Okay, first of all. I want to explain this chapter. It is not a continuation of the story. It is chapter 3 told from Ikuto's POV. I don't want to confuse anybody! I also think this will explain what the scene looked like for me! :) Please enjoy!

(Ikuto's POV.)

"T-Then...we can make love. I-I-I was going to say w-we could any...w-way."

I snapped my head to look at my girlfriend. My innocent girlfriend who had just said a very daring thing. She was already undressing, which was even more of a daring move. Her hands were shaking intensely.

'She's lying.' I thought, as I pushed her down onto her back.

"Are you serious?" I asked. Of course, Amu consented. I frowned, thinking 'She's trying so hard...Lying there defenseless, waiting to be devoured. Such an idiot..'

My lips on her neck at this point, I quickly made away with her bra.

Now, Don't get my wrong. I'm not really going to do anything! I just want to take my darling Amu for a spin. Okay, more like if I don't do something like this, I'll go crazy.


My heartbeat sped up and I gulped. I felt my groin ache painfully and I fought the urge to tear off her remaining clothes and keep her in bed for a month.

'So cute, so cute, so cute, so cute, so cute.' I thought as my hand moved on it's own accord. I was starting to see red. I felt myself harden and thought 'Shit, no. This is the moment in every man's life where he has to prove himself. I have to hold back...Okay. 100, 99, 98, 97...'

I took a moment to enrapture myself with my amu. Her beautiful body, her glossy hair, her soothing voice, her long legs, those big golden eyes that were now glazed over and half shut. If I could, I'd like to keep her all to myself...like in a tower. So all those boys wouldn't be able to look at her and all the bad things couldn't get to her.

I leaned down and kissed her again. Slipping my tongue in her mouth and tasting every crevest she has.

'But she's not mine for the taking. She has her own life. She has parents and friends...likes and dislikes. One day, she might even outgrow me. She'll grow up and find a better man more suited for her and leave me. But you'll always be my only love. And when my time comes, I'll secretly be carring a picture of that perfect smile you show.'

I sighed, looking at my sweet amu. Her eyes were wide open and her lips were parted slightly. Tears ran down her face. Did she even know she was sobbing? She was staring between my legs like it was s gun about to shoot her.

"Amu." I called. She finally looked my in the eyes and I continued.

"You look terrified." She looked like she was going to deny it, so I continued.

"You're crying." When I said it, she looked like she finally noticed it. She wiped her eyes. My heart clenched up with guilt and I took my beloved in my arms.

"Amu...You idiot, why would you push yourself like this? How could I make love to you when you look like it's the worst thing I could do to you? Please don't look so scared of me.."

'I was the one making you so scared...I'm sorry amu. I'm just an ass. I can live with that. What I cannot live with is hurting you.' I added in my head. I started confessing my feelings to her, which was beyond embaressing. I just don't want her to hate me...

Amu got a weird expression then. I hope she understands me, in some way. She went red again.

Breaking the tension, I grabbed at her boobs and made a joke.

Now I have a a bright red hand print on my face.

(A little while later, that night)

Amu was fast asleep, using my chest as a pillow and cuddled so close to me- I could feel how warm she was. I stroked her back slowly and felt myself drift as well.

'Please, lord. Just let amu stay in love with me long enough so I can take her first time. I'll be a super good boy until then...so please!' I prayed and looked at my hand. My precious...precious hand that will never be washed again.

I fell asleep with a giant grin on my face, cuddled up to the women I love the most.

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