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Wally blinked and opened his eyes. He quickly surveyed his surroundings and found he was in an abandoned building on the edge of Central City. He stood up and checked if he had any injuries. There were none. Phew, he thought, relieved he was completely unscathed. He searched his mind for how he had gotten here. The last thing he could remember was green smoke filling his room. Alright so I was in my room. Green gas filled the room, I woke up here. Okay, how the heck did that happen? he thought. No memories came back.

He shook his head and decided to go see if his Uncle Barry knew anything. He ran out the door and towards his uncle's house but skidded to a stop only a few feet from the door. Central City was on fire. Flames leapt from roof to roof and a shadow of ash covered the city like a blanket.

"No!" He shouted and ran towards Central City, praying. He didn't know for what exactly, but it just felt right. It only took a minute for him to be in the heart of Central and what he saw shocked him. What's happening? he wondered. This is strange even for me, and I've seen some weird stuff.

Every adult of Central was standing there staring up at a screen in the sky. Not one of them seemed concerned about the fact that the city was in flames or the ash that fell down around them. He ran to the nearest person and waved his hand in front of their face. They didn't react. He tried to poke the person but his hand and went right through them. He jumped and looked at his hand in surprise. He tried it again making sure he wasn't using his super speed. Again his hand went right through the man. This is strange, he thought staring at his hands. He poked his arm. Seems solid. He tried agin with the nearest person and got the same results. Alright, I seem to be passing through everyone. Maybe they can hear me? He turned to the man he had just run his hand through and shouted,

"HELLO!" The man didn't even blink.

So I can't be seen, I can't be felt, I can't be heard. So that means... He thought for a moment before smacking himself of the head and saying,

"Hello Wally, I'm dreaming." He smiled and pinched his arm, hard. Ow, okay not dreaming. His internal monologue was interrupted by a loud voice.

"Adults of Central City! We have glorious news! Kid Flash has been captured!" Wally looked up to the screen and saw that some type of alien was the one talking. The Alien started to drone on about how this was a glorious day for Central city and Wally tuned him out. Geesh, I though Superman was the only one who could talk this slow. He started to walk through the crowd looking for the Kid Flash they captured since it obviously wasn't him.

When he finally found him he was surprised to find his Uncle Barry in his Flash uniform next to him. "Flash!" He called out and was painfully reminded that he wasn't able to be seen or heard. He pushed down his disappointment and knelt next to the supposed Kid Flash. He was unconscious, but Wally couldn't find any wounds.

"Bring him forward!" The Alien shouted and to say Wally was surprised when his uncle started dragging the boy was an understatement. As his uncle pulled the boy forwards the boys face was briefly revealed to Wally and he froze in his tracks.

It was him! The boy his uncle was dragging was him! He regained his senses and ran, so he was back alongside the other him. The other him wasn't in too good condition. He was way too pale and seemed to have gained semi-consciousness. His Uncle stopped and let the other him fall to the floor. Wally knelt next the other him and said to himself,

"You don't look so hot, dude."

The boy's eyes slowly drifted to Wally's face. "You can hear me?" Wally asked and the other him nodded slowly. Wally noticed that the Flash had turned his head towards them the tiniest bit. He could hear him too! Wally realized. A plan started to form, but he knew that he had to check something with the other him.

"Is this part of a plan?" he asked. I have to make sure I'm not interrupting something, I know how annoying it is to have a great plan then this random guy come and rip it apart, he thought.

The other him nodded and gave the barest twitch of a smile and mouthed the words three, two, one. As soon as he reached one he found some hidden reserve of strength and pulled himself off the floor and ran at his highest speed out of the crowd. Uncle Barry was about to follow him when Wally shouted, as loud as he could,

"Uncle Barry!"

His uncle froze and his head whipped around searching for the person who spoke. Wally took advantage of the moment as a distraction and ran in front of him, grabbing his arms and looking him straight in the eyes.

"Uncle Barry, this isn't you! Fight it! You know you don't want to hurt me! Fight it!" For a moment it looked as if he was getting through to him before the film over his eyes got thicker and he began to walk through Wally. Wally knew he only had one card left to play.

"Uncle Barry, you're scaring me," He said softly and his uncle froze mid-step. For a moment conflicting emotions battled for control over his face before one took hold: fear.

"Wally," He whispered and ran the direction his nephew had gone, to help. Wally smiled and turned to survey what was happening. He spotted Robin and Artemis fighting off some robots that seemed twice their size. Superboy and Megan were heading towards the screen in the sky. He didn't see Kaldur. He was surprised that the Justice League wasn't there. From what he had seen, he gathered that this was a alien invasion and usually the League dealt with those.

A red blur raced by and he jumped back automatically even though he knew they would have just gone through him. He watched the blur as it took out the robots around Artemis and Robin. He knew it wasn't his uncle, for there was too much yellow in the costume. But he also knew it couldn't be the other him; there was no way he would be able to run. The blur ran off and he followed determined to find out who it was. They lead him to the abandoned building he had woken up in. The blur didn't slow as it ran inside and went behind some crates.

He followed the blur and was surprised to see a girl around thirteen at oldest leaning against the crates, panting. She had shoulder length red corkscrew curly hair. She was fairly tan for a red head, and had a light dusting of freckles on her nose. She had a nice figure, with some sort of hybrid mix of a track star and a ballerina. He watched as she reached for the hidden compartment in her costume that he knew was there and pulled out two energy bars; they were gone in less than a second. She let out a sigh and slid to the ground. It seemed she had just let herself relax when a bright beam shot through the roof and hit the girl. She screamed and collapsed to the floor. The beam began to widen and engulfed Wally. His nerves felt like they were on fire, like he had never known pain like this before. Not even getting his powers was this painful. He had to release what he was feeling and in the end he screamed.

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