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(Amu Pov.)

So here I am, trying to do homework. It's not going too well considering the one thing on my mind is...


Last night, my dear mother decided to tell me all about it. I mean, I'm only in the 7th grade! Why do I need to know this! I guess it is a little helpful to know how you get pregnant though since now I have my-

Knock Knock

I gasped out loud. 'No...No...No...No...Please, lord don't let it be who I think it is!' I thought and peeked over my shoulder to look at my balcony window.


I looked back down at my homework, pretending not to see him. He knocked rapidly against my window until I finally got up and opened the door. "WHAT DO YOU WANT?" I screeched.

"That's a nice way to greet visitors."

"Why are you here? Do you even know what time it is?" I asked, venom pouring out of my mouth. He Leaned back and leered down at me. "I thought it was obvious, "He said and leaned down so our eyes were at the same level. He put his hands on my shoulders and leaned closer until his lips brushed my earlobe. "I'm here to see you." He said.

His breathe on me made me shiver and wait in antipation of what was next. He leaned back and looked into my eyes. 'Oh my g-god! His face is t-too close! Oh no, my mind is going blank!' I thought as his lips came closer to mine. I squeezed my eyes shut and sucked in my breathe.

I waited...and waited...when nothing happened, I opened my eyes to see ikuto covering his mouth. He started snickering and my face went beat red. His muffled snicker turned into full blown laughter.

"I-I-I-Ikuttooooo! T-that's not f-funny!" I cried out as he pushed past me and entered my bedroom. "You're right, it's hilarious. It's 9:15 by the way." He stated, answering my question from before.

I glared at him as he sat on my bed. 'That jerk! I thought he was going to kiss me would've been my first kiss too...well too bad you you, ikuto! Not to mention, he shows up right when I'm thinking about...about...'


Ikuto's a high school senior, right? That means he's done it. I mentally slapped myself. Of course Ikuto isn't a virgin, or is he? I can't tell. He doesn't really have an interest in girls, but he is a boy and he does have...that massage tool of destruction between his legs.

'Now I'm overly conscious about it...I can't look him in the eye...' I thought and sighed.


"W-W-W-WHAT?" I said, mentally stabbing myself for not speaking like a normal human.

"I want tea. Cold tea." he said bluntly.

"Oh well, let me get it for you, Ikuto-sama~" I said sarcastically and left the room to go fetch his drink.

When I came back, I saw him reading a shoujo manga magazine. I thought he was here to talk to me? I grumbled and handed him his tea. I got one for myself and sipped it nerviously.

I'll just ask him...

"Hey, Ikuto..."

"Yeah, what?"

"Are you a...virgin?" I asked as normally as I could. Ikuto spit out his tea and turned to look at me. I played it cool and just stared back at him. I couldn't explain the look of despair on his face if I tried. A small part of me was enjoying this...

"Am I...a...what?" he asked, putting the magazine down.

"Have you had se-" His hand came down on my lips to silence me. He laughed nerviously and looked away. I have never seen Ikuto this way. He looked very troubled and he lost his cool exterior when I asked. He released me and smiled at me. "Where did you learn about that?"

"Oh, well...somebody showed me." I lied. I was embarressed that my mom had to tell me, so I wasn't about to tell Ikuto. "Showed you...?" He repeated. I nodded and looked back to his face instead of the floor. He looked furious.

Before I could blink, Ikuto had pushed me down to my own bed. His legs were around my own, tightly holding me in place. "What do you mean, somebody showed you?" He asked. I actually feel bad about lying but maybe I should take it a bit farther. I mean, he is always teasing me right?

'Even though I didn't mean show as in that way. I just said it without thinking...but now that I said it, let's just roll with it.' I thought and looked up at him slyly.

"It's none of your business!" I stuck my tongue out at him. Like how calm I am even though the boy I like is hovering over me? It's all an act, of course. I feel like throwing up I'm so nervous!

He smirked down at me, amusement in his eyes. I heard him chuckle darkly. His eyes glared me down until he finally said- "Well, to answer your question, amu, I'm not a virgin."

Wow, that hurt more than I thought it would.

See? Just like I said, he's not a virgin. I should've known, I suppose. He's in another world than I am right now. He's experienced. My chest hurts, or rather...My heart is aching right now. And I'm jealous. Jealous of the girl who got to take Ikuto's Virginity. I wonder if she was beautiful...?

