wings would not allow me to go any farther. I knew that once, my wings would have been able to carry me the whole way to the clock tower, maybe even into Edward's arms. But Charlie took them and broke them, and so I collapsed on the cobblestones, unable to go any farther.

But sometimes broken wings are the ones with the most potential to fly.


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