In the halls of Mt. Justice, the home of Young Justice, not a sound was made. It had been a long day of harsh training and lessons from their separate mentors. It was no surprise that at the end of the day all they wanted to do was sleep.

Either Batman was as exhausted as Robin, or he just felt giving that night, but for whatever reason he allowed Robin to spend the night with the team at the Mountain. As long as he kept his sunglasses on, of course.

Artemis and Wally made it as well, though the two didn't seem glad to see each-other. It seemed that the little time the team spent awake was filled with their arguing voices.

By the time they ran out of insulting things to say to each-other the team was feeling the strain of the day. The girls went to the right side of the mountain, while the boys went to the left.

Robin, as he promised, made sure to shut the door and leave his mask on as he went to bed. He didn't believe any of the team would come in but he promised Batman he would.

Wally just flopped down on the bed and fell into a dead sleep. Despite what everyone thinks Speedsters are great at falling asleep on the spot. Kaulder managed to read part of a book before he too succumbed to sleep. Conner did as he always did: stared at himself in the mirror for a while then went to bed.

Maybe if they had stayed awake longer they might have noticed when a man slipped into the mountain. He glided over the floor making no noise. Not even a bat could have heard him.

He stopped at Robins door first and opened the door with a loud creek.

Robin bolted up in bed looking around. No one was there. He grabbed his belt off the nightstand and clipped it over his shoulder, better safe than sorry. He walked to the door keeping a wary eye out for any potential threats.

He had just shut the door when someone grabbed him from behind and pressed a rag to his face. Robin held his breath but his attacker jabbed him in the ribs pushing his air out and forcing him to take a breath.

He instantly felt the effects of the drug the cloth was no doubt soaked in. His vision grew dark around the edges and his body fell limp. The only thing he managed to do before he fell unconscious was let out a faint yell he was sure no one heard.

Wally bolted up in bed, not sure what woke him. He looked around the room, looking for what woke him. He was sure he hadn't been sleeping for more than a few hours at most.

There was a faint thump from Robin's room and in a flash he was at the wall, his ear pressed to the door. There was no more noise. For a millisecond he debated wether or not to go see if Robin was ok. A millisecond later he realized that Robin never make a noise that loud on purpose.

He ran to the door and pulled on the handle. It didn't budge. "What the heck?" He muttered stepping back to study the door. He was so busy studying the door his didn't notice the green vapor pouring through the air vents until it swirled around his chest.

He sucked in a breath of sunrise and that breath was his undoing. He fell to the floor semiconscious.

From the hallway the man smiled as he heard the thud. He knew there was no way any of the team would be waking up soon.

Later he would only remember this as a dream but as he slipped into unconsciousness he head someone singing "Are you hungry? Are you thirsty?"