"So, amu, you're not a virgin and neither am I. Why don't we..." He trailed off as his hand came my cheek...Then to my neck...then to my breasts. My breathe hitched in my throat.

Shiiiitt, I didn't see this coming. This was a side of Ikuto I don't know, and it scared me. But more than that...GET OFF ME!

I tried to shake him off but he was strong for being so lean! He held me down with only one of his hands and kept touching me with the other. He leaned down and trailed kisses down my neck.

Now, despite my position, I wasn't freaking out or panicing. I was pissed. Who did this guy think he was? I wasn't about to give my V card up to this egotisical letch! Also, he said that because we "both weren't virgins" that we should do it. But that doesn't make sense! If everybody that has had sex before had to have sex with other non-virgins, the world would over-populate before people could die! I'm confusing myself at a very bad time...Anyway, I ignored the fact that he was being really sexy right now and channeled all my anger to one spot. I brought my knee up as hard as I could and aimed for his "massive tool of destruction".

He fell of me and onto the floor. I stood up on my bed and prepared for my lecture.

"What do you think you're doing? All I did was mess up my words and you go and rape me! I'm only going to say this once so listen up! I'M A VIRGIN, YOU CREEP!" I said, tears in my eyes.

He shot up and looked up at me. He was sitting indian style on my floor witha dumbfounded look on his face. "Messed up your words?"

"Yeah! My mom had to tell me what sex was LAST NIGHT so I was just WONDERING if you were a virgin because I like you so much. I was only curious then you go and make a big freaking deal about it! " I suddenly got ashamed and my face felt hot. I shook with anger and...something else. My knees gave out and I dropped to my bed. I let the tears fall but covered my face with my hands. This was humilating. If Ikuto was any kind of gentleman, he'd leave and never talk to me again. I just confessed to him that I like him and it was in the most retarded way ever.

It doesn't matter though, he's probably been out screwing half the town's female population when I thought I was special. I wiped away the tears when I suddenly felt warmth around me. Ikuto was...Ikuto was hugging me! I instantly wrapped my arms around him too, out of pure reflex. God, he felt amazing.

"A-Amu, I'm sorry...I didn't mean anything I said...I was just...Jealous because I thought you did it with some other guy. I couldn't stand that thought so I kinda took it out on you and snapped...I made you feel gross right? ...Did I scare you too? I'll let go of you if you ask me to now."

Holy shit, what was happening? No, seriously, somebody tell me what the hell is going on. Ikuto just admitted to being jealous. OVER ME! Wait, he made me feel gross? How? Even though I was super pissed at him, when he was on top of me an kissing my neck all I remember feeling is...very warm. I really don't know what that feeling is called, but I know it took a lot of will power to make him stop.

"It wasn't g-gross, Ikuto." I whispered.

"I'm not a child, ikuto. It felt...well, nice maybe? I don't k-know...But I could've gotten pregnant! And I didn't want to lose my V card that way either..." I mumbled

He released me a little and looked at my very, very red face.

"V...card?" He mocked.

"S-shut up!" I blushed even HARDER and said.

"So it's okay with you if it's me taking your Virginity," He teased "as long as there isn't a baby and it's because I'm so in love with you?"

I looked up at him and choked out "You...like me?"

"Of course I do. It was obvious." He stated.

"No, No, that's completely wrong.." I countered.

He smiled and wrapped his arms around my waist. "But I do want a baby one day."

'How can he say stuff like that so easily? He's not human...' I thought and blushed.


I looked up and his hand nuzzled against my right cheek. He stroked around until his other hand started at my left cheek. Ikuto leans down and kissed my lips so gently, I felt like the luckiest girl in the entire world.

It was the best first kiss ever.

(Two weeks later)

"WHHHATTT?" I yelled out.

"Yeah, well I didn't want to seem less experienced compared to you at the time so I lied. I've actually never had sex." My boyfriend, Ikuto, laughed off.

My knees gave out and I sunk to the floor.

'Don't you have any idea...what you put me through?' I thought. Ikuto kneeled down and took my hand to his lips and kissed my middle finger.

"Now, we can both lose it to each other." He said and winked

That's all well and good, ikuto, but give me back all the time I spent worrying about this!

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