:Welcome to the secure Alliance Archive._


:Please enter a query._

"Christ, how old is this thing? It doesn't even have a GUI." I tasked the technician as the ancient computer began it's start-up sequence.

"It's well over 200 years old, sir. Installing a GUI interface could possibly corrupt data." The technician replied over my shoulder, adjusting his glasses.

"Fine... let's see..." I said, scrutinizing the dusty keyboard carefully.

:Open Document – IR-79_:


:WARNING! Document is under Lvl. 5 Security!_

:Please enter access code for authorization!_

:Password- Silence_Is_Golden_

:Password Accepted! Opening requested document_

Air Force Incident Report


Colonel Kingsly_

Reporting in the place of Colonel Nelec, who has been found KIA two clicks from base. Will write report using current knowledge of events._

Acting on Nelec's last orders, we entered the evacuated town of Lillian to exterminate the subject from The 1958 Incident. (See Document – IR-58) All equipment proves useless, as heat-seeking, surface-to-air, and other equipment go haywire and fly off in different directions. 26 men are killed, and 36 are injured or wounded._

Subject escapes from Lillian in it's "ship" appox. one hour and twenty-three minutes later, leaving our atmosphere and disappearing from radar._

Cleanup is going roughly, with many residents of Lillian being unable to reenter their homes. Mass confusion and panic surge through media, and is quelled by Air Force. Will report back if situation changes._

End Report._

:Close Document – IR-79._

:Document Sealed. Shutting Down._

I leaned back in the old leather chair, pushing my hair back in thought. I stared at the old computer for a solid minute, until I finally looked up at the technician.

"So that's what happened." I said, looking the technician straight In the eye. "Does the Council know about this?"

"Nobody except you, me, and a few higher-ranking Alliance officials know of this encounter, Commander." The tech replied with a stern, confident tone. "I am curious sir, as to why you needed to see these documents."

"I needed to see these documents because... we think we've found them." I answered, getting everything in the air.

"The creature from 1979?" He questioned, sounding extremely interested.

"Try their home planet." I said with a smile. "We found them, and before the Council races did too."

"Have you made contact with them yet?"

"No, that's Shepard's job." I replied with a wide smile. "And he'll be there soon."


A/N: Hopefully this side project will NOT die off like my older ones. I decided to try and cross Mass Effect and Super 8 together by writing this introduction.

For those of you curious about The Odd Ones Out, I'll be honest.

I've run out of gas for The Odd Ones Out, so I'm gonna have to take a break form it for a while. I don't know how long this break could last, but I'm not going to be able to do good writing on TOOO until I'm actually in the mood to write it. Until then, I'll ether be working on my artwork on deviantART (My username is TacoWrath.) or this crossover story